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"Shit," he cried as he tripped over a root he could not see in the night; the only light was the moon's glow, giving a silver lighting on the ground, blocked by the forest. Falling on his hands and knees, he had look of panic and fear in his brown eyes, as he glanced around to see if the thing was still chasing him. The boy pulled himself up and started to run again, trying to get as far away as possible. Running so much, he started to feel his muscles ache. He looked and saw a small path through the trees and crawls through it, in hopes that the thing wouldn't get him. He crawls through and finds that it was well hidden and very small; he felt safe for the time being. "Damn, I am so sore." He saw a small pond to the right and looked at himself. Orange locks matted with mud and dirt, clomped to his head, brown eyes dulled from lack of sleep, tan skin slightly pale from the cold of the night. "Wow, I look like terrible. How did I get myself into this?" The boy thought of the beginning of his day.


"Hey, Ichigo, you ready yet? Come on," came the voice of a young girl.

"Yeah, Karin, I am on my way down," Ichigo yelled, looking in the mirror to make sure his hair was still in the spikes he liked, seeming to look as if he just got out of bed. Ichigo opened his door, walked down the stairs, and saw Karin sitting at the table. She looked at him with a scowl so much like his own. She had shoulder-length, black hair and grey eyes.

"It was about time you got out of bed," Karin said with a smirk. "'Cause if dad was here, you would have gotten a foot to the face for a wakeup call."

"Oh and where is old goat face?" Ichigo stated with a scowl.

"He had to go to the hospital for a call. Someone got attacked by an animal," a happy voice called from the other side of the table. "Good morning Ichi-nii."

"Good morning, Yuzu; I didn't see you there," Ichigo smiled.

"Would you like breakfast this morning, Ichi-nii?" Yuzu asked with a warm smile. She looked more and more like their mother every day, Ichigo thought as he looked at her light, brown hair, just below her ears; brown eyes just a tad lighter than his own.

"No, not today. I will pick something up at school," with that said, he hugged his sisters and walked to the front door, picking up his backpack and then putting his shoes on to walk out the door.

As Ichigo walked down one of the streets of Karakura, he bumped into a person walking out of an ally. "Sorry," Ichigo said, bowing a little.

"You will be." The man was about 6'2 with black hair and a muscular build. Ichigo remembered him from school; his name was Shaw, a foreign name. He was expelled from school for attacking a teacher or something. Ichigo never paid attention to the trouble makers at school. He tended to keep to himself and kept close with his friend, Chad. "You bumped into me, so how about some money as an apology. And maybe then I won't break your pretty face," Shaw sneered.

"Sorry, I don't have time to play with idiots; I have to go," Ichigo stated, trying not to lose his temper and beat the hell out of the guy; he did not need to get in trouble and get expelled. He had high grades and was working to get into Seireitei University for art.

Before Ichigo could get away, the man pulled Ichigo back by his arm. Reeling his own arm, he swung and smashed Ichigo in the gut. From the force of the hit, Ichigo fell to the ground, holding his stomach. "Now you're gonna get it…" Ichigo stood up and kicked Shaw in the face so fast, he didn't even see the movement. The shock from the kick landed Shaw on his back side, groaning in pain, pissed and ready to kill Ichigo for knocking down and breaking his face open. "I am going to kill you, and Grimmjow can be mad all he wants. I am not going to take this from a lowly human!" he roared.

The next thing Ichigo saw was black, and falling down to the ground in pain, knocked out cold. "Damn, is that smell coming from him? It can't be it; it makes no sense." Shaw inhaled deeply to catch the scent that got his attention. "This will put me back in good graces with Grimmjow, and I won't get killed for disobeying him," Shaw thought with a smirk. He lifted the boy up and carried him away into the ally he came from and out of Karakura to the forest at the edge of it.

Shaw arrived in the center of the forest in what looked like a temple that had never been touched by time, stairs leading up to pillars with giant panther statues at the entrance covered in vines and moss. You would not have noticed it unless you had been there, only because of the thick forest that covered the area. Shaw walked up the stairs and into the temple. "Where have you been? Grimmjow is pissed and swore he would kill you for leaving the temple when he said you needed to stay put." A pink haired man with orange eyes and glasses stated rather coldly with a hint of amusement. "I wonder how he will punish you. Will he boil you in oil or place you on a slab and plant bamboo to grow through your body?"

"Shut up, Szayel. He won't do anything because I have something he will want."

"We will see. I just hope there is something left to study. I want to know how well a werewolf's body can handle an attack from Grimmjow." He laughed with a smile that would make anyone shiver with fear, unwilling to find out how he studied them. "Yeah, and what would that be?" Szayel stated with a look of boredom, finally taking notice of Ichigo on Shaw's shoulder.

Ignoring Szayel, he walked deeper into the temple and into the man's chamber, hearing all sound stop as Shaw walked into the room. Murmurs went around the room as all the bodies watched Shaw walk in like he owned the place. A roar was heard in the room; all of them jumped from the sound, Shaw almost dropping Ichigo.

"Welcome back, Shaw. Give me a reason why I should not kill you for disobeying my orders," came a voice of total dominance laced in venom from a big, white panther with black feet, and with blue eyes that cut the darkness from the room as well as demanded respect and submission.

"I am s-sorry, Grimmjow; it won't happen again. This is what pulled me into the human town." He shuddered, holding Ichigo like glass, and not meeting eyes with Grimmjow. He placed Ichigo at his feet.

"You know I don't eat humans anymore so this does not make me happy," he growled out. All were quiet in the room, watching their alpha with bated breath. They all knew Grimmjow had a temper and would not want to be on the receiving end of it. Ichigo began to stir, and awoke with blurry eyes; he saw something white. "Do you take me for a fool? I know what you have done," Grimmjow growled out, lunging at Shaw and cutting out his intestines with sharp claws. Ichigo saw this and screamed, getting up to run away, only to run into a tall man about seven feet tall with a patch covering his right eye who grabbed him by both arms and held him still.

