Chapter 1

Sam sat in the Impala reading through a demon ritual, he glanced up to see Dean at the window giving him the thumbs up.

He rolled his eyes as he closed the curtains to their motel room.

A second later his phone rang with Bobby on the other end.

"Hey Bobby, "Sam said.

"Hey boys, "he said and then looked at Dean scarfing a quarter pounder, "So, we're eating bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast, are we?"'

"Well, I sold my soul. Got a year to live. I ain't sweating the cholesterol."

"Let's go, "Bobby said rolling his eyes.

The horrible stench from the house was disgusting. The bodies were so degrade they had to have been there for at least a week. Bobby was outside getting EMF readers.

Just then a creak rang through the house.

"You hear that, "Sam said freezing in his spot.

"Yeah,"Dean signaled to Sam to go on either sides of the doorway.

Dean was about to signal Sam to jump out and aim their guns but Bobby's voice stopped them.

"Adrian is that you?"Bobby said.

"Bobby?"A female voice asked.

"Boys get out here, "Bobby screamed.

Sam and Dean popped from either side of the doorway.

"You were gona jump her?"Bobby asked raising his eyebrows.

"I would have kicked their asses anyways,"the girl said turning around smiling.

"Would have liked to see you try, "Dean said mockingly, checking her backside out while he was at it.

She turned around and Dean's smirk was wiped off his face.

She couldn't be a hunter. Hunters were not sexy personified. She had long curly black hair to her waist and chocolate skin. Her eyes were a light brown and her lips were so full and pink. She was tall though, at least 5'11. Of course running from monsters her whole life made her toned and gorgeous. Basically, she was the epitome of natural beauty.

At the same time, Adrian was surveying Sam and Dean. They were both very handsome. They were alike in a lot of ways too. They must be related. Dean was handsome with his sandy blonde hair and amazing green eyes but Sam was holding her interest. She always was into the tall, dark, and handsome type.

"Wanna go Blondie?"She said smirking at Dean and glancing at Sam.

"Depends on what you mean by that, "he said giving her a once over, his voice taking on a suggestive tone.

She smirked again and looked at Sam who had been silent while gawking at her.

"Hey Sasquatch," she said to him.

"Uh, he said extending his hand and offering her a nervous smile, "I'm Sam."

"Well you're definitely more polite than your partner, "she said taking his hand returning his gaze.

"That's Dean, "Bobby said cutting into the exchange.

Her face suddenly fell.

"Sam and Dean Winchester?"She asked accusingly.

They nodded.

"The bastards who opened the Devil's Gate and let out God knows how many demons, "she stated icily.

Handsome or not she'd heard things about these brothers. She knew the kind of trouble that followed them and she didn't need it following her by association.

"Hey,"Dean said defensively, "it wasn't us."

"Were you there?"She asked angrily.

"Yes, "he said sheepishly.

"Case solved, "She stated narrowing her eyes.

"Alright Adrian, "Bobby said sternly, "it wasn't the idjits fault."

She looked at Bobby with a frown and he gave her a slight nod. She didn't know the Winchester boys but she did know Bobby.

"Whatever, "she said, her opinion obviously having no change, "what you got here?"

"Uh we don't know, "Sam said ushering her into the room.

Dean signaled Bobby out of ear shot.

"Who is she?"Dean asked outside the door.

"Daughter of a friend of mine and one of the best damn hunters I know, "he said.

"She doesn't strike me as the nicest bimbo on the block, "Dean said sarcastically.

"Watch it boy," Bobby said backhanding Dean upside the head, "she ain't a hussy. She's had it rough and don't take crap from no one."

"I see that, "Dean replied rubbing his head.

"Give her chance, "Bobby said, "She's a real darling when you get to know her."

Dean nodded as Sam and Adrian walked out.

"Any ideas, "Bobby asked Adrian, giving Dean one last look.

"Honestly, "she said, "I don't know what the hell is going on."

