The Lonely Lotus

Chapter 1: Defeat is a strong word

Okay, so I finally thought about another story to do! The title is based off of a song I did for band a while ago. The song is so pretty...unlike what this story is about -.-' Oh yeah, and this is from Ocarina of Time, just so you know. It's after the game-ish, when Link's fighting Ganondorf. I changed some stuff just because, so yeah.

SUMMARY: Link is defeated by Ganondorf and failed all of Hyrule. He is given to his darker half as a servant. Although the Hylian is gentle, kind and humble, Dark Link is anything but.

WARNING: Yaoi, (guy on guy) violence, language, and blood will be present in this story (hence why it is rated M). You have been warned...

The battleground was motionless. The only noise came from the sorrow, crowing ravens hanging around the area. An audience consisting of only the monarchy of Hyrule, Princess Zelda. She stood anxiously waiting for the outcome of the final battle for her kingdom. After hiding away from her enemy for several years, she finally will have a fair fight against him with the help of the chosen Hero of Time.

Link glared at his enemy, twirling his sword in impatience. Oh, how wanted to badly kick some ass right now! He prepared for this one battle, training all the time and always learning new things from the "supposed" last member of the Sheikah tribe, Sheik. The blonde practiced his aim, agility, strength, and endurance for this one moment when he will finally free Hyrule from the raging depths of his opponent, the one and only, Gerudo thief and "unofficial", well, to him, King Ganondorf.

The Gerudian, noticing the Hylian's antsy, yet determined look, smirked, meeting fierce, blue orbs with yellow, hatred filled eyes.

"My, you want this to be over already, don't you? Then, why don't you just give up? It'll make this easier on everyone, you know." Ganondorf taunted, stepping closer to Link, small step at a time.

"I will never give in to anyone like you! Not without a fight!" Link proclaimed. He ran forward, emitting a battle cry before landed a quick slash to the Gerudo. Ganondorf grunted, a bit affected by the sudden blow. But he regained himself rather quickly, turning to where the Hylian had landed. The blonde was facing the other way, just about to turn when a heavy punch landed on his left shoulder, causing him to drop his sword. He gasped and rolled quickly to pick it up, rapidly averting his attention to his enemy, who was...not there?

Link scanned the area, only seeing Princess Zelda, who shrugged, just as clueless as he was. Navi zoomed out of his hat, moving to the floor which was now emitting a low rumble and both their stares moved immediately from each other to the ground, which was rumbling and sending pebbles off their resting place and into the air. A harsh laugh suddenly came from above and right before Link could react, Ganondorf was sending a powerful kick storming down, hitting the Hylian in his right shoulder, sending the Hylian Shield to the floor along with Link.

"Done yet?" The Gerudo spat, moving away from the blonde, who was getting himself up recollecting his shield and following Ganondorf's path, which was circling around him slowly.


Word being said, Link charged to Ganondorf, slashing his target a few times before he back flipped, dogging an incoming punch. The Hero ran forward again, but coming a bit short and before he could move out of the way, he got knocked to his side. He coughed, the air knocked out of him, but staggered up, looking around for his sword. Where he found it, however, made him furious. Ganondorf was tossing it back and forth, from one hand to the other, grinning mischievously at Link.

"Oh, I think I like your sword. I think I'll hang it up on the wall of my NEW Kingdom, right next to my throne, along with your shield...perhaps on the left side...I can see it now..."

"SHUT IT GANONDORF! You'll never win! Good always outshines the darkness!" Link spat, meaning every word he said. No way was he going to let someone like this beat him! It would be criminal!

"Aww~ What a nice pep talk. I'm pretty sure Miss Highness over there taught you that, right?" Ganondorf cooed sarcastically, throwing Link's sword backwards. He gasped, "Oops."

Link's eyes widened. He left his other sword back at the Temple of Time, not thinking he would need it, no matter how many times Sheik recommended him to bring it, that it would be necessary in this occasion. 'Well, Sheik was right-again...' He thought, now defenseless against the Gerudo. This is when he noticed that his target disappeared again, nowhere in sight.

A swift slice came crashing down, just missing Link's shoulder, but causing a gash going down his back from not moving away fast enough. The blonde yelled in agony and fell down. He placed a hand on the wound, which was painting his forest green tunic a crimson red.

