The morning came way too early. I would never admit it, but the cuddling was nice. But if I ever said that I would never hear the end of it. We got up; ate breakfast; got ready for school, all that stuff. Once Mike pulled up we got in the car and went to drop off Antonio and Guadalupe.

"See you after school." Antonio said getting out of the car.

"See you." Guadalupe and I said back to him.


"Bye, big brother." Guadalupe said walking up to those kids that came to our house yesterday.


'Man, way can't she call me that all the time it's so cute.'


After the car pulled away, Robin and Franky I think their names are came up to me.

"Hello." Robin said.

"'Sup my SUPER FRIEND!" Franky yelled the last two words.

"Hey guys. Do you think you could show me around the school?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, but that is the class presidents job." Robin said but her smile never leaving her face.

"Oh, ok. Is he just inside?"

"Yes he is."

"Thanks." I said while going inside. There was a guy with short dirty blond hair a bit shorter than me. I couldn't get a good look because he was facing the other way. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned. He had green eyes and really bushy eyebrows; something about those eyebrows seems really familiar.

"Hello. You must be our new student." He had a British accent.

"Yes, my name is Antonio Fernandez Carriedo." I said a little unevenly I just can't put my finger on who he is.

"Bloody hell, Antonio do you even remember me. It's Arthur Kirkland." he said. Then it hits me. Arthur Kirkland the boy in elementary school who beat me up one day because me, Gilbert, and Francis were making fun of his sconces or something like that. His parents pulled him out of school because my parents were so outraged they threaten to sue. He only gave me a black eye so maybe suing is a little too far.

"Mios dios. Arthur what are you doing here? I thought you moved to New York."

"I did, but the neighborhood was too dangerous we had to move."

"I see. So are you going to show me around?" I said trying to change the subject.

"Oh yes, what is your first class?" he asked. I gave him my class list.


I walked up to my friends when I got out of the car. To be honest I did not plan on calling Damiano big brother it just slipped out, he probably thinks I'm weird now.

"Hey." I said coming up to them and gave them a hug. They had a short kid with them also.

"Hey." They said back to me. They had these faces of confusion, I wonder why.

"Um, Guadalupe. Sorry about your parents I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject." Usopp said shyly.

"It's no problem really. You didn't know." I said simply. The little kid was staring at me and I tried hard not to stare back. Nami most of sensed that because she started talking.

"So anyways, Guadalupe this is Chopper, our other friend. His mom is really strict and makes him study medicine a lot so he doesn't get out much. That's why he wasn't with us yesterday when we visited."

"Yeah, he is super smart. He skipped some grades that's why he is so much younger than us." Luffy said.

"Hello Chopper." I said giving him a hug. He was a little freaked out by this.

"Um, Guadalupe; why are you giving us hugs?" Chopper asked behind Zoros leg.

"Isn't that how you greet your friends?" I am very confused. In Spain everyone hugged each other.

"That's probably in Spain, but in America people either wave or shack your hand." Zoro said in a way that made me sound like an idiotita.

"You Americans are so distant. In Spain the markets would close for lunch and dinner so the sellers could eat with their family." (A/n I do not know if it is true in Spain, but my Spanish teacher said that's what they did in Mexico when she lived there for a few years.)

"Wow so it's just in your culture then. It is so wonderful that you hang on to your culture even in a different country." Sanji said all lovey dovey. (A/n almost forgot about him XD)

"Hehe; yeah. Anyways can you guys show me around the school?"

"Sure." they said at the same time.