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~~~~~~This is a Beginning~~~~~~~

Kirigal waved to them as he trotted off into his new home, a planet untouched by humans and one that would remain that way for thousands of years. Oh, sure, there were very few planets in the Universe that humans never touched, but they did exist.

Harry watched Kirigal leave, the Tractite prancing as he went to explore his new home. "Dad, are humans really as bad as Kirigal says they are?"

The Doctor sighed. "Humans are creatures of the extremes. Extreme love, extreme anger, oftentimes within the same person. They influence everyone they meet, everyone they know, and every species they come into contact with comes away with some kind of impression. Some regard them as dangerous, others as simple, more as amusing, but they are rarely overlooked. So your answer depends on which human you are talking about."

Harry shook his head. He rarely got straight answers from his father.

"So, Doctor, where to next?" Rose asked, leaning against the console.

The Doctor shut the Tardis doors and looked at Harry and Rose with a grin. "Who wants to visit the only purely magical planet to ever exist?"

Harry's eyes widened and he began to bounce on the balls of his feet. "A magical planet? Really? One exists?!"

The Doctor nodded. "I've never been able to go there. The inhabitants are a paranoid lot and only those with a magical on board are allowed to land. I've done a fly over, but never gotten into the atmosphere. But you, Harry, are about as magical as a human can get." The Doctor looked at his son.

Harry smirked. "So all I'm good for is a ticket to the only planet you're barred from entering? Sounds like we should just leave you in the Tardis then."

The Doctor blinked. "Oi, that's not fair! Who pilots this ship?"

"When you're not too busy running her into dimensional rifts, I suppose you do," Harry said, raising an eyebrow.

"You've done your fair share of running into things too," the Doctor pointed out.

Rose watched father and son bicker a bit more, before interrupting. "Oi, calm down now. You two can bicker later. I want to see this magic planet before the Universe collapses into entropy."

Harry and the Doctor stared at her. "Time machine," Harry said, gesturing around him.

"You two will squabble until she kicks the bucket too," Rose said. "Now, come on, new planet to explore!"

The Doctor grinned. "Allonsy! To Diagon57!"

Harry looked at his father, perplexed. "Really, it's named Diagon57?"

"That's the name on the star charts for the region. Never been on the planet, so I couldn't tell you if the inhabitants call it something different," the Doctor said, throwing levers. "Now, hold on! Every time I've tried to get close to the planet, it's been a rough ride!"

Harry and Rose gripped the banister railings. The Tardis started to rock, but then, all of a sudden, it stopped, shuddering to a halt. The Doctor looked around. "That's it?" Harry asked.

"Well, maybe it's different with a magical on board. Never been here, remember."

Rose ran for the doors. "Let's go see!" She threw the doors open and bright light filtered in through the opening. "Oh."

The Doctor couldn't tell if that was disappointment or amazement, they often sounded the same. "What? Did we not land?"

"Harry, you have to come see this!" Rose spun around, grabbed Harry's hand, and rushed out the door. The Doctor followed just a few steps after them, shutting the door behind.

He slid to a halt next to Rose and Harry, staring at the world they had just landed on.

They stood atop a hill covered in what might be grass, except it shifted and changed colors and textures with every brush of the wind. Trees, strange colored trees, strange shaped trees, hung in midair, growing from within and without, branches dangling towards the ground. Water ran through the sky, swirling around itself and reflecting the dancing colors of the ground. Mountains floated and music was carried by the wind, no, was made by the wind.

"Wow...all of this is magic?" Harry said, voice soft and eyes wide. "It's amazing."

"You can say that again. I've never seen anything like it!" Rose exclaimed, grinning madly around her. "It's fantastic!"

The Doctor marveled at the evidence of power and energy that swirled through the air, saturated the ground.

A loud, high pitched voice interrupted the tranquility of the scene. "Hey, you all! What are you doing out here? You know it's forbidden!"

They turned towards the voice, only to see a small, round, blue creature hopping over to them, steam pouring from its ears.

"Um, dad? Is this planet home to all the species that have magic in the Universe?" Harry wondered. "Cause it would have to be pretty big."

"I don't know. Never been here. I would assume so, seeing as how it's a haven of sorts. Allows those prosecuted magicals to find a place to live and thrive as well as providing education to those that need it," the Doctor commented. "I'm sure magic has ways of making things the size they need to be."

"You guys might want to be quiet. She...he...it...doesn't look too happy at us," Rose warned.

"So...our first encounter on the only know purely magical planet is being yelled at by a magical being. Yeah, sounds about right," Harry muttered. "Can't go anywhere without being yelled at."

"Hey, we're not getting shot at so cheer up," Rose said.

The little hopping being was still wafting steaming from the ears as it made its way up the hill. "Who are you? How did you get past the safety spells on the perimeter? Apparition, Portkey, Flying, Jumping, Sliding, all of it's blocked!" It blinked it's large eyes at them, something Harry thought was anger simmering. "All of the known transportation spells and probably several unknowns!" It looked at the three of them. "Who are you? I know almost every magical on sight, but I've never seen you before...wait...I might have...let me think..."

"Dad, do you know where he/she/its from?" Harry asked.

"No, but I don't know every species in the Universe on sight. That would be impossible and impractical. As many species in the Universe as there are grains of sand on all of Earth's beaches, possibly more."

"And here I thought you were all knowing. Teach me to assume," Harry said. His dad rolled his eyes.

They were silent for a moment. "Um, I don't think you would know any of us from anywhere," Rose said, squatting down. "We aren't exactly locals. Not from this sector, I'm afraid."

"Sector, hemisphere, time stream, doesn't matter. Only one school on the planet for magicals and I handle the paperwork for each and every one of the entrants. I must have seen you somewhere, young one." It eyed Harry. "You're old enough for a couple starter classes, maybe even a focus appraisal. Too young yet, human-age wise, for actual classes. Where have I seen you before..." it trailed off, then it's eyes went even wider, if that was possible. "Oh, oh, it's YOU! Oh no, this is not good. Very not good. You shouldn't be here. Shouldn't be here at all. The council has your magical signature on alert, so they know you're here, no way to get you off the planet now. Oh no, this is very not good."

Harry, Rose, and the Doctor exchanged looks of baffled confusion.

"Um, what do you mean, I shouldn't be here? I mean, the planet's force field let us on." Harry looked at his dad. "If I wasn't supposed to be here, wouldn't they have put a block on my magical signature, not allow it to enter the atmosphere?"

The little being looked up at them, eyes wide."Oh, no, that would be a terrible breach of ethics and tradition. No magical's signature has ever been blocked from the planet without a full vote of the entire council and each sub-net's magi circle. Placing an alert is already a drastic measure. Oh dear, you will have to come with me. You, your father, and the Lady Wolf. Oh dear, oh dear, the council will not like this at all."

Harry scrambled after it. "Hey, what's your name? I don't even know your name!"

It stopped, turned, eyes still wide. "I am I'lafy, Keeper of Records for Emerald Academy. You are Harry, son of The Doctor and the Lady Wolf, protected by the Immortal, Child of the Tardis. I never thought in all my days I would ever meet you."

Harry thought I'lafy would bow if it could. As it was, those eyes remained wide and fixed on Harry for a moment longer. "Um, alright, though if you mean Rose, well, she's not really my parent. I mean, not yet certainly, though if you all have word of us then I imagine they manage to get it officially documented somewhere, somewhen."

I'lafy stared a bit longer then turned and hopped away, gesturing for them to keep up.

They were led through the amazing spread of strange magicks and fantastical sights. The ground dipped and curved, glimmered and shone, turned transparent or fell away into depths invisible to the naked eye. Bridges were conjured by I'lafy to cross these harrowing gaps and the vanished as soon as the last person stepped off. Harry would have loved to stop and have a good discussion on just what the magicks in this area were, but I'lafy never slowed the pace and the three of them were forced to keep up.

They finally got a chance to stop after they passed through a shimmering gateway, and I'lafy waved a small, spherical stone in an arc. The gateway vanished, as did the landscape behind it.

"Oi, what's that all about? We left the Tardis back there! How are we supposed to get back?" Harry demanded.

