Authors Note: I going a little different this time, so I'll chose two other characters for this story. I havent made a Cloud and Tifa one yet so I hope yall like it.

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Rated M(for mangos)

His eyes felt heavier than two cement blocks combined.

He was so tired he could barely stay awake. Staring at the monitor doesn't help, so he rubbed his face with both hands and stared down at the key board before him. Cloud sighed with palms on both his cheeks. "Maybe a seventh cup of coffee would do me some good."

The blond got up from his office chair as it swung towards the opposite side. He then grabbed his coat as he left his office. Then he proceeded to walk through the mass of office cubicles and typing. He was so close to the employee break room when he heard his name.


The man turned towards the voice, "It was Yuffie." She came towards him with a manilla colored folder and a smile on her face.


"What is it?"

"Don't you remember? Fuck Cloud, you're the worst editor around." Yuffie removed the strand of hair she had infront of her and moved it behind her ear, looking through the glass wall. It had a nice view of Midgar.

"We don't allow language like that around here Yuffie. You know that."

She sighs. "Yeah, yeah. But still-"

"What are-" Cloud ignores the young womans remarks and looks into the manilla folder. They where photos, pictures of lions and their pride.

"Oh good you got them already."He replied with forced energy.

"You don't seem very excited about them." She said, her smile faded away.

"Oh? Well they're okay."

"Okay! You call these okay? Look at this one!"

Yuffie pointed towards the picture with the lion facing towards him. He could see all his whiskers, his eyes bright and yellow, it felt like he could stare down at him. It was that good.

"Nice. What about it?" I have so little energy left.

"Nice! There was no way anyone could've taken a picture like that! I had to get in there to take that picture!"

"Their habitat?"

Yuffie nods.

"Thats fine. Just don't expect a raise."

With that he turns away from the annoying young woman and started towards the breakroom again.

"Damn it Cloud! You are the worst fucking editor around!" Yuffie stomped away from the scene, angered, in the next six hours she tries to get good pictures of a King Cobra as her next assignment.

Anyway, Cloud finally makes it to the breakroom. Opening the glass door he went in the room that filled the air with the scent of coffee beans and meaningless chatter.

He crossed the room towards the coffee stand. Grabbing a small paper cup he filled it with a limited amount of coffee(I need to get my own mug). Cloud took three small packets of sugar and poured it into the cup; gently swishing the cup so it would mix. Finally he took a gulp of the black liquid, it tasted cold, yet it slightly rejuvenated him.

Cloud heard more chatter next to him, a voice caught his attention.

I wanted to talk to her.

His feet walked his body towards the round table. He greeted his self and sat down facing before her.

"Hello, Aerith."

She turns away from her friend. Her friend leaves the breakroom, leaving just the two of them. Aerith looked upset as she left.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Uh. . . well . . .she . . . nothing."

She pauses. "How are you?"

"Me? I'm good."

"You don't look so good."

"Oh well. Yeah, I have to review a lot of paper work and its cutting in on my sleeping time."

Suddenly he felt a jolt of warmth on his oddly cold hand. She had hers on his, he looked at her as she spoke.

"Don't blame yourself. The company is at fault. Firing half of the employed editors and leaving only a few to do all the work."

"But those editors where feeding ideas to other companies. They where going to bring Shinra down."

"Yes, but. . ."

Her face looked sympathetic. "I just hate having to see you like this."

"See"? See me like this? I don''t know why but I feel like my cheeks are burning. He turns away, hoping she wouldn't notice. But she laughs, oh great.

"Cloud Strife, are you blushing?"



She laughs and that quickly got his attention. She's so beautiful, friendly, kind, loveable.

I hear opposites attract, but why couldn't this work? Why did she have to slip away?

"Flirting with my wife again, Cloud?"

Cloud changes his gaze to the person standing next to him. The individuals blue eyes caught him red handed.



Zack chuckles. He sat on the chair betweem Cloud and Aerith.

"That's alright. Its nothing new."

Cloud sighs. That was not what he wanted to hear.

"So, Cloud. How are ya' holding up?"

Zack's hand was on Aerith's holding her tightly. Cloud just stares at the act, he suddenly felt sick.

"Cloud? Hello~."

He snaps out of his unprecedented state, "Huh?"

"I said, how ya holding up? You don't look too good."

I got off of my seat taking the empty paper cup with me. "I've got to go now. Nice talking with you two."

"Cloud." Aerith's voice called out to his as he left.

He walked, no, dragged his way into his office.

