A/N: "The Seeker" is a work of Pre-Reform Vulcan poetry, written by an unknown poet approximately one thousand years before the time of Surak. It was originally translated from Vulcan to Standard in 2229 by Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan for his private use. Any translation errors are the responsibility of the transcriber, not the ambassador.

Veh vi Shi'kar T'Aitlun

The Seeker of the Sought

- Ri-fainu -

- Unknown -

Shi'kar nash-veh du

I seek you

Nam-tor ri vath.

There is no other.

Fai-tor du yeht'es t'nash-veh

You know my truth

Ri wi trasha du nash-veh

Yet do not forsake me.


Stron-tor ri nash-veh bolaya-noshtralar

I cannot escape my essential nature

Ngiq'e nash-veh ainlar t'sutenivaya

Assuming vestments of civility

Nam-tor au goh pasut dirik

They are but a crude disguise

Fai'ei nam-tor nash-veh goh kei-aushfamalurh

For I am solely a brutal savage

Sai-vei-tor nash-veh svi reshan heh raullar khrashik t'ish-veh

Clad in rage and its violent implements

Pakik s'kashkau eh yeht-kash'es

Lost to mind and sense.


Fawak vashau nash-veh katra maut

I will destroy the very essence

T'fan-veh vi thraptor du

Of any who would offend you

Il palikau lam-tor au svi etek.

Or attempt to stand between us.

Lam gluder t'mal-nef svi plak t'au

Standing knee-deep in their blood

Fawak kum-tor wi nash-veh du.

I will still claim you.


Sa~pu-tor du plak

You wash the blood away

Samuyau du tau eh hayal du lakht

Cool the fever and calm the rage

Sahaisau du so-resh

Dispel the madness

Tan-tor du nash-veh ha'kiv t'nash-veh pla

You give me my life back

Tor du nash-veh yeht-kashik va'ashiv

Make me sane again

Kal-tor du nash-veh ha-tor va'ashiv.

Let me live again.


Yontau nash-veh na'du

I burn for you

Heh goh du

And only you

Nam-tor ri vath.

There is no other.

Samuyau du qsa'ksas ni'rchlar

You cool the raging fires

Ta shivau au nash-veh tash-tor

That I am helpless to control

Yontau etek teretuhr

We burn together

Abi' herbosh nam-tor etek

Until we are spent

Heh yi kup etek ha-tor va'ashiv.

And then can live again.


Im'roi nash-veh fa-du

I walk before you

Fosh-tor heh dor-tor nash-veh du

Protect and honor you

Ti hakiv t'nash-veh na'du

Lay down my life for you

Ek' ta ma eh nam-tor nash-veh

All that I possess and am

Katra goh t'nash-veh

My very soul

Tan-tor nash-veh du-tor.

I give to you.

Nam-tor nash-veh t'du.

I am yours.


Shi'kar nash-veh du

I seek you

Nam-tor ri vath.

There is no other.

Kup du korsau vi nash-veh

You who can save me

Nam-tor khaf-spol t'nash-veh t-du ek'wak

My heart is yours eternally

Nam-tor du t'nash-veh.

You are mine.