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Chapter Nine


Watching mother tend to the garden was a precious time. The sun making her long beautiful hair shimmer like a red gem, oh how joyous was it to watch the roses bloom under her care…however in my life there was a time when it wasn't so much fun and that was after she had walked the stairs to heaven.

"You know basic defense however your movements are a bit sluggish, stretching helps the muscles" Cloud informed Anemone as she did leg and arm stretches. According to Cloud she had some good speed but compared to what she would need she was actually slow and her strength was a bit low. If she had known all of this before she wouldn't have been so confident walking to and from home through the forest. Well it was basic defense and it wasn't like one was given defense-against-akuma training. Anemone could literally feel her muscles stretch and the feel of her bones popping was a bit uncomfortable.

"Focus on working out your muscles, now kick". Cloud was having her go against a practice dummy, commanding her to switch from kicks to punches and before she knew it an hour had passed. "Alright you can stop". Anemone stopped and sat down, her heart was racing from the physical activity it wasn't use to and her body was tired.

"Training your body is important especially for an Exorcist who is a parasitic type. If you don't train your body well enough and you go against a tough opponent and are pushed to your limits then the after effect will be more painful for you. If such a thing happens you'll find that this training has paid off for you, now tomorrow you will learn new stretches and practice on the dummy again".

Anemone nodded at what Cloud said.

Yesterday she had learned that in a couple of days her head might be fully healed enough that she could spar and do more strenuous activity without worrying about her head bleeding all over again. Today however she learned that she needed to train her body first then she could learn combat, and train her innocence. An Exorcists training took time, it wasn't like they became a good soldier right off the bat, it took a lot of effort and work. Knowing this was different from doing it.

Wow…I never realized how out of shape I was until now.

Oogami sighed, "you should have exercised more".

Walking is good exercise, but then again that just works the lower body.

After a moment of trying to catch her breath Anemone got up and bowed to General Cloud, "thank you I will take a break" she said politely before leaving. Honestly she wanted to just drop there and sleep on the ground rather then wash up and get dressed in different clothes and out of her sweaty training clothes. But she kept right on walking like a zombie, her legs didn't feel attached to her body anymore.

Once she made it to her room she took a hot shower, then she dried off and combed her hair then put on her casual wear. A green dress with a white pinafore, white socks with dark green shoes that almost appeared to be black, after ward she put her red rosette earrings back on.

Finally she sat down at a chair with a relieved sigh.

The hot shower hitting her tired muscles had helped immensely to the point she had almost not wanted to come out and now all she wanted to do was sit her room until the next day came however her growling stomach kept right on pestering her. "Ugh…stop it I don't want to move anywhere right now you know?" Her stomach growled louder in response causing her to groan.

"Telling it to stop doesn't work" Oogami chimed.

"I know" she chimed back.

Going to the cafeteria to greet everyone and eat Jerry's amazing food sounded good but she wanted a minute of zero body movement so her body could quickly adjust to the activity she had just gone through. Actually being tired at this moment brought back a few memories causing her to sigh from her still ever present home sickness. "Will I ever get over it?" she asked herself. She had moments of being perfectly fine until she stopped and thought about a myriad of things that reminded her of home and the moments she had at home.

"Sadness of any form doesn't go away right away, the moments your not sad will become longer and longer but there will be times when it does come back to you. When your father finally decides to come your moments of home sickness will decrease but you will still be thinking of home even then" Oogami said sagely.

The words of wisdom made her smile, "thanks Oogami".

"No problems Master".

Anemone for a moment stared at her room, it felt more like home now that she has had the time to make it more comfortable. Turning around on her chair she faced the desk and set her elbows on the surface, her eyes wandering as she observed things she wanted to do with the room. However she didn't want to upset anyone so she would ask before doing anything that might sound out there.

Her eyes landed on a picture.

Staring a moment before picking it up, a smile spread across her face.

"Mom". The words felt gentle on her lips as she looked at the picture of a smiling woman, perhaps an older version of her but Anemone would say her mom was way more beautiful, like a goddess blessing the earth with her presence.

It came to her suddenly, "house plants!"

"Hmm?" Oogami gazed to her master curiously, obviously this was one of the thoughts she didn't catch.

"House plants will definitely make this feel more comfortable" she explained.

