I arrived back to see no one there. This never happens. Someone is supposed to always be around to give anyone coming in it's okay. I suddenly heard a beeping noise. "C4!" I yelled jumping out of the building. To explain the building, it's a 3-story building, in the middle of a city. It's said to be a casual office building. The best form on hiding is blending in, so no one in the city is suspicious.

Outside in the back is a garden, is a pond. The pond seems shallow, though it truly goes down 15 feet. Once down there you'll see a rock and behind it, a button. An underwater pond cave will open up. Follow the tunnel for a couple miles (scuba tank provided) and you'll end up at a lake just outside the city of Withersoul (in which the building is located)

There's a hut there to meet up with everyone, in case of emergency. I rise up from the lake and go to the shore to see it's burned. "I see we have some arsonists here" I say to myself. Just then I saw Legion soldiers. I cloaked and began following. This land is under the Order, so anyone trespassing is insane. With a group this small, they'd get slaughtered in a heartbeat. Suddenly they took off their basic army clothing to reveal some assassin armor like mine but instead white with gold trim.

I suppose you don't know what is going on. The white shows brightness and freedom, and the gold shows power and rich soul. The colors of the Order's Sacred Six. Their names are not given, and their jobs are not told... to the general public. To me the names aren't important and neither are they to you. In any case they are dead. The group cloaked and was off. Why not stop them? Because this is where the information starts. If the Order is riled up enough, war will start. Real war. That war of mass death and pain. War where IMPORTANT generals names are dropped. And with those out in the open, I know who to find. I grabbed one guys uniform, and ran off.

I made it to my point of interest by around seven at night. They were dead, and war was already breaking out. It wasn't that serious yet, only twenty-thousand confirmed dead from the Order and fifteen-thousand from the Legion. The war is moving slow seeing no towns were destroyed, no cities under siege and each side has billions covering the multiple planets in the our planetary system. I laughed at this, I've killed camps of four hundred with nothing but a wasted breath, a slight chuckle, and the dulling of my sword.

I stepped right through the front door and killed twenty of them asking for my "business" here. I walked up to him and smiled. We both knew his time was up. I unsheathed one blade, and then the other. I took a second to look at the writing engraved on the beautiful silver blade. The handle of the blade was of a deathly black. "Before the Storm" the blade said. I showed him what it said. He sat calmly without a single skipped beat or tear dropping from his eyes. He knew why I was here. He read my sword over again. He then smiled and looked at me. "It is always darkest." he said smiling. And like that the Legion king was dead.