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HA! I made this chapter before posting the last one XD Anyway as you can see from the title this one is dedicated to Bak Chang so its his POV. I really dont know if I played the character right since like it says above on the disclaimer I dont own this character, but I did my best while writing this comedic chapter to help me out I watched Type-Moons Carnival Phantasm (yeah the people who created Fate/stay night) . Basically its a day where Bak shows up and admires the girl he likes from afar...and when I mean admire from afar I mean stalk XD So...


Chapter Fifteen


It's a very fine day. Clear blue skies, fresh air, and freedom from his stuffy work place back in Asia Branch. Where it was actually raining heavily, causing boredom for a certain guardian who had decided to bully the Branch Chief with her ability to transform in order to entertain herself, so he had to make run for it or else he would also be tormented by scientists who wanted to tag along like a girl called Lo-Fwa who had become smitten for an Exorcist called Allen Walker. Dealing with these people was exhausting but of course being a great scientist like himself had its challenges. He even had to deal with the fact that a man like Komui Lee became branch Chief of Europe Branch instead of him, of course he handled that news with maturity and grace.

When he first got there, unannounced as always. He disappointedly at first thought that Lenalee Lee, Komui's little sister. Was away on a mission and had not yet arrived however as he roamed the halls he heard her voice.

Music to his ears.

He looked around the corner and saw that she was chatting with the newest Exorcist Anemone Wolf along with a woman called Miranda Lotto, the three looked like they were having a fun time just simply talking to one another.

Bak readied the camera, and became prepared to get some good shots of the cute girl. The only person who knew of his hobby was Allen Walker along with Li Kei who over heard Allen blackmailing Bak by telling him that he would tell Komui about the pictures. If that ever happened Bak would surely be done for.

"Walking in high heels is fun, and I bet Jerry would help you out" Lenalee said with a grin.

Anemone sighed, "I've never walked in high heels before until that one time you helped me…I think I might have to throw in the towel on learning ".

"Practice makes perfect" Lenalee assured.

"Maybe I should give it a try…or maybe I should just keep walking in the same type of shoes….but I should really try….speaking of which I still haven't worn the lipstick Jerry gave me!" Miranda fretted but the two girls calmed her down and continued their conversation. Bak followed stealthily, ready to take a good picture of the beautiful Lenalee.

The trio walked into the library. Enjoying a calm stroll while looking at the books in this almost vast looking room with an equally vast collection, for a moment they stopped and looked at a few things before putting the books back and walking along again, a few times Miranda almost ended up tripping over things.

This is perfect! Bak said as he was about to take a picture.

Then something odd happened, he heard a slight creaking noise making him take the lens from his eye to look up. To his absolute horror a books case toppled over, a book fell off a shelf and hit him over the head, following that book was another and another until he buried underneath. He just barely managed to got his head out of the huge pile allowing him to gasp for air and growl angrily as he tried to wrap his head around this incident. "What happened to you?" the voice came from the Bookman's apprentice, Lavi. He bent down and looked at the Chief of Asian Branch with a curious and amused gaze. "And what's this…a camera?" Lavi was about to grab it but in one swift move Bak snagged it away, "its nothing!" he exclaimed making Lavi wave his hands a bit. "Okay, so are you here to see Chief Komui or something?" he said deciding to move a conversation along, though he could have bothered to help him from under these books, but then it hit him. Clenching a fist he frowned, "Komui… he must have left traps…I wont let him beat me!" there was no way a sister complex weirdo who gypped the chance of becoming head of HQ was going to get in his way. With renewed vigor he busted out of the pile of books and went forward with camera in hand, and leaving a very confused Lavi in the dust.

"The heck was that about?" he muttered confusedly.

Soon enough Bak was back to tailing after the three girls in hopes that he could get at least one beautiful picture of Lenalee, although its hard to say she never is. He thought with a grin.

This time around the girls were walking around near the training ground, it seemed like a couple of Finders were playing a sport they used to play back when they just had ordinary lives.

"May I have a shot at something?" Anemone asked, she seemed rather intrigued in something that didn't look very interesting to Bak then again he was never a sports type of person. I'd probably be very good at it though!

They let her up to bat so she stood at a base plate with the bat in hand. Her eyes looking completely focused on the task, the Finder throwing the ball did the wind up and threw the ball toward her, at the last second it seemed that the girl activated her innocence beast hand mode for some odd reason so when the bat hit the ball, it flew at an incredible speed to the point its nothing but a blur to the human eye. It hit a wall then ricocheted off and went flying to another, meanwhile Anemone seemed absolutely amazed as it went around. Watching this odd display himself Bak almost found the speed dizzying, up until the ball went flying right past his head.

