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"What happens next?" 7 asked, watching the dying fire in the grave ring.

"I'm not sure, but this world is ours now. It's what we make of it." 9 replied.

They watched the fire until it went out before heading back to the library so that they could get out of the rain, but not before 9 buried the source near the graves. When they got there 3 and 4 dashed off probably to read some more books. 7 started to walk off until 9 spoke up


She stopped and turned towards the younger male. "Yes 9?"

"Do… do you think that life will ever exist again?" 9 asked, a questioning look on his face.

She smiled lightly before continuing to walk. "Maybe."

~40 Years Later~

Somewhat true to her word, life did start to come back to the dead world. Plants, animals, even humans. And with the help of the surviving Stitchpunks (now called the 'Survivors'), the new humans learned how to survive themselves.

Eventually, the humans left to populate the world, but a few stayed behind and created a new town a couple miles from the old city of Meria, naming it New Meria.

As the years passed, a festival was created, in honor of the 9 Stitchpunks who kept humanity alive when little else survived.

The Festival of 9 was nine days long, and featured games, music, and food. The most popular event was the Survival Contest, where teams of nine competed in different challenges throughout the festival.

This went on for many years, the humans happy and at peace. If there ever was a problem, they would consult the Stitchpunks for advice.

One day, though, when a little boy went to the Stitchpunk's library for advice, he couldn't find them. He searched the whole day, calling their names, but all he found was the Talisman. He took it home, but returned the next day, and the next to search for them, but they had vanished. The boy gave up after months of searching, but kept the Talisman.

Years passed as the town grew to a city, and was renamed Numeria. Eventually, as generations died and were born, the Legend of the Stitchpunks became just that, a legend. People forgot that they had existed, and the legend became a myth, and then a fairytale.

Though a few remembered that they had been real. From theses some of the few, spread throughout the world, cults sprang. These cults worshipped the Stitchpunks as gods, and proclaimed that they would return. As they were disproved that the 'gods of old' would return, they tried to bring them back themselves. There were many attempts made, but they all failed.

As for the others that believed, they searched for evidence that the legends were true. They became historians, archaeologists, and scientists; all with the same goal to prove that the Stitchpunks were real.

But both groups needed the Talisman, the Lost Chalice, to complete their goals.

And the knowledge of the location of that Chalice, died with the boy who found it.

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