I'm such and idiot! How could I betray my best friend? I can't keep loving his wife like this!

Then it hit him hard.

Wife . . . Aerith's married.

He knew that. Cloud went to their wedding. Hell, he was Zack's best man.

Aerith's married to my best friend. The girl of my dreams is already taken. I can't have feelings for her anymore! For the sake of my friendship with Zack I can't be loving his wife anymore! Besides. . .

He finally entered his office. Cloud closes the blinds, covering the glass wall, hhe didn't want to be bothered at this moment. He sat on his chair, well slumped actually.

. . .They belong together. Zack and Aerith. They are both happy people, always charismatic, enjoying life as it is. They're not opposites they are compatible with each other. I've never seen them fight before, I've never heard them having any problems.

Cloud sat there leaning on the back of his chair. Eyes stared down at the gray floral patterned carpet. Disgusting, he hated it.

That's just it, isn't it? I hate everything! No wonder Aerith didn't see me the way I saw her! She's always happy and I'm always a bittered man. No wonder she loves Zack!

He felt depressed.

He was going to call it a day when the blond noticed something on his desk that was new to him.

It was violet. A violet envelope with a red heart sticker attached to the opening. His hand picked it up. Turning it over he found writting on it:

To The Man I Love. . .

He read those words ten times in his head.

Cloud looked around in his office. Someone definitley had to place it here on their own, nothing was out of place thank goodness. He walked to the entrance of his office. He stood there, looking around and over the cubicles, no one presented themselves. Reentering his office Cloud just stands in the middle of the room opening the envelope. There was a note inside, he took it out of its cozy compartment and read it.

I think you're really hot!

He read it again.

I think you're really hot!

Confused, Cloud searched the note of any clue to who has written this. It was signed by the word "anonymous". "Who could that be?" He said out loud.

He read it once more, like if its going to tell him something else.

Is this a joke?

Cloud crushed the small note and the envelope with his hands and threw it in the trash can. Next, he piled up all the papers he's supposed to reviewfor the night in a black suit case. Cloud left his office, locking the glass door, and walked across the floor to the elevator.

He left work that day around five.

When he got home he picked up the mail that was laying on the floor.

He then placed the mail onto his desk, next to his computer. Turning the machine on, Cloud then proceedes to prepare his dinner. As it was heating up and the monitor starting up Cloud sat on his chair searching through the mail he has recieved.

The first three where monthly bills, the next mail was a letter from his mother, complaining as to why he has not contacted her recently and the last one was rather familiar. Violet with a red heart sticker closing the envelope.

It had no inscription to who has sent it here or address, it must have been brought to his home on the individuals own time.

Once again it read the words: To The Man I Love. . .

But nothing else.

The high pitched sound of the microwave signaled that it was done heating up the condements inside. So Cloud walked to his kitchen, with envelope in hand. As he walked towards the annexed room he finaly brought up the courage to open up the violet envelope. A note was present, he then started to read from it:

I think you're really hot! I love older men!

At first it said the same thing as before, but. . ."Older"?

I'm not that old!. . . Am I?

He checked if anyone who sent this letter wrote down any form of identity on the note, but it only had theword "anonymous" written on it.

I'm not that old. . .28 is not old!

Not thinking about his age anymore, well at least he tried to, Cloud ate his dinner in front of the monitor. He first wanted to check his Facebook for the day.

It all looked well in place, except two things.

On his home page Aerith has put out an invitation to her spring party next weekened. It had 15 likes.

The next was a message that was written by the word "anonymous".

He was quickly consumed by curiousity and opened the message bubble.

I want to suck your big hard cock dry!

It amused him, the heat in his body tampering the size of his groin.

Who is this person?

He looked at the envelope that he set aside. The writting seemed feminine, but there was no way in telling that that theory was fact.

Anonymous, who the hell is that?

He thought about it. Who could've written this provocative notes?

It has to be someone from the office. Who else knows where I work.

. . .

If it is a female writting me these things then,

He thought of all the women he knew in his office that where possible candidates of this mysterious yet arousing dillema.


He smiled then laughed.

Yeah, right! Yuffie's too young to be-!

His laughter ceased. Then he thought about it.

The note does mention about older men. . .But Yuffie?. . .No way! I think of her as only a colleague and she hates me! . . .Does she?

. . .Maybe someone else?

He started to think of all the possibilities of women that could admire him so. They must be younger than him of course and they have to work a long side him to know who he is so:

How about the young mail carrier, Cissnie. It could be her.

