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Chapter Seventeen


Akuma. Raw materials consisting of machine empowered by Dark matter. Intertwining the tragic souls of the dead to give it more strength to kill thousands more. A world filled with these facts makes you aware of other supernatural things like wandering ghosts, even though that might not be proven much of a fact. Souls still wandering the land not going to heaven nor hell, not until they fulfill what they couldn't in their last moment. Being aware and excepting. However. Doesn't make you less frightened when you finally come across one, standing there face to face.

Standing there near Anemone Wolf was the spectral woman. Her eyes looked mournful, now able to see more clearly it almost looked as if she had tear marks on her cheeks, going from her eyes and streaking downward.

As she stared not even Oogami spoke a word as she looked at the ghost with cat like curiosity.

Finally bringing up the courage Anemone smiled nervously, "um…hi? May I help you with something?"

"Your asking something long dead if you can help it with something?" Oogami spoke with a raised brow.


The woman didn't speak a word. Then she started to mumble something that Anemone couldn't quite understand, so she leaned forward a bit. "Yes?"

"Did my baby make it?" she whispered.

The question took Anemone aback, baby? What baby? Could it be that she had a child and they were both separated from one another before death? But then why ask if it made it? Maybe this woman wanted to know if her child survived the harsh winter the day she herself had died. Quite honestly Anemone didn't know how to answer so all she could do was shrug.

"I'm sorry…but I don't know, I wasn't around at your time".

The woman looked to her mournfully, suddenly she quite literally started to drift away. With alarm Anemone tried to chase after her, "wait a minute!" but she couldn't follow further as the entity went through the wall towards an unknown destination leaving Anemone in a state of shock.

I just saw a ghost! I think….

"I see that Master" Oogami came over until she was beside her, "I have a feeling that this is a legitimate sighting of the paranormal".

No innocence?

She shook her head, "it does not feel like a recording of the past nor does it feel as if she accommodated with an innocence before her death…this human is here on her own accord and power" she explained then she made her usual inquiring expression with a slight frown. "Aren't human souls supposed to go to an afterlife?"

Ghosts come to be when they have unfinished business, at least that's what I heard.

Oogami gave an incredulous expression. "Why care when their dead?"

Because they want their loved ones to be happy, it makes them happy.

She shrugged her shoulders, "anyway perhaps you should get out of here and go to the meeting spot early? Or would you rather keep searching?"

Hmm…I don't want to leave it like this, I want to at least figure out what she meant.

"Do as you please Master, but how do you intend to do this?"

The question made her realize that figuring out such a thing wont be very easy, however she felt determined about this matter so she looked around the church to see if she could find any clues. Disappointedly she wasn't finding much of anything, maybe if I find her house…but this place is a bit big it would take me hours in order to actually pinpoint which is hers! Sitting down with her legs crossed she thought over things until her eyes wandered back over to the door she had walked through earlier. Staring for a moment she finally grabbed a stick and wrapped the top with cloth until it looked like there was enough of it.

Anemone activated the scythe form of her innocence and quickly hit the ground to create sparks against the stone, the sparks were weak until the second strike. Finally they flew and hit the cloth on the hand made torch. Weakly it started burn until it became a dependable flame that would allow her to see in the dark as she went back the way she had come.

Notably it seemed like that church in this town acted as a couple of other things. A place for the sick judging by the row of beds.

Looking at every detail she could hardly believe she had wandered lost not too long ago down here, a few of the beds had corpses on them. Stiff from the cold, some what well persevered from the winters since the stone trapped the cold only a few have turned to dust from age, looking at them only gave her tragic thoughts of what it must have been like to be left behind.

Moving forward she discovered that a few slight dips in the ground were from roughly made fire pits to keep the room warm for everyone.

When the flames in these pits went out the sick and helpless were trapped in agonizing darkness, waiting for their demise to come and take their souls away to the after life. They weren't lonely since there were others like them within this cold room but, they still felt abandoned, a much worse feeling then loneliness. Did a few of them have hope that they would be found again?

Anemone found the way she had come from but instead of going that way she headed towards another part of the hospital like area. The room she came too was big, the walls saturated with the smell of herbs used long ago, a few of these herbs seemed to have found cracks in the ground allowing them to root and flourish in a place once full of death. Her feet led her to one particular bed.

Feeling hesitant as first she pulled back the covers slightly, though there was only dusty remains of the one who once slept there. Before back away she heard a noise.


Looking down she saw that it was a leather bound book, when she picked it up and took a closer look at it she realized that this wasn't just any book. It was a dairy.

Opening it up she saw that the words were written by a very elegant hand.

Xth. Day X

I can feel it! The child within me feels healthy, I believe it will be a girl at least that's my intuition. My husband says he feels like it will be a girl as well and the both of us cant wait until she is born. This place can be a bit rough in the winter but I always found the snow comforting, its like god is laying down a fluffy blanket on the Earth to give it comfort.

Anemone blinked. Well she found a woman's dairy but there was no really way of telling if this indeed belonged to the ghost woman she had seen earlier. So she kept on reading.

XXth. Day X

Only another month according to the doctor, but.

My husband died not long ago, a mining accident, the earth swallowed him up along with many others. There's another mine but this will drag life down quite a bit for many people, and my chest hurts so much. However I will do my best. My child wont have a father but I want to make sure she has a mother.

XXXth. Day X

She's finally born! It was rough and it hurt a lot and left my body very weak but now I get to hold her in my arms and tell her I love her very much. Its funny me and my husband were right, it was a girl and she will be named Sophie. After his mother. Unfortunately I wont be able to get out of here for a while, my body is in bad health at the moment but once I am recuperated me and Sophie can go home and start our lives together as a happy family.

