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Chapter Thirteen


Things are constantly changing. Some for the better and others for the worse. At the beginning of the month Anemone Wolf thought her life would still be what it always has been since her mothers death, people looking down upon her because of her father and because of her blood red hair. Suddenly fate caused her to meet the Exorcists, soon she learned of her destiny to be one as well. An Apostle of God who destroys the akuma and will help the Black Order defeat their greatest enemy. The Millennium Earl. Now it has been twenty-four days since she has started her training, twenty-four days since she became a resident within the Black Order. She was stronger and more knowledgeable, and other gains she would have never been able to obtain back home.

Leaving her room to grab some breakfast. Wearing her casual outfit, along with it being one of those mornings where she couldn't see Oogami at the moment.

Quietly she ate her food. Her eyes lowered to look at the eggs she had been slowly eating, for some odd reason she felt 'slow' like her energy wasn't processing well throughout her body. Perhaps it was fatigue from training? However lately she hadn't felt this way in fact she always felt so energized, so maybe it was something simple like a case of boredom mixed with desire. It was a frightening feeling, like a pup that couldn't wait to go on its first day of hunting, it wanted to go now even if it might not be ready. These mixing feelings made her feel at unease. They weren't something she would think or feel.

Before she could ruminate over this more she felt a light tap on her shoulder, when she turned she saw that it was a Finder. "Chief Komui would like you to come to his office" he informed her.

"Okay" she said with a grin.

Quickly she ate the rest of her food and headed off to Komui's office. Her stomach turned and flipped like a carp out of water, her entire body was anticipating something she couldn't quite predict herself. It was a gut feeling of what this summoning might be.

When she arrived she saw that her General was there. Cloud stood there, holding herself like a proud lioness and Lau Shimin was perched upon her shoulder.

Anemone stepped over to them then bowed a little in politeness. "You wanted me to see me?"

Cloud didn't waste any time, "I have determined that your ready for your first mission and I will accompany you" she told her. Komui smiled then gave a nod in confirmation of this causing her face to light up with joy.

With a nod she smiled, "thank you!"

"You can now start going on missions, your first one you will be going to a small village in Russia" Komui began. "Our Finders have reported strange activity, on top of that the people who live in that village have completely disappeared. There's some damage to the homes so we assume akuma invaded the village, we would like you two to go over there and investigate".

General Cloud glanced to her, "I will wait for you at the Ark while you prepare".

With an affirming nod Anemone took in what the mission was and took her leave so she could quickly get to her room and prepare for what was ahead. When she walked through her door she couldn't smile more broadly.


The phantom appeared. Her own smile upon her lips. 'Finally we can fight'.


Anemone grabbed her uniform, she quickly changed into it. Hers had a hood, no belt, sleeveless, with black pants tucked into boots. Once she was changed, she combed her hair to put it in a low ponytail then finally she made sure the red rosette earrings were secure. Breathing in deeply she looked to the mirror, "okay time to go" she whispered. With a silent prayer to her mother in heaven and to her father whom she hoped to see one of these days, she made her way out the door again to head to the Ark.

'Feels like just yesterday that you were living normally' Oogami remarked.

Yeah it does to me too, I would have never guessed that my birthmarks were actually a parasitic type weapon.

'Now you get to do much more then you could have ever done'.

Yes I will protect the humans no matter what.

'It is your duty to always succeed and never fail'.


'Always have confidence'.


Her blood stirred with each word within her mind, finally she could protect the world by the side of her comrades, her new friends. Everything she could have ever desired deep within her soul was here so now she would protect it with her very life. When she came to where the ark is located Cloud was already in her uniform and awaiting for her arrival. Anemone stopped then bowed her head, "thanks again and I promise I will do my very best".

"Just remember your training and you will succeed, but also remember you can depend on your comrades to have your back during battle" the last bit of advice she gave made her feel better and less nervous about the possibility of failure.

"Yes Ma'am".

The both of them were given an eight digit number before they entered the ark, "the password is unique on every mission, it confirms that it is you that is entering and not an akuma or Noah, don't share it anyone not even a comrade" the General explained. One of the scientists guided them to a door, after wishing them both luck they were guided through.

The Ark was still such a strange thing. On the instead it was like being in a completely empty Mediterranean town, all white, some of the doors had a sign on them like 'China Branch' so no one could get lost on this vessel. Like Allen since he was practically the King of getting lost. The most amazing thing about being on something that could take you almost anywhere was getting off and entering the specified area because one second your in one spot than suddenly your in an area that's technically miles away from the Order. The particular place they ended up at was a church that was being guarded by a guard and a kind looking Father of the church, along with them was the Finder accompanying her and the General.