He wondered about the possibility of them having sexual advances with each other. His groin built up momentum, he then thought about Yuffie again and that brought it to a halt.

Or that secretary that is stationed at the first floor. She's young. . . and cute. Nice body as well. She does greet me with a smile every morning too. . .

Cloud smiles and taps his fist on hid left opened hand.

That's it! she's my admirer!

As he thought about his reclaimed possible lover a new message popped on his screem.

It was "anonymous".

He quickly opened it.

I got you now!

It read:

I am so wet and horny right now! I wish you where here to fill my pussy with your hard cock! I can't wait to fuck you!

His dick stirred in his pants, he felt excited and devious.

"If you want to fuck me so bad," he wrote to the computer,"Why don't you reveal yourself and lets get it on."

He sent the message and waited. He realized that "anonymous" hasn't added him am friend yet. She's too sneaky.

The individual finaly wrote back:

I want to take your meaty cock down my throat and suck the cum from your balls.

That final message made his cock go rock hard. He hasn't had the adventures of sex for a long time now. The long period of abstinence had made it so that he was really horny, causing a heavy build up of testosterone in his sack.

She may not show herself now, but she's certainly not shy at all. Her words aroused him, giving the intention that she knows whats she doing. As graphic as she makes it seem she still brings Cloud to a from of curiousity in meeting her. Not carring the dangers that may come across, he wanted a better outlet to his life.

A more exciting adventure that brings motivation to his stupid, heart-broken, meaningless life. Maybe then he wouldn't have to feel obligated to live. This could bring him joy and maybe someone to love for, like he always wanted.

He waited for another massage from "anonymous", but nothing came up. He checked her profile. It was new and nothing meaningful was posted on there, it was empty. Her age was something totaly impossible 100 ethnicity was empty and obviously no photo of the individual. The only thing that seemed appropriate in her profile was her preferences: Male. That was it.

He waited and waited, nothing came up. He took a cold shower that night, diminishing the boner he had. As a final resort, Cloud checked his messae box again, and again nothing.

That seemed to be it for tonight.

Three arousing messages where given to him for the whole day.

Tomorrow he'd find the woman teasing him. For the first time after Zack and Aerith's wedding he finaly felt good going to work tomorrow.

He arrived a little earlier than usual, that day. Only to speak with the secratery.

"Good morning," she smiled, her teeth a pearly white.

"Good morning," replied Cloud. That was unusual to her, he sounded so happy and then he did the unthinkable.

Cloud stayed with her for a good five minute long conversation. Asking questions mostly.

"So how are you this morning?"

"I'm. . .I'm fine." she replied.

"Oh really? Not sleepy at all?"

"Excuse me?"

"You don't have to hide it anymore."

"What do you mean?"

She looked really confused. Her eyebrows furrowed as Cloud stared at her long enough to fully realize whats happening.

"Mr. Strife are you all right."

I'm such an idiot!

"Sir?. . ."

"I'm fine," he took hold of his suit case and walked towards the elevator, under his throat he spoke, "stupid bitch." The cute secratery didn't say anything, she only thought to herself of what an asshole Cloud is.

Cloud walked to his office slamming the glass door closed. Thankfully it didn't shatter. He tried to work on the papers he was supposed to review last night, but he couldn't bare the pain in his heart anymore.

The bitter thump of lonelyness.

Instead he worked on his resignation letter.

It was 10:45am and he felt the need for coffee again.

Cloud exited his office towards the breakroom. As he enetered the small room he realized that Aerith was serving her own cup of coffee. They where alone.

Cloud crossed the room for the coffee stand, Aerith noticed company has crossed her way and greeted the blond,

"Good morning," she spoke in a sweet manner. She waited for a response.

Cloud grabbed the pitcher of coffee by its handle, he began pouring the liquid in a paper cup. (It was a good thing he didn't spend his money on a wasteful product like a mug.) Surprizingly the liquid felt warm in his hand, at least some there was some good today.

He heard a soft voice beside him. She greetes him a good morning.

What's so good about it?

"Hi," he said in an emotionless tone.

"Are you okay?" she asked. "You don't seem right."

"I'm fine."

Cloud tried to leave the room, but was stopped by Aerith's arms. Her arms coiled around him, her hands stopping a the navel of his chest. She pressed her own chest tighter onto his back.

Cloud could feel both her face and her mounds press against his back.

"Aerith. . ."

"Cloud, don't feel this way."

She turns him over so her eyes could meet his gaze.