Oogami understood, "yes you do feel most comfortable with some sort of plant in the room".

"Yeah…you know…its funny I didn't garden with my mom much, I actually enjoyed watching more…but that's a child for you" she chuckled at the memories flowing into her mind like a melody.


The sun shined upon the earth gloriously feeding the children rooted to the ground as a woman graciously moistened the soil with water to hydrate the roots that helped them live. The woman's face was an elegant heart shape with fair skin and cerulean blue eyes that were deeper then any ocean, her long hair that fell past her hips that was red like roses and shimmered like a jewel. This woman always wore dresses that added emphasis to her elegant and tall figure but allowed her freedom to move like a dancer.

"Mama! The flowers are pretty!" a small child of five exclaimed happily as she sniffed a rose.

The mother giggled. "Of course with water and the help of Mr. Sun these children are happy and say thanks for the care".

Little Anemone grinned as she sat cross legged on the ground even though the dirt was wet from the water, "happy children!" she piped.

Giggling again her mother looked to the flowers with almost a wistful smile, "yes…sweet heart happy children" the last part was whisper.


Blinking her eyes she smiled at the memories. "I wonder if they have a garden here? Or maybe I can get some pots and seeds?" she got up and stretched to relieve the aches a bit before she decided she would go and get some food then go on a mission to see if she could get some potted plants in her room.

Walking from her room she could still feel that her muscles were stiff but they didn't ache as much signaling that they had somewhat recovered from the sudden exercise routine, soon she knew that such things would be non-existent. "What kind of plants will you get?" Oogami asked.

Anemone didn't quite know what plants she would get, but perhaps primroses would be a good start.

When she made it to the cafeteria she ordered a bunch of food from Jerry who happily had it all cooked up and she was given a cart to haul it all over to a table. Before leaving she asked Jerry a question. "Jerry out of curiosity is there a garden here? Or something of the sort?"

"Yes there is! Its good to help the people relax and I also have a few things growing there to get some good fresh produce, nothing more good then home grown!" he answered happily. This made Anemone grin happily, "awesome, thanks Jerry!" she bowed politely then left with her food and sat down at a table to eat her food. If I cant have potted plants I can just visit the garden, she thought happily as she ate her huge pile of food. Hmm…I wonder if I can tend to it as well.

"Morning Anemone". Looking up she saw that it was a guy with orange hair and an eye patch, his name is Lavi and behind him was a very short old man with heavy black eye makeup that made him look like a panda. This man was Bookman.

"Hi you guys, what's up?"

Lavi chuckled, "Yu almost chopped my head off again".

Bookman called Lavi and idiot under his breath but Lavi ignored this and Anemone shook her head, "let me guess you called him Yu?"

"Yup! On a day when he's in a bad mood too" Lavi said with a grin as if he doesn't mind the fact that he almost died by the sword of Yu Kanda, the person you should never call by his first name.

"Maybe it's a good idea not to annoy him" Anemone suggested.

"Nah…its fun, just like calling Allen Bean sprout".

Anemone sighed and decided to move the subject elsewhere, "by the way do you guys know if we can have things like potted plants in our rooms?"

"Don't see why not, me and Old Panda's room is filled with books and news papers. You can hardly see our floor most of the time" he said. Bookman looked annoyed at the fact that Lavi called him Panda and smacked him over the head. "Ow! What was that for you old codger?"

"Stop calling Panda you immature brat!" Bookman growled.

The two glared at each other making Anemone look to one and the other nervously, "um…thanks for telling me" she said then she moved to a different spot so they could sort out whatever needed sorting without her getting involved in it.

After moving to a different spot she quickly ate the rest of her food before cleaning up the piled up trays and bowls then handing it to kitchen staff so they could wash the dishes. In the corner of her eye she could see that the two weren't arguing anymore and were now calmly eating, saying things that she couldn't quite discern, a different language perhaps? On the other hand it was none of her business on what they were talking about so she shrugged and headed to Komui's office.

When she got there. Komui was not present. Observing the place, it was messy as always. Papers stacked on the desk and papers scattered on the floor, some attempts to clean it was obvious but this person in question got side tracked by something. Tilting her head a bit she decided that she should leave and find someone who could answer her question, yes Lavi answered but she needed a second opinion to assure to herself that it was alright.

"Have you seen Chief Komui?"

