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Chapter Twelve


Early mornings were never a favorite of his, not even when he has been locked in his lab for hours, the suns rays shining through his window awoke him. Groaning he lifted his head off of the wooden desk, he found that he had fallen asleep while writing. They were trifle, things he had written within a journal of his last days within this house and town, there wasn't much activity in both so he guessed thats how he fell asleep so easily. Currently however the town was rebuilding, the town over the large hill was helping with repairs, the new Mayor has been undecided. Elections will take place after everything is somewhat back in shape, that didn't stop people from proving themselves. Surely they will be at the top of the list when a Mayor is decided.

Closing the leather bound journal with a rather somber look in his eye he sluggishly got up and fixed himself up a bit, though he didn't look as smartly dressed or neat since his daughter had gone to a place called the Black Order nineteen days ago. Since then his look was that of someone who didn't care all that much. Truth was he didn't, not with these people, they tormented his daughter whenever she went into town. Casting her condescending glares and blaming her for his mistakes, calling her a representation of a curse that might become inflicted upon them, the innocent. They weren't innocent, they did have nasty personalities though, they cant hide it.

There were a few people who greeted him with a smile and they were the people he personally respected. No matter how much time passes, he knew that this was how small towns were bred.

Putting on some simple black pants, a simple long sleeve white dress shirt, black shoes. In addition his hair wasn't slicked back like it usually was and his face showed some signs of stubble, a thing he would be taking care of soon.

Nearly he passed the kitchen without a thought of eating, but his daughters desire for him to be healthy nagged at him until he stopped and cooked himself some breakfast. Eggs not very neat looking and bacon half charred. Being knowledgeable about the human body and knowing what keeps it healthy did not mean he was actually a good cook, however he could make some good stuff with herbs.

Yawning a bit between sips of orange juice he calmly ate. His hazel eyes staring at the seat the daughter would usually sit, alone or with his company. Chuckling he could almost see her talking to him with a smile on her face or looking shocked when something exploded in his basement lab, he found himself sighing. Amazing how much of a disappointment he was as a father yet he had a daughter who held him precious, why was that? Then again children are born looking up to their creators, even if they weren't the best in the entire world.

After eating he sort of wandered around his own home until he ended up in his daughters room.

To him the world always looked dingy. It always held a lack of everything. Like the sun was always set to a very dull tone.

In spite of that his daughters room still looked colorful. His wife, her mother had the same effect. Always able to make things look radiant and full of life, more colorful then any rainbow the sun and rain could cast. A sun in human form that shined to warm the earth and he was the black cloud that unleashed cold wind.

How they ended up married and with a daughter was still a mystery to him.

Looking out the window he spotted the garden, which still had a lot of alive and well flowers making him think that against all the laws of nature they might stay alive forever. If only.

Leaving her room he gently shut the door then headed to another room to grab a bottle of vintage red wine that must have been there since Anemone's birth, it had been a present from his wife whom at that time was just simply his girlfriend. Grabbing a cloth he wiped the dust off then placed it in a bag that he slung over his shoulder.

Feet slowly taking him down stairs and to his door. Looking back was something he did often when he left the house, often he would be the one saying a bye but since her leave it has become reversed, though the person who says good bye and welcome back wasn't there. It made him remember what his life was like before all this had happened. Since the day she died he never really left this house, his daughter was the one who would leave and got to town to fight off the wolves.

Now he leaves to make sure everything is alright and going well.

Shutting the door and heading down the path his daughter always took was a slow sort of pace, enjoying the light that came down through the trees, the simple crunch sound of dead leaves and twigs under his shoes. Birds chirping harmoniously, small animals scurrying about into their homes as he passed. Blankly he looked up, his eyes squinting because of the suns powerful light. He wondered how the sun was where his daughter currently is. Once he reached the town he spotted people walking about or running to perform tasks. It had been nineteen days since all those events.