Later Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Adrian were at a department store where apparently had killed another one over shoes.

Sam and Adrian were interviewing a store clerk while Dean was "talking" to a blond witness.

"What happened outside makes you realize how fragile life really is. You got to make every second count, "Dean said to the blond as Sam and Dean walked over to him.

Adrian cleared her throat loudly behind him.

He turned his attention to Sam and Arian as the blonde walked away.

"Dean, what are you doing?"Sam asked, obviously annoyed.

"I'm comforting the bereaved. What are you doing?"

"Thinking with our heads, "Adrian replied with an eye roll.

"I'm thinking with my head, "Dean replied to her.

"The one on your shoulder, "she stated.

Sam chuckled and looked at her with a smile which she returned.

Dean glanced between the two and said well, "I gotta have as much fun as I can."

"Why's that?"She asked suspiciously.

"Uh,"Dean began but Bobby came out of a dressing room in a suit with his hair slicked back, "Looking spiffy, Bobby. What were you, a g-man?"

"Attorney for the D.A.'s office. I just spoke to the suspect. "He said

"And?"Adrian asked.

"Yeah, possession or what?"Sam asked.

"Don't think so. There's none of the usual signs - no blackouts, no loss of control. Totally lucid. Just, she really wanted those shoes. Spilled a glass of holy water on her just to be sure; nothing. "He said loosening his tie.

"So we have nothing," she said rubbing her head.

"Well, maybe something, "he said nodding to a security camera in the ceiling and then turning to Adrian, "See? Head."

"So what's her story Bobby?"Dean said while they staked out a bar in Bobby's car.

"Who's?"Bobby asked watching the red headed man go into the bar through binoculars.

"I think he means Adrian, "Sam said a little too earnestly.

"Watch yourself boys, "Bobby said seriously, "she's not someone you wanna mess with, Dean."

"Why are you talking to me?"Dean said, "Sammy over there is the one making google eyes at her."

"I am not, "Sam said, his voice raising an octave.

A knock on the window startled the men and Adrian stood at the window laughing.

"Hey scaredy cats, 'Adrian getting in the car next to Sam in the backseat.

"Watcha find?"Bobby asked.

"John Doe's name is Walter Rosen. He's from Oak Park, just west of Chicago, "she paused and leaned back in her seat, "he went missing about a week ago."

"About the time the Devil's Gate was opened, "Sam said looking at Dean.

"So what kinda demon just walks up to someone, touches them, and they go stark raving psycho?"Bobby asked staring at the bar.

"I don't know but it's not our normal everyday demon, "Sam said.

"Not psycho, "Adrian mumbled.

"Yes, "Dean said looking at her puzzeldly,"very psycho."

"That's not what I mean," She said, "the woman who murdered that lady. She was wanting something she couldn't have."

"Yeah,"Bobby said, "the shoes. So what?"

"She envied the shoes, "she said.

They all looked at her blankly.

"Seven Deadly Sins you idiots, "she said, "those people from the house. They died of dehydration because they were too lazy to leave the couch or in other words slothful."

"Oh my God, "Bobby said.

"That's brilliant, "Sam told her.

"I don't get it, "Dean said.

"In the Bible there are seven sins that God hates specifically," She began," wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony."

"Wow, "Dean said smirking, "don't I feel edumicated."

"Hey,"Adrain said ticked off, "maybe you can get lucky with lust."

Bobby and Sam laughed just as the windows shattered.

They were dragged inside and they all stood in the middle of the bar the demons crowded around them.

"Well, "the redheaded demon said stalking around them pausing in front of Adrian,"Looky what we have here."

His eyes scanned Adrian up and down, very slowly.

"You done?" Adrian asked sarcastically.

"Not even close, "he said taking a step closer to her.

"You done, Envy," Dean asked taking the heat off Adrian.

The demons enclosed closer around them, leering angrily.

