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This chapter starts earlier in the morning before the gang meets Raissa.

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1. Cooler Than Icecubes

Soul Eater Evans yawned and stretched, he had been up all night playing Call of Duty, so he found out that he had crashed on the red couch in him and Maka's living room. As each of his vertebra made a crick! he rubbed his ruby red eyes and ran his hands through the tangled mess of his snow white hair.

The yellow walls of the room reflected the sunlight of dawn, and from behind the white door further to the left, there were clatters and bangs as his ashen haired meister woke up to get ready for school. Groaning, Soul realized that he had to get up too. So he slumped to his bedroom and threw on the usual clothes.

Red jeans, Soul Eater headband, black and yellow sweatshirt, and sneakers.

He was ready to go.

Maka came out of the bathroom as soon as Soul went out of his room, brushing one of her pigtails and doing it up. "Morning Soul." she smiled slightly, "How'd you sleep?" Soul smirked and replied simply with, "I didn't."

Maka rolled her eyes and made way for the kitchen, pulling out some black cereal bowls. "Was it Call of Duty again? I thought that you'd gotten over staying up all night on that game because it was 'uncool'." she teased, pouring the milk, and then the Captain Crunch.

Soul strode over to the table and took his cereal bowl, digging in. "Well, I am. It was just that this Vospirescauchemar kept killing me every time I tried to beat my record. I finally managed the gank them and beat my record, but by then it was three A.M. . ." Soul chuckled and scratched the back of his head.

Maka rolled her eyes, but then put her hands on either side of her cereal bowl in excitement. "Guess what? There's a foreigner coming her, she's from France!" Soul rose an eyebrow, "How'd you find out about that?" Maka pulled out her thin yellow flip phone, "Jamie told me, she said that the girl was a weapon and paired with Hiro, this should be interesting don't you think?"

Soul nodded simply, and as the meister-weapon pair got rid of their dishes and flipped on the tv, or pulled out a book in Maka's case, Raissa Olive was preparing for her first day at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

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Oh and Vos pires cauchemar means "Your worst nightmare."