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Kink: US/UK - Sex in the back seats of a movie theater!

Rating: M

Theatre Adventures

Amazing, absolutely amazing. Fantastic. Sexy. Great reactions.

Oh, the movie was good too.

But Iggy… He sighed. Iggy was perfect. He was amazing. Those gorgeous eyebrows, that messy hair, those sparkling green eyes, the way his face betrayed every single emotion as it flashed across his face. From experience, America knew England would start balling his eyes out when DiCaprio drowns. He always did. Titantic was definitely one of England's weaknesses. So when the movie came back out in theatres in 3D, England all but dragged America along to see it.

They couldn't go during opening weekend, but they did end up going eventually. The theatre was maybe half full and no one seemed to be aware of anything except the movie screen. The majority of the crowd were seated near the front and lower middle, leaving America and his adorable Iggy in the two center chairs in the very back row.

The sound of the rising water, the sinking ship, the screaming victims, and the gunshots from the adversaries all added to the Symphony of Hollywood. Everyone was focused, England included.

But because England was focused, that meant he was entirely engaged in the story and the emotions that came along with it. And if there was one thing America had an overwhelming weakness to, it was England's tears. He just couldn't take it. He'd freeze up, feel guilty, and try hard to stop the tears. Or better yet, keep them from happening.

The only time he could take Iggy's tears, was when he was in the throes of ecstasy. That was the only time he didn't fear England's tears. In fact, he worked hard to draw those beautiful, emotionally packed water droplets out. Why? Because his cute lover only cried when he was experiencing too much pleasure to keep inside.

And that itty, bitty, microscopic thought is what brought on everything else. Well, that and the absolute sexiness of his entire being just sitting there, open, emotional, raw, and so gosh darn sexy. America licked his lips in anticipation, casting a brief glance at the audience up ahead of them.

And then he began.

It started "innocently" enough. Just a casual reach over to seemingly grasp England's hand, only to grab something else instead, to England shock. The instant America's hand closed around England's cock, the British nation tense and drew in a deep grasping breathe of shocked pleasure. His own, long-fingered hand swept up to cover his mouth to prevent any sounds from escaping.

"What…are you doing?" England managed in a hoarse whisper.

America leaned over so his sandy blonde hair brushes lightly against his lover's pale ear and whispered, "Heightening the emotion." Another squeeze and green eyes struggled to stay open as his body wriggled in his seat trying to escape the grasping hand. But it didn't take long for a brief, weak thrust to make itself known.

"Arthur~," America murmured. "Arthur, are you having a hard time seeing? I'm sure the person in front of you is a bit tall…don't you think?"

Arthur had a split second to comprehend the statement before America raised the armrest separating their two theatre seats. A quick yank brought his boyfriend over so he sprawled over his lap. The resulting squeak was not only humiliating for the Brit, but drew several annoyed looks from the crowd ahead.

Once everything had calmed down in reality, the film notwithstanding, America pulled the stunned and struggling Brit up so he was seated on his lap. Arthur's breathing had significantly increased in speed, as had his heartbeat. Holding him close to his chest, he wrapped his hand around Arthur's cock once again and massaged it through his steadily tightening pants.

"Try to be quiet, Arthur~. Someone might hear you."

That slender hand found his way back to his mouth, clamping down hard over his lips trying desperately to hold in the noises his traitorous mouth kept insisting on releasing. He tried to struggle away from the groping, only to end up nuzzling his clothed bottom up again Ameri- Alfred's, yes…oh god Alfred, please.

"Shhh, Arty~. Not so loud. You'll bother the other people. We can't do that. No, no, no, not in a movie. Shh, you gotta be quiet," Alfred whispered. Hot breath ghosted tortuously gently against Arthur's ear, tickling his skin.

The hand groping his crotch methodically undid the button and pulled down the zipper. Poor Arthur didn't notice this little…indiscretion until Arthur felt the distinct warmth of skin against skin. He released a shocked gasp but caught himself before any audible sound came out of his mouth. Instead, it came out like a hiss.

While Alfred's pumped him, he left his cock in his underwear, which he was incredibly grateful for. Otherwise, he'd be the center of attention, and that brought back to many memories. Not to mention it was embarrassing. Not that what was happening now …wasn't…emb…

"Mmh…" Great. Now how did Alfred get his finger there? His eyes closed as the finger pushed steadily in and out, in and out, in out, in out, in out in out in out. Now two fingers, in and out, in and out, in out, in out, in out, curl….oh god. It's so deep, so intimate, curling, moving, sensitive, three…?