The day demons invaded the town. The day the Mayor was crushed under debris. The day it was found out that Dan Manson the detective was taken away. The day they found out that the two authorities charged to keep the people happy and safe, were merely a disease that led the town almost to a quiet ruin. The people were shocked that this had happened, they had their persons to blame for misfortune only to brutally find out that they were wrong. Rather then to admit to all this, they stayed silent. Now half ruined buildings were almost in full repair while buildings completely wrecked were cleaned away and something new was being built in its place. Still merely a skeleton but they were getting there, but on the wings of rumors it was said that some people might move away from this town, not even approaching the other one that had been wrecked as well.

Adjusting to what you have seen was always quite the task. Some learned to adapt to new knowledge, while others ran away.

Casting a few glances to familiar faces Gregory Wolf walked into town in his usual unhurried pace, with the bag that contained a bottle of wine on hand. Some would look his way and some just ignored him. Not really taking any time to thank him for helping with clean up or with injuries they had received. He may dislike them but he couldn't blame him for that, after who would thank someone like him.

"Uncle look!" a little boy shouted, then he waved vigorously to him.

Blinking he looked to the boy he recognized as being Aiden and next to him was his Uncle, a person he was actually good friends with and had a drink with sometimes when he decided to make a random drop by. Which was rather rare, much to the point Anemone probably didn't even know that the two were friends.

"Hello Gregory" he said.

He nodded, "hello Michael…what's up?"

Lifting a bag with a cocked head he replied, "shopping and you?" "Mmm…some last steps of business I have here, then I'm going to where my daughter is…at least I'm hoping for this" he responded casually.

"To get a job at that place?"

"Yes. I don't care what it is, even if it's a plumber" he said with a lopsided grin.

According to a man called Charles, a Finder for the Black Order. There was one man who became a scientist for the Order and took three years for him to advance enough that he was transferred to the European Branch to become a section chief. Gregory however didn't care for a high seat in fact he probably wouldn't get anywhere near a high rank with history, he wouldn't mind a low ranking and he would devote himself to that job no matter what. He had many things under his belt, he spoke a few foreign languages, good with making herbs for healing use and harmful use, he could tend to wounds, he was good in math, and he knew human sciences or biology as they call it.

Michael sighed and grinned a little, "lets walk…heading anywhere in particular?"

"The church, the abandoned one".

His friend nodded and both ended up walking together with the little boy behind them playing with a small toy to keep himself amused.

Michael breathed in deeply before speaking. "Life is a strange thing, everything feels routine to the point you can close your eyes and do it, but then life throws in something unexpected".


"You slowly changed through the years. I remember that you one day showed up here and bought a home little ways from this town, to think… the snarling black wolf came to rest here. Then like a lone wolf you left then came back with a red haired beauty called Clarissa, since then you didn't snarl as much as you use too" Michael chuckled heartily.

Gregory's eyebrow twitched in amusement, "I didn't snarl as much?"

"Whenever you came down from your home it was to gather herbs and food to eat, you smelled like death despite never touching a decaying corpse and casted people a feral glare whenever they upset you in some way".

A shout laugh escaped Gregory's lips but his eyes showed some shame of his past attitude, "well if their not nice to you on your first day then why should you be nice back? And for the record I was around death a lot before I moved on to other things…well in the last ten years…"

"If your not careful you might end up arrested instead" he pointed out.

"Its not like I advertised my products, I just happened to be passing by and they would buy from me, then to get the full feel of my creation I would watch the damage from a distance. Their weapons did most of the work, mine just simply…indisposed people" he said.

Michael looked to him with a firm chastising glance, "you still had a hand however, even if you have many talents they might not trust you enough to give you a job".

He shrugged, "so…I'll fib a little and pledge absolute loyalty".

Sighing a bit he absently looked to the sky, "as always acting in a carefree manner or is it a form of arrogance?"

"I lost my wife, it was an inevitable punishment for my deeds, I'll be damn if I lose my daughter" his eyes narrowed. "There are things I need to watch over and there are things I need to tell her".