The Finder bowed, "hello General Cloud, Ms. Wolf".

"Hello" Anemone said returning the polite gesture. Cloud said her own hello and spoke to the Finder about the mission to get more in depth of what has occurred in this small village.

Russia's air had a bit of a chill, especially in a location where there was a lot of country and not really any big buildings like a city. It had nice green hills with lots of trees that had a very strong scent attached to them, judging by the moisture in the air and scent of water she could tell it had rained recently in this area. The building they had arrived to was a church within a town, set outside was a black carriage that would take them out near to where the abandoned village was located. The two horses that would be pulling hoofed at the ground and made small huff noises, trying to keep themselves occupied as they waited to finally move. Once both her and Cloud were boarded the Finder got on and using the reins he signaled to the horses that it was finally time to go.

The ride was a silent one, she mulled over the mission within her mind as she waited for their arrival to the destination.

Over night all the people in the village disappeared. There have been sightings of strange creatures and noises that can be heard at the dead of night, from the damage to some of the homes along with a few articles of clothing lying around it was assumed that what had occurred was an akuma attack on the people as they slept, however there weren't to many clothes so perhaps there were a few survivors out there somewhere in the woods that surrounded them. The woods they hunted in might be their sanctuary. And it was up to the two of them to see if there were indeed any survivors at all, but most importantly they needed to kill the akuma that caused the problem.

Oogami hummed, 'a day and age where one cant even sleep peacefully, how tragic'.

I can only imagine waking up one day and home has suddenly become a war zone, the only way to survive is to run. At least I knew what akuma were before that full on attack on the town, though I was still shocked.

'Akuma are relentless when they are on a hunt, more kills means evolution. The people might be dwindled to a single digit for all we know'.

I hope not. No one should lose their home, it was supposed to be a place of comfort and security not a place filled with terror. Or a place to grieve over lost loved ones.

'Foresee the worst and when something not as bad happens in reality you will be genuinely relieved and can look on the bright side in the end'.

Yeah. I guess your right Oogami.

The carriage came to a halt. Breathing in deeply she got off following Cloud, they had stopped at the border of the forest.

Quickly the Finder made sure that the horses wouldn't run off or anything then he started to guide them through, they broke into a run. Lau Shimin practically gliding through the trees as he followed closely to his master while Anemone was at the back of the group. Upon arrival it was as if the air gained a spine tingling chill. Her body and mind could feel it, the malevolent energy of the akuma, she may not have Allen's eyes but akuma left enough of an impression that you could feel it in your body.

The blood within her raced.

A chuckle echoed within her mind, Oogami's eyes sheened with new light like the eyes of a predator ready for the beginning of it own hunt.

The village was small, she could almost see its size from where she stood. A few buildings had collapsed roofs, craters in the ground, outfits laying atop a pile of black dust. Still winds accompanied with silence. Not even the chirp of an insect could be heard.

Lau Shimin made a small sound as he perched back on Clouds shoulder.

"They must be still here" Cloud observed. "We'll investigate, you go this way and I'll go the other, the Finder will accompany you, once we are finished rendezvous back to this spot".


Anemone walked to the right with the Finder following her and the golem hovering above her head.


The sounds of boots stepping on a dirt road, causing a small crunch. It seemed to echo in this utter silence.

One of the first houses she entered was one that had a huge hole in the roof. Looking up she could see the skies, looking down she saw the damage caused from the blast. 'The akuma launched an attack however the inhabitants weren't in that particular area, they might have run out the door, maybe they got away or perhaps they were one of the victims lying as dust on the road'.

It was a high possibility. There was a doubt that any of the villagers survived such an attack, without an exorcist present ordinary people had a low survival rate.

No! Think positive. She chastised herself.

Anemone wandered over to the next building then to another. Thus far she had not spotted any akuma or people alike.

'If any people did retreat into the forest that's where the akuma might be as well, then again they may also expect our arrival and spring a trap of sorts'.

Remembering back to her training she could recall Cloud telling her that, those that approach someone with the exorcist uniform is a suspect until proven to be a real flesh and blood human. At the sight of a human her first assumption would never be that it is indeed a human, that person could very well be an akuma so she would use herself as bait to weed out who was friend and foe.

Almost as if on cue Anemone heard something rustling around among a pile of rubble.

From the corner of her eye she could see the Finder cast a nervous gaze over to her, finally with a nod she cautiously walked over to it. Carefully she lifted away some of the broken wood. Her heart leapt when she saw it wasn't human however her expression settled into a relieved smile, "its just a dog" she whispered.