"I don't want you to feel any more pain,"

He wouldn't look at her,

"Cloud listen to me! I love you too much to see you like this."

He finaly meets her gaze.


"What did you say?"

"I love you Cloud! Just don't behave like this anymore!"

Cloud felt different. It was a mixture of happiness and despair. There's no way "anonymous" could be Aerith. There's just no way!

"Wh-What about Zack?"

"What about him?"

Cloud didn't say anything at first,

"He doesn't have to know about this! Besides he's my husband and your good friend, he'll understand."

"Yes, your husband! My friend! But Aerith that doesn't mean he'll understand any of this!"

"What are you talking about? Yes, he will. If it makes you feel any better I'll let him know-"

"No!" He tells her. Cloud pushes her away, Aerith's features grew shocked and worried.


"There's no way! We can't! Fuck!"

Cloud leaves the small room, he hears Aerith calling out to him but he wouldn't dare to stop!

An affair! There's no way! How can she do this? I thought she was happy with Zack. No! I can't be here anymore! I gotta leave this hell hole!

He crosses the floor with cubicles and chatter, ignoring anyone that might come in his way. As he finaly enters his room, he shuts the glass door violently, its a wonder why it didn't break. With that vile sound echoing inside the room, it startled someone in his office, creating a light gasp.

Cloud looks up to find a young woman with dark hair in his office. Her body language told him that she was about to leave, but he caught her off gaurd in the privacy of the small room.

She didn't say a word. Cloud stared at the woman, his eyes beaming with bitterness. She had black striking hair that flowed down to her thights, grey suit, lightly tanned skin, who was she?

"Who the hell are you?"

She mumbled. Cloud grew furious, he has no time for games.

"I said, who the hell are you!" He crosses the small room to take hold of the now frightened young woman by her shoulders.

"Tell me god damn it!" He shakes her violently, she shrieks as the blond hold her by his clutches. "Who are you? What the hell are you doing in my office?"

He checks his desk to see if anything was missing. But to his surprize nothing was out of its place, instead a familiar envelope was placed on his resignation letter.

He looks at the young woman before him, then at the letter. He picks up the envelope while still holding onto the woman and reads it:

Don't go! I can't stand having to go to work without looking at your sexy ass.

Cloud felt hot around his face and now his groin.

Is she really?

"Anonymous?" he asked her, with a neutral tone.

She didn't say anything but looks down at the carpet.

This woman! No! This kid is my admire! She looks too young! She could be in her early 20's!

Cloud studdied her features. Light brown eyes like caramel, full rosey cheeks, lips as red as rubbies. Her heart shapped face complimenting her hair style. Strands of her hair cascaded over her face, Cloud took it upon himself to remove said locks away from her enchating face. The young girl flinched at his actions.

"Whats your name?"his voice was a gentle tone. It was an inviting change for the woman, now being kown as:

"Tifa. Tifa Lockhart."

Tifa Lockhart?

Cloud lets go of her, she steps back just a little, her eyes still gazing at her 're a deep blue, so enticing to watch and beautiful too.

"You do look familiar. . ."

". . .I'm Aerith's secretary." she replied. Her voice was mousy.

This was the girl I saw with Aerith at the breakroom yesterday. She seems nice.

Tifa laughs sweetly, giving Cloud a warm feeling.

"Mr. Strife," Cloud felt odd at the sudden formal advancement, no one calls him that, not even his superiors.

"Forgive me for approaching you like that. In all honesty I'm not really like that at all. I just. . ."

"Then why do it?"

". . .Isn't it obvious?"

She looked at him with adamant eyes, not fidgeting away from his own.

"What I mean is, why not some other way?"

"You where distracted, I guess. Aren't you in love with my boss?"

Cloud recieved that blow on his chest, causing him to sit on his chair with ease, he faces the woman before him, but his eyes look upon the patterened floor.

". . .I shouldn't be, she's married to my best friend,"

"But, you still love her."

Tifa watches him take in a deep breath, as if gasping for air. He now places his fist over his lips, supported by the arm rest of his chair.

"I feel the same way. I'm in love with one of Shinra's editors, but he's in love with my boss and at the same time my best friend. It hurts doesn't it?"

". . .at least, I'm not alone. . ."

Tifa quickly sprints over to his side, her knees bent on the floor, both hands held onto to his free one, they're small compared to his.

"You're not alone! You have me!"

