Lonely Lotus

Chapter 6: Let's Have Some Fun

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The sizzling heat from the sun scorched down on two figures, both very distinct from one another. One was simply known as Dark Link - a shadow - and wore a black tunic, traditional white leggings, black boots, wielding a sword that radiated with maliciousness. On the other side was none other than Link, having difficulty maintaining his fighter stance, seeing that he was wearing his 'lively' attire, frills and all. He was blushing furiously, adjusting his sweaty palms to the common soldier sword.

The two were in an intense stare, neither willing to flinch. Crimson eyes piercing into sky blue orbs, a challenging, yet cocky, look in them. Link held his stare, not going to allow a single distraction take his mind from his task.

Enjoy it while you can, Link. He told himself.

"It's amazing you would even agree." The shadow smirked, feasting his eyes on the blond's attire, ignoring the heat that ran to his crotch area. His grin fell slightly when the blond didn't respond, but he didn't waste time dwindling on that. He gave a evil toothy smile.

"Let's have some fun, shall we?"

Dark Link took the first move, charging forward without a sound. He swiftly attempted to hit the blond, but Link was quicker, pivoting out of the way, heat flooding his face at the cool breeze meeting his upper thighs.

"What's the matter, Link?" The shadow taunted. "Can't handle a little bit of wind?"

Without replying, the Hylian gave a slice towards Dark Link, only casing a small cut to the tunic. His recovery time was too long, and before a step could be made, the shadow was in front of him, delivering a blow to Link's side, grinning when the blond gasped in pain. He readied another hit, taking advantage of his enemy's position - but before he could land it, Link's sword was raised in a method of defense, blocking the attack to allow him to get his senses together.

The two were in a lock, swords crisscrossing without moving.

Link shifted his sword slightly, found an opening to attack, and made his first hit on Dark Link, who only momentarily flinched. He jumped, flipping over the taken aback Hylian, and cut through the back of the uniform, the main belt of white ribbon tearing and loosening the entire suit.

"Looks like I'm in more shape than you." The shadow teased, eyeing the loosened clothing with amusement in his eyes.

"Maybe I'm just tired!" Link yelled the last word, running towards Dark Link, sword ready for, what could be, a fatal blow.

If the shadow didn't just disappear.

The blond nearly lost his footing, caught off guard by the fading swirls of darkness. He whipped around, weapon in a defensive position. Scanning the grassy plain, Link didn't dare let his arm down. His eyes frantically darted around the scenery, searching for any signs of movement. Suddenly, a loud wail echoed, it's noise moving the bright green grass. It didn't seem to have any effect on the Hylian besides it's annoying presence as he continued to seek a minuscule movement. None came to eye.

Mind Games, huh? Nice try, Dark Link, but you aren't fooling me…

"Shame. I worked hard on that one."

Link barely had a chance to gasp before a fist met his chin. He was sent flying, his back bracing for impact. However, that never came for Dark Link already awaiting the blond where he was supposed to land. He kicked Link in the stomach, speeding his fall and knocking the air out of his lungs. The Hylian lay there, panting heavily at the realization that the match was from over. He wasn't about to let his own shadow beat him.

"Surprised, hero? I bet you didn't see that coming." Dark Link smirked, placing a hand on his hip as he looked down to Link, who had a look of sheer anger and annoyance on his face. "It's something I'd been practicing for quite a while now, and I thought it'd be nice to show it off to you. What'd you think?"

The Hylian didn't answer, but he rolled over, using his foot to knock over his shadow in the progress. Dark Link grunted and he didn't waste anytime in recovering. Link was already up. He dodged an incoming swipe, returning the blow with a high-kick to the blond's face. The Hylian delivered a cut to the shadow's shoulder.

It was similar to this for a while - slice after cut after kick and punch. In a matter of what seemed like forever, the two were back to square one, standing a significant distance away from one another, each in a protective stance. Neither had realized how much time had passed by, nor how the sun hid behind darkening clouds that threatened to spill at any given second.

"Are you ready to call it quits, Link?" Dark Link tested, giving a sly grin that caused heat to slowly crawl up the blond's face.

"I-I can keep going. What about you?" He barked. The shadow let loose a wicked-sounding laugh.

"Who do you think I am? Or what for that matter? I can go on for hours upon hours."

"Then, we continue." Link smirked, a new found energy suddenly bursting into his system.

"Sire, they are demanding your presence."

"Tell them that I am unavailable."

"B-But, Your Majes-"

"What did I tell you, you lazy good-for-nothing thief?!"

"…As you wish, King Ganondorf."

"Ah, and while you're at it, I have something to request of you."


"... Wait, what!"

"Now, off with you."

"B-But…Your Hi-"

"I have given you orders, now leave me in peace!"

"Of course, my King, but please heed my warning that by doing this, you will not only put yourself and everyone in danger, but you are risking the destruction of all of Hyrule itself!"

"Just do as your told!…You are dismissed."

Link's heart beat uncontrollably. His gaze moved from the approaching Dark Link, who looked like he was going to show no mercy, and the dull sword that rested a whiles away. Large droplets of rain pattered overhead and onto the two men, darkening the atmosphere. A fresh wound ripped through his uniform at the waist as well as several other gashes and bruises.

Nothing new. He told himself. He continued to stare at the blade, swearing that his vision was growing flat as well. Now, I should be able to make a run for it from here…

His thoughts were abruptly cut short by his shadow charging up to him and pinning his wrists behind his back, causing the Hylian to fall backwards and onto the earth and mud. The impact knocked the blond out of his senses - it wasn't helped when he heard Dark Link's voice, low and husky.

"I couldn't help myself."

It was then that the black-haired man brought his face closer to the other's. He kept his fiery stare locked onto Link's while his lips brushed against the wet ones underneath him. The Hylian was paralyzed. All he could do was stare into Dark Link's eyes, trying desperately to focus and control his heavily breathing.

"Look at you." The shadow hissed. "You're eyes are practically begging for me to devour you." Dark Link got himself off of Link, giving a devilish smirk at the look of confusion on the blond. "And that's exactly why I won't. Now get up and defend yourself!"

Link sat up, but a strange sensation was brewing in the core of his brain and drained the color from his face. He saw as the world sifted and swirled in front of him, disorienting his view more. The heaving rain and darkened scenery didn't shed light on anything, either. A muffled question was asked, but not acknowledged as the blond fell to the muddy ground again.

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