"GAAHH!" He yelled again when he touched his scratch. Never before had anyone cut him that deep before, but, "There's a first time for everything" his fairy, Navi, always said to him when he was insecure about going into a new room in a temple.

"Hm, so...can we get this over with already? I mean, you don't have a weapon and it seems you have quite a disadvantage." The deep, venomous voice returned and Link growled. He didn't want to give in! He worked so hard to get here, not to give up, but to become victorious!

Ganondorf took in his enemy's position; laid down, back facing him and hands clenched in fists. He smirked and stepped closer, raising one foot and crashing it down on Link's back. Dirt and other minerals from the Gerudo's boot fell and landed on the fresh wound, causing the Hylian to scream in pain, frantically reaching for his back, which to him, had a pulse. The injury stung, blood trickling down his waist and all over his hands.

"LINK! YOUR POTION!" He heard Zelda yell to him. He noted this and moved his hand to reach for his pouch. At least he remembered to pack a couple of potions for occasions like this one. When he felt around for it, however, a heavy hand gripped his wrist and jerked his arm out of his satchel.

"Looking for something?" Ganondorf growled. He dug his other hand into the bag, throwing the glass bottles of potions carelessly onto the ground.

"STOP THAT!" Link yelled, punching Ganondorf's arm with his free hand even though it wasn't leaving any effect on it. The Gerudo was getting quite annoyed and tired with the Hylian's loud attitude and with this battle that wasn't going anywhere. He made a sudden move and twisted Link's arm back, emitting a scream from the blonde. He then used his other hand to dig in his pocket and find a bronze knife. He moved it closer to Link's neck , and the Gerudo felt the other stiffen.

"Are you going to give in yet? Or am I going to have to finish you?" Ganondorf spat, knife hovering over the collar of his rival. He really didn't want to kill the Hylian, for he had other plans for him. Although, he was one for compromise.

"F-fine." Link whispered.

"Hmm? I can't hear you~"

"Fine! I give in! Just don't hurt Zelda."

Ganondorf released his grip on Link, throwing him on the floor. He glared at Princess Zelda, who was horror-stricken at the surrender. He smirked and picked up the Hylian by the back of his shirt. Link, white flag already raised, allowed himself to be lifted. The Gerudo figured he didn't want the Hylian to know where he was going so, he found Link's pressure point and pressed it with his fore-finger. The blonde gasped then went limp and felt heavier in Ganondorf's arms.

"See ya, your Highness." He said the last word venomously, leaving the princess and the fairy alone, still shocked at what occurred.

When Link returned to his senses, his neck was chained to a wall and his wrists and ankles were shackled and fastened to each other. He looked around and realized that he was in a prison cell! Then it all came back to him; the guilt of surrendering made his chest hurt. He lowered his head, thinking of everyone he let down and how he failed. The Seven Sages were probably ashamed of him, maybe even disgusted. His stomach lurched and his throat felt like it had a lump in it. Before Link realized it, he was crying in silence, head lowered in a pathetic stance.

"Are you sure you want this?!" That evil voice returned and the Hylian looked up, cheeks streaked with tears. Ganondorf frowned and tsked, then he turned away. Link turned to who the Gerudo was talking to and saw...Dark Link?! The black haired mimic of him stood there, staring down at him with intoxicating red eyes.

"Oh course. Who won't want this little failure to Hyrule?" He said sarcastically, kneeling down and using a gloved hand to grab Link's chin and turning his head from side to side. The blonde shrank back and stared at Dark Link. He thought he killed him back in the Water Temple! Apparently, that wasn't the case here. He must've faked his own death, sinking into the water like he did.

"Don't touch me." Link muttered out.

"Hm? Touchy, are we? You were defeated however, so you must be at least a bit more submissive ,you know."

"Defeat is a strong word-I don't like it."

Crimson eyes darkened and the shadow Hylian stood up. "Well? Release him so I can be on my way." Ganondorf scowled, but complied with Dark Link's orders. He removed the chain from the Hylian's neck, but left the ones on his wrists and ankles just in case Link tried a risky move.

"There. Now hurry up and get out. Get -him- out of my sight."

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