For a moment the two were silent. Behind them the boy hummed and skipped along playfully. Gregory couldn't help but think back to when Anemone was just a small kid, back then he couldn't quite comprehend that he helped create a life instead of destroy it, however he also couldn't acknowledge it like a true father would have. After all what was a father supposed to be like?

Finally Aiden spoke up. "Anemone will come back, and when she does we'll all have a picnic!"

"Yeah?" Gregory smiled at this.

"Hmm…yes Anemone said that when all the demons are gone she will come back and everyone will have a picnic, lots of good food and plenty of drink till its time for bed" Michael gave him a side glance. "Somehow she grew up stupid, the girl is too kind".

"Watch it…" he warned.

Michael hummed a bit, "but its good to be enthusiastic even if things are at their worst, I disapprove of a few other things however. I may have retired from the military but I still can read people really well still. And I can say she's stupid for binding herself with chains rather then breaking them".

"Tch…yeah." Soon they came upon the ruins of the old church and Gregory glanced over to them, "people might protest to me going to the other one so I will make my confession and final prayers here, when I'm done how about we have a drink?"

Michael chuckled, "sounds good…make sure to pray for your skull to be less thick".

"Yeah, yeah".

For a minute he watched him walk away with his nephew then he headed in further into the lonesome ruins of the old church, its been years since this building has been anywhere near repair. The people decided to simply build a new one rather then repair this one, guess in truth that was the easiest decision. Eyes scanning around he soon came upon a small statue of a saint, or at least he assumed this thing to be a saint. It has been years since he last visited a place such as this, after all religion was never his thing. Being a man of question he always found himself more stressed over the stories rather then comforted by them or intrigued so when he was old enough to decide things for himself he stopped going. Sitting down on a piece of wall that looked nothing more then a white rock he lowered the bag and took out the wine, unscrewing the top he lifted the bottle a little then lowered it slowly. He dumped some of the liquid on the ground and then he took a big swig of it himself.

Staring at the small statue he took in the details, a woman whose hands were drawn together in prayer, her eyes half open and her hair dark. Her clothes were of greens with some dark reds, her dress covered her feet as well as the veil that covered the back of her head. The expression upon her face was that of patience mixed with wisdom she had gained from her beliefs and experiences. He had to admit, these were one of the few things that attracted him.

Bowing his head and taking a deep breath he began.

"Haven't exactly done this before ya know?" he chuckled. "Ever since my brother died I've lived by that one cursed word, 'expectation'. I had to be his replacement, it felt stuffy so I went for the opposite and then I went straight out of the ball park. Hated him anyway…or did I admire him? I don't know and it doesn't matter now". Taking another swig he continued, "I felt something when I saw that I had a hand in killing so many people, I felt sadness for all those lost souls then I felt something close to glory, I was actually making a bigger mark then my brother and I had the feeling of the world being under my thumb and the feeling of money in my pocket. But…it wasn't enough so I gave some advice here and there. That's when I felt the glory of someone listening to what 'I' have to say and it gave them more skill to kill their enemies on the battle field".

"It all kind of wore out after a while though, I became jaded over it suddenly and that's when it became boring. I came to this place for a change of scenery but I kept my wandering tendencies until I met Clarissa and came back here". He ruffled his hair a bit absently and sighed. "I freaked when I found out about Anemone, I ended up turning my back on the kid so I think I became nothing more then the thing that happened to live within the same place as them. When death came reality set in and I had to become a father, but I just couldn't do it".

Taking a sip, a chuckle escaped his lips. "A wolf eh? Not even close…not even a beast would show its fangs to its offspring".

Setting the wine bottle down he then clapped his hands, "okay now that I am done beating around the bush, here's my prayer or offer. Please watch over her, make her strong in my absence…allow me to help her until my end, then I will suffer all sins in the pits of hell. Until that day I will live hard for those who could not" a smirk came upon his lips and he got up. Dumping the remainder of the wine as a sort of offering he then set it down in front of the praying saint statue.

"Well time to have a drink with a friend and then get off my lazy ass to work!" he said in a cheerful manner.

Giving one last glance to the statue he spoke with a smile, "wish me luck".