I hope I will be able to do a good job. I can ask more experienced mothers for advice but still I'm nervous. However I promised by darling that I would take care of her as best I can, and love her twice more for him.

The writing seemed shaky and it got just a tad worse as the writing went on. As if her weakened body was so weak to the point moving a finger was a chore, but as she read a bit more she found out the other reason for why the writing was becoming a bit sloppy.

XXXth. Day XX

Supplies are becoming scarce since the mine isn't providing much, even here I can see the problems. Holding on to Sophie and singing her lullaby's is my only source of comfort, as well as praying I don't know if their heard but I still like talking to my husband in heaven.

XXXth. Day XX

There has been bad news. A huge blizzard is coming, its very big and with the lack of supplies. No one will be able to survive it, everyone will end up snowed inside their homes and will run out of basic necessities in time….the mayor is figuring things out for now I'll just sleep.

XXXth. Day XX

It only took a day to figure it all out. The people will evacuate before the storm hits and seek shelter at a nearby town that's bigger then this one and has much more to provide, the path has some snow and the wind is chilly. The sick and a few elderly wont be able to make it, so we'll be left behind.

I'm so sick still from the birth. I know I wont make it, my baby deserves better. Why should she have to die? I want her to have a loving family but I am so sad that I might not be in the picture! I'm breaking my promise right here and now. As I beg them to take her.

"Please take her" she looked up at the doctor with pleading eyes. His eyes mournful with a mixture of shock as he looked to her.

"But…" she interrupted him before he could say anything more.

Her eyes were narrowed with determination, despite all the tears running down her cheeks. "She. Deserves. To live! Please take her away to somewhere safe! I don't care if I die, I will be happy to know she is going to live a happy life…please!" the tears seem to come down in torrents as she begged.

The doctor seemed hesitant then he finally nodded, and offered his arms.

Smiling with relief she looked down one last time at the small little life she brought into this world, she hugged her one last time. "I love you…good bye I'll be watching over you from heaven…." then she allowed the doctor to take the child.

She almost wanted to jump out of the bed and run after them, she was afraid to be alone. But she knew that she would only fall weakly to the ground, so she continued to cry sorrowfully as her child became farther and farther away from her.

Anemone almost wanted to stop reading. She was sad when her mother died, but she could still only imagine the sadness this woman had felt when she decided to let her child go. Forcing herself to read on it explained how the last days of herself and the other sick were like.

The flames from the fires going out one by one as they ran out of fuel, the rumbling gusts of wind and the harsh blizzard came and swallowed the town, freezing those who had been left behind and destroying everything it possibly could making the life the people once knew a thing of the past. Mournful sounds of the sick slowly died down until the woman felt as if she was the only one left.

XXXth. Day XX

The fire will be going out soon so this might be my last entry. I hope my child and all those people made it to safety. Only one question torments me.

Did my baby make it?

That was the last entry in the journal. Closing the book Anemone could only feel an ache inside her chest.

This woman was indeed the same person as the ghost woman and she was asking a question she has been asking for many years now. All she wanted was to hear the word 'yes'.

"Mothers…take good care of their offspring…don't they?" Oogami asked in an almost whisper.


Anemone set the journal down on the old pillow of the bed and bowed her head, "your baby did make it…I know she did" then she left, the air almost feeling warm after saying those words.

As she walked out of the darkened room much to her shock Allen and Link entered. Allen looked a bit surprised to see her there, "hi Anemone…how did you get here?" Allen inquired.

Anemone sighed, "I was walking and…. The ground under me collapsed and I ended up down there" she indicated towards the entryway behind her.

"Eh! Are you okay?" he asked with concern.

"Yes I am. Thus far I haven't found anything though" she told him with a grin. She was lying she knew that but trying to tell them what had happened might be a tad bit difficult even though they seemed to have ghost encounters or zombie encounters. I want to find that baby…I want to be sure that she made it just like the woman hoped for and I want to find her too so I can help her move on.

"Master that would be difficult. Tracking genealogy would take a bit of work, and besides what if the child didn't make it? You would only be disappointed. What counts it that you know more about her, that journal and finding that place…is a journey for someone else to go on, you were only the observant".

She wanted to do something. But Oogami was right as always.

"I haven't found anything thus far either" Allen admitted while rubbing the back of his neck.

"It seems like the stories might just be that, extremes in weather can cause hallucinations and with this towns history I'm sure there would be many claimed ghost encounters" Link said matter-of-factly. Allen seemed to slightly agree and Anemone only nodded to pretend that she was.

All three of them decided to head back and meet with Marie, after about two hours of more searching it was concluded that there was nothing there unfortunately. At least this place was clear of innocence and Akuma, if you looked at it on the positive side of things.

Once they were back at the starting point they walked out of the wagon and started to head for the church to request a gate. Anemone thought just couldn't stop thinking.

I wonder…when will she move on?

"I don't know Master, only time can tell. Someday she might realize its time to go".

With a slight nod Anemone started to head inside the church, but then she suddenly stopped. Within the crowd talking to some friends dressed in baby blue was a woman who looked an awful lot like the ghost woman except more lively with more color but still just as beautiful like an angel. She seemed rather happy as she spoke to friends and possibly standing beside a lover, after standing in front of a shop for a moment they all walked away and towards an unknown destination within this town.

Slowly a smile crept on Anemone's face.

I have a feeling that the baby lived a happy life, now offspring are enjoying life as well.

Tearing her eyes away she quickly rushed inside.

More then ready to go home herself.


A world blanketed in white, feet sinking into it as you walk.




Looking down upon a long abandoned town, again this year it will be blanketed by snow again, but it will never be forgotten.

An abrupt and possibly unresolved ending. But in life sometimes we are merely there to observe and learn while others are the ones fated to solve a certain problem and fix things. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this chapter, am going to do a bit more planning to determine what to do next.