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A War of Peace

Chapter 1-Behind the War

I see him, though he has no idea of what terror is truly in the room. I ready Shinigami, my dead black revolver. I notice once again a new splatter of blood on it. My attention goes back to my target. I aim Shinigami at his head, lay my finger on the trigger, and 4.75 lbs of pressure push against the trigger. He's down. I once again cloak, and travel back to my superior in the shadows.

Many don't get what this war is about. Rumors are formed to cover the truth. The truth? This isn't truly a war. A war is thousands of casualties every day, land marks destroyed, and political leaders assasinated. In this war, it's crazy if 5 Blue-eyes (the slang for Order soldiers) or Reds (the slang for Legion soldiers) are killed in a day. This war is nothing more than a time passer. Though if it weren't for my men and I, cities would be in ruins, and the only people to blame would be military leaders for not doing their job.

My job is to keep the stability. Allow me to introduce myself. Sean O'Conner. Black hair, blue eyes, 5'6, and only 20. Been doing this since I was 16. Normally you should be 18, but I had skill. I had run away from home when 13, and I'd managed to live until recruited. Apparently I was special, but I ignored it and just found happiness in the fact that I had a new warm bed to sleep in and food to eat. I was born in Skyblood, the Legion's capital.

Blood Hunter Class 3, 4 now considering my promotion for assasinating Matthew Dillinger. He was a new blood general. He wanted to change to much. Could've thrown this "war" into war. I work for the O.D.A.,Order of Dead Assassins. Techinically I don't exist. I was "killed" in Time Gate mishap. That's just my story. Everyone in the O.D.A. needs one, because the less is known about us, the better.

I sit down and rest for a minute, looking at the new patch I've recieved. In the army I'd be considered 2 LT Class 4. I smirk as my fellow assasins look. Highest one here now other than the Commander. He's a Bloodhound Class 3. That's like being a General. Everyone has to look up to him, though some don't like it.

"O'Conner" he says to me. "Yes?" I reply, manners aren't needed here. We're assassins for god sakes, not soldiers. "Harris Jones, he's planning to destroy the Order's statue of Queen Ilex. That could launch us into war, I want him, and his men killed. And there better not be a drop of blood in their camp, or there will be you're intestines all over the this floor, head out. As for you guys..." I didn't hear the rest.

We never get told where are target is, or what he looks like. We find out ourselves. Our usual time to make a kill is 48 hours or less. The Commander will tell us if it's otherwise. I stop by the Time Gate Refinery to pick up my blades. I thanked the shop keeper, and went on my way.

After spending a good 10 hours getting info on Jones, I crashed in a dark forest, outside a Legion city. The O.D.A.'s and I do this all the time. We find a quite place in the middle of nowhere to sleep, and hope we aren't killed while we rest.

I woke up and took out my Time Space Compass, and like that I was off for Jones. I made it to his camp at around 3:00 a.m. the next day. I killed to gaurds and made my way inside. Nearly everyone was asleep, besides the gaurds I had killed. I saw his tent being gaurded. The two gaurds were passed out. I slaughtered everyone, and left the camp, making sure no bodies or drops of blood were seen. Everything was perfectly intact as I walked out. A job well done, yet again.