"The Tardis shall be fine, and when the council figures out what to do with you, she will be brought to the Main Hall. Do not worry, the magic of the Improbable Fields won't harm her."

"I wasn't worried about the magic affecting her until you said something, " Rose muttered. "What do you mean? It was lovely there, what could possibly be harmful? We weren't harmed."

"You were there for under thirty minutes. The Improbable Fields have a habit of mesmerizing and ensnaring a magical, and before we implemented the barrier, a magical's non-magical family wandered in, bewitched by the sights. We found them three weeks later, halfway corrupted and unable to be saved. The only magicals who enter are powerful ones given permission to experiment and who are able to resist the the bewitchment, as well as those of us with very specific personal protective magic, such as myself. My species' magic evolved in a harsh climate. We are always the Guardians of the Gates." I'lafy stopped, turned to look at them. "I wonder if the Fields have the same effect on a Time Lord or the Lady Wolf. You are improbable beings, it would be interesting to see."

"Well, as much as I would like to find out myself, we should probably figure out how to get the Tardis back first, and as I doubt you're just going to open the gates for us, the council would be our best bet." The Doctor looked at I'lafy. "So, let's get going, shall we?"

I'lafy turned and hopped off, leaving the three to scramble after.

"So, I assume we've been here before, judging by the reception," Harry said, directing the statement to I'lafy. "Or are we so far in the future I'm a footnote in a history book?"

I'lafy spun to look at them. "Oh no, never a footnote. The Child of the Tardis could never be a footnote in any history book! You are the...no, I shouldn't say anything, I would be in a terrible breach of code. No, you must wait until the Council."

Rose sighed. "Well, that was only partially helpful. I'm still not sure what exactly it is about this whole thing that makes me nervous but I've never liked meddling governments or mysterious comments. They make you out to be some kind of legendary figure, Harry," she said, looking at the back of I'lafy as they made their way from the rolling hills and fields to a pathway made from what appeared to be bright orange stones of various sizes and shapes.

"I see the magical community only gets more insane as time passes," Harry said, stepping onto the brightly colored path.

"Well, they never started out rather sane so it's not as if they had far to go," the Doctor commented.

"You're one to talk," Rose muttered. The Doctor shot her a look. "Oh, don't give me that! Every time we went somewhere I always had to go and get dressed up to make sure I fit in with the time period, but, Mr. High and Mighty Time Lord, you never bothered to change out of that leather jacket or your striped pant suit. And don't even get me started on the licking thing, or that sonic screwdriver."

"Don't insult my sonic screwdriver! I love my sonic screwdriver!"

Harry rolled his eyes. As if they weren't practically married already.

The orange pathway led into what appeared to be a shopping district, if the various signs were any indication. Though the buildings were anything but normal, Harry could pick out some of what was being sold.

A multi-tiered building surrounded by a floating walkway seemed to sell books. A white path split off from the orange one, meeting up with the walkway about five feet off the ground. Harry wasn't sure where the door was. Or if it needed a door. Maybe there was some other kind of magic that allowed the customer to access the books.

A black path that looked like a black hole led to a squat shop that melded into the ground. It appeared to sell supplies that assisted one in creating physical magic like potions, alchemical reactions, crystaline magic, and…"Kelhestery?" Harry asked, unsure of that last word.

I'lafy spoke from up ahead. "Kelhestery is a branch of magic devoted to the study of magical beings. Many of them devote their bodies to magical study when they pass."

Harry blinked. "Ah, well, that's interesting. How many magical species are there? How different are they from each other? Can they do the same kinds of magic? Are there restrictions based on species and if so how is magic taught?"

There were chuckles from the two adults. I'lafy grinned. "You are a most fascinating person, Harry. I would love to observe you in classes. You would be quite the headache for any teacher you have."

Harry pouted. "That doesn't answer my questions though. I mean, you've told us your species has a special magical protection that allows you to enter the Improbable Fields. I'm sure there are lots of interesting diversities in magical species, especially since magic is a fundamental cornerstone of the Universe. Humans received their magic differently than many species did, so the naturally created magical humans never achieved real prominence on Earth. I want to know how naturally created magicals from other species adapted their magic to their surroundings. I mean, magic's a tool developed by a species on a planet aligned too closely to the flux patterns of energy in the Universe, so there are plenty of different species."

Rose looked at the Doctor with a raised eyebrow. "What have you been teaching him?" she asked.

"I just provide a library he can access at any time. What he learns there is entirely up to him," the Doctor protested.

Rose rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I'm totally buying that. Like you never subtly direct him to one part of the library or another."

"Well, it doesn't hurt if he suddenly finds the section on the magical energy of the Universe, and it certainly isn't bad if he develops a keen interest in magical development in the Universe. Being a magical being, it's important to know where one's roots are."

"Yet I never manage to make it back to the time zone I was born in," Harry butted in.

The Doctor narrowed his eyes at him. Harry glared right back. For a moment, Rose wondered if it was possible to glare someone into combustibility.

"Young one, I would much like to introduce you to the overseer of the Magical Universe studies. I believe you will find many of your answers there," I'lafy interrupted.

Harry spun around, eyes widening in delight and his irritation with his father momentarily forgotten. "Really, you would do that?"

"If the council sees no problems with it, I'm sure she would love to speak with you on the topic. It is one very dear to her and she rarely finds those with a fervent interest in it."

Harry's eyes went dreamy and he floated along after I'lafy in a haze of questions and ideas and thoughts for the expert he might get to see.

They had reached the end of the orange pathway, which Harry figured meant they were leaving the shopping district as instead of branching paths leading off to strange buildings there was only a solid black marbleized road, raised up about fifteen feet and heading straight towards a large dome.

"I take it that's the council?" Rose said, pointing towards the dome.

"Oh yes. Well, the council inhabits the highest portion of the Central Hub. Many important portions of Haleysio are run from the Central Hub."

"Haleysio?" Harry queried.

I'lafy chuckled, steam piping from the large ears. "Oh, that is the proper designation for this planet. It was changed by the Magi Circles nearly five centuries ago. I believe before that someone unimaginative had called it Diagon57, following some silly Earth tradition." Steam hiccuped as I'lafy continued to chuckle. "I remember stories about the frustration the council had trying to get the proper authorization to change the name. It seems the original human colonizers who wove the naming spells were a little wacky and, when naming the planet, tied the name into the shield matrix that protected the entire planet. After a few millenia, after the Times of Chaos, everyone realized how insane the first few were, as well as complaints about human-centric naming customs, and everyone began researching into how they could change the name."

Rose couldn't help but be reminded of her first assumption about magicals: they were all crazy.

"It's still listed as Diagon57 on the star charts for this region, and it continues to be, to my knowledge. I wasn't aware of the name change, it doesn't seem to have made it off planet," the Doctor commented.

"I'm not surprised. It took a great doing for them to change the name on official documents and allow the new name to be used for all following official and unofficial reasons. For them to change the name outside of the planet's protective matrix would have taken far more effort and possibly a much greater cost than the council was willing to take," I'lafy expanded.

"So, where does the name come from? I don't recognize the root dialect, or any root dialect, really," Harry said. "Then again, I'm not an expert. What language does Haleysio use?"

"That's quite a story, but not too long of one." I'lafy grinned back at Harry. "While each species has their own translation spell, it would be pointless to travel the universe without one, small differences in magic made them very hard to use in large gatherings and misunderstandings between translation spells were the leading cause in council member deaths. The Haspethi Council was the one who took up the chore of setting to mind a common language to be used by all. One linguist from each species were the collaborators who helped lend their expertise to the creation of the language and it was called, officially at least, Haspethi, after the council leader who started, funded, and directed the movement. Though Haspethi never saw the fruit of her work, you'll see her halo-shape among the Revered Council. She takes up a good corner of the Revered Council's tier. She hails from a species known for their directness, ruthlessness, and their many-limbed bodies. Magnificent fighters and users of destructive magic, so long as you aren't their opponent."

"Officially?" the Doctor asked.