Gawking for a second at the closeness of encounter. After a moment he finally relaxed with a sigh of relief.

Then with a sudden lurch he fell forward as the ball bounced off a wall behind him then hit him the back of the head, causing him to see stars.

"Why did you activate your innocence?" he heard Lenalee inquire.

Anemone giggled, "I thought I would have a better chance of hitting it".

Weakly Bak crawled behind a few crates to hide himself as the girls decided to leave for the cafeteria to possibly talk to Jerry who seemed always know how girls think.

With a groan Bak managed to get up, rubbing the throbbing pain on the back of his head. The great Bak Chan will not be beaten with something like that!

Powering through the pain and slight dizziness he followed after them, as he did he found it kind of strange of the route they were going, it was the long way to the cafeteria rather then the short way. Though Bak wasn't going to think much of it as he kept on following, once they rounded a corner and he shot forward to follow only to be suddenly intercepted by a strong hand grabbing the back of his shirt.

"Who!?" he turned his head to see the face of the enemy.

Much to his shock it was the Head Nurse.

"That's a rather serious head wound" she pointed out.

"Not that serious, I'll just be leaving now". His attempt to escape was futile however as the Nurse looked at him icily.

"You may not be from this branch but it is my duty too take care of the injured".

He waved a hand dismissively, "I'll have Wong take care of it when I get back".

"Leaving it like that might make it worse, take make my job harder!"

Bak's face turned pale from her icy air and close to demonic expression, allowing her to drag him into the medical wing and ignoring his protests.


It took an hour but the Great Bak finally escaped from the evil nurses clutches. He grumbled all the while he was trying to get back to following the three girls, they didn't seem to be in the cafeteria so he ended up going on a wild chase to find out where Lenalee might have gone. Komui…that fiend! He made them take the long way around so he could set a trap for me at the medical wing! But he has underestimated me! A skill I will use when I take the seat of HQ from him! Sure 'The Tea of Truth'(*) didn't work but him being the brilliant man that he is would find another way to obtain what rightfully belonged to him.

"Look ahead and keep your back straight…hmm…maybe you should go for wedge heels first then move on to more difficult ones" a male voice said.

"Sounds good to me" Anemone said.

Bak grinned when he heard the voices and peeked into a room where the girls were and Jerry was among them, helping both Anemone and Miranda out on how to walk in heels, both were having a hard time but the most unbalanced was the clumsy Miranda. Lenalee is so elegant! Bake brought the camera to his eye ready to snap a photo until Miranda fell backward and the shoe went off her flying off her foot and hit Bak over the head. "I'm sorry" Miranda muttered as she tried to get up, Anemone chuckled as she helped the woman out. "Its alright, I can hardly stand on these myself" with that he took off the shoes to put her regular shoes back on.

Meanwhile Bak was laying half dead on the ground. He didn't get it, there was never such a difficult time in his life whenever he took covert photo's but now he was suddenly running into ounces of bad luck. Its alright…just a test of love! The constant cheering himself on was one of the things allowing him to keep going, another thing was Lenalee. And when I finally get a picture I am definitely not sharing any of my collection with that Li Kei! But he knew he had to think it all through, so far he had been hit by a ball because of Anemone and he had been hit by a heeled shoe because of Miranda. I'll have to avoid taking a picture when they are near places with things to throw, and I'll have to avoid things that can fall on me as well, I'll be swift when danger comes my way. Nodding to himself he got up and waited for them to go on the move again.

For a while Jerry was talking to them about other things like cosmetics as well as how Anemone should probably start eating some certain fruits and vegetables to help with her balance and overall health. The girl seemed to take this all in, finally they all decided that they would take some coffee to the Science division since it was around that time that they would start becoming rather sluggish again. So Jerry promised that they would pick up where they left off when they came to the cafeteria to eat.

As the three prepared some coffee and carried them on a cart Bak stayed wary and a good distance away, it was one thing to be hit by objects but he would not allow his face to be burned by hot coffee. When the girls weren't even near cups or any objects able to fly in the air, Bak would choose a safe spot and take a picture then run for it to get the film developed. As the girls entered Section 1 one the science division the guys couldn't look happier with bags under their eyes and a high possibility that they haven't slept in a couple of days or bathed. "How is everyone?" Lenalee asked with a smile.

