Meanwhile, back at the video store, Scarlet noticed something peculiar.

"Excuse me, ma'am," Scarlet questioned a customer. "But do you see those four statues outside?"

"Why, yes, I do, they're lovely aren't they?" The woman replied. "Why do you ask?"

"I could've sworn they just moved…." Scarlet trailed off.

"Oh, why I didn't see anything like that," The woman said, exiting the store.

The Ponds were walking down the road, in search of the parking garage that they had left the TARDIS in. They approached what seemed like the correct one, but there was no TARDIS in sight. Only a single weeping angel. Amy noticed a glint in one of its hands, and sure enough, dangling from a string gripped in their hand, was the key to the TARDIS.

"Rory!" Amy whispered. "Grab the key and run, but keep your eyes on it the entire time. Just whatever you do don't look it in the eyes!" Amy had a point with that one. If you looked a weeping angel in the eyes for too long, they would turn you to stone, thus killing you.

Scarlet walked out of the store and locked the door behind her; it was closing time. She hurried down the street to the parking garage where her car was. On the way in she thought she saw another stone angel, but when she looked again, it was gone.

"I swear," she muttered, "I must be seeing things…" but when she approached her car, next to it she noticed a blue telephone box, and surrounding it, four stone angels. "Oh. My. Gosh," She said, and then turned to run. But it was too late, one of the angels grabbed her, and she was sent back in time to join the Doctor and River Song.