I'lafy turned bright eyes towards them "Anyone who's anyone, and has taken the most basic courses of Haleysion history, knows Haspethi only started the movement for a common language because she was utterly useless at translation spells and refused to let anyone cast them on her. Her species' has an inability to produce a particular range of sounds crucial to about three-fourths of the population's native languages, and many of them couldn't speak more than their own language, then eventually Haspethi, and relied heavily on translation spells. Haspethi's inability to use translation spells was a poorly kept secret, mostly because she would rage about it, pacing the floors of the magic researchers rooms until she would leave footprints in the reinforced stone. To this day, almost everyone calls it Frustrations Tongue or Pethi's Voice, or similar variations."

"The latter doesn't sound so bad," Rose said.

I'lafy grinned at her. "You must read the dissertation on the Haspethi Council written by J'xrafi-Korilkhan. It makes for a wonderful insult when used in conjunction with the knowledge that Haspethi was completely ignorant of her inability to use translation spells until her mother died. Haspethi was well beyond her second molt and should have been completely aware of her magical abilities. The fact that she wasn't, and that her mother had been secretly casting the necessary spell on her for the first two cycles of her life, was a shocking revelation."

Rose blinked. "Ah, well then, I can see why she was so angry." What she really wanted to know was why Haspethi's mother hadn't told her what she was doing, but before Rose could ask, the Central Hub's main plaza came into view.

Harry had been listening closely to the story of Haspethi and the creation of the language named after her. It was interesting to hear about a language created deliberately by so many diverse species. "Dad, have you heard of something like this before?" Harry whispered.

The Doctor's eyes twinkled. "Oh, there are a good number languages that are deliberately created. One from Earth is called Esperanto, another on Vrshhx named Vrrrxx, several in the Seventh Grand Elcil Conglomeration. But I have never heard of a language created by the will of one person alone. That is rather astonishing. I would like to meet this Haspethi." The Doctor winked at Harry.

Harry grinned back.

The plaza was mostly empty despite the planet's star being high overhead.

"Where is everyone?" Rose queried. "I would expect a place that houses the central government to be busy."

"Oh, at this time of the year most everyone is indoors, taking the time to prepare for the upcoming festival. Most of the great magi of the planet will be participating and the young ones from the Academy have a demonstration that requires immense concentration. Though on the ground of Emerald Academy you can find the older students outside working out the kinks to their spellwork," I'lafy said.

"Festival?" the Doctor piped up. "I love a good party! Hope there will be bananas. You can never have a good party without bananas."

Rose rolled her eyes. "He once nearly let me be cannibalized by a space ship's mechanical crew once while making banana daiquiris at a party in 1700's France," Rose confided to Harry in a voice just above a whisper. Harry giggled.

The Doctor just grinned. "Well, you weren't cannibalized and the French really did love the daiquiris."

"I believe there will be a great many types of food at the festival. It is the annual celebration for the official Naming. The changing of Haleysio's name is a momentous occasion and is celebrated with all the joy that can be mustered."

"When is the festival?" Harry asked.

"In five days," I'lafy replied, ushering them into the large building, through the odd black archway. A film of magic separated the indoors from the the outdoors. Harry shuddered as he walked through it, feeling the magic probe at his power.

"What's that for?" Harry asked, pointing at the ripple of power from the doorway.

I'lafy raised an ear quizzically. "Are you referring to the barrier? It's a layered spell. I believe part of it keeps the weather outside from influencing the indoor temperature, another layer registers your presence and adds you to the visitor's registry in the Council's entrance hall, and the final layer checks your intentions and if anything untoward is detected the guards will be alerted and you will be escorted to a private and spelled room for questioning." I'lafy looked between Harry and the archway. "I am surprised you felt it. It's intended to be very subtle."

Harry shrugged. "I've always been a fair hand at detecting magics, even if I can't tell you what they are for. That one was very….invasive. I could feel it prodding at my magic. It was unsettling."

"Really," I'lafy said, and puzzled astonishment flashed across the blue face.

The Doctor laid a hand on Harry's shoulder, eyes friendly but with steel lurking just under the surface. Rose stepped closer. She could see the curiosity in I'lafy's eyes and didn't know what that meant for Harry.

"Let's go see the council," the Doctor suggested, and I'lafy reluctantly turned and led them onwards.

They would have stepped onto a floating disc that lead directly to the Council's Entrance Hall, but were met instead by a tall, stick-thin figure stepping off the disc.

Tall was an understatement, Harry thought. The figure towered over them, was a deep shade of green, and possessed an intriguing number of limbs. Every limb was as thin as the figure's body was.

I'lafy stopped, and the steam piped out his ears in little spurts. "Grand Council Member Shorll of Haleysio Central. I was unaware you would be meeting us down here."

"I'lafy, I thank you for bringing them to the Council. I shall take over from here. Your Partners have requested your presence at the Academy to look over the upcoming new students," Shorll said, and the high melodious voice put Harry in mind of a wind instrument.

The steam poured out in greater quantities and I'lafy grinned. "I shall go meet them at once. Thank you, Grand Council Member." I'lafy hopped off, only stopping to turn to Harry and tell him, "I shall inform the pertinent members of Emerald's staff that you wish to speak with them, and, should the Council permit, set up a time for you to meet them!"

"Thank you I'lafy!"

"I shall request your report within the hour, I'lafy. Please make sure it reaches my crystal soon."

"Yes, Lady Shorll. I shall transmit it as soon as I reach the Academy.

Lady Shorll huffed as I'lafy left the confines of the building, then swirled out of existence. "I wish they would not call me Lady. I have tried my best to leave that title behind me."

"People shall call you what they will, no matter what you say. I've collected more names in my lifetime than I shall ever remember. What would you prefer to be called then? Might as well let us know, so we shan't trample all over your desires and call you Lady," the Doctor said, grinning impishly.

Shorll turned her large, luminous eyes towards the Doctor. "You, Time Lord, are most unusual. I prefer the use of Shorll, if possible. It too is a title of sorts, but one I gained fairly and was not born into. I like it."

Rose furrowed her brows. "So Shorll is not your true name?"

"No, it is not Lady Wolf. My people prefer to keep names a private thing between mates and family. Maybe close friends. Every child earns a title at a young age through accomplishments and that is their public name."

"How fascinating," the Doctor murmured. "It is quite similar to my people's system, though we often chose our names."

Shorll tilted her head. "Such customs are not uncommon on Haleysio. Names in magic are a very powerful thing, though some peoples are not as troubled by Name Magic as others."

Rose grinned. "Names are a powerful thing. The one you called me is one given to me by Time itself. Though I suppose I chose that path as well."

"Your name is written in the stars, Lady Wolf. Though if you are uncomfortable, is there another name you would prefer?" Shorll asked, tilting her head down towards Rose.

"Rose is fine. I've had it for well over a century now and it's done me no harm."

"Like the flower that blooms with the rain, beautiful but with thorns that will prick the unobservant. An apt name for one who has ensnared the Time Lord."

Rose laughed.

"Well, shall we head to the Council now then? As much as I love this discussion of names, I would like assurances that the Tardis will be moved to a safer location than the Improbable Fields. I don't know how the concentration of such powerful magics will affect her."

"The Council is waiting for you. Though I must regretfully inform you that young Harry shall not be allowed into the Council." Shorll looked over at Harry. "I am sorry young one, but your presence on Haleysio is already causing quite the uproar. If you were to attend the Council then I am unsure if we could prevent any number of unpleasant things from happening. Your father and mother shall be allowed to inform you of certain discussions that take place."

Rose grinned. "I take that as a sign that we managed to get marriage and adoption on the record at some point before this time," she said, grinning at Harry. "So long as you don't mind, Harry."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "I figured you two had married in some fashion long before now. I'm more concerned over my ban from the Council."

"Indeed. I was unaware that there was such a stigma against my son," the Doctor said, frowning.

Shorll moved her limbs elegantly. "It is not a stigma, but rather a protection of a timeline. There are certain things we can entrust to a Time Lord and the Lady Wolf, but young Harry is too much a focus for events to have sensitive information that we must relay today."

Harry grumbled, but having been raised traveling through time made him far more accepting of the reason than he otherwise might have been. "Fine. I'll find something to entertain myself. There must be something interesting going on."

"Don't wander Harry," the Doctor warned.

Harry grinned. Rose winced. She knew that grin. "Would I ever do such a thing?" Harry wondered.

