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The room was dark but the child knew where everything was located. After all this was her parents room, she had many times run to this place when something scared her at night. Humming lightly she tried to find some glue to help her with her childish project of art, moments of thought made her think that perhaps it was located in a drawer. Mother wont mind if she looked in a drawer right?

Her eyes lit up when she felt something at the bottom of her mothers drawer filled with her precious clothes, when her tiny hands managed to catch hold of it she dragged it out and carefully observed the item. A simple box. Etched on it were elegant flowers, along with a name she didn't recognize. Not her mothers but still very beautiful, definitely a girl's name. Undoing the little latch the child peeked inside the box, within it were a few miscellaneous items, among them was a photo. Curiosity caused her to observe the photo carefully.

All attention was taken away when her mother entered the room looking a bit troubled when she saw what her daughter was looking at. The mother struggled to pull up a smile as she took the box away. It was the first time Anemone saw such a sorrowful look on her mother's face.

Chapter Eighteen


Lazily looking towards a photo within a small frame, Anemone wondered if she should have brought more photo's though she could guess that her father had plenty that he would take with him if he ever came to the Order. She didn't doubt that he would but god only knows how long it will take him. She knew what kind of record he had so it might be tough to convince everyone, for now she could only keep her fingers crossed.

Shaking her head lightly she closed her book to get up deciding that she would like to walk around the building, see who would like assistance and find people to talk to.

However for a moment she ceased to look to her sisterly figure, "hey Oogami?"

"Yes Master?" she floated over to her Master's side so it was almost as if she were standing beside her like a living person.

"I always say I like everyone here, but…what you precisely think of everyone here? I might have asked before but I'm not too sure" Anemone looked to her curiously as she spoke up this question. The innocence seem to mull this question over in her mind before answering.

"You talk to them more then me since I cant really do such a thing. I can only observe, therefore all I can really say is that their alright thus far, I neither like or dislike them. I'll praise them for virtues but never really sigh upon vices they have, I will warn you about such things though to assure your safety since I am after all here to help" she replied in her elegant manner that made her seem sagely.

Anemone could only nod as a response as she rolled the answer around her mind in turn. Her companion seemed to remark upon faults of people, especially back at her old home but here she hasn't really said anything bad about anyone. I wonder what she would say if she could talk to everyone? Suddenly she found it kind of sad, Oogami must want to talk to other people once in a while right?

"Your good enough company Master, besides if I talked to them what would I say to them?" she gave a light knowing smile that actually didn't do much to make Anemone feel better but she accepted her words with a smile of her own.

Her hand reached for the door so she could head out and into the halls, the building would feel vast no matter how many times she walked through them. High ceilings, nice floors, and from the outside the building was just as incredible. Father would absolutely love this place, she thought. Her dad told her a few stories about the old days when he was around her age, once he went to a very fancy building, such as this one. Too bad he had to keep his business secret from the people walking around, such knowledge was only meant for the higher ups.

A sudden thought hit her that almost made her groan. I hope dad is eating well…hmm…I wonder if he forgot anything important like his reading glasses….ugh….

Gregory Wolf was a sure of himself man that acted rather odd from time to time but there were times that if his head wasn't attached he would forget about it, he also seemed to think instant food was sufficient enough. She knew he could cook, but he never bothered to actually do it.

Oogami lightly chuckled at her worries, "your father will be fine".

"I hope so…." Anemone muttered.

"What's wrong Anemone?"

The voice of a male caused her to jump in alarm, when she had a firm grasp on her heart she turned to look to see who it was. Allen and Link with Tim perched on Allen's head like a gold canary.

Anemone blinked back surprise with her cheeks turning a light pink from slight embarrassment. "Hi guys, um…I was thinking about things back at my old home and I accidentally spoke aloud" she explained.

Allen smiled, "oh okay" he rubbed his right eye a little, possibly in an effort to make himself wake up.

Anemone averted the attention from herself to Allen, "your hair is still messy" she stated as she automatically pushed a few white strands to the side, "why didn't Link say anything?"

Link sighed exasperatingly, "I did".

"Guess I didn't hear you" Allen admitted as he tried to fix his bed head.

