Author's Note: Its been a while hasn't it? I'm sorry for the wait for this chapter, it's short but I'm building up the feelings at the moment. I hope you enjoy this!

Santana smiled softly at the peaceful expression that covered Quinn's face, the blonde haired girl had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open as she laid her head back against the couch's pillows. The girl's legs were thrown over Santana's lap, the dark haired girl's fingers lightly caressing the smooth muscled calves, massaging the girl's body even though she knew that she couldn't feel it. "You're beautiful, you know that right?" The girl asked softly as she smiled down at her best friend, waiting for her to open her eyes and smile back at her.

The girl didn't have to wait long before a pair of deep hazel eyes opened, pink lips twisting into a bright smile as the girl propped her body up on her elbows. "If I'm beautiful then you are gorgeous." Quinn answered softly, her eyes connected with Santana's gaze, showing her emotions in the way that the light danced and sparkled over her hazel orbs.

Santana's breath caught in her throat, her hands stilling on Quinn's thighs for a moment before beginning to massage again. "You're just saying that."

Quinn wasn't listening to the girl's bashful statement though; her eyes were wide staring down at the position of Santana's hand on her thighs. "Do that again." The girl whispered softly, her voice barely louder than a whisper as she lifted her gaze to look directly into Santana's soft chocolate eyes.

The dark haired girl's eyebrows furrowed in confusion before flicking her gaze back down to her hands on Quinn's thighs, her fingers digging into the girl's flesh to knead at the muscle softly. For a moment she didn't do anything but as she looked into Quinn's eyes she pressed down with her fingers and rubbed hard against the thick muscle that lay on the top of Quinn's right thigh, kneading it gently but firmly. "What?" She asked softly, taking in the widening of Quinn's eyes, the startled shine that came to her eyes and the way that her lips parted in a gasp.

"I felt that." The blonde girl answered softly, surprise colouring her tone as she spoke, lifting her eyes away from the soft touch of Santana's hands on her leg towards the girl's gentle eyes. "I felt that."

Santana's fingers dug harder into Quinn's thigh in shock, her mouth dropping open as she stared at Quinn. "Really?" She asked softly, dropping her eyes down to the soft leg in front of her before smiling brightly. "You felt that?"

"I felt that." Quinn answered her voice breaking as tears welled up in her eyes. The doctors had told her that if she felt something it was a good sign that the nerves in her spine were healing. They had said that if she were to regain control of her legs then it was imperative that she regained feeling in them before too much time passed. As the weeks went by Quinn had begun to lose hope that she would feel something again, she thought that she would be resigned to the chair permanently, but she had felt Santana's touch.

"Close your eyes." Santana whispered softly, smiling down at the blonde haired girl reassuringly. "Just relax. I want to check something."

Quinn nodded slowly, allowing her eyes to flutter closed as she leaned her head back against the end of the couch, her fingernails digging into the pillow that on her stomach a mixture of happiness and nervous confusion pouring through her body.

Santana's eyes scanned down Quinn's body, taking in the stuttering rise and fall of the girl's chest, the clenched white knuckles of her fingers and the twitch of her stomach muscles as she tried to relax. A smile overtook Santana's lips, her gaze softening as she took in Quinn's body while the other girl couldn't see her. Santana had always thought that Quinn was one of the most beautiful people that she would ever meet, that had ever lived, but seeing the girl after everything she had been through she was sure that Quinn had the most beautiful soul. A forgiving, generous and powerful soul.

The dark haired girl leaned down slowly, shifting her body only slightly to prevent Quinn recognising her moment before she placed her lips gently on the stop above the girl's knee, gently kissing the slight indent. Quinn's face twitched but she didn't gasp so Santana lifted her lips and placed a soft kiss half way up the girl's thigh. It was that kiss that Quinn responded to, her fingers tensing before a gasp tore out of her lips, her eyes opening to lock with Santana's eyes.

"I felt that." The girl breathed out softly, smiling brightly.