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The Hunted

Chapter 5

Shaw awoke on a cold metal table in an empty room with blinding white lights with a curtain drawn across the room giving him some privacy. The last thing he remembers was angering the tribe alpha Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. Then having the most painful punishment any were could have being gutted then taken before he could heal to Szayel who then stabbed sliver spikes into his body hitting nerves causing him great pain as the sliver burned the skin blister formed rapidly. Wanting to fight back but unable to, feeling his body convulse in reaction to the sliver. Bile builds up hurling the contents of his stomach before the pink hair fucker.

"Hmm I will have to tell Grimmjow of this, your punishment will be longer may one thousand year of sliver undead torture for you." Szayel smiling statistically at Shaw but frown upon see the contents of his past meal. Human.

"Fuck you! Y… you pink hair p-pussy." Shaw panting through gritted teeth trying to force his body to move. Trying to rake clawed hands through flesh only to jar his injured gut making the blood flow more freely gasping out in pain falling into a pool of his own blood coughing, his vision gone burry passing out from lack of blood.

His body gone into a coma from the lack of blood but sliver spikes insured he would stay that way feel the pain from the sliver. If he had to guess he most likely looked like a grotesque porcupine, guts hanging out for the world to see. The pain was unbearable wishing for death praying for it but to have it never come. Completely unable to move or defend himself. But now he was up sore pissed and hungry. Smelling the room you could tell he was not in the temple with the rest of the tribe. He smelled humans' lots of humans which could only mean one thing. They found the temple he could only hope the bastard Szayel was dead.

Slowly he sits up feeling his gut larch in pain seeing light pink flesh he could tell he just heal enough. Too much stain and that would be it the new skin would rip then he would most likely die. Since he has not feed and in his weakened state he could be very easily killed. Very carefully he stands up. Moving the curtain to view the rest of the room see more white walls, a door the left next to a full length mirror that covered one wall he was not a total moron like most other thought he knew it was a window. So they were watching him huh?

He was alerted to the door opening and walking in where humans. He counted five none had any guns just batons. Growling low in his throat Shaw tried to change into his animal form to kill and eat them quick and easy but something was wrong he could not change into his wolf form.

Looking at the first person that came too close to him. "You what did you do to me!" Yelling with fury unbound. Attacking the nearest man in white with enhanced strength and elongated fangs ripping into his throat biting into it savoring the taste of fresh blood affectedly ending the life of the human scum that held him. He continued to kill them all eating the flesh to help to regain his power and maybe change back to his wolf form.

Ugaki walked over to Luppi's chair cutting the ropes but not before hand cuffing him.

"Awe what the matter scared I might hurt you?" Luppi smiles trying to get some kind of reaction from his captor even if he can't see his face, he has been bored and trying his hardest for some entertainment.

The walk through the hallways way quiet other than the sounds of their foot falls and Luppie's not stop yammering.

"What do you want me to do to this person? Get him to join you cause? You know my powers do not work that way right?" Finally getting tire of being blindfolded and handcuffed.

"I will tell you how my powers work if you at least take this damn blindfold off."

"Tell me now and I will remove the blindfold and not before so don't ask." Ugaki lied sounding short and irritated by the nonstop talking Luppi has been doing since he removed him from his cell.

More than willing to kill Luppi once the were was under control but Luppi powers may not be what they seem from the way he talked. When the captured him after his last killing spree he was able to take control of the men just by a small touch while looking them in the eye that is why he was in no rush to remove the blindfold just in case. Since all the tests they did to find out how his power works fail. He would continuously refuse tell how they did. The boss put him in confinement until he felt like talking but the only thing he did was talk it was useless so they would give him to the were. If he lived he lived if he died oh well no loss.

"Well? I don't have all day; you don't want to anger the boss unless you don't want to live anymore?" Now at the point ready just to shoot him in the head and feed him to the wolf just to not hear him talk anymore.

"It is simple think of me as an empath. I can latch on to a base emotion and strengthen it or weaken. I can also and see what they desire and fool there mind into thinking it will come true if they listen to the voice in there head. It is not mind control per say but it only lasts for a few minutes. I can also steal info from a victim if I know what I am looking for." Boasting sounding all high and mighty like he could take over the world a god complex that has not gone even after who know how long of being a prisoner.

"It makes killing people all the more enjoyable being able to feel the fear radiating off them. Seeing their last thoughts, sometime I can see their family. Sometime I let them escape so I can fellow until I can kill their whole family in front of them oh so slowly." His voice rising getting higher and cracking as he speaks followed by hysterical laugher, laughing so hard he falling to his knees. His heart beat maddening slowly returning to normal. Breathing in pants grinning to the ceiling like a maniac that he is at last able to speak again.

