"I Promise" by Sammy

Silence was all there was between them. Ziva lie on her back, looking down at the woman whose head was perched on her lower abdomen. With a smile, she ran her fingers through her redish-brown hair which Ziva loved. Her name was Kate Todd. The woman was positioned on her stomach between Ziva's spread legs, her own bent at the knees. She could only look at the Israeli beneath her as she struggled to catch her breath. A pleased smirk came across her face before she turned her head downward to kiss her abdomen.

"How was it?" Kate asked, unable to keep herself from doing so.

"Amazing!" She replied dreamily, smiling more as she was propped up against a couple pillows. Ziva looked down at Kate, who was now running her hands up and down the Israeli's thighs, and just smiled. It was all she really could do.

Mesmerizing could not even begin to describe the experience. It was something she had never expected to receive from Kate. They had no known each other long, hell it had only been a month but within that month Ziva had finally felt safe, secure, and cared for. To her, that was all that mattered.

"Good." Kate finally spoke. "I'm glad."

Kate could still taste Ziva in her mouth. It was intoxicating, something she would never forget… not that she would ever want to. Blinking her hazel eyes, she studied Ziva, memorizing her taut and slender frame. She was sheer perfection to Kate, as if she herself had been sculpted from it. Yet again, she kissed her abdomen, feeling that thin layer of sweat on Ziva's skin.

"You are very… very…" She said, searching for the right word. "skilled."

Kate grinned, her cheeks going a bit red.

"Thank you, Ziva."

Ziva smiled, nodding. She caressed the skin of Kate's cheek.

"So, how did you get so good?" Ziva asked, somewhat boldly.

Kate's face went red, and she started giggling.

"Practice." Kate said simply. Ziva laughed in response, nodding as she laughed. "Ziva, you are just so beautiful… and amazing… you surely have made an impression on me… so, it made it easy."

Ziva smirked, feeling touched by her words. She watched as Kate began to kiss her way up Ziva's frame, stopping at her rosy yet dry lips. They kissed for several moments and then they separated. Kate brushed a little hair out of Ziva's face, and let out a breath.

"Can you promise me something?" Kate asked, rubbing the skin of Ziva's shoulder, her hand wandering down her arm.

"Yes, of course. Sure. What is it?" Ziva replied, wanting so eagerly to know.

"Promise me that we can keep doing this… please?" Kate practically begged.

Ziva's eyes lit up at this. She nodded emphatically.

"Yes, I would love that. I promise."