"No I haven't…sorry".

Looking to the direction of the voices Anemone spotted Assistant Fey talking to a Finder and smiled, "Ms. Fey!"

Her eyes darted in Anemone direction and briskly walked over to her, "have you seen Chief Komui?" she asked.

Anemone rubbed the back of her neck, "sorry no…"

Fey gave an exasperated sigh, "I took my eyes off of him for a second and he disappears, sometimes I have no idea how he does it. We're busy with documents, doesn't he know he's backing things up?" she muttered the last part looking a bit stressed but she tried to keep her appearance as a professional woman despite tracking down a notorious procrastinator. "Anyway Ms. Wolf is there something you need?"

"Um… well I was wondering if it was okay to have potted plants in our rooms?"

Fey nodded, "yes you may get some seeds from the garden" she answered quickly. "If you see Chief Komui on your way there tell him he needs to get back to work".

"Will do" Anemone said obediently. "Would you like me help you search?"

"That's alright I'll find him eventually". With that Fey left for the Science Section to keep going on her search for Komui.

He might be back at the cafeteria talking to Komui, she thought.

"Let Fey and Reever handle this matter, just go to the garden" Oogami said. When Anemone hesitated Oogami rolled her eyes, "just go".

"Alright" she sighed before continuing to the garden. Which took a while to find, she had to ask a few people where it was before she finally made it there. Instantly when she entered she felt herself relax, her breathing calmed and her body relieved of any noticeable pains, the place smelled wonderful and everything was well lit. I should start out with a primroses, then maybe I'll get some rosemary or perhaps lavender? She thought over what plants she could have in her room and would grow properly, her room got sun in the mornings but it might not be efficient enough. I can always bring the pot here if I feel there isn't enough sun getting to it. Walking over to someone she asked if she could have a small pot and some primrose seeds, the person happily obliged and gave the go ahead if Anemone ever wanted to come and help tend to the garden.

I feel so happy… if I get lavender then I will have peaceful nights of sleep every night, her mind wandered again as she looked down to the flowers with a smile on her face. Happy children…right mom? Oppressing a giggle she lightly touched the leaf of a flower.

Her memory of the first time she had decided to tend to the garden came to her. Those days she started, she had been tired a lot…in so many ways.


Anemone now almost nine years in age. Stared out the window of her room, looking down at the remnants of the garden that once bloomed gloriously, now filled with feelings of poignant despair as the realization came that her mother had died four months ago. Her sickly body moved to the hospital, the room sterilized to assure that the sickness would not touch neither her or father. Now she was gone. Unable to spend her last minutes and seconds with family because of the fear of it spreading, even the funeral was lonely. Only a few people from town came. However in the end it was just her and her father who muttered that it all had been inevitable.

Words not for the ears of the young.

Since then she hasn't done much. She tried her best to do chores, she tried her best to cook, she tried her best at everything so she could take things off of her fathers shoulders, but they still didn't say much to each other.

She assumed she deserved this.

Wandering down stairs, she felt that all was monotone. Once everything felt full of life but the walls of their home felt duller then usual, the furniture looking rather plain and food felt bland on the tongue. Her feet soon carried her to the garden, the flowers had long since died, possibly mourning the absence of the one who had for so long taken care of them. Anemone frowned and sat down, staring at them in a glassy eye manner. Looking up to the windows of her home she saw her room and soon she spotted the window to her fathers room, whom as of now had locked himself in the basement for two days and was still locked away.

For almost an hour she sat and stared before finally lifting her head. "I'm going to take care of the garden" she determined.

From then on she had started to tend to the garden, getting seeds for flowers to replace the dead ones. She pulled the weeds and used a hoe to grab the more difficult ones, using all the muscles a girl her age could possibly muster. Often falling over roughly on her back. Shaking her head she started to use other gardening tools to make the soil less rough, then she planted the seeds and waited.

Sprouts would come but no matter how much she would water them and assure the sun fed them, they would die. So she started to process all over again.

It rained heavily and drowned the new spouts, so she tried again.

Some wouldn't sprout at all so she would grab a book and try to figure things out.

