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"Aurora Black you get back here this instant!"

King's Cross station was completely blocked with students, parents and siblings and 8 year old Aurora was letting her jealously get the better of her as she chased her older cousins to the beautiful Hogwarts express.

Harry Potter, along with his three best mates RonWeasley, Neville Longbottm and Draco Malfoy, were proudly walking alongside their parents as Aurora caught up.

"It's not fair! I want to go to Hogwarts too!"

"You're not old enough Rory," Harry tried to wrap his arm around his favourite cousin, "You have to wait three more years. Ginny doesn't get to go either, so you won't be alone and we will write all the time and come home for holidays."

"It's not the same!" Rory Black pouted and crossed her arms as her older cousins laughed at her.

Hermione watched with a smile as her daughter was trying to be cheered up by her big cousins.

Aurora "Rory" Black was the eldest of the Black children and was, what her father liked to call, their miracle child.

After 2 miscarriages, Hermione had all but given up on trying to have a child. The emotional and physical strain of losing a child was far worse than any torture that she had gone through before.

After various treatment plans and potion adjustments, Poppy had all but assured her that this time there would be no complications. Hermione was quite nervous, but with Sirius at her side throughout everything, they decided to give it one more proper shot.

The birth of Rory was the happiest day that Hermione and Sirius Black could ever remember. The delivery was a tough one, but, according to Hermione, it was completely worth the pain, and Sirius' broken hand and loss of dignity after his little fainting session.

Harry, Ron, Neville and Draco were inseparable troublemakers and the boys were very protective of their little cousins, especially Ginny and Rory. The two little girls were best friends and Hermione knew that the next two years would be extremely hard on Rory because her honorary brothers would be gone and then the next year, Ginny would be gone as well.

Rory and Ginny would have to learn to function without their boys around and would learn to be the oldest for a while.

Though Ginny was the youngest of the Weasleys, she always had someone younger around her since the Order members were as close as family. She constantly had a playmate in Aurora Black and was especially fond of Neville, so Ginny had just been heard from nearby yelling how unfair it was that her brother and friends had to leave.

"Please say a proper goodbye, Rory" Hermione begged her daughter, who was refusing to let her favourite cousins go.

Hermione had another young girl on her hip who was too busy gazing at the train in amazement to be bothered with the antics of her older sister. Cassie Black was only four, and didn't understand why her cousins were leaving, but since her Daddy said they would be back soon, she saw no reason to argue.

Lily and James had another boy the same time as Cassie was conceived, and Charlie Potter was convinced that his older brother, Harry, was going to fight dragons with Mr. Dumbledore and Mr. Snape at their school.

The Potter's were watching Rory's protest and laughing. They had just watched Molly Weasley go through this with Ron and Ginny and knew that these 'siblings' would be just as hard to manage.

"Come on Rory, I can't leave without a proper hug!" Harry Potter refused to get on the train without goodbyes from everyone. He was a very happy little boy who had never been without a large family and never wanted anyone to be angry at him.

She could never say no to Harry, and Rory launched herself into his arms for a final hug goodbye.

As they were packing their trunks on the train, Harry saw a familiar face heading towards them and yelled, "Uncle Remus!"

"We didn't think you'd make it, mate," James said, surprised to see Remus up and about this early on the day after a full moon. Even with the wolfsbane the transformations were still hard and Remus tried to stay away from crowds because he knew how aggravated he could get and the drain it would have on him.

"How could I miss this?" Remus laughed as he now had the youngest Black and Potter hanging from each leg as the grown-up eleven year olds all came to give him a hug goodbye.

The crush of Nymphadora Tonks faded during her Hogwarts years, but after reconnecting with Remus after graduation and during Auror training, she refused to let him go.

The excuses that he once relied on were now obsolete. He was no longer too old, as age is not a true factor in the wizarding world and Dora was definitely old enough to make her own decisions. Being too poor for her was not a problem since Hermione had made it her personal goal to ensure rights for magical creatures, especially werewolves and Remus was now a fully fledged Auror along with Sirius and James.

Though he would always believe himself too dangerous, Dora did not care. She knew he was a werewolf since she was fifteen and overheard Remus talking about the full moon, but she was not afraid.

They were now happily dating and everyone expected them to be together for a long time.

As the boys boarded the train, their parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all waved from the platform.

Hermione became misty-eyed as she watched the boys pile into a compartment and she thought of her own daughter leaving in a few years.

She knew that she would cry when they left and though she loved all of those boys, she would always have a special place for her little godson. The baby that she had sworn to protect with her life had grown into a clever boy that was sure to be a terror at Hogwarts.

"Mummy," Hermione looked down at her little girl, who had re-established her position on her mother's hip, and smiled.

"Did you and Daddy go on the train to Hogwarts too?"

Hermione and Sirius would never tell their children the extent of what had happened in the past. Hermione's past was far too full of horror and she refused to let her children know any of it. When they were older, perhaps the torture would simply become the horrors of the final battle against Voldemort.

She couldn't hide the scars forever.

"Remember what I told you, Cass?" Sirius lifted her into his own arms, "Mum fell from the sky into Hogwarts because she's an angel, but I went to Hogwarts on the train every year and met all your uncles there."

The younger Black laughed, but had a little flicker of hope in her eyes. After all, she was a witch and her Dad turned into a dog, why couldn't her mum be angel?

Rory simply rolled her eyes and went to talk to her favourite uncle, Remus, about a book that he had given her.

They were all headed to the Burrow, once again, for a delicious meal, so the kids could play together and calm their jealousy about not going to Hogwarts.

As Hermione watch the train roll away, she had a sudden flash of the beautiful rolling countryside and a compartment full of candy.

She used to dream about going to Hogwarts the proper way and wished that her life had been different and that Voldemort had never caused all the problems in her youth.

But then she sees her eldest daughter being swung between Remus and Dora, her husband carrying their youngest while talking to his old enemies, the Malfoys, the Potters and Weasleys walking with the Longbottoms, who were expecting a baby brother or sister for Neville very soon and she couldn't help but ignore those wishes.

Why would she every want a normal life when she had all this?

Her past was a mess.

A complete jumble of danger, running, hiding, death and pain.

But it was worth it. Everything that she had gone through was made easier when she met Sirius at the aisle and then when she saw each of her baby girls for the first time.

The scars would remain, but the pain was fading away with every laugh and smile from her larger than life family.