Green is the enemy

Chapter 1

"Just look at her! I bet that hair is a wig and she's been hiding it from the world"

I sighed. She's at it again. Rin my twin sister was ranting about the number one Diva Miku Hatsune. It's not that I didn't agree with her. Miku has no right to get all the attention she gets. Who would like a lone singer with a high pitched, squeaky voice anyway? Unlike me and Rin we actually harmonies and don't sound anything like that. Our band is WAY better... Anyway back to the point. It's just that Rin rants about it ALL the time.

Right now we're sitting in our shared bedroom in our apartment. I'm sitting on my bed trying to read my book and Rin is on her bed jabbering on and occasionally stabbing the wall with the poster of Miku on it with a pen. I better get it off her before she breaks it.

"I mean no one even has aqua hair! That's just impossible! She's just a stupid, fake, bitch who's probably auto tuned! She needs to DIE!" and to accent her last word she jammed the pen into the wall affectively creating a large crater from the impact and snapping my pen in two. Too late.

"Rin! That was my pen!" This of course wasn't the first time this had happened and it always was with my pens. She just glared at me and growled. Eep. She definitely wasn't in a good mood. It probably wasn't good to say anything at all at this time. I shrunk back and continued with my book, watching her out of the corner of my eye as she threw my pen in the bin mumbling something about useless pens and useless... brothers?

She turned to the other poster we had on the wall beside her bed with 'Legendary' Kaito on it. She loved him. Absolutely loved him. Unfortunately for her he also happened to be the manager and rumored boyfriend of none other than Miku Hatsune. Another reason why Rin hated her. I turned away before I could see Rin nuzzling and doing god knows what to that picture. Last time I walked into our room unannounced she was kissing the picture. I, of course, received a beating for it, even when it wasn't my fault.

"You know what Len?" Rin suddenly exclaimed.

"What?" I replied, bored. I didn't really care to hear another one of her plots to kill Miku.

"I think we should go to one of her shows" What? Did Rin get a sudden brain transplant? I turned around shocked and saw Rin was wearing devilish grin on her face. I then realised her intentions, one of her plots were going to go into action.

"But Rin. You can't"

"I can actually" she crossed her arms and pouted.

"No Rin you can't kidnap Miku and kill her! We'll be jailed for sure!" I was almost begging now. The last time any of Rin's plans got even close to working it ended in me and 5 of my other friends dragging an enraged and dangerous Rin away from the presence of any living being.

"But Lennnnn." Her voice rose to a new pitch that was not even possible for Hatsune before falling back down to finish her wail. I shook my head. "Can't we just chop her up into pieces and throw it into the sea. Or even better. Burn it! No one will ever know!" I looked at her aghast. She was actually considering going through with this? I groaned.

"Rin, no. There is no chance what so ever that we would even get close to her to do anything like that. Why would you even want to do that to any person anyway? Karma will get her first don't worry." I decided to try and change the subject in hope of stopping her creepy thoughts. "How about we go to one of her concerts just so you can see Kaito." I knew Rin was listening now her big white ribbon in her hair seemed to raise like rabbits ears.

"Really? You'd do that for me?" She clasped her hands together, eyes brightening up with excitement.

"Sure" I smiled at her. She sure was easy to sway when it came to Kaito. With anything else, it was impossible.