"Harry," the Doctor warned. "I don't want to have to go searching too far for you. Please stay out of trouble."

"I'm not usually the one who gets into trouble. Trouble finds me," Harry stated. The Doctor raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Well, alright, sometimes I go looking for it, but trouble does it's level best to find me too!"

"Well, don't tempt it alright?" the Doctor said, resisting the urge to rub his eyes.

Harry waved them off, and the Doctor and Rose joined Shorll on the disc. It flew upward, swiftly taking its passengers beyond sight.

Perfect, Harry thought. Now time to explore.

"Young Harry, Grand Council Member Shorll has assigned me as your guardian while the Doctor and the Lady Wolf are otherwise engaged."

Harry spun around. Then looked upward.

A nebulous figure, more smoke than solid, floated a foot above Harry's eye level. It was a dark grey in color with what might be the appearance of eyes somewhere near the middle of the cloud. The deep, rumbling voice issued from the whole being.

"Um...hello there. I'm afraid I don't know what or who you are," Harry confessed.

"I am Kyst, of the Marbleous Faction from the Northern Regions of Haleysion Magi. I am in the service of the Council, and Shorll has given me the privilege of watching over you."

Harry eyed Kyst. "You look like the beings from a planet I once visited, called…." Harry furrowed his brows. "Actually, I can't quite recall it's name. It was a series of whirling clicking noises. Never could replicate it."

Kyst's body shivered. Harry wondered if that was the equivalent of laughter or something similar. "I believe I know the planet you speak of. My people are the magicals from that planet, and most of us settled on Haleysio for knowledge and a modicum of freedom. While our home planet had no discrimination against magic, there were strict cultural laws which prevented the free use of magical learning, a restriction applied to all forms of learning not specified as acceptable. Magic was not it's main target. Despite an effort by a variety of peoples, these laws were never overturned, so the magicals left, with the blessings of the government."

Harry contemplated this. "Are many different species here because of discrimination?"

"Not the majority, though that is certainly the case for a number of peoples. Some are here because this is the only purely magical planet, with an abundance of natural magics to encourage growth and experimentation. Some come because wars have destroyed their homes, though actual warring species are not allowed through the barrier. That happened once and the consequences…" Kyst's body swirled rapidly. Then it tilted and seemed to look at Harry. A strange shuddering came over the cloud-like being and it fell silent.

"Do you think I could see any books on Haleysion history?" Harry asked, curious about the reaction and wanting to learn more. Kyst didn't look like giving any more information.

Kyst swirled around again. "I fear I shall have to disappoint you. I was given strict instruction to allow you nowhere near any receptacles of information on historical deeds."

Harry sighed. Of course. They were banning him from the Council for a similar reason. "So, what shall we do? I refuse to stay here until my father and Rose return."

"Well, we can always go see the small town nearby. It is only a short walk for you, since I am hesitant to try any magical transportation without approval from the Council."

"I think we walked through it to get here," Harry mused, nodding. "Well, let's go then!"

~~~~~This is a Line Break~~~~~

"Will Harry be alright?" Rose asked. "He does have a tendency to wander into the worst sort of trouble."

"I noted a member of the Marbleous Faction coming down the corridor, before hovering nearby and swirling at Shorll. I took it as a sign that Harry would be watched over," the Doctor said, looking up at Shorll.

"Indeed, Time Lord. Kyst is a valued member of the Council High Guard. Very honored to guard the boy. Indeed, many fought over the right, though it is unwise to gamble against Kyst. Always has had a kind of second sense for that sort of thing." Shorll smiled.

Rose nodded, understanding. "How will Harry take it, then, knowing he's being watched over?"

"Oh, I assume he'll try to get Kyst into all sorts of trouble and when unable to, he'll try to wander off all unassuming and get into mischief of his own." The Doctor shook his head. "Harry is prone of wandering off."

"Kyst is probably the one best suited to watching him then. Very apt at tracking and protection magics, is Kyst. Harry shall be safe. Kyst has instructions to let Harry explore within a certain area, and to keep him out of bookstores and information hubs."

"You still have books? I would think that paper and ink would be beyond you by this time," Rose commented.

"Oh, in many ways we are dependent on paper and ink for some things. Magic is quite volatile and some branches of study cannot put anything down unless it is on paper with ink. We only keep quills and such for the truly eccentric though. Our writing utensils are much more advanced, even if our methods are occasionally quite ancient." Shorll looked around as the disc came to a stop. "Ah, we have arrived. The Council is awaiting you."

The entrance hall was large and rounded, the ceiling an unseen distance away. A large archway covered in an opaque cloud of magic swirled in front of them. Shorll stepped towards it, beckoning the Doctor and Rose.

"Why is the hall so large?" Rose wondered.

"There are nearly two hundred members of the council, and at least one representative from each species on this planet joins the council every half-turn. We must be able to accommodate beings of all size and manner. Though we have no members of the giant races on Haleysio, some of the peoples are near enough to their size that it would be nearly impossible to welcome them if the hall were not as big as it is." Shorll gestured towards the archway. "Please, the council is through here."

She stepped through the shimmering magic and seemed to vanish from sight. Rose and the Doctor exchanged looks. "You first," Rose said, pointing towards the archway.

"Aw, where's your sense of adventure Rose?"

"Hidden behind my carefully cultivated sense of self preservation," she replied.

The Doctor sighed. "And here I thought you didn't have one of those."

Rose grinned, held out her hand. "Well, let's give it a go together then."

They ran through the archway giggling like children. Shorll, standing on the other side, blinked her large eyes down at them and Rose wondered if that was her expression of amusement.

"Nice of you to join us."

The Council room was enormous, lined with sectioned off areas of different sizes and designs. Larger sections seemed to line the back of the room and the smallest were near the front. Magical beings of every imaginable size and shape (and a few Rose hadn't even thought of. She was sure that strange angled creature near the middle was flickering into an unseen dimension) were standing, sitting, swimming, hovering, flickering, or swirling around the room.

"Wow. I've never seen such a gathering," Rose said, eyes wide. "So many different species."

"These are the 200 council members, chosen on the morn of each seventh year by the magical construct Kespryi. Those who wish to serve on the council submit their names and a sample of their magic in the days leading up to the choosing. Those who have served must wait two cycles before they may resubmit their names for consideration, with the exemption of the four Grand Council Members. They remain for twenty years to lead. They are chosen every five years by the Kespryi, one at a time. The council is never without a senior member," Shorll explained.

"These are the parents of Harry Potter?" a deep, rumbling voice called out.

"Why are they here? I was under the impression he had been banned from the planet!"

"You know full well you cannot ban a magical signature from entry unless the entire Magi Court gives their permission! The vote for Harry's signature was decided as unnecessary by the full court!"

"Such a child cannot be allowed free reign on this planet! The damage he could do with the knowledge he might gain here is astounding!"

"Kyst is watching the boy right now. He is restricted from the knowledge centers and the libraries of the planet," Shorll input, raising her musical voice to be heard over the squawking and clashing of ideas.

"Well, at least it's a member of the Marbleous Faction. Always have been good at tracking magics," a small figure near the front mumbled.

"Now that the Time Lord and the Lady Wolf are here, we should get the point of this meeting. I was taking my restitution when the alarm was sounded. I would like to return to it."

Shorll looked at the cat-like being stretching. It would have been mistaken for a common house cat on Earth, had it not been four feet tall and colored an unusual purple and blue, with three twining tails and silver whiskers.

"Grand Council Member Prryxt, you know how important it is we head off their arrival before they can make any mischief. This is not a matter you should be content to rush," a chittering voice said, coming from the small blob hovering nearby. It twisted, forming a disapproving face.

Prryxt elegantly shrugged large shoulders. "Jorffyin, you should lounge in the sun far more often. It might clear your mind and calm your manner."

Joffryin squeaked in alarm.

Rose was grinning. "This is more fun than listening to the Torchwood executives arguing," she whispered to the Doctor.

"Well, put a myriad of different species in the same room and there will be bound to be disagreements of all kinds," the Doctor replied.

Prryxt stretched once more, then padded forward. "Well, Time Lord, Lady Wolf, let's get to it. Young Harry, how old is he? We must place his timeline before we can decide what we shall do about him."

The Doctor frowned. "Harry just turned eight, or thereabouts. I never knew his proper birth-date on Earth, must have forgot if Dumbledore told me. His medical scans indicate he is about eight though."

Immediately the hall began to clamor again, this time with incredulous voices and outrage.

A sharp chime cut through the whole mess of noise and Prryxt was now sitting on top of a large podium. "This is NOT how the Council of Haleysio is to behave!" The sibilant voice was raised and sharp. "We asked a question and it was answered! This is the first visit the young Harry has made to Haleysio and he is not of age and has not gone to Hogwarts yet, this is true, but the comments you wish to make shall be made with calmness and quiet voices."

Everyone was silent, then a small, almost childlike woman from the front raised a small stone and sparks flashed from it. "I request permission of the Grand Council Members to speak," she asked, deep blue eyes firm in a dark, coffee colored face.

"Granted, Council Member Orella of the Silven Clan," Prryxt replied.

"Thank you. Time Lord, I am the Historian of the Council, so it would be easier to place Harry's timeline if I could have a few questions answered honestly."

"Sounds brilliant. Just, call me Doctor, please."

"Doctor, then. This is the first time you have been to Haleysio?"

"Yep! Just left Merlin, figured Harry should see the only magical planet to ever exist, and he's magical, so I could get through the wards you all have around the planet." The Doctor grinned.

Whispers broke out again. "And he has not been to Hogwarts yet, correct?"

"Nope, not until he's eleven. Technically he has been to Hogwarts, but that was during the Founders Time. Long before his birth time."

Orella blinked. "Alright. Thank you. I have managed to place his timeline. I must say, I did not expect it would be this Council who would meet the young Harry first. Then again, very few people ever expect what happens in regard to Harry and his family." Orella nodded to the Doctor and Rose.

"We did not expect Harry to be so young upon his first visit to Haleysio. There is little we can tell you, Time Lord and Lady Wolf," Prryxt said, looking at the Doctor and Rose. "I would rather you ask questions of us, since we are uncertain of what may or may not impact the future of Harry Potter and it is easier for us to refuse questions than to formulate information."

Rose and the Doctor exchanged looks. "Well, no matter what I would like to know about the future, especially in regard to my son, it is a comfort to know that he comes back often enough to become a concern to the council. It means he lives long enough to do so. I'd rather know if we can visit Emerald Academy and talk to some of the experts there. We have a few questions of a more academic nature." The Doctor grinned widely. "Just pick a few brains about magic and such."

Prryxt looked at Shorll, tilting his head. "We will keep him away from the library and the Knowledge Deposits, so I don't feel that this would be a problem, so long as the people they wish to talk to are told in advance about the restrictions."

Shorll nodded her assent. "This shall be acceptable. Now, I believe I'lafy found you in the Improbable Fields. The Tardis is still there, I presume."

"Yes, about that," the Doctor said. "I would prefer it if she weren't there at all."

Shorll trilled a laugh.

