Hello everyone. No, this is not an actual Update, this is a question: How would y'all feel if I make this a comic?

Now, it won't come out until sometime after Christmas, but that's because I have no scanner, no plot(yep, I've been posting chapters with no direction), and not a lot of experience with poses. I do have GIMP, however, so each page will look pretty good.

But I wanna know what you think I should do. I'm still gonna make the comic, no matter what you say, but I still wanna know your opinions on the matter. There's a poll on my Profile page, so I'd prefer it if those who can will vote there.

So should I:

Scrap the fic and make the comic.

Keep the fic and make the comic.

Keep the fic but don't make the comic.

You don't care, it's gonna be awesome either way.


I'll be posting another A.N. with the results.

Also, I wanna know what you like about this fic, so I can know if I need to change anything in the comic. 'Cause there will be changes as the plot demands it, maybe. So just tell me in a Review what you do and do not like about the story. And no, slow Updates don't count.