His touch was so warm

His eyes shone like the full moon, full yet so haunting

His dark tresses tickled me as he placed his lips upon mine.

"Yuki, till the very end I will be with you. Every time your heart aches I will bear the pain, every time you cry I will wipe away your tears and every time you feel lonely I will remain by your side and give you my companionship, friendship and love for you are mine and I am yours."

Slowly I looked up at him; his brilliant and beautiful being was still a sight I always stop to indulge in even to this day. Luka, the love of my life stared at me with those gorgeous, strong eyes that he possessed. Throughout my entire life I have met various people, some were beautiful yet they were spoiled with their ugly attitude and selfish personality but not my Luka. He was passionate, caring, kind and loving. The perfect partner for me and most of all he was special, oh so very special.

"Luka you give me strength by just having you with me. With you by my side I will thrive, no matter how hard the journey is, till the end and even beyond that my heart will truly beat for you and you alone."

As I said those words a soft smile made its way across look flawless face. Many people took one look at him and called him beautiful but me, I call him flawless for he has no fault, only perfections. Honestly he has tried to show me some of his faults but I did not acknowledge them as I did not want to know them. My love for him overlooked any flaw he may have truly had and just re-created it so that it didn't exist.

Currently he was holding me in his arms and by being in his embrace I was in heaven, in paradise for I simply didn't want to leave. He took his left hand and gently ran it through my long hair that was in a mess of tangles. Even though I was tired, my skin was dull and my hair was a mess I simply did not care for I knew my Luka cared for me even with my obvious imperfections. When we first got closer I was always conscious of how I looked and acted but Luka did not care. He insisted I just act relaxed for he did not deem it necessary for me to go to extensive measures to impress him as he found me attractive through my natural self.

He ran his hand through my light bronze hair, after running his long, slender finger through my hair he placed his hand on my cheek. His hand was warm, his gaze was warm and my heart began to beat faster and faster as I was in bliss.


His voice so seductive and velvety that it could easily lull me into a dream-filled sleep. Luka did not say anything else as there was no need for words, our eyes could speak for us. We were happy together, no matter what happened we were happy and that was all we both needed right now, each other. Even though my throat was dry, a side effect of being around Luka, I decided to voice my mind.

"Luka, I l-"

I couldn't finish my sentence as the man of my dreams placed his lips upon mine again and once again I felt the same tingling sensations spread throughout my thin framed body. No matter how many times Luka kissed me the thrilling sensations always came to my body for it was simply how my body reacted to him. I did not care for it truly meant there was a connection between us and that was a great thing to know.

Slowly Luka moved his head away from mine. He looked at me with a loving look, I couldn't deny his feelings for me as his eyes revealed all and it was the same with me.

"Yuki…no matter what happens; I will guard you physically and emotionally. My body will be your shield and your weapon. I am yours for all eternity and nothing can break our bond."

I smiled; the emotions within me began to rage in delight. I felt his commitment, I felt his strength and I felt his love. This encouraged me to raise my head and kiss him in order to continue our time together and to show the love I hold for him.

He is my Luka.

My eternal friend.

My eternal lover.

And my eternal savior.


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