It was a hunting dog, the poor thing must have been frightened being stuck under all of the debris now however it wagged its tail happily as it got out and licked Anemone's hand in a thankful gesture. "I wonder…since he has a good nose maybe he'll be able to lead us to some survivors?"

"It seems like it might be well trained, so maybe…but I cant say for sure" the Finder told her.

"Hmm…" the dog started to sniff the air like it was already in the process of trying to find its master now that it was free to do so, for a moment it seemed completely intent on what it was doing, soon it came outside where it stopped. Its ears twitched as its watchful gaze wandered around then its hackles raised in defense as it made deep rumbling growls at whatever was coming this was. This caused Anemone to prepare itself, if it was hearing akuma machinery then she needed to get ready for a fight.

Oogami became silent, her eyes narrowed.

'Get ready Master' she muttered.

The sounds of trees being ripped from the earth, hitting the ground with a series of loud crashing, before she knew it Level One akuma came upon them. Distantly she could hear Lau Shimin activate and rip through the akuma that were attacking him and his Master.

The Finder hid from view so he wouldn't be a hindrance and out of fear the dog ran back into the house.

The battle has begun.

Oogami Activate!

The black bands slid down her arm and formed into scythes, the black energy like mist swirled around them, one of the akuma blasted away at her. Quickly she dodged the attacks, landing on top of a roof then quickly jumping from there to one of the akuma, in one swift movement she sliced right through it. Landing on it then jumping from it before it exploded into bits, she sliced through the blood bullets that were launched at her before she sliced through another.

La Bestia Mani!

The black bands engulfed her entire lower arm turning into black beast claws. Once formed she grabbed hold of one of the ones and for a second hid behind it as one of the others fired at her, before the akuma she had hold of aimed its cannons at her she tore it in two and used her new arm strength to launch herself at the other. When they grouped together so she would have a hail of bullets coming at her she built up her strength to unleash a strong attack to eliminate them at once.

Sangue Finale!

With one big swipe of her beast claws she unleashed a wave of energy that caused a series of explosions as they became nothing but ash. Landing on her feet she looked around, the ground below soon rumbled as a few level ones unleashed a surprise attack by coming up from the ground. One of the bullets unleashed at her nearly knocked the wind out of her as the force from it hitting the ground nearly launched her from where she had been standing a second ago. Regaining composure she used her beast claws to block a few attacks before she swiped them away and came at her attackers.

She charged and sliced through them in one quick motion.

After minutes within battle the akuma seemed to realize that they were out matched. The remaining level one akuma quickly retreated.

From the corner of her eye could see General Cloud, "there might be a higher level around here somewhere so don't pursue them" she commanded.

Anemone's muscles and energy itched for a chase. During that battle she had felt a whole new level of energy flow through her, the slowness she felt before coming on this mission was completely gone now and it felt good to be alive. Even Oogami seemed overjoyed as she smiled almost wickedly, 'aww…and it was just getting fun too' she cooed softly. Anemone almost nodded in response to this, was being a parasitic type giving her this adrenaline?

Once it was all clear the dog barked a few times before suddenly running off towards the forest, Cloud watched it. "It might have caught the scent of its master" she noted.

"I'll follow him". The finder quickly gave chase after Cloud gave an affirming nod, nonetheless he was also cautious so he wouldn't be killed by akuma as he stealthily followed the animal towards the possibility that it might have found its owner.

The woman looked to Anemone, "we'll stay here until we hear from him".


'Lets hope he doesn't die before then'.

Anemone had to keep herself from wrinkling her nose, Oogami don't worry he's a Finder and there very quick on their feet and smart.

'Still his death is a possibility, don't have to much trust'.

Their comrades I need to have trust in them in order for a mission to be successful.

Oogami didn't respond to this, honestly Anemone never knew why Oogami acted this way. Even though her personality seemed to have more too it then it did many days ago she still seemed pessimistic, causing Anemone the need to prove that there was nothing to pessimistic about. Everyone within the Order was a trustworthy comrade.

Soon a couple of minutes passed. Thus far they didn't hear from the Finder however the both of them were silent as they listened for any oncoming akuma or watched for something that may be threatening.

General Clouds golem made a buzzing sound before the Finders voice could be heard. "General Cloud"


"I followed the dog to its destination. There's a small group of people, a few of them are injured but otherwise alright".

"We'll head to your location".

Anemone felt herself sigh in slight relief, there were survivors that was good. See Oogami?

'Hmm…still we need to see if they are human'.

She sighed, I know.

"Lets go Anemone" Cloud's voice snapped her out of her inner commentary with Oogami, "yes!"

The two rushed into the forest.

Prepared for what may come.

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