~~~~~~~~~~~This is a Line Break~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Harry had wrangled Kyst into discussing the passing monuments, structures, and views.

"What's that? That cloud like thing moving against the wind?" Harry pointed over to the left, stopping to stare.

"That is the home of one of the clans of Curio, a very reclusive species that specializes in elemental magics. I believe that is the Curio Clan known as Orpell. Today must be their youngs first attempt at Air Manipulation. It is traditional that the young practice controlling the currents that surround the Clan's home, maneuvering it. One of them must have quite strong magic to move it against the natural air currents so obviously. I expect a celebration soon in honor of the young prodigy."

Harry smiled. "That sounds pretty awesome. Do they let non clan members come to the celebration?"

"On special occasions, though this is likely to be a clan only event, seeing as the young one is very young and the Curio do not enter society until they are past maturity. They are among the few that don't attend Emerald Academy until the later years."

"Ah, well. They sound fascinating." Harry looked around. "Ah, there's that orange path! We walked that was to get to the Council!"

"That is where the elite stores are located. It is isolated from the main part of society out here, accessible only by the Black Bridge or from the Improbable Fields. The latter is not usually the place people start from." Kyst gave Harry a Look that Harry somehow knew was both amusing and disapproving at the same time. He was on the receiving end of it from his dad often enough.

"Why's it so isolated? Wouldn't they want to be closer to where people would shop normally?"

Kyst swirled around as they neared the orange path. "The stores out here need the isolation for more than just selling their wares. They are also inventors and experimenters of the highest order, which makes their products that much more sought after. Any one of them could be a Magi, a magic user of the top level. They chose to create magical items to sell instead."

Harry nodded. "So, since I can't go to the bookstore, you think stopping by the wand shop would be better?"

"Wand? Oh, yes, a focus." Kyst gave Harry an appraising look, circling him and hovering closely, seeming to assess everything about him. "Well, you seem to be old enough for an appraisal at the very least, and the focus maker here is very good. He should be able to give you a solid idea of what you would have to look for in a focus."

"Focus? So not everyone uses wands here?"

"No, indeed. Though they are still used, mostly by humans, Elves, Sylvan, and other species with similar features, they are not the only, or even the most common." Kyst began to move towards a hut like building further away from the Black Bridge, near a large hill that towered over the shopping district. "Vanderian has his shop back here. His work is particularly dangerous and he has wards up to prevent property damage to the nearby buildings."

Harry followed, eyes wide and curious. It sounded much different from what Merlin had told him, but then again he doubted Merlin had experience with beings not from Earth using magic.

The hut wasn't a hut, but rather a door leading into a mound built into the huge hill. Harry felt the wards ripple around him as they approached the door, and Harry knocked politely. If they were in an elite shopping district, he felt that barging in wouldn't be the best of ideas.

Kyst gave him a strange look, but didn't say anything. A moment later the door was yanked open by a hand that was nearly the same color and texture as tree bark.

"Didn't ya hear me shouting at you? I've got enough wards on this place to keep customers safe, no need to go banging on my door when ya could just walk in!" Vanderian was, Harry suspected, from Hadroon, the planet of Forests. He was the color and texture of bark, his eyes slits of black and yellow, and where hair was, a crown of leaves circled him instead.

"I would think that with the silencing wards on your door, anything you said on the other side wouldn't filter out to us," Harry told him, grinning.

Vanderian looked down at him. "And who do you think you are? I don't have any silencing war….oh, wait. I do, I remember, sorry. Put those up a few days ago, forgot to take them down. Loud experiments." The focus maker turned towards Kyst. "Hello. Kyst, it's lovely to see you again. You had a wonderful Fan-Stone. Lovely color, brilliant shape. Still have it?"

Kyst swirled around, and Harry watched a gem the shape of a small hand fan come from within the inner cloud-like body. It wavered in the currents. "Indeed, Vanderian. It has served me well."

"Good. I always like seeing a good focus being well taken care of." Vanderian looked down at Harry. "And you, small one. Your energy is most perturbing. I see you are of age for an appraisal, maybe even an actual focus." Another long look. "A difficult customer, you are. Well, come in. Don't touch anything. I can't afford having you blow anything up, that would be a disaster."

The door opened wider and Harry followed Vanderian into the large room beyond the door.

There were stones, sticks, pieces of fabric, jewels, and other various odds and ends Harry couldn't name laying on tables and pedestals, under glass and within wards. Harry kept his fingers laced to resist the urge to touch everything he walked by.

"This way, young magical. I have a room in the back where we can test your powers. It will be easier to give an appraisal after I know your aura."

Harry wondered why that sounded ominous. He fingered the necklace he always wore and wondered if he would have to take it off for the appraisal. That would be an interesting explanation.

The door Vanderian led him through was marked by strange symbols all along the edge. "Kyst, I would request that you wait out here. I wouldn't want your own power to interfere in the appraisal."

Kyst nodded, hovering just beyond the door as Harry entered behind Vanderian.

The room was sparse, everything tucked away behind glowing symbols on the walls. Harry eyed them, curious as to what they did.

"Young one, stand on this rune. Yes, that one. And be still. The appraisal is very thorough, but it needs the magical to be unmoving." Vanderian looked at him. "Are you wearing anything that might hinder the appraisal? I know several peoples have inhibiting spells or magical concealments. It would be best to let me know, I can undo most of the known enchantments."