"Hold on, "the redheaded demon said, grabbing Adrian by the wrist" I like the girl."

She struggled furiously against him.

"Let her go, "Sam said earning him a punch in the face from a blonde demon.

"Oh are you taken darling?"The redheaded demon asked Adrian turning her to face him by the wrist.

"I don't blame her. The Winchesters are dreamy, "the blonde demon approached Dean brushing his hair as he jerked away.

"Get your hands off me, "Adrian growled looking the demon directly in the eye, "or you'll regret it."

The demons laughed mockingly.

"Suit yourself, "she said and then kneed him where the sun don't shine.

The demon doubled over in pain and she kneed him the face knocking him out. The demons all ran towards her but she pulled something out of her boot and threw it down triggering holy water mist that filled the room.

"Run, "she screamed as the demons covered their faces and screeched.

Dean, Sam, Adrian, and Bobby had found an old abandoned house in the woods and were currently demon proofing it.

"Do you think they'll come?"Sam asked Dean in another room.

"They'll come, "Dean said frowning and watching through the boarded window.

Adrian came in carrying an empty can of spray paint.

"Anything?"She asked glancing at the brothers while rifling through her duffle back.

They shook their heads.

She came over to the window looked through and then glanced at Sam.

"Are you alright?"She asked him looking at the bruise forming on his jaw.

"Yeah,"he said smiling down at her with his puppy dog eyes, "you?"

She nodded, "Just making sure. That blonde decked you pretty hard."

Dean laughed at that, just as Bobby came in.

"You ready, "Bobby asked, "This'll be a hell of a rodeo."

"We're ready, Bobby, "Sam said.

Adrian landed hard on her back.

"Here's Johnny, "the demon said as Sam helped her up.

They advanced on them and stopped, right in front of the demon trap.

"Come on. You really think something like that is gonna fool someone like me? I mean me?"The demon in a suit said and then raised his hand splitting the ceiling in half and breaking their Devil's Trap.

"Let me guess, "Sam began holding Adrian behind him protectively," you're Pride."

"The root of all sin. And you... are Sam Winchester. That's right. I've heard of you. We've all heard of you. The prodigy. The boy king. Looking at you now, I got to tell you, don't believe the hype. You think I'm gonna bow to a cut-rate, piss-poor human like you?"The demon looked at Adrian's confused face and continued while his smile grew," I have my pride, after all. And now with your yellow-eyed friend dead, I guess I don't really have to do a damn thing, now do I? You're fair game now, boy, and it's open season."

Adrian looked at Sam curiously.

"I take it your girl friend doesn't know she's been shacking up with Anti-Christ prodigee,"pride said looking at Adrian.

Just then a demon screamed and his body flashed orange so you could see his skeletal system. He fell to the floor and behind him stood a blonde girl with a bloody knife poised to aim it again.

"You!"One of the demons exclaimed before decking her in the face and having a knife shoved into its skull.

Pride lunged at the girl but Adrian pulled him back and threw him in the path of the girl's knife.

"Who the hell are you?"Adrian asked.

"I'm the girl that just saved your ass,"she said looking at Adrian and then Sam.

"We just saved yours too," Sam said behind her.

"See you around, Sam, Adrian,"she said nodding her existence and then disappearing into the hallway.

"Wait, "Sam said running after her, but she had already disappeared.

The next morning Adrian stood over the whole Sam and Dean had dug opening a can of rock salt.

Bobby came out looking tired.

"Well, you look like hell warmed over, "Dean said to him.

"You try exorcising all night and see how you feel, "Bobby replied rubbing his head.

"Any survivors, Bobby?"Sam asked.

"Well, the pretty girl and the heavy guy, they'll make it. Lifetime of therapy bills ahead, but, still."

"That's more than we can say for them, "Adrian said looking down in the whole sadly.

"Bobby, that knife," Sam began cautiously "what kind of blade can kill a demon?"

Adrian looked at him expectantly.