Now that Grimmjow had calmed down, he smelled something very sweet that had his member waking. Taking a few breaths to get himself under control again, he looked at the human and saw the fear and nervousness on the orangette's face. "What should we do with him, Grimmjow?" Szayel questioned with a grin. "Can I experiment with him? I have never gotten to work on a human with a scent like his."

"I say we kill him. He has seen us. What is going to stop him from bringing the town folk if we let him go?" the tall one holding Ichigo stated.

"Hell no." Ichigo elbowed the tall man in the stomach, knocking him off balance. He pulled away and started to run only to be cut off from the exit by Szayel.

"Hmm... you like to run, huh?" the large cat purred. Ichigo went into shock, hearing that voice of sin coming from the panther. If he were not so scared, he may have been turned on by it. He shook his head to get that thought out of his mind; of how wrong it was to have that thought about an animal. Also, it killed Shaw without a second thought and I am in no rush to be killed by it, too, he thought. "No, Nnoitra, I have a better idea."

"I will make you a deal, human. If you can make it to the edge of the forest before sunrise, I will let you go unharmed as long as you don't tell a living soul about us," he purred with a look so feral it was scary.

"A-and if I don't make it to the forest's edge by dawn, what happens to me?" Ichigo stood tall, trying not to look so weak in front of the beast in hopes that he wouldn't be made into a meal.

"So cute, trying to act like he is not scared. Hmm, maybe Shaw did find what I have been looking for," Grimmjow thought with what would have been a large feral grin if he were human. "I love to hunt, so that is the only thing I can tell you. I will give you an hour head start, so you better run." Not waiting for the animal to change its mind, he ran out the door passed Szayel. He kept running straight out of the temple and into the woods.

[End Flashback]

Reminded of where he was by a roar too close for comfort, Ichigo looked around and hoped he was not found. Getting up carefully as to not make too much noise and give himself away, he crawled deeper into the small area he found, pulling his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around his legs. He rested his head there to think of how to get home and away from here. Hearing a twig snap a few feet away, he looked around for where the sound came from. Crawling forward a bit to get a look around without leaving the safety of the trees, he leaned forward and looked though the trees, out into the open from where he ran. With a pent-up breath, he looked and listened. The trees behind him broke with a huge crash and through them flew the panther, landing a foot in front of his face. The panther turned to the orangette. "Found you."

Shit. If I am going to die, I am going down swinging and at least taking this fucker's eye or ear with me, the orangette thought. Watching the orange-head stand, the look of fear removed, he saw fiery will that would not be dowsed and anger.

Never had I seen a look of fear disappear and be replaced with anger so fast, Grimmjow thought with a sigh. "I am not going to kill you, so relax. If I wanted to kill you, I would have done that before you left the temple."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "Then why were you chasing me?" Ichigo kept his stance in case he needed to move.

"I enjoy the hunt and I thought you would give a good one. If I had wanted to kill you, I would not be speaking now, would I?"

"What? Then what do you want from me? I just want to go home."

"I can't let that happen. I am not about to risk my clan for you. Besides, I am not letting a magical bond leave before I can give my race a shot at repopulating," Grimmjow stated with a look that said, duh, you are stuck, so deal with it.

"What! I am not a cat and I am not female. I am not having sex with you, so fuck off! Also, no one would believe me if I told them I was kidnapped by a monster. They would put me in a room with padded walls!" Ichigo yelled.

"I am not a cat, I am a panther," Grimmjow growled. "Gender means nothing to a magical bond. You will become whatever race claims you as their bitch. Also, a magical bond can become pregnant, no matter what gender they are." He looked at him with a look that you would think was a grin if he were a human. At this point, Ichigo was pissed and did not care if this beast could rip him apart in a second.

"I am not a bitch and I am not letting a panther mount me. Also, I am a human, you dumb-ass, over-grown, house cat!" the orangette yelled.

"I am going to have to change that. And my name is Grimmjow, not house cat, kitty, or even Grimm kitty. Better remember it because you will be screaming it a lot after I take ya." With the sound of bones snapping and breaking, the panther began to change into a human. The white fur changed with tan skin covering tight muscles that rippled under the skin; his hair bright blue and eyes no longer like a cat's but still retaining something dominance in them. At the sight, Ichigo was shocked. Standing where the panther was, was now a man or sex god of 6'1. "You're drooling," Grimmjow observed with a feral grin. "So, what's your name, bitch? Or do I keep calling ya that?"

At this point, Ichigo was beyond mad and ready to kick Grimmjow so hard below the belt that he wouldn't be able to have kids, much less run after him. Ichigo walked up to Grimmjow slow and easy, trying to remove any look that would tell he was up to something. Once in range to kick Grimmjow, Ichigo swung his foot back and brought it up with great force, only to have his foot grabbed and jerked. "Got'cha now. Are you going to behave or do I need to punish you?"

"Let me go, you asshole!" Ichigo tried to pull free only to be wrapped tighter in Grimmjow's arms.

"Don't think so. You are mine, now." Grimmjow used the time to bite down on Ichigo's shoulder, causing said orangette to pass out from the pain. "After this, you will be mine forever," Grimmjow said with a look of lust at his new mate. Grimmjow picked Ichigo up bridal style, and walked out of the small tree area Ichigo was hiding in, heading straight back to his temple with his new mate in tow.

To be continued or not. We will see! Thanks and tell me what you think. Try not to be too hard on me, I am new to writing fics. Also, writing is not one of my strong points. Thanks, take care ^_^