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Chapter 1

Leave It To Raven And Violet

I was in a dark hallway, lit only by lamps and my and my sister's odd, amber, glowing eyes. We started down, passing by each lamp on the wall, getting closer and closer to a white door at the end. I could hear random sounds coming from either side of us. Two cats meowing, one after the other, and then a bird chirping and a cat was meowing; only this time they were put together. There were various other odd animal sounds, including a monkey, a wolf, and… a rabbit, maybe? We continued on, now at the door. My sister reached out and turned the knob, revealing a brightly lit room with white paint. There seemed to be nothing inside, until my sister, Kitty, and I walked in. Kitty walked to one side, while I walked to the other. I looked down and saw all of the animals from the sounds, and turned to Kitty. She bent down and picked up a white cat. She seemed to glow. I, myself, picked up a brown cat. I stared into its eyes. I had always had a way with cats. I was starting to glow, when a hand reached out from behind me and dragged me backwards. I screamed, and the cat jumped into me. Then, I woke up.

Groggy, I stood up from my bed and strode to my chest of drawers, tripping over my cat, Whiskers, along the way. I opened the top drawer and chose my favorite outfit: a purple tank top and black shorts with purple stitching. After putting on my socks and black converse, I went into my sister, Kitty's, room. As usual, she was sound asleep on her bed, hugging the stuffed teddy bear I gave her when she was born. Silently, I shook her shoulders. "Kitty, it's time for school. It's the last day!" I had to restrain my excitement, or she would wake up screaming. I learned that the hard way when I was ten. I had woken her up by screaming about it almost being summer, and she woke up screaming and kicking.

She mumbled and sat up, "The last day?" she repeated. She rubbed her eyes.

"Yep, no more school after today!" I told her. She stood up. "Mom has waffles in the kitchen, come on in when you're ready. I turned around and went out the door.

As I was eating my waffles, Kitty walked into the kitchen. She was wearing her favorite dress, red with cat print. Her hair was tied up in two pigtails, sloppily done. "Here, let me help," my mother said, chuckling. "I did this every day when I was your sister's age. There! That's better!" my mother said, standing back to examine her work.

"Ichigo, come here for a second… I need your help," my father said, reading the newspaper across the table from me. My mother stepped towards him, wiping her hands clean from the waffle mix. I could hear him whisper, "What's that?" from behind his paper. I guessed it was just another word he had trouble with. My father had trouble reading, and he was embarrassed to show it. Kitty and I already knew, however, we were getting used to it, and he always whispered loudly.

"Oh my Masha!" my mother shouted. She snatched the newspaper from my dad and threw it away.

"What's wrong?" I asked. My mom just looked at me and smiled. "Nothing, Raven. Oh! Look at the time! You'd best be headed for school!" she said, ushering us out the door.

"We've still got twenty minutes!" Kitty exclaimed while our parents were about to shut us outside. As they closed the door, I turned to Kitty.

"I guess we're walking." That wasn't a problem, though; we lived only about a mile from the school, if even that.

"Did you hear about the monster in town last night?" my friend, Star, asked me as we were walking to class.

"No. What happened?"

"In the forest by King Street, there was this monster thing that started attacking people. And then, they saw this weird kid about our age standing next to it. He was wearing this red cloak-thingy."

"Really? Who told you that?"


"Woah. If Kira said it, it must be right."

I heard a voice from behind us say, "Where's Superman when you need him?" Star and I laughed. It was our friend, Violet Asasaka.

"Hey, do you two want to come to my play tonight? It's Romeo and Juliet. It starts at six and it's at the Little Theater. I've got two extra tickets, if you want," she said.

"Of course!" I said, snatching a ticket. Star did the same.

"I may have to bring Kitty along, but I'll be there!" I said.

"Now, class, today is the last day, as I'm sure all of you have been hoping for. Also, today is the day that we decide who takes home Loki," my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Bow announced. Loki was our class pet bearded dragon. Normally, one student would just take him home for the summer and bring him back on the first day, but this year Mrs. Bow was retiring and no other teachers wanted to take him. "Any more permission slips for the voting? None? Okay, well here are the names. Choose the top two people that you think will be responsible and kind to our friend," she said, pulling up the names on the SMART board. Only seven students turned the form in, including me. She passed out slips of paper and pens. As I looked up, I knew who my only competition was. Abbi Powell. No matter what, Abbi always outshone me. Oh, Raven, you're in Pre-Algebra? Oh, that's okay; we'll just give the Top-Of-Class Math award to Abbi, a girl with an A- in Sixth Grade Math. Oh, a random girl that doesn't want to do Student Council against Raven? Uninterested girl! I get so annoyed by her. Anyway, I knew I had to vote for myself, obviously. For the other person, I voted for Violet. I strode to Mrs. Bow's desk and turned my form in.