New sprouts came out of the ground and she carefully planned a way to prevent them from drowning as rain clouds threatened to bring heavy rain, "I can do this…" she whispered as she covered the ground with protective sheets, "plants need to be planted properly, good soil, water but not to little or much, sun to give it nutrients, and someone good to watch over them" she whispered to herself like a charm. Determined to protect these newly sprouting flowers, first the rain came. Anemone smiled triumphantly as the sheets protected the sprouts effectively, however her cheer of success was washed away when a wind picked up and started to blow a few sheets away. Anemone snatched them and would try to lay them back down only for another sheet to start flying off, each and every time this happened she would run to grab them.

Anemone by this time was sopping wet and trembling. I cant stop…mama wouldn't…and dad…I want him to be happy! I want him to be happy with me!

The ground was starting to become over damp from the rain threatening to possibly kill the new plants.

The happiness her father had evident on his face as he watched his wife tend to the garden was something Anemone yearned for, she wanted this garden to bloom gloriously like it use too.

All of this was becoming to much for a child to bear though, Anemone sniffled as tears threatened to flow down her cheeks. Why cant I do this?

Maybe I'm not good at all?


This thought struck her like a bolt of lightening and caused her to stop, she fell to her knees, slowly tears flowed down her cheeks. Wailing sorrowfully over her shortcoming, she sat there allowing the wind to blow the sheets away until she finally calmed down, hiccups causing her to choke on her tears. She looked around. Seeing the sheets that had been caught up in things, along with that she saw some rocks laying about and that's when an idea came. Nodding she decided she wouldn't give up just yet.

I'll keep trying!

She fetched the sheets and hunted down some rocks to hold down the corners, when she had successfully done this she watched over the garden assuring to herself that nothing bad would happen with her not being present. The whole night through the storm she stayed outside using an extra blanket to cover herself, when finally morning came and the storm stopped, Anemone got up and took off the sheets. The child was a mess now. Her hair tangled, her body cold and wet, as well as being covered in mud with possibly a few scrapes and bruises.

Rubbing her tired eyes she started to walk back to the house until she spotted her father, swiftly she found a good hiding place and observed her father from afar. He looked tired himself, possibly because he had been working himself to death as usual. Bending down he examined the ground, "looks like a storm hit" he whispered. He soon noticed some new plants were going to grow in the garden, in a month or two they might become full grown flowers.

For a moment he stared at the sprouts till finally a small smile came upon his lips.

This made Anemone smile and following that. Cry.

And that very night she might have caught a slight cold. But she didn't care.

She was happy.


She felt bad for a lot of things, but she felt happy over the achievements and aimed to be good at a lot of things so her father didn't have to be so worried. Now she was far from the garden she had vowed to always look after, someday if I go home…I'll make the roses bloom again. She shook her head to keep herself from crying and took the things from the person she had asked if she could have a pot and seeds from. Looking to the two items a warmth spread throughout her body, the familiarity of fresh soil and the new start that was nestled within the seeds about to be planted.

"Thank you" she bowed politely to the person and instead of leaving right away she decided she would hang out for a bit in this little paradise. For a couple of minutes she relaxed before something odd caught her eye. A bush that seemed to have suddenly gotten extra leaves on it. Squinting her eyes she noticed that those leaves twitched.

Taken aback she walked over to it and looked closer, suddenly the crap was scared out of her when Komui's head popped out. "Ah!"

"Shhh! I'm hiding from Fey" Komui said.

"I can see that" Anemone said as she tried to make her heart stop beating so fast. "Why?"

Komui sighed, "I'm being worked to death! She's not even letting take a minute break" he whined. "I was headed to the kitchen but that's the first place she goes to so I'm hiding here then I will head to the kitchen".

Anemone chuckled, "I'm sure if you work hard you can get through all of it in no time".

"I don't think that would ever happen" Komui said.

"Chief Komui!" Fey and Reever yelled as they entered the garden.

Komui's eyes widened and he ran for it, still wrapped up in his disguise making him look quite ridiculous. Following him the two ran past her, "get back here curly!" Reever shouted. Komui kept on running until the trio disappeared elsewhere, gazes following them. This silly little happening made her smile and laugh a bit, "I wonder if they'll catch him?"

Oogami smirked, "probably".

Looking to the pot and seeds Anemone decided to head back to her room, feeling quite jovial from anything negative that might have entered her mind, she herself was a happy girl and she hoped that she could always find a way to be happy.

Even if tragedy strikes.

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