Harry reached up, pulling the necklace out from underneath his shirt. "This might be a problem. It's a restrictor, but one that's been specifically designed for my particular...problem."

"Problem?" Vanderian's voice sounded skeptical. "Out with it, we don't have all day," Vanderian said, and Harry had the feeling he was rolling his eyes.

"Well," Harry shifted. "When I was a toddler, I was...kidnapped. The kidnappers had a grudge against my dad, and they rather enjoyed having his magical child in their possession. They did a number of things to me, but the most significant was to alter my nerves so that they ran along my internal magical conduits. They effectively made me a touch empath….and I can tell by that wince you know what that means," Harry finished, raising an eyebrow at Vanderian.

"Yes, I rather do. Touch Empaths are rare by their nature. Most sentient species are social creatures but being a touch empath doesn't allow this. The fact that you can be around people means that your necklace must be very special indeed. I can assure you I shall not touch you while you have your necklace off, but unfortunately off is what it needs to be." Vanderian stood back, making sure he kept his distance. He knew the sensitivity of touch-empaths. It would not do to be within the young boy's range.

Harry shrugged, unhooking the clasp. "It's not a problem. I'm strictly skin to skin or it's closest approximation. Have to have touch for it to work. Which is why the necklace works in the first place. But it does restrict my magic in turn."

Vanderian nodded, mildly relieved. "Alright, stand still. I'm activating the rune. Your magical aura will become visible and should reach towards the runes on the wall that indicate what kind of focus you will need. Whether you're ready for it or not will also be indicated, so don't get your hopes up. You might not be ready."

Harry grinned. "Sounds awesome." He stuck his thumb in the air. Vanderian shook his head.

The focus maker closed his eyes, pulling a swirl of wood that was shaped like a flower from some hidden pocket, clasping both hands around it. His eyes closed and Harry felt the power fill the air.

His magic reached out, much like it used to when Harry was little, and he gasped as it became visible, streaming through the air in a swirl of color.

It was the universe, the stars and planets and galaxies, everything he had witnessed in the Tardis dancing around him in a riot of color and movement.

"Wow," he breathed, reaching out a hand to touch it. His magic twined around his arm, stars dancing against his skin. Harry giggled.

The focus maker opened his eyes at Harry's giggle, then blinked a few times. He wasn't sure exactly what he was seeing.

With the explosion of power, Vanderian finally placed the nagging feeling that he knew the young boy. This was Harry Potter, child of the Time Lord, the Lady Wolf, and the Tardis. This was the figure of heroism not just from Earth, his birth planet, but from hundreds of planets the Universe over. This was the young magical who reached out with his power and affected millions.

It was humbling, in a way, knowing that such a child was now in his shop, looking for his first focus. His eyes sought out Kyst, hovering beyond the doorway. The Faction member merely twisted, knowing that Vanderian had figured it out.

Vanderian examined the power flowing through the room and twining around the boy as if it was an affectionate playmate. It was an astonishing connection with one's magic, a connection he hadn't expected, seeing as Harry wore a Restrictor.

"I have never, in all my time, seen someone so in tune with their magic at such a young age," Vanderian said lowly, eyes as wide as they could possibly get. "You are a powerful little thing, aren't you?" That was a rhetorical statement, Vanderian reflected. There was no question that Harry Potter was powerful.

"I've been told so," Harry replied.

"There's no question that you should have a focus. Your magic is so powerful I'm surprised you haven't gotten one before. Rarely do young ones need a focus as much as you do. Usually a focus stunts the growth of a young magical, shaping it too much too early, but I fear without a focus your power would grow out of control quickly, and with devastating consequences."

"Also something I've been told," Harry said. "I had to wait until I could find some control first though. I spent some time with Merlin, you know Merlin?"

"Every magical is told the tale of the great heroes of each race on this planet. Merlin is one of the humans' greats. He is told of alongside the stories or Frrstir, BlexicalVII, Kasperian, Shrygth, and hundreds of others." Harry would number among them, Vanderian knew.

"Merlin helped me find some control. I can cast a few basic spells without overpowering them and I can feel the flow of my magic much better now." Harry wanted to ask about these other heroes of magic Vanderian had mentioned, but refrained. He didn't know if it was on the banned list and would rather be able to finish this appraisal and not have Kyst escort him out for breaking one of the rules.

He could ask afterwards.

"Well, he was correct. I can see your magic shaping more around you rather than flowing amorphously. Beyond just the colors of your aura, which are spectacular in themselves, it is quite expansive." Vanderian paused. "Hold still again please. The next part of the appraisal will require more concentration, or less. I'm not sure, your magic is so eager to listen."

The hum of power grew, and the swirling, playful aura around Harry slowed, then began to search the room, a curious sprite. It paused here and there, touching rune after rune but never lingering. Part of it settled on one rune, another part settled on a second, a third settled right across from Harry, but a fourth part wandered around, and Harry wondered if it was making keening sounds. It seemed to be, what with the confused twists and twirls it was doing, before it circled around Harry, seeming like it was seeking forgiveness for not performing adequately.

Harry reached up a hand, stroking through his magic. "It's alright, I'm sure Vanderian has an explanation," he whispered, unsure why he was reassuring his magic. It felt right though.

"I might, young one," Vanderion replied, and Harry started. He didn't realise the focus crafter had heard him. "You are a strange case. Four separate parts of a focus. That is most unusual. And judging by the runes your magic has chosen, you are also more unusual than I would have ever expected."

Vanderian walked the outer ring over the room, stopping by the runes Harry's magic twined around. With a gesture of request, Harry's magic returned to him as Vanderian pressed the runes, and small boxes popped out of each one.

By the time all of Harry's magic returned to him, three strange boxes were being laid out on a wooden table elegantly carved to look like a tree whose crown was spread.

The first was pitch black with a complex locking mechanism that Harry figured was magical in nature. The second was honey gold and shaped into a star. The third was almost plain in comparison, except for the power Harry could feel vibrating from the box.

"These are the three chosen pieces, though they are only the containers for various types. I can only use the appraisal to narrow down the choice, but often times there are only two. With three chosen and a fourth missing, you are a difficult customer. I cannot rely on experience alone. You shall have to remain with me as we attempt to piece together the base of your focus."

Harry ran a hand over the tree boxes, pausing on the third. "Can I open this one?"

Vanderian gestured. "It is yours to open."

Harry slowly lifted the lid. There were no locks preventing him from doing so, which was surprising considering the power he could still feel humming under his hands, despite the spell showing his magical aura ending with Harry's movement from the central rune.

Inside were a collection of glass bottles, magical spheres, and little boxes. Harry let his fingers run over the collection, pausing now and again when something called his attention. But it was merely a buzz, so he moved on. His fingers brushed against a small magical ball, and his magic sung in his mind. His fingers curled around it, and he lifted it from the box.

"This one," Harry murmured. "It sings." he gently laid it on the table, conscious of his necklace still laying in his pocket.

"Just so," Vanderian responded. He prodded the magical orb, his branchy fingers etching something on the outside. "It is the bone of a Prime Thestral, powdered. I was not aware this was still in my collection. I inherited much of my materials from my predecessors, the rare stuff that the powerful use oftentimes is old and before my time. This is such a thing."

"Prime Thestral?" Harry asked.

Vanderian looked at him, surprised. "You don't know what a thestral is?" Harry shook his head. "Well, a thestral is a spectral winged horse. They used to be considered bad luck, but that was before people became civilized and understood what they were. You can only see a Thestral if you've seen someone die. It doesn't have to be a violent death, mind. Watching the peaceful passing of an Elder is still watching someone die. They are the guardians of the dead who remain on the plane of the living, making sure their spirits find rest eventually. Very elegant and noble creatures not well understood."

Harry grinned. "Sounds like my dad, really, besides the elegant part."

Vanderian's eyes twinkled. "I should like to meet the father of one so interesting. To continue the explanation, a Prime Thestral is the oldest member of a herd, granted their position by the mark of magic showing up on their forehead."

Harry rubbed his own forehead where a scar shaped like a lightning bold hid under his fringe. The crafter followed his hands. "It's something I got before dad took me."