"We're doing fine we just have all this data to go through" Reever said as he wrote away on some paper before finally putting the pen down and stretching a bit. Lenalee handed him some coffee which he thanked her happily for along with everyone else. "So what's this thing?" Anemone looked up at an object that was covered by a white, it was around ten foot tall more or less. Reever sighed with a shake of his head, "The Chief made it…he dragged it out here earlier then left because he said he needed to grab something" all the other scientists seemed to eye the mystery object with extreme suspicion, Bak was as well.

"Should we sneak a peek?" Johnny asked as he got up to look at it.

"I'd like too but I sort of don't want too either" Reever raised an eyebrow.

"Hmm…" Anemone walked closer to it, everyone held their breath as she reached out for the white sheet to pull off to unveil the mystery underneath. Before she could though Komui came racing in with a smirk on his face and that twinkle of mischief in his eye that made everyone nervous.

What the hell is he doing? Bak wondered irritably.

"All interested in what I have invented?" he smiled wider.

Lenalee sighed, "brother you haven't invented anything dangerous again have you?"

Komui gave a shocked and offended gasp, "of course not! Its new and improved, and it will make work fly by!"

This only made everyone more nervous but Reever inhaled to prepare himself, "what is it?"

In a dramatic motion Komui grabbed the sheet with both hands, "introducing~" dramatic pause for effect then with a big voice he threw the sheet off to reveal that the ten foot object was a robot, "Komlin EX2!"

Everyone's face paled. "You've. Got. To. Be kidding!" Reever grumbled. "And it almost looks exactly like the first one you invented! Except a bit smaller and a different looking body and legs!" Poor Lenalee looked extremely exasperated, "brother…again with Komlin?"

Komui tsk'd

"This one is much different from the others! In fact I have to say all bugs in the previous ones are not present in this one making it superior in every way, its much more durable and not to mention its~" he took some hot water and splashed it on the robot making everyone gasp and cringe but nothing seemed to happen. "Its liquid proof! So we wont be having any issues with coffee, and then there's this". He took some papers he had brought with him when he suddenly appeared, he took one and inserted it into a little slit in Komlin's 'mouth'. After a two second it spit the paper back out and Komui showed off the paper, "insert any paper and it will do whatever command written! Including calculations!" he exclaimed.

Everyone looked legitimately in awe of this, "it actually works!" Johnny said in shock. From there everyone seemed relieved.

"Wow your brother is amazing Lenalee, my father would be his biggest fan" Anemone commented.

Bak gritted his teeth, the divine me is much greater! He thought angrily.

"How about this?" the burgundy haired girl grabbed a piece of paper and inserted it into the slit, within seconds it spit the paper out with all calculation apparently on there causing everyone to seem even more overjoyed at the extra evidence.

Then Komlin EX2 started to act funny, the little light started to blink red, then its head swiveled around as if its trying to find something. Everyone went from happy to afraid. "What's going on with it Chief?" Reever asked.

"I don't know" Komui seemed baffled at the machines odd behavior.

Hmph…! I knew it would fail. When Bak came out of his own thoughts he looked back over to the scene, much to his horror the thing was looking straight at him. How did it find me?

A panel on Komlin EX2 suddenly opened up and revealed that underneath it had missiles of all things, "why does it have missiles?" Reever yelled in alarm.

"Just in case?" Komui chuckled.

"In case of what!?" Reever growled.

Bak's eyes widened as the robot unleashed the attack and all the missiles came straight at him. No, no, no, no, no!


Bak went flying, and if it wasn't enough the vicious thing started to go after him. He managed to land on his feet like a cat and made a run for it, managing to just barely dodge missiles and other flying objects.

Up ahead he saw Allen and following behind him was Link, whom seemed to be talking about something that made Allen sigh exasperatingly. "Oh hi Chief Bak" Allen smiled but quickly frowned when Bak just zipped right past him. "Hmm…? Ah!" Allen saw the robot just in the nick of time to jump and hang on to the railing while Link jumped over it and landed on the other side. Thankfully the robots target seemed to by the Asian Branch head.

"Why are you chasing me!?" Bak yelled as he ran all around the Order trying to make this thing stop, it unleashed more missiles that again sent him flying out a window and into the forest below. After a moment of analyzing the scene the robot calmly went away. Down below Bak was extremely livid.