Five minutes later, Mrs. Bow stood in front of the class. "Okay, there was a tie. I'm not going to say who it was between, because that wouldn't be fair," she said. Screw fairness! I thought to myself. "So, I have decided that Raven will take Loki home with her!" she said. I was very happy, I loved bearded dragons. I glanced over at Abbi. She looked really angry. Oh, well. She'd had enough luck this school year, anyway.

Once my parents dropped Kitty, Star, and I off at the Little Theatre, we found Violet. She was dressed in a medieval outfit for her role as Juliet. Her little sister, Claire, not too much older than Kitty, stood beside her. "So, I see that you're all ready?" I said, examining her costume.

"Yup," she said, toying with the fabric. She looked at the clock. "Oh, gosh! I've got to get behind the stage!" she said, and ran off.

"I guess we'd better sit down," I said, and we went to our seats. We got seats in the front row, thanks to Violet. As the lights dimmed, I felt a light stinging on my neck where my unusual birthmark was. I shook it off, though, and watched the play.

About halfway through the play, there was a scream heard from outside. It was shrill, but turned into more of a growl. Everyone in the theatre was frozen, until a monster burst through the door. It resembled a lion, only purple and yellow with spikes protruding. It dashed to the stage, ramming into it. I franticly started looking and yelling for Kitty, whom had gone to the bathroom before the commotion got out of hand.

"Raven! Raven!" I heard a small, shrill voice shouting from behind me. I whirled around to see a small green puffball with wings and a tail fly into my hand. "R2000 2.0, at your service, Mew Taurus!" it squealed, spitting out what looked like a cell phone with the Taurus Zodiac sign, two M's, a Z on the top, and a T in the center. All of the decorations were dark green, while the phone itself was black.

"Er- thanks? But I need to find my sister!" I said, running.

"But Raven must transform first! Raven must fight the Chimera Anima!" the fluff ball said, flying around. Suddenly, I felt words coming out of my mouth like water. My hand, seemingly with a mind of its own, opened the "communicator". A bright light surrounded me.

"Mew Mew Taurus, Metamorphosis!" I shouted. The next thing I knew, I had brown cat ears and a tail. I had on a leafy green dress that went about five inches down on my legs. The dress was layered, all the same color of green. The bottom was cut and styled in zigzags, while the corset had green spaghetti straps. I had a black ribbon tied in a bow around my neck, and black socks that went a few inched above my knees. I was wearing black what looked like ballet shoes with a short heel. My hair had also turned a leafy green. Before I could do or say anything, I started to float into the air. It felt as if I were walking. When you want to walk, you just move. It's natural. That's how I felt when flying to the ceiling. I was so stunned, I had forgotten my goal. Find Kitty. Now I remembered.

Almost automatically, I shouted, "Taurus Crossbow! Ribbon Taurus Check!" A green crossbow with wings materialized in my hand. It had what looked like a heart with a spike in between the wings. The heart and tip of the arrow had the Taurus symbol on them, the two gems were identical. It was already loaded, to my surprise. I fired it into the crowd, for some odd reason. I looked down and noticed a dark blue glow. Curious, I teleported to it. I could teleport too? I reappeared, right in front of the scared face of my sister. I embraced her and teleported her outside.

"Stay here," I told her. She looked confused, but I teleported inside anyway. It just feels so right… to stay… I thought. Behind the monster, I could make out a figure in what looked like a red cloak. The same boy on King Street! I thought, pulling back the bow's handle. "Ribbon Taurus Check!" I shouted, and what was remaining of the stage collapsed. Oops… I thought. Then, the puffball appeared beside me.

"A second communicator was successfully given, Raven-san!" it said. I looked down just in time to see Violet transforming.

Unlike me, Violet shouted, "Mew Mew Aquarius, Metamorphosis!" She looked not like a cat, but more half-wolf. She now had silver hair, and was wearing what appeared to be a light blue tank-top style leotard on with a silver, leaf-like skirt attached. She had on silver boots that almost went to her knee. I flew down to her.

