It roared through space, burning endlessly. A trail of fire and ice followed it, before dissipating into the void. As it went on its path, it degraded continually. Normal eyes would recognize it as a meteor, albeit a very strange meteorite, but a meteorite nonetheless. But to other eyes… knowing eyes… they would know otherwise. For as it burned, one permanent mark shown through. A circle, surrounded by two other circles at an angle, though still in a straight line, and two swooping wings, each one a flipped mirror of the other. To the knowing eyes, they would recognize it as a ship.

KeeerraaaaaBOOOOOMMMM! The explosion erupted throughout the night air. A huge crater marked the site of the crash landing. Or was it a crash? Not to the pilot of the vessel, it wasn't. He climbed out of his smoking ship. Metal feet crunched in the disintegrated salt, leaving distinguishable marks in the ground. Glowing orange eyes scanned the earth, searching for their owners destination. Why he had come to this planet, only he knew.

A sigh escaped the beings metallic mouth. Who knew how far he still had to go to reach him? As muscle fibers tightened inside metal shells, legs rose to meet the path set ahead for them. Behind him, his ship's fuel ignited, and a much larger fire burst into life. The beings armor was lit up, shining with a black gleam. Any animals that would have been present, seeing if the strange noise was food, would have fled on sight as a tall, shining creature trudged up the side of the crater.

Once again, his eyes searched the flat landscape. He pulled out his handheld computer, and spoke to it.

"Sigil, what happened?" He asked it.

"Turbulence outside the craft interfered with the ships meteorite coating, and melted ice came into the ships auto pilot. Fortunately, the ship did not veer off course to the point we would miss our destination entirely."

"So we are on the right planet?"


"Then how far am I from "him"?"

"Approximately one-seventeenth of a mio."

"I need it in Earth terms."

"Calculating… 50 miles."

"Sigh, I have a long way to go…"

And with that, he began his trek, knowing that many lives rested on his shoulder. And not only his people, the many inhabitants of this planet. So much depended on him reaching his target. So he would not fail.