Cloud sighs, not looking at her, "You're too young for me,"

"Well I don't care! Aerith said the same thing to me! I'm too young for you she said! But what does she know? She doesn't love you the way I do!" Her voice cracked, Cloud could hear sobs comming from the desperate woman. Her face now rested on the edge of his knee. For some reason though, instead of pushing away the sex fiened stalker, he wanted take her, hold her. Her voice sounded muffled, but he could still understand her.

"I've watched you every day you came in the office. I've watched you ogling Aerith. I have to admit I felt jealous, but I don't have a right to, because I didn't even have the courage to introduce myself to you professionaly. Instead I wrote to you those erotic notes. I don't feel good doing it. . .I'm must have caused you so much misery. . .you must think I'm a slut!"

He felt liquified heat form on his pants, his eyes trailed down to the weeping woman. It was strange, but he pittied the woman. Here he was mopping around for a love that could never be, and yet here she is, suffering th same pain.

Her's was different though.

"Stop crying," he demanded, removing the hair that hid her face. "If there's anyone who's supposed to be crying it should be me. I'm freekin' 28 going on 29, how do you think I feel?"

Her cries dim.

"I should've been married a long time ago. Not dreaming about a woman that got married two years ago. I should've settled, maybe even have kids."

She stops, but sniffles and heaves every so often.

". . .so don't feel bad, kay'?"

She looks up to him and smiles, "You know, *sniff*, you may look bitter, but you are kind."

Cloud grins, but not so much as his mind began to play dirty tricks on him. From at his angle, it looks like Tifa could give him he-

No! Don't think about it! She's too young for me! I can't!

Cloud looks away for an instent, but his thoughts stayed with him.

How good would it feel to have her hot mouth suck my dick out? No SHUT UP!

Tifa caught wind of this strange dilema.

"Uh. . .Mr. Strife are you alright?"

The hell, don't call me that!

"OH!"she cried.

He finaly stopped thinking of her and him in such a manner, to find out what was wrong.

"What?. . .!"

He followed her eyes down to his groin, a bump exposed itself to the world, representing his state of hornyness.

"Gah! Shit! Don't take this the wrong way! I don't really mean to!"

"Why not?"

"Well-What do you mean why not! You're too young-AHH!"

With her right hand, Tifa places it over his clothed groin, The weight of it caused small waves of pleasure to stream across Clouds penus.

"I'm not too young, okay? I'm 19."

Tifa slowly starts to pump his groin. Cloud rejects by pushing her hand away from genitals.

"The fuck are you doing! This is my office! We can't fucking do that here!"

"I don't think we'll get caught."

"That's not what I mean. Get out!"

"No! Please, do me this one favor. I always imagined what you tasted like-"

"What! You're sick!"

"No! You're sick, you wanted to fuck me when I was "anonymous". You wrote down on the computer that you wanted to get it on with me! Don't deny it!"

. . .shit.

"Ahh! Shit!"

Cloud huntched over when his almost formed eroction began to be probed and poked at by Tifa's hand. It sent waves of minimal pleasure through his body. She rubbed his clothed groin slowly but with a good amount of pleasure, she looked at him with such sweet eyes that Cloud looked away with shame.

"Sit up. . .It's okay you can look if you want."

"No, you look too innocent."

After a good period of having his dick being stroked, it finaly swelled to a size that it was uncomfortable to wear his pants. So he stopped her meaningless stroking and called out an agreement.

"Tifa. . .if I let you do this once. . ."

"I wont bother you anymore,"

". . ."

He lays back onto his chair and lets her continue. With both her hands she unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. All ready he felt an immediate source of relief from removing the unneeded restrain. Then, as a result, he felt her hand slide into his pants, milli seconds later, Tifa fishes out his erect member.

Tifa cooed at, well, everything. The upbringing of Clouds dick created a musky smell around them, in which Tifa breathed in finely. Her eyes and touch gave her a source of pleasure too, she could see and feel it throbbing. It craved her and so did she.

Immediatly, "I feel that I'm getting wet."

Then, "Don't fucking say that!"

With the hand holding his dick, Tifa pumped the genital with such steady and swift movements.

Cloud sighed in a low grunt.

It's been a long time. . .Ah, Fuck yeah, this feels so fucking good!

His hands twitched at his sides, as she gave him a hand job. Soon sounds of wet friction came into play, resulting from the streams of precum departing from the tip of his penus. Low grunts form in his chest and release from his parted lips.

Then, for a moment, Tifa lets go of his member.

"So. . .can I?"

"Hmm, yeah. Fucking suck me dry."