"I see. Well, it might help explain the choice of core."

"I'll ask dad when he shows up. He always manages to find me eventually."

Vanderian nodded, setting aside his own knowledge of the cause for Harry's scar. "I suspect that the core of your focus, the Prime Thestral bone, will be the easiest of your base materials to find. They often beckon the loudest, as you realized. Let us move on to the second box. It is an anchoring material, which very few magicals need, and only for those particularly difficult cases. I haven't had to work with it for some time now." Vanderian caressed the second box and it sprung open.

Inside Harry saw himself looking it bright, jewel-like colors. Silvers, golds, reds, greens, all laid out neatly and pinned to one side of the box's edge.

Harry ran his fingers over them again, wondering if they would sing like the thestral bone did.

They did not. But Harry felt his hand pull towards the golden and green ones, and he gestured as much to Vanderian. "These two colors seem to be the most prominent," he said, pointing.

"I shall take them out of the box. We will inspect them at length after you choose the final part."

Harry touched the black box and it sprung open with a violence he hadn't been expecting. His startled eyes met the equally startled Vanderian's. "Umm…."

"I would suggest seeing what the box wants you to look at, young magical," Vanderian said after a moment.

Harry shrugged, then looked inside.

Wood. Mostly dark woods, in many shapes and shades. He ran his hand over them, snagging the pieces that hummed. Four pieces of wood, three pitch black and one a smokey grey, lay on the table when Harry was finished.

"Black Kifeern from the Undying Tree and Smoked Hallow from the Mouth of the Giants. What interesting choices. And the shapes are most strange." Harry heard a note of excitement in Vanerian's voice. "I have not had such a challenge in years."

"I take it you get rather boring customers then?" Harry asked.

"Oh, not at all. People don't come to me because they just need a focus. They come to me because they are difficult to match within the traditional sense. I would bet any premade focus would shatter in your hands, young magical. Most of those who come here need the more esoteric elements I use in my crafting. Standard focus makers limit themselves to the materials that they handle well, which sometimes means a magical will have to visit several stores before they find the proper focus. Here, I have all the materials anyone would need to find a focus, and since I craft specific foci for the difficult customer, they are most in tune with their wielders." Vanderian shook himself. "Now young one, we need to find the shape of your foci. This will be a rather...destructive portion of the process as the woods you have chosen are volatile by their nature."

Harry laughed. "My dad would think that appropriate."

"Given the nature of your magic, I would expect it to be." Vanderian looked around. "We shall move the crafting into the warded chamber. The magics within are complex and took many days to craft. They protect any who enter from stray spells and magical backwashes."

"Useful." Harry frowned. "I have a question. With the various shapes and types of foci, wouldn't the process of teaching magic be different for each person? Or at least for each different type of focus? With wands, I remember Rowena and Slytherin being very adamant about how you move a wand being important."

Vanderian chuckled. "You are quite an intriguing child, young magical. As to your question, that is taken into consideration when you enter Emerald Academy. There are several basic foci types: stationary, mobile, and wild. For control and basic magical theory classes, students are divided into groups based on those three types. There are several levels within each type that are further sub-divided. Most species have a standard type that is tried first. My people use Stationary Natural Wood Types, I believe your people, Kyst, use Stationary Jewel Types, and humans tend to be Mobile Wood Types."

Kyst swirled. "Indeed. I was considered abnormal when I matched with a Wild Jewel Type. It is why my Faction took me to Vanderian in the first place. I could not match with any of the local crafters near my Faction's home."

"So I would most likely be a Mobile Wood Type?" Harry wondered.

"Maybe, young magical. You are certainly at least partially a Natural Wood Type, but the anchoring material is seen more often in Wild Types, and Thestral is, if I remember my lore correctly, a Wild Type as well."

"What is the difference between Stationary, Wild, and Mobile?"

Vanderian smiled. "Stationary foci are foci with direct the magic of the wielder through a series of folds, grooves, cuts, and other shapes within the foci. The core is anchored into the whole focus and the focus is held still while the magic takes shape." Vanderian took out his focus. The flower Harry had seen earlier was presented for Harry to look at. "The grooves of the flower petals and the stem provide the conduits for my magic to act and are specific to me. No other person could wield this focus. Those who use Stationary Types spend the first few cycles at the Academy learning the ins and outs of their focus and what each groove will do, and it takes a long time because each one is unique to their wielder."

Harry looked it over closely, paying close attention to the grooves and details. They were exquisitely carved. "It's beautiful," he said, resisting the urge to run his fingers over the wood.

"Thank you. My grandling made it for me when I was little more than a sap." Vanderian tucked the flower away. "Wild Type foci are ones that have a deep connection to magic through it's components and often seems to be flickering. It can literally only be held by its wielder and it's know to be one of the more difficult types to control. Wild types have a will of their own, in a primitive sense. The wielder must meld with their focus to perform magic."

Harry looked at Kyst. "That sounds difficult," he said.

"The lessons for those of us with Wild types in melding with our focus often takes up the majority of the first cycle of the Academy. We have special rooms to do so, as often magical backlash is a consequence. Before the spells that Vanderian uses in the next room were created, the backlash was often the main contributor to the deaths of young magicals. Having a Wild type is both a blessing and a curse for their wielder. Meld with yours and you have near instinctual magic at your disposal. But the process to meld is long and dangerous. Even now, while the backlash rarely kills any young magical, it does damage the magical cores of those who don't listen to their foci."

Harry's eyes widened. That sounded dangerous. "So, uh, what about Mobile types?"

Vanderian smiled. "You know the main component of that type, the wand. There are several Fabric Mobile types, some Natural Mobile types that aren't wands, and a few Elemental Mobile types. Each one has an element of control as being the basis of their magic. Mobile types must move their foci in specific patterns to create the effect. It makes the classes for Mobile types much more focused on the manipulation of their focus and they spend a few cycles at the Academy learning all the basic movements and their meaning."

Harry nodded. He was now immensely curious as to what kind of focus he would have. There seemed to be interesting differences to each one. "Can someone have multiple Types?" he asked. Vanderian looked at him. "I mean, you said humans tend to use Wood Mobile Types, but having an anchoring material and Thestral as a core is more closely associated with Wild Types."

Vanderian paused at a solid door, hands raised. "Young magical, we cannot know your Type until it is crafted, and that cannot happen until we have the fourth piece. Then we shall discuss the ramifications of your focus. It will certainly be most unusual, that much I know."

The focus maker turned to the door, his long, slender, twig fingers pressing various runes around the frame. Harry noted that he had seven twig fingers on his right hand and eight on his left hand.

The door slid open and inside was a cavernous room. Harry figured it had to be magically expanded because the hill he had seen from outside on the pathway.

"Vanderian," Harry said as he followed the crafter into the room. He felt the magical protections wrap around his body much more acutely without his necklace on. "Why do you call me 'young magical'?"

"That is what you are, are you not?"

"But you called Kyst by name. You didn't ask for mine."