"There was this one women who I killed she was so beautiful long orange hair and the softest brown eyes. I loved her at first sight and could not wait to see her blood run. To hear that soft melody of her scream as I rip her apart. I did enjoyed killing her but she would not scream for me but I did see something I am looking for to bring her the ultimate suffering even thou she is not amongst the living." The air around him seemed to drop giving a cold feel to everything around where he stood.

"You help me I will help you. I will even kill my own mother to get what I want if I hadn't killed her already."

His grin slowly returning at the memory of killing him own mom in cold blood.

"I see I will talk to the boss. You there Jin take Luppi back to his cell." Peering over his glasses at the man with short white hair, muscular build and scar on his chin leaning against the wall waiting.

"Yes sir." Grabbing Luppi's handcuffs and pulls him away.

'I can't wait to kill that bastard Ugaki just need to wait a little while longer.' Glaring at the man barely hidden from sight just under the surface if you looked close enough the desire to kill him showing through.

"Hey I thought we had a deal?" screaming at Ugaki being pulled back to his room by this unknown person named Jin.

"We do just let me call the boss and talk with him so until sit in your cell." Pulling his cell phone no longer looking at the prisoner being dragged away dialing a number he know without thought.

"That hit the spot to bad there where not more I could use some dessert."

His wound where not as bad now that he has eating all the men that where sent into the room feeling refreshed. Lying around the room was blood, bone and flesh. Blood cover Shaw making his skin look crimson, hair lying flat weighted down by the life liquid of all his prey. Feeling better than he did he walks up to the door trying to rip it off it does not budge in the littlest. Looking in the mirror searing at anyone looking through it at him hoping they enjoyed the show. He was still pissed that he could not break the door or the window and he tried it many ways one which still makes him smile at the snapping bone of the man he thrown into it to brake the glass only to brake the man.

"Tsk guess I have to wait for them to see why I am here."

Walking back over to the table he woke on to sit and wait. He did not have to wait too long as a speaker blared to life for the side wall.

"Well you made quite a mess haven't you young wolf?"

"Yeah and who the hell are you? This way I can tell them what to put on your tombstone." Shaw growls.

"Not important what is I want to know is where is the blade of Bastet?"

"Bass set blade? What is that some kind guitar?" Shaw sounded confused.

"If you won't tell then I will get someone who can make you."

A buzzer goes off and the door opens letting in Luppi followed by Jin who quickly ran up to Shaw and pulled him into a full nelson before he could even react.

"What the hell? Get off me you filth!"

Struggling pulling trying to get free only to be held tighter feeling his bone start to crack from the pressure, Shaw was shocked how could a human crack his bone? He did not have long to think about it as Luppi walked over to him. His face was pulled down so he could see glistening purple eyes with small diamond tattoos above one eye. Feeling small hands placed on his temples his vision burrs before clearing.

"Kill you both especially you! You little bitch." The last word came out as a growl.

"We are done here Jin you can kill him now I will go give the information to Ugaki." Walking out not saying another word closing the door behind him the sound of metallic click was heard a second after letting them know it was locked.

Jin pushed to the man he was holding causing Shaw to stumbling a few step before turning around and readying to attack.

Jin spoke before Shaw could move forward. "Any last words before you die? I will try to make it quick unlike how you killed these men." No anger in his voice just a look of distaste for how the bodies lay ripped apart and scatter around the room like a child who colored the walls. Hand prints and smears cover most of the walls and mirror.

"Ha a human kill me please you are unarmed. So what if I can't transform just means I have to work a little harder for my next meal." Beginning to smile. 'This will be easy just have to make sure he does not grab me again of he will brake me.

Shaw kicked off running pulling back clawed hand to slash the white haired man to ribbons. Right as he was about to hit his mark the man's pale hand shot up catching Shaw's wrist and snapping it with a sickling crunch. Crying out in pain he tried to pull off the hand that held his wrist only to have it jerked to the right and have a powerful upper cut to his chest. The hand flew through his chest, blood launching out his back feeling to air rushing going through his body like a breeze through the trees.

Jin lean forward whispering in his ear. "Should have listened to Grimmjow and this could have been avoided. Now I have to clean up your mess. Rest well brother may the gods have mercy where I have none. Pulling his hand out of Shaw''s chest taking his heart with it tossing it to the floor along with Shaw's now lifeless body shaking the blood from his hand he walks to the door hitting a button opening a panel to leave the room behind.

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