Hello again :) Here's my new witfit story for June and July! The first couple of chapters are just a reworking of an OS I wrote doing a couple of witfit prompt exercises I did last year. This one resonated with me when I wrote it, and most readers were really interested to see where this was going. And since I love witfits so much, I'm going for it again. Hope you'll join me :)

Half-Full Plot Summary: Bella sees life half-empty. Edward sees it half-full. Will he teach her to quench her thirst by living for the day? AH, drabble-esque.

Plot Generator- Idea Completion: Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

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"Welcome to Cafe Centrale, can I take your order?"

It's the salutation I robotically repeat every day, twenty hours a week.

All these people and their damn frou frou drinks. Just drink your fucking coffee already.

They sit at our tiny tables with their newspapers, iPhones, Blackberries, Bluetooth stuck to their ears, in their own little worlds- only waking up from their little bubbles to signal to me that they'd like their half-empty mugs re-filled.

Just like my life. Half-empty.

Here I am, a year after graduating from college, and still no career.

Just taking orders from self-absorbed rats in the daily rat race.

"Hi, welcome to Cafe Centrale, can I take your order?" I say for the one-hundredth time focussing on the order pad in front of me.

"Just a black coffee, please."

Woah. If voices had the potential to render someone useless, this voice was masterful.

Caramel and soft, its timbre wrapping me up in warmth.

I look up to see eyes greener than the greenest moss staring back at me. His expression is...

Worried? Frightened? Why is he looking like...

Oh. I'm staring at him like an imbecile.

"Uh, okay, sure, black coffee. Would you like anything else? Anything from the bakery?" My voice trembles as I try to regain my equilibrium.

Oh, God, he's smiling... at me. Jesus, his lashes are insane.

Am I breathing?

"Um, no. Thanks. Just coffee's fine."

We stare at each other a beat longer than necessary before I hear Alice gliding behind me.

"Hey, Bella, could you do me a huge favor and take Table Three's order? I'm swamped, and they've been waiting a while."

"Oh, sure, Alice. I'll be right there," I agree. We always help each other out.

I turn back towards Mr. Green Eyes and he's still looking at me, a smile tugging upwards on one side. I smile back instinctively.

I want to slap myself. Whatever, Swan. Like he'd ever be into you. Look at him.

Look at you.


"I'll be right back with your coffee," I say, offering him another small smile.

He nods silently, and looks down towards his notebook, where he writes something down.

I walk away to take and fill orders, knowing this heavenly man, will walk away too.