"Violet! It's Raven!" I shouted. She looked almost as confused as I was.

"What's going on?" she asked, apparently scared of her new ears and tail.

I replied, pointing to the monster, "I don't know, but I think we're supposed to fight that thing."

"How?" she asked. I held up my crossbow.

"Anything you feel like you need to say?" I asked.

She shouted, "Aquarius Spear! Ribbon Aquarius Wrap!" There was a flash of light blue light, followed by the monster getting tangled up in ribbon the same color of the flash of light. Violet was holding a miniature light blue cross in her hands. The body was light blue, in a bit of a diamond shape. It was topped by a gray gem with a 3-D Aquarius symbol inside. In the center, it had a pink heart gem, containing the Aquarius symbol as well. In the bottom ¼ portions, there was a small golden circle that had the Aquarius symbol as well. At the bottom was a silver tail that slightly puffed out at the end. The limbs were white; crossing behind the pink heart, each side had a gray Aquarius symbol on it.

"Ribbon Taurus Check!" I shouted, shooting an arrow. The monster fell to the ground, defeated. However, the owner was not.

"I'll handle this… Chimera Sword!" the boy in red shouted, summoning a sword from thin air. "Kyapucha!" he shouted, pointing his sword in me and Violet's direction. We were pulled closer to him, and he and I were almost touching noses. "My name is Redd. If you leave me alone, I won't hurt either of you. Have a nice day, ladies," he said. Mew Aquarius and I were raised into the air, then dropped as he teleported away. I could fly, so I had no problem with this. But apparently, Mew Aquarius couldn't.

"Mew Aquarius, fly!" I told her. She appeared to be trying, but simply couldn't. I swooped down and caught her. I teleported us to the ground, setting her down gently. She closed her eyes and was back to her normal form. I did the same.

"Oneesama! Oneesama!" Violet and I turned our heads to see our little sisters running at us from outside.

Star was behind them, yelling, "Raven-chan! Violet-chan!" Violet and I were raised in Japanese families, and we were taught to always use honorifics. Once Star got used to this, she started saying them, too. "DID YOU FREAKING SEE THAT?" she screamed, "Where the heck were you two?"

"We were just… erm... let's just say… we were watching from above…" I said, smirking. Violet nodded in agreement.

"Hm… I thought my parents would be here… I guess not," Violet said as we were walking down the street. Star's parents had already picked her up, and we walked home. Kitty and Claire were running ahead of us, playing tag in the dark street. "What do you think that was?" she asked me. We were almost to my house. It was a two-story, painted tan on the outside with pink and emerald trim.

"Well, once I read about a happening that was almost exactly like this, only it was in Tokyo. Tokyo Mew Mew, I think," I said. When I was going through a science phase, I was highly obsessed with the Mew Mews. When I was seven, I had figured out what gave them their powers. "By the way, you can stay here tonight if you want, Claire's welcome, too," I said. Violet and I had been friends for so long, we were like sisters, and my parents didn't mind if she stayed, no matter how late or what the condition was. We strode in, Claire and Kitty, however, did not stop their game. My mother and father were at the dinner table, looking depressed. My mother was crying into my father's chest. They were watching the TV. Violet and I exchanged glances.

Kitty stopped playing, looked up, and said, "Okasan, what's wrong?"

My father looked up at me, and said, "Kitty, Claire, you run along into your rooms. We need to talk to Raven and Violet alone," he said. Claire and Kitty ran upstairs to the bedrooms.

"Violet, your parents will be here in a few minutes. But for now, I'm sure at least Raven knows what's going on," he said. Violet stared at me.

"What?" I said. I was just as confused as Violet.

My father sighed, "We know you're Mew Mews."

Violet and I gasped, "They showed us transforming on TV?"

"No! Well, Raven, you might understand this better, what with you being obsessed with the Mew Mews when you were little, but… both of your mothers were Mew Mews," he said. My mother let out a loud sob. Apparently Violet knew what this meant, too because she seemed just as surprised as I was. He continued on, "Raven, your mother was Mew Strawberry, and Violet, yours was Mew Zakuro." Although he had explained this, I was still confused.

"How come I can fly in Mew form, and Violet can't?" I asked. He bit his lip as my mother sat up.

"Because, Rae-chan, I'm Kish Ikisatashi, as in, the Mew Mew, Kish Ikisatashi," he said. I gasped. He was the alien boy who was obsessed with Mew Strawberry when they were still in battle.