Spitting out leaves and trying to get himself untangled from branches he finally had enough of this, he would perch outside and find a nice window to take his picture from. "That…was…nothing…the great…me…will not be defeated….by you… KOMUI LEE!"

He didn't know what happened to that robot from there because he stayed outside until the sun was setting and he had the perfect picture setting as he climbed a tree so he had a good view of the cafeteria windows. In all honesty Bak looked like he had gone through guerilla warfare with how messed up his hair and clothes were. It didn't seem like it was all worth it, taking a picture of a girl as cute as Lenalee but no it was bigger then that now, he would not allow himself to be beaten by that man. He suffered embarrassment from when he tried to give him that tea and they all thought it had been his birthday, in the end they gave him strange hair tonic(*). Then there was that time he saved everyone from permanently being slobbering zombies (*), they should have thrown a party for him after that. But no.

Lenalee came into view, sitting across from her was Miranda. The both of them seemed like they had recovered from the Komlin madness.

Once again he brought the camera to his eye to snap a picture. His finger becoming closer and closer to the button, then… someone tapped on his shoulder.

He turned his head furiously, he was about to yell thinking it was someone Komui sent as an agent but much to his shock the one perched on the branch behind him was Anemone Wolf. "Ms. Wolf?"

She smiled. "You don't give up".

His jaw dropped, all this time, he thought that it was Komui plotting against him and it turns out that this girl was the one doing it this entire time. "Wait a minute…that was all you?" he gawked.


"You rigged the bookcase to fall on me? You purposefully hit me with that ball? And the shoe? And the robot? How?"

She nodded on some but then she paused, "well…the shoe was just bad luck for you as for Komlin I had an extra order underneath that other paper. I cant believe you would take covert photo's of Lenalee…" she gave him a disappointed look but then she sighed. "I like to be nice but perverts are a different matter, I thought it was strange that you were following us but I got it once I found out about the camera so I made sure you wouldn't get any. But no worries I wont tell Chief Komui about this".

It still amazed him how she noticed him, she never looked in his direction. Not even a glance. As if she had a second pair of eyes with her or something.

She got up from her crouch position on the tree branch and smiled deviously, causing Bak to become a bit nervous.

What was going to happen now?


I think I went a little far on the robot, Anemone thought a bit anxiously. Komlin EX2 was caught to be put elsewhere so it could be scrapped or redone by Komui whom cried and complained the entire time it had been dragged away. There was also some damage to the building but Reever had said that compared to other times the repair would be a cake walk for them, I caused some trouble during all that but it was all worth it knowing that I prevented yet another guy from doing something weird.

Oogami laughed, which was shocking since she had never laughed much and right now she was laughing a lot. "Did you see his expression? He must have been thinking you have an extra set of eyes!"

In a way I do!

While having some fun girl time with Lenalee and Miranda. Oogami had been the one who spotted Branch Chief Bak, following that she noticed the camera he was carrying around.

The both laughed, Anemone had fun this whole day so she didn't even mind the glances she was getting, "I wonder how long it will take for them to find him?"

Don't know but I left him in an obvious place so Wong or someone else from Asia will find him eventually.

"How about some ravioli with extra marinara sauce Master?"


So Anemone made her way back to the cafeteria after a supposed 'bathroom break', and now she sat back down with the girls to enjoy the rest of this fine day.

Soon enough Bak was finally found by Wong Han whom found him tied up and hanging upside down in a tree for some odd reason. When asked what had occurred to cause him to end up in the situation Bak simply answered.


Then he went home.

Hope you guys enjoyed Bak misery ;) Like I said sorry if the character wasnt quite accurate but its just another area that I will have fun improving in! Oh and when I make references to the actual series made by the actual creator Hoshino Katsura I will have this (*) next to the text and in order from the first to the last one I will explain where it came from.

*'The Tea of Truth' is a tea Bak tried to use to get Komui drunk to reveal concealed thoughts. This story occured in the first DGM Reverse Novel written by Kaya Kizaki on the third chapter which is called 'Bak Chang's Capriccio'.

*Hair tonic, this one also occured during the novel story 'Bak Chang's Capriccio'.

*Zombies, this occured in chapters 159-164 Volumes 16 (last two chapters) and Volume 17 when one of Komui's little creations accidentally turns everyone in the Order into zombies. On chapter 164 it is noted that Bak came over to help with the move and ended up saving the day by making a cure :3

I will make more omakes (I think) and I hope you enjoyed this one!