She looked to him worriedly, sometimes it was almost as if Allen didn't get enough sleep, like he was being kept awake by something. Thoughts swirling like a storm to prevent you from having a decent night's sleep, Really she couldn't really imagine being kept awake by thoughts, she herself never really had problems sleeping. "Be sure not to push yourself, take a nap if there's not much to do".

At first he seemed a bit surprised but then he pulled up a smile that seemed to have a hint weariness in it, "thanks I will".

"And you be sure not to push him around so much" she told Link whom addressed the remark calmly.

"I'm only supervising".

The white haired male made a face, "he just happens to make me answer 100 page questionnaire among other things" he muttered.

The two glared at each other for a moment, funnily enough even though Link worked under probably the most loathed person in the Order and had many good reasons as to why he is loathed. Link seemed to be a nicer person and perhaps was even becoming a very good friend to everyone in the Order even Allen, though they still seemed at odds.

Anemone smiled happily. "I'm going to the library to find a good book, maybe I'll see you in the cafeteria".

"Alright Anemone" Allen grinned.

After leaving the two behind she wondered what book she really wanted, genre wise she could pretty much read anything as long as it was interesting. Anemone could always go for something that talked about plants but maybe something different would be fun. Upon arrival there she had to admire its size, the science department depended on some of these books to help them when they were writing down statistics and research among in their never ending quest to find everything out possible on innocence. With all those papers stacked on their desks, the quest might well be never ending, thank goodness Lenalee was around to supply those poor men with coffee.

Slowly walking down rows she carefully observed each subject, other then science there was also history, and regular stories from authors. One time she even read Alice in Wonderland, that was a pretty interesting novel.

Her eyes stopped on a history book that looked interesting, no doubt someone like Lavi probably knew this book front to back.

She grabbed it, noting that it was extremely heavy before taking it to a table to look at it. History was fascinating but she wasn't extremely interested in it like she was interested in flowers. Learning about what people did in the past, and learning what's going on in the present could feel like repeats of the past. Anemone never really read newspapers though since they could be rather depressing. Even her father who liked to read the articles now and then at the dinner table seemed troubled sometimes by the going's on in different countries.

"Humans and their foolish battles, caused by their greed and unspecified fear's" Oogami sighed as she looked over her shoulder.

But they fight back to protect those precious to them.

"They wouldn't have to fight to begin with if only they knew their place".

Anemone was slightly taken aback by this, suddenly she wondered if Oogami looked down at humans. Was all innocence like this?

Pushing the conversation aside she continued to read.

Along with the information it also had pictures, some photos and others hand drawn depictions that were pretty detailed for being simply done with ink. Each page was pretty thin making her realize that even if the time hasn't seemed much humans have made much progress over the years, the pictures told a story of their own as well.

Flipping to another section it talked about a war that happened many years ago. After reading a little she flipped the page.

Her arm seemed to lock in place upon seeing a picture.

An ink drawing of men being shot by the enemy.

Anemone's eyes focused on one of the victims of gunfire, his knees hitting the ground as his life drained way from his body, he seemed like he was only a young man. Still not old enough for certain things like alcohol or growing a beard. What had he been protecting?

Like two magnets being repelled Anemone tore herself away and slammed the book shut. Her stomach turned wretchedly and it felt as if her head was about to explode.

Tears welled up in her eyes a little as she closed them, she hadn't blinked the entire time so now her eyes were watering a little.

Was I daydreaming? It felt like that time when mom stared at the picture I found as a child.

A weird mix of emotions dawned on her before being numbed away, something came upon her but she wouldn't be able to figure it out. The thought of not grasping it made her feel rather mournful.


Oogami came to her side and spoke to her gently, "Master? You told Allen and Link you'd see them in the cafeteria, why don't we go there?"

Anemone blinked out of her slight daze before grinning, "yeah". Without a second glance to what had caused her daze, as if it didn't exist she left and went back into the halls to grab some food however she slowed down and looked to a window. Oddly it almost felt like a wistful gaze. Inside her brain it felt like something had lodged itself in so her mind felt blocked off, no matter how much she struggled to grab hold of it to observe it, the wall would come down. Blocking her from her effort. If she cant grab hold, then what is the use of trying to obtain it?