"Um… I'm a little confused…" said Violet, who was giving me an awkward look. I told her, and she, too, gasped. Then, the door burst open.

"We came here as fast as possible!" said Violet's father, Keiichiro Asasaka, who was rushing in. He was followed by her calm-looking mother, Zakuro Asasaka.

"So you've told them?" Zakuro asked. She and her husband sat down in front of my parents, next to Violet. My father nodded. "As Kisshu said, you're both Mew Mews."

"We're sorry we didn't tell you… it's just… we thought it might activate your powers," my mother spoke, for the first time.

"But now we realize that that didn't help anything. It only activated what was already inside of you," Keiichiro said.

"But now, we're here to support you-nya!" my mother said. Oh. So that's why she always said "nya" after everything. Duh. I thought to myself.

"What's a Mew Mew?" asked Kitty. Nobody noticed that she and Claire had been listening the whole time. I explained as well as I could, and the two girls screamed with excitement, startling Violet and I. There was a slight pop, and I noticed that Violet's ears were out.

"Violet, your ears!" I exclaimed, and she reached on top of her head to feel them. I did the same and noticed that mine were, too.

"Yeah, that'll happen. It's a pain, keeping them covered," my mom said glumly. There was another pop, and they were gone.

"Okasan, are we Mew Mews, too?" Claire asked Zakuro. Claire, two years older than Kitty, was always kind and cheery, always asking questions.

"I don't know Claire. Ichigo, do you still have Masha?" Zakuro asked my mother.

"Oh, yes, he should be in my bedroom, I'll go get him," she said. She came back with nothing. "He's gone!" she exclaimed.

"Do you mean this little puffball?" I asked. R2000 2.0 had snuck into my bag on the way back.

He flew out and exclaimed, "Ichigo-san! I fixed myself!" he said. The parents looked stunned.

"What did he do?" she asked Keiichiro.

He examined her, saying, "He wired his own circuits to fit the needs of Raven," he said.

R2000 2.0 exclaimed, "R2000 2.0 can give communicators! He can also help Mew Mews better!"

"Communicators? Violet, do you have one?" Keiichiro asked. Violet handed over her communicator.

"Ah, I see," he said, opening it up, "It has voice control," I opened up my communicator. On the top was a screen, with different sayings. Alert Mews, Summon R2000 2.0, Mew Mew Taurus Metamorphosis… things of that nature. Below were touch-screen buttons with the same sayings scrolling across. Keiichiro handed Violet's back, and I closed mine.

"It may be a while before we get cover here, our last was Café Mew Mew in Tokyo," said my mother.

My father examined my birthmark, "Your powers seem to have some complication with the Zodiac signs," he said.

"Indeed. R2000, are there any other Mew Mews around?" Zakuro asked.

He said, "R2000 2.0 can tell that there are two more nearby," Everyone averted their eyes to Kitty and Claire.

"Yay! We're Mew Mews-nya!" Kitty said. Everyone else was silent.

"Well, girls, I guess you can go watch a movie in the big room upstairs," my mother said, "Zakuro-oneesama, Keiichiro-san, Kisshu-kun, and I need to discuss this," she said. Violet and Claire went upstairs while Kitty and I stayed behind to take our pills.

"Oh, girls, you don't need to take those anymore. You know the secret," my father said, winking.

"Arigato," we said in unison, bowing. We then ran upstairs. The upstairs room was huge, with four rooms branching off. One was Kitty's, one was mine, one was our parents', and the other was the guest bedroom. Inside of the "big room", (as we call it,) there was one bunk bed, two saucer chairs, two couches, a flat screen TV, a Wii, an Xbox (with Kinect, I may add), an HD DVD player, a bookshelf full of my books, a storage bin for miscellaneous items, a shelf of videogames, and posters and pictures all over the walls. The walls were painted pink, and the carpet was a deep green. The door was facing the doors to me and Kitty's rooms; a couch was in-between these doors. The TV was to the right of the door, including all of the videogames and their systems, and the DVD player. The couch was right to the left of the door, against the wall. The bunk bed was behind the couch, also against the wall; the saucer chairs were folded up and against the wall. The other two bedrooms were to the left, at the far wall. My bookshelf and the storage bin were right next to the TV. I pulled out one of the saucer chairs while Kitty laid down on the bunk bed underneath Claire. Turning on the Xbox, we chose to watch the latest episode of The Legend of Korra. I curled up into a ball and worried myself to sleep.

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