Vanderian looked at the child standing before him with power and fate swirling around his body. "Everyone knows your name, young magical. Still, you are but a child in the eyes of your people. Your name is only rooted into your being when your magic is rooted in your body. You still have a ways to go." Vanderian looked at Harry out of his craggy, bark-y face. "Now, let us examine your materials."

~~~~~This is a Line Break~~~~

The Doctor and Rose left the large building that housed the Council alongside Prryxt.

"So, what planet are your people originally from? I must say, I've never run into your species before and you are rather magnificent," the Doctor babbled on. Rose rolled her eyes, smiling. He never changed, the Doctor.

Prryxt grinned in a way that housecats on Earth couldn't, using muscles in his face that tilted the corners of his lips up in a way that might have been menacing. "My people are from Wryysip. We left soon before the collapse of our home star, many of the magicals choosing to come to Haleysio rather than to one of the nearby colonized galaxies. Some of course went with the bulk of our people, mostly those with close ties to those without magic. There are two other species from Wryysip that were magical and came to Haleysio. If there is time, I would be honored to introduce you to some of my people."

Rose looked at Prryxt. "Are there many who come from the same planet?"

Prryxt nodded. "In a sense. There are a limited number of species who can wield magic, but many magical beings. Beings who require magic to survive, but cannot wield it in the way that those with a focus can. They have a council to help lay down rules for their people, and have a representative within the Magicals Council, just as we have a representative in their council. It helps maintain the balance. They cannot interfere in Magicals Council without just cause, just as the magical cannot interfere in their doings without just cause."

The Doctor nodded. "You seem to have a good set up here. Very thorough and balanced."

"This is a recent phenomena on Haleysio, well, as recent as One and a half millenia ago, but to some long lived species, they are only three generations from the time of chaos, and a very few are only one or two generations. It took the creation of a common tongue for everyone to use before such a government could be created. Before that, many mistranslations, errors in cultural understandings, and simple clashes in ideas that could not be properly explained led to constant wars and battles along the borders of some species' lands. Pethi's Tongue made communication much easier, and much of the confusion was put to rest."

Rose blinked. "How was this planet established if there was so much confusion between species? I would think that would lead to fighting before a society could be established."

Prryxt looked at Rose. "The first people who came to Haleysio were fleeing persecution. The mutual need for a safe space was enough for many to put aside the small things and work together. Translation spells might not always work well, but they were good enough to set up a framework for society. When humans came here, nearly five thousand years ago, they put up the barrier spell. It seemed that Earth and it's Empire had become suspicious of its magical population and the magicals wanted to make sure they could not be followed. In the time that followed their arrival, the output of magical energy from the erection of the barrier called to hundreds of magical species. Some came out of desperation for a new home, some out of curiosity. Many were content on their homeworld, having a place in society and not needing a new planet. But with the arrival of upwards of a hundred new species in less than three hundred years, mistranslations were a daily issue and species eventually withdrew into their own lands. It took the arrival of an external threat to unite even a majority of the species, and a thousand years after that before Haspethi's Council created Pethi's Tongue. With the creation of a common tongue, people ventured out of their lands and Haleysio was created into what you see today."

The Doctor was grinning. "Oh, I love history me! And Haleysio is such a fascinating place. Did it have an indigenous population before you lot arrived?"

"We have found records of a people native to this planet before the first magicals arrived. My people were among the first, and they built their first sanctuary in the ruins of a giant sphere. But any people here were not here when others arrived. Only the ruins of their civilization remain, and their language has never been deciphered." Prryxt looked at the Doctor. "Then again, we have never before let you, the Lady Wolf, or Harry see the script. I wonder if you could read it."

The Doctor grinned wider. Rose sighed. "Now you've done it. He'll never be satisfied until he's managed to see whatever it is."

Prryxt looked concerned. "I hope I haven't done anything wrong, Lady Wolf."

"Oh, no, not at all," Rose was quick to reassure. "It's just, give him a puzzle and he'll travel to the ends of the Universe to solve it."

Prryxt looked even more concerned, and eyed the Doctor warily.

The sound of an explosion from up ahead interrupted the history lesson.

"Ten pounds says that's Harry," Rose said.

"That's a sucker bet," the Doctor replied.

Prryxt chuckled. "There are many people on this planet. It could be any number of them."

The Doctor looked at him. "You can take the sucker bet then," he said.

"I shall refrain. Let's go see what your son is doing."

The three took off at a loping run. It took them only a couple minutes to arrive at the orange path and heading towards the smoke billowing up into the sky.

Prryxt made a low purring noise Rose and the Doctor took as awe. "That is Vanderian's shop. It seems Harry has decided to look for a focus. Must have been quite a violent reaction for that to occur." He saw the panic flicker over Rose and the Doctor's face. " Don't worry, Vanderian has many wards to protect anyone within from explosion. They occur with worrying frequency, so he had his entire building warded, and one room in particular, the room that smoke is coming from, heavily warded."

Rose let out the breath she had been holding and the Doctor grinned. "Well, let's go see the chaos that Harry's caused. It's bound to be spectacular."

"You would say that," Rose muttered.

"You weren't around to witness him nearly blowing up a star system with an ill placed Matter Realignment Portal. It was a brilliant light show, as soon as we managed to disable the Portal and pacify the local populace who thought Harry was The Darkness Bringer from one of their prophecies."

Rose stopped, squinting her eyes up in confusion. "Really? Harry? I would think you were the one they would accuse."

"It seemed their prophecy mentioned "Jeweled Orbs of the Brightest Green and a Crown of Blackest Night." You've seen Harry…"

"Ahhh. That makes sense. How old was he?"


Rose rolled her eyes. "Really, you can't keep a five year old out of trouble?"

He was a very precocious five year old. Oh, and here we are." The Doctor opened the door that was already partially set off it's slide and walked in.

He could hear the argument from the entrance way.

"How was I supposed to know that touching that particular rune at that particular moment in your chant without wearing my restrictor would cause a catastrophic explosion?"

Ah, yes, the dulcet tones of a frustrated Harry.

"You magical, I gave you strict instructions to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!"

"No you didn't! You only said to not inturrupt you! Besides, I wasn't intending to touch the rune! I was only going to touch the wood!"

"That would have been worse! Do you know how much magic I was channeling through that pedestal?"

The three of them headed towards the raised voices. Right outside a door that seemed to have been crumpled by the explosion was a rapidly swirling Kyst.

"Hello, Time Lord, Lady Rose, Grand Council Member Prryxt. I see you have arrived in time to intervene in the argument between young Harry and Vanderian."

"What happened Kyst?" the Doctor asked.

"I was not within the chamber at the time, but from what I have gathered, Harry brushed against some important runes and his magic, already wild around his body, interfered with Vanderian's spell. The resulting magical class created the explosion. They are now trying to acertain blame, I believe, but in a most unusual manner." Kyst swirled faster, confused.

Rose smiled, shaking her head. "They are arguing Kyst. It is a common pastime for many."

Kyst didn't stop. "It is unusual. But I suppose I understand. It is most amusing though."

"It is indeed."

"Dad! You're here! Come tell Vanderian that I didn't mean to do anything to his spell!" Harry came over, hand reaching out for the Doctor.

The Doctor stopped, eyeing Harry's neck. It was bare of the golden necklace Harry always wore. "Harry, why don't you put your necklace back on first, yeah?"

Harry paused, eyes wide, then dug into his pocket, pulling out the golden loops and clasping it around his neck. "Okay, now come tell Vanderian that it wasn't my fault!"

The Doctor chuckled, taking Harry's hand. "Harry, while I'm sure it wasn't intentional, you probably did do something. Magic is finicky like that. Didn't you learn that with Merlin?"

Harry groaned. "Why can't you be on my side?"

"I'm not on anyone's side Harry. I wasn't here."

Vanderian stepped towards the Doctor. "Hello, Time Lord. It is a pleasure to meet you. Your child is a very fascinating being, if unwilling to listen to instructions all the time."

"Oi!" Harry interrupted.

"Harry, why don't you and Rose go check out some of the other stores nearby? I have some questions for Vanderian."

Harry's eyes widened. "Hey! Dad! You can't just send me off! I was getting my focus!"

"Young magical, you cannot get your focus without a fourth element that I do not have. So it could not be completed today at any rate." Vanderian stepped forward. "I would like to talk to your father, he might have an idea for what could be the missing element, he knows you well enough."

Harry groaned. He was getting kicked out of his own appraisal! "Fine, fine, I'll go. I'm not wanted here anyway." He looked at Rose. "You can stay here. I want to go check out that shop I saw with the coats in the window."

Rose nodded. "Alright, I'll keep an eye on your dad. Make sure he doesn't do anything crazy."

"I shall be accompanying you, Harry," Kyst said. Harry sighed. "It is protocol."

"It is indeed, Harry. You must have an escort on this planet," Prryxt said.

Harry blinked at the Grand Council Member. "Wow, you look awesome! I've never seen your people before."

Prryxt chuckled. "Your father said much the same. I shall tell you more about them later."

Harry nodded, then left, Kyst swirling behind him.

He was determined to get a jacket this time. Absolutely determined. He wasn't going to be outdone by his dad and his uncle with their swirling, awesome looking jackets. And since he was basically getting kicked out of the focus shop, he might as well see if he could one up his dad and uncle by getting a magic coat.

~~~~~~~~~~~This is an Ending~~~~~~~~~~~~

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