Then he walked away, the feelings that made his shoulders heavy were slightly lifted. Soon he would work for the Order so he can help his daughter and the friends she would surely make.


"Hmm…?" Anemone found herself stopping and her eyes stared in a daydream manner.

Lenalee looked over to her curiously, "is there something wrong?" she asked, and soon wincing when Anemone fell flat on her face.

Groaning a bit she sat up, "um…I thought I felt something…guess it was nothing" she looked to the shoes she was borrowing for a second and frowned. They were high heel shoes, the kind Lenalee wore. "Guess I'm not high heels material" she sighed.

"My dark boots have heels on them so I had to get use to them even as a kid, so wearing high heels became second nature to the point I hardly noticed I was wearing them" Lenalee chuckled. "Jerry was the one who taught me how to properly walk in them, so that made things easier".

Nodding slightly she managed to slowly get up, as long as she was extremely careful she could walk in them but not so much when she tried to pretend she wasn't walking in heels. They felt uncomfortable to her and her feet felt like they were sliding downward making her toes feel cramped and sore. What had brought this up was when she saw Lenalee in her activated dark boots and she felt amazed at how elegantly well balanced she was in them, she could hardly imagine fighting demons in such things, so she asked Lenalee if she could have some lessons on how to walk in heels. It was kind of a whim but now it was being assured that she would never want to walk in heels again.

Now that I think about it I don't think I ever saw mom in high heels.

She remembered back to her mothers footwear and remembered that she always wore flats and if the shoe had a heel on it, it was a wedge heel or it was a heel you could hardly notice until you looked on the bottom of it.

"Okay one foot in front of the other, toe and then heel" Lenalee advised as she helped Anemone walk.

It was definitely weird, since she had suddenly gained more height and her legs felt a bit wobbly from the new experience.

"Your terrible at this Master".

Anemone kept herself from glaring at Oogami, I'll get it! Eventually.

"Eventually might be years from now" she teased.

It wont!

She was determined to get this right however she kept on stumbling or almost toppling over like a crudely constructed tower, or Miranda as rude of a thought that is.

Finally after a couple more minutes she finally decided to give up for the day. She found a place to sit and took the heels off and put on her normal shoes, "thanks Lenalee".

"Your welcome" she smiled. "On the up side your doing well with your weapon".

Anemone smiled at this, "yeah".

She has been in the Order for nineteen days now. With all her training she has become a tiny bit more flexible and her battle ability was becoming close to excellent, her early morning exercises were helping her out immensely and sparring with Lau Shimin had helped her learn to deal with enemies that would be twice her size along with sparring with a few other Exorcists to help her gain speed, strength, and increase her stamina. Best of all she was now handling her weapon like a pro, always though she wanted increase her boundaries and see how far she could go. Often she would ask Oogami questions about her weapon to see if she could learn what else was ahead but Oogami loved her mystery so she just gave her a question or gave very unclear answers.

"Speaking of which I should probably head over to the training grounds to meet with General Cloud, I'm going to spar with Lau shimin again". Anemone got up and tried get her legs back to normal and make them stop feeling so shaky.

"Be sure not to over work yourself" Lenalee advised.

Anemone waved a hand, "I wont".

She bowed her head slightly along with saying another thank you and then she headed straight to the training grounds.

The days here were fun and always something interesting happened.

Reever and few others would hunt down a procrastinating Komui, Tim would get eaten by a stray cat, Johnny and Allen would play chess, Allen would cheat on a friendly game of poker, Lavi would almost get killed by Kanda because he called him Yu. Every day she felt her heart become lighter, forgetting all the times she was by herself and eating her food with no one to make an atmosphere lively. Even though she missed her home this place called the Black Order became her new home, and she couldn't wait to show her dad around and tell him how great everything is.

There were friends to make and new experiences that could never be experienced in a small town hidden by rolling hills and trees.

Looking up she smiled when she saw her mentor and the cute little monkey perched upon her shoulder.

More happiness was definitely found here.

She didn't care what tragedies lied ahead.

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