"Yesterday, I would have said there was no such thing, "Bobby said shrugging.

"I'm just gonna ask it again. Who was that masked chick?"Dean asked looking from Adrian and then smiling wide at Sam," Actually, the more troubling question would be, how come a girl can fight better than you?"

"Three demons, Dean, "Sam said defending himself," At once."

"Whatever helps you through the night Sasquatch, "Adrian said and then winking at him.

Sam smiled and then Adrian looked down angrily, her sudden mood change confusing them.

"You know I think I've got a more troubling question, "Adrian said looking at Bobby, "what else got let out of the Devil's Gate?"

"That is troubling, "Dean said throwing a lit match into the hole.

"Well, "Adrian said while walking to her car and turning to face Sam, Dean, and Bobby, "I guess this is goodbye."

"Adrian, "Bobby began, "The world just got a lot scarier."

She raised an eyebrow, "It's always been scary, Bobby, "she said with a smirk.

"Your Daddy wouldn't want you to be alone, "Bobby said.

She looked down and sighed heavily avoiding their eyes.

"You should come with us, "Sam blurted out.

She snapped her head to him.

Dean looked curiously at him and then turned to Adrian, "Why not?"He said shrugging.

"I…"Adrian began but Bobby cut her off.

"Look, girl, "Bobby began, "I promised you parents to look after ya and I ain't been doin a bang up job lately. These boys will take care of you."

"I can take care of myself, Bobby,"she said looking at him sadly.

"I know,darling,"Booby said putting his hand on her shoulder, "but do it for me."

She sighed, mulling it over and then turned to the boys, "Fine, partners."

She walked to her car and got in waiting to drive off.

Dean and Sam looked at Bobby with raised eyebrows.

"She's like my daughter, boys, "He said looking at Adrian packing her trunk, "please keep her safe. She can be a bit distant, but she knows how to hunt."

"We'll take care of her Bobby, "Sam said nodding.

"I know he will, "Dean said suggestively looking at Sam.

Sam ignored him and talked to Bobby, "Wait, Bobby. We can win this war, right?"

Bobby didn't answer and instead got in his car, "See ya on the next one, boys,"he said driving off.

Adrian came back over, waving as Bobby drove off.

"So, "Dean asked looking at Adrian and Sam, "where to?

"Maybe Louisiana," Adrian suggested.

"Little early for Mardi Gras, darling, "Dean said smirking, "but I'm willing to party with you."

"No, "she said smiling, "but I know this hoodoo priestess outside of Shreveport that might be able to help you out. You know, with your - with your demon deal."

Dean blinked at her and then frowned turning to Sam.

"You told her, "Dean asked angrily.

"No, Dean,"she said grabbing his shoulder," you just did."

He looked at curiously and then smirked, "you clever little minx.

"Call me that again and I'll shoot you where the sun don't shine."

Dean shrugged and looked at Sam.

"Whatdya say Dean, "he asked.

"Nah,"Dean said

Adrian's jaw dropped.

"'Nah'? What does that mean,'nah'?" Sam asked frustradely.

"No hoodoo spell's gonna break this deal. It's a goose chase, "Dean said, "but thanks for the offer darling."

Adrian shook her head, "Are you serious?"she asked.

"Yes, forget it. She can't help. We're not going, and that's that. What about Reno, huh?"He asked casually.

"Dean, "Sam began angrily, "You need help. You need to get out of this deal. We have to do something. Don't you care?"

"We trap the crossroads demon, trick it, and try to welch our way out of the deal in any way? You die. Okay? You die. Those are the terms. There's no way out of it. If you try to find a way, so help me god, I'm gonna stop you."Dean said angrily showing down with his brother.

"Stop it, "Adrian said pushing herself between them, "both of you."

Sam sighed heavily," How could you make that deal, Dean?"

"'Cause I couldn't live with you dead."Dean said sadly.

Adrian looked between the two.

What had Bobby gotten her into?