Naughty words protrude Tifa's ears, they sounded demanding and oh so very sexy. With that, Tifa unbuttoned her jacket, then blouse, leaving her in only a black laced bra. She then proceeded to pull down Cloud pants and boxard briefs. While she did that Cloud stared at her tits, like any man would.

"So. . .you said you're 19?"

"Hmm, with double d's,"

Tifa dives down at his dick, but before so, she stared at it with such lust cravings. It twitch and then that's when she dived down. Her hot mouth created a blast of extreem pleasure the blond male. So much so, he pulled his head back in utter lust, his lips parted evenly as he took in ragged breaths. His hand gripped the arm rest he had, while the other took hold of the young woman's head. She bobbed at every suck and licked his tip at every time she pulled up. She had her left hand holding up his manhood, while playing with his balls with the other. She sucked deeply at the tip and moaned everytime she got to the base. The pleasure was intense.

Cloud moaned, he hissed at the womans touch. Sure enough he was close to climaxing.

"Ah. . .I'm going to come," he told her. Tifa didn't stop, nor did she slow down, instead she continued to suck his dick faster and deeper. Her head bobbed immensly, until finaly, she squealed at a sudden feeling of hot liquid filling up her mouth. Cloud sighed loudly sounded hoarse at the end.

Some of the seed spilled out of the corners of Tifa's mouth, some she ate, while the rest spilled down her chin and down on breasts. Some of it even cascaded down Clouds penus. Tifa gently lets go of her admirers, gently sucking the tip, for the last drops of come.

It was was over, Cloud slumped over his chair. His breathing deep and long, eyes closed, he relished the pleasure that he missed so much. The day's and month's of abstinence were long gone. He felt relieved and stress free.

She licked him up like a loly-pop and finaly wiped her mouth as she finished. Looked at the young woman with awe, she stared back as he bent over to kiss her lightly at her forehead.

Seconds passed and he spoke, "I'll have to return the favor somehow."

Tifa blushed, "No, no. You don't have-"

Suddenly a knock came through the glass door. "Cloud? Are you there?" a male voice asked.

Quickly the young woman and older male composed themselves.

"Act like you're doing something!" he harshly whispered at her. "Coming, hold on!"

Tifa got her clothes back on and stood beside his desk, fumbling around, wondering what to do to make it seem like nothing unusual happen.

Cloud opens the door that had Editor Strife plastered on the glass. Behind it was a familiar man with a worried look upon his face.

". . .uh. . .Zack, heh, what are you doing here?"

"I came to check up on you."

"Oh really?. . .wait. . .why?"

"Aerith told me about everything, said I should come here to check up on you. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."Clouds voice was shaky at best.

"Sure? 'cus you and I could go out for a beer to cool your nerves down. Oh, hi Tifa!"

The much older male waved "hello" to the young secretary in Clouds office. She had a stack of papers on her arms, preptending to work, she waived casually.

"What's Aerith's secretary doing here?"

"Oh, uh, she came, uh, to help me on something. Um. Reports and stuff." Clouds eyes didn't even look into Zack's he just watched the carpet and its funny looking patterns.

"Oh, really?"

". . .Yup,"

". . ."

". . ."

". . .Well okay then," Zack smiles his most famous smile, the kind of smile that made women fall for. The kind of smile that made Aerith fall head over heels for.

"You'll be alright, right?"

Cloud nods.

". . .Actually why don't we grab a beer after work today? I want to talk to you about something. 'Kay?"

"Uh, sure."

"Okay then, happy hour at Seventh Heaven. See you, there."

Zack leaves, waving goodbye at Cloud. The blond closes the glass door shut, his eyes connecting with Tifa's.

"That was close. He didn't suspect a thing." She smiled.

Cloud swayed his head side to side. "No, I think he know's already."

Tifa didn't say a word, instead she stacked up the papers she had on top of his desk. It was quiet, awkward even. She starred through the blinded windows, the sun's rays seeped through the aluminum cover, hitting the ground. She sighed then yelped at the sudden embrace given to her by the older male. His arms latched infront of her, while he pressed his chest onto her back. She was a shorter stature than he was, his nose touched the side of her hair, his breath touched the tip of her ear.

The young womans arms grasped his own, she held on to him.

"What a day," he suggested. He kissed the top of her head. She looks up at him with sweet lovey dovey eyes, her lips a briliant shade of red quivered as she smiled shyly. He's heart as impossible as it seems melted at the sight of the woman's innocence.

"Here I thought my life was nothing but a disapointment after disapoinment. But something good came out of it today."

He hids his face on the crook of her neck,

"I don't want it to end."