Megan's POV

Walking back into my room, I set down three pieces of paper and three pencils. I plopped down next to my friends Sterling, who was reading The Lost Hero, and Tiffany, who was lying on her back listening to her MP3 player and reading The Lightning Thief.

Sterling glanced at me. "Megan, what is this for?" She asked, pointing a finger at the paper and pencils. Sterling then placed her bookmark back in the book and set it down next to her.

Tiffany sat up, folded the page in her book, and pulled her headphones off and said, "Yeah, what are we doing?" She then blew her blonde hair out of her face.

Grinning, I replied, "You guys like the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series right?"

Sterling sat up straighter, brown eyes sparkling. "Heck yeah," she cheered.

Tiffany replied, "Er, haven't read the whole series…but yeah."

Laughing, I continued. "Well, you can make one character to be in the series before the titan war in The Last Olympian to go to Camp Half-Blood." Pulling up my long blonde hair into a ponytail, I explained, "So make up a first name, age, gender, whom their godly parent is, eye color, hair color, and what type of weapon they would use." My friends grinned.

Sterling and Tiffany snatched up a piece of paper and a pencil and started to scribble down their character. I grabbed the other sheet of paper and the pencil and started to write down my character. "Don't forget to add if they have ADD or something; and some extra stuff, like who they like or something," I reminded. My friends nodded and continued to write.

Thinking about it, I carefully wrote down my character. She needed to be unique, but not like a freak. Perfect, but not a Mary-Sue. Nice, but with an edge of a warrior. Good, but with a dark side.

Once I finished, I dropped the pencil and found Sterling already finished. She grinned at me and asked, "Can I go first?"


Tiffany finished and said, "Okay Sterling."

Sterling cleared her throat and explained her character. "My character's name is Matilda Wright; she is the daughter of Athena and the twin sister to Ainsley and is 14 years old. She has short purple hair and likes to wear punk clothes. Matilda also has neon green eyes, she has a bracelet that turns into a shield and a pin that turns into a sword, and has ADHD and Dyslexia. And she has a crush on Nico, mostly so she can nom on his head." Tiffany and I clapped as Sterling stood and did a little bow, causing all three of us to laugh.

Tiffany explained her character. "Her name is Ainsley Wright; she is the daughter of Athena and the twin sister to Matilda and she is 14. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Ainsley uses her mind as her weapon and has ADHD."

They looked at me and I explained. "Phoenix Everren is the daughter of Hecate and is 14. She has long black hair with dark blue streaks and gray eyes. Phoenix has a light brown, soft leather belt that doubles as a sheath for her knife and she has ADHD, Dyslexia, and ADD."

"Wait," Sterling butted in. "Shouldn't we add their fatal flaw?"

Tiffany chirped, "Yes we should!"

I agreed with my friends. "You're right, everyone and everything has a fatal flaw."

"Matilda's fatal flaw is jealousy."

"Ainsley's fatal flaw is that she can't accept failure."

"And Phoenix's fatal flaw is being too independent and too brave."

We added the fatal flaws to the description of the characters and I said, "Now we put the paper under our pillow."

Tiffany frowned. "Why?"

"'Cause we can," I replied, grinning. We all laughed and placed our own papers under our own pillows.

Sterling declared, "Now we watch the movie." She grinned. "If we don't, Megan, you shall be eaten by a vampire chicken from Jupiter." We all started to giggle really hard. The whole 'shall be eaten by a vampire chicken from Jupiter' happened when we were spending the night at Tiffany's house and we stayed up to 6:30am, and we ate only sugar that day so we were pretty hyper. I think we woke up around 3:00pm.

Scrambling to my knees, I inched toward my movie case, pulled out the DVD, opened it, took out the disk and placed the disk in the DVD player. I scrambled back and sat down next to my friends. Grabbing the remote, I pressed 'play' and we watched the movie.


Once the movie ended, we crawled into our sleeping bags and started to joke around about vampire chickens from Jupiter. Around 5:30am, we finally fell asleep.

About those Vampire Chickens from Jupiter, I was spending the night at Tiffany's house with Sterling, and it was really late (not sure how late) and I started to act really crazy and all whacked out. Anyway, we were recording what we said with Tiffany's MP3, and I said something about Vampire Chickens from Jupiter. XD

This story goes to my best friends Sterling and Tiffany.