"What's wrong?" Oogami came to her side to gaze to her before looking to the window has well.

For a moment she didn't answer then slowly she began to form the words in her head. Last night I had a dream of something I forgot.

"Oh?" the phantom looked to her with interest.

When I was five, I was doing what most kids did and since I never had friends, I always had to think of something. On that day it was an art project of sorts that included gluing different color paper together, I looked everywhere for the glue. Then I remembered that my mom had it once so I looked in my parents room, I found a box. I don't remember the name carved into it but it was a very beautiful box. When I looked inside I saw different kinds of little things, including a photo, of course I never saw many people at that time and so they were unrecognizable to me. My mom soon came and took it away from me, at that time she looked so sad, I think I even saw her hands shake as she gripped on to it. After that she told me to never go through her things again, so I forgot what I had seen and went about my usual activities. Anemone stopped, her chest hurt.

Over and over again she tried to say she could do it, move past everything but in the end she couldn't help but mourn her failure as she thought sadly of her mother's death. A year after that had occurred she came to realize something after she bought things from town.

She had died all alone.

No one there to comfort her or hold her hand. Nothing to distract her from what was coming. No one to talk to.

If her father dies she would end up dying alone as well. That alone felt like the embodiment of fear, dying and no one will mourn.

Sometimes she wished she had stayed with her mom the entire time even if she caught what she had. But then again that would have been incredibly selfish of her, wouldn't it?

Almost feeling lost in her own mind she almost didn't notice Oogami coming closer, and in a kind motion she patted her on the head and gently smiled. "Like you said to that child, a part of her will always be with you Master, besides a mother's first instinct no matter what species is to protect the offspring, if you had stayed she would have died an even more sorrowful death".

Anemone pondered this for a minute, as always surely she was right. In the end whether she was comforted or not, whether it made her heart hurt less or not the fact was that Oogami was trying to make her feel better even though she makes rather cold remarks and seems to observe humanity as being a simple creature, in the end she could be a kind hearted being. That was enough to make her smile.

Thanks' Oogami.

What had happened with the book had practically been cleared from her mind at this point replaced with other emotions within her mind, even if there was a failure waking up everyday counted for something right? She'll wake up then she'll do whatever comes to mind first, even though she didn't feel like doing it. Even if she felt as if she didn't have the strength, somehow she would manage. Soon enough the failure will be blurred by success's until it was erased. With happiness coming back to her, the aching heart went away allowing her to feel at ease as she smiled, wake up everyday and do your very best. Do your best to protect everyone.

Anemone drew in a breath, letting in the sight of the dazzling sun as it brought light to the trees outside.

She cheerfully turned away, lets go to the cafeteria and get a nice big meal! Pasta with lots of marinara sauce and roasted tomato's!

"Yes Master" Oogami smiled and followed along seeming to be rather happy that Anemone was happy again.

When Anemone reached the doors of the cafeteria she still had a cheerful grin on her face, her mind imagining Link scolding Allen for whatever reason and Allen trying to ignore as he happily ate a mountain of food that Jerry had happily made. The other's might be there as well.

Expecting a peaceful scene she opened the door.


Anemone's eyes looked to see what had hit the wall about an inch from her head. A fork.

Both her and Oogami looked at the scene, once again Allen and Kanda were fighting. Lavi held a nervous smile as he tried to hold the raven hair samurai back and keep him from slicing the other to bits while Link angrily held Allen back from slicing Kanda to bits. "Walker calm down!" he shouted.

Allen ignored him, "stupid Kanda!" He growled.

"Come and say that to my face Beansprout!" Kanda spat.

Lavi chuckled nervously, "come on Yu calm down".

"Don't call me that!"

Everyone else was doing their best to ignore them despite the very obvious nervousness, meanwhile both girls could only star at the very familiar scene. Sad as it is to say it would mostly likely be very discomforting to not see them fight, on some level they got along but by this time it was quite amusing to see them doing this, like two brothers going at it over something trivial. Shaking her head lightly at her own thoughts the innocence and master spoke in unison.


If there's one thing that came out great was when I went to this half price book store I found the first volume of the Spice and Wolf light novel! I've been meaning to read it for a while now ever since I read some of the manga, I still need to see the anime though.