He felt dizzy, so dizzy, not enough air, not enough air with just his nose, not enough…so good, so very, very, incredibly good…

"Easy there. Easy, Arthur," Alfred purred. "Just a little more."

Another curl and…there! THERE!

Gone. What? No. No, come back. Don't go. Don't-

The Titanic was sinking on the screen. The stern high above the water line. The ship broke in two.

And Alfred was in him. Just like that. No teasing, no waiting, not gently entry, just one push, one jerk, and suddenly he was filled.

The water on the screen exploded in a huge splash as the broke stern of the gigantic ship hit the water.

An arm snaked up to Arthur hand currently covering his mouth and slid it down so it covered his heart. He could feel the fluttering muscle as it desperately tried to control itself, to calm down, to slow its…motion…

Moving. He was moving. Slowly, so slowly. In and out, in and out, in and out, squeeze! Oh, right, Alfred has two hands. The hand holding his cock began pumping once again in time with the thrust. Again, so slowly, so gently it was agonizing. Arthur wanted to scream and force Alfred to a faster, harder pace.

"Easy. Easy. We don't want to disturb anyone, now do we," kiss, "Arthur?" Kiss, the ear. "No, just breathe." Kiss, under his ear. "Breathe." Kiss, on his neck. "Breathe." Kiss on the joint where Arthur's neck met his should. Another kiss, and a long, succulent nibble. Sweat dripped down his cheeks.

And Alfred was still moving, ever so slowly. Ever so patiently. Damn him! Curse him! Why? Why was only patient when he shouldn't be?

The Titanic is dark now and the two characters –what were their names?- were floating…floating…like him…

They were floating like him, only they were on water and he was on Alfred cock. Close enough similarity. Something…something important was supposed to happen now. Something so…so…sooo important.

Oh yeah. He was coming.

A quick jerk of his neck, and Arthur found his lips dominated by Alfred's, swallowing the moan that sounded like a sob. Arthur blushed furiously as he floated –like those two…one people…person- down from his high.

What if someone heard? What if they found them like this? They'd be humiliated! They'd be…crying? Crying? Several people were crying, some even louder than he had. The sweat continued to drip down his face making his eyes sting. Wait, no…it wasn't sweat. It was…tears? He was crying?

"Alfred." His voice was hoarse from withholding cries and from…from…

"Arthur~, sexy beast," Alfred whispered, nipping his lover's ear. "You're so cute when you cry like that. So cute." A quick snuggle and Arthur was lifted up so he was no longer…full. He blushed deeply, especially when he redid his jeans and slid back into his original chair. But through the whole thing, Alfred never let go of the hand he'd held over his lover's heart, although he had switched hands for better reach.

Someone was talking rather loud. Arthur blinked stupidly for a few moments before he finally realized it was near the end of the movie and the old lady person was talking. That meant he'd missed the end. Oh well, at least he ended. Er, finished, er came, er…nevermind.

The credits started rolling and the audience began to stand, stretch, wipe their eyes, and walk out. One young woman walked down the aisle but stopped when she got close enough to the two nations and leaned over the back of the chair. "Aww, it's so nice to see a guy cry over this movie too." She smiled brightly, wiped a stray tear from her eye, then left leaving Arthur the blush madly and hid his face in his free hand.

When the lights finally brightened, Alfred stood, straightened his jeans, and pulled Arthur along with him. Arthur wobbled on his feet before finally managing to stand on his own. He took a deep breath, steadied himself, then grabbed Alfred by the lapels of his shirt and shook him hard.

"You. Me. Your house. Bedroom. Yesterday!"

Alfred blinked cornflower blue eyes in surprise, before smiling gently and cradling Arthur's hands in his. A brief brush of his lips on Arthur's cheeks, brushing away the stray tears he loved, than kissed his lover full on the lips. When he pulled away, Arthur's eyes were closed, golden lashes brushing alabaster cheeks.

"Of course. But I warn you. I'm driving the speed limit."

Arthur's eyes burst open, burning with all the power of the former British Empire. "Don't you dare."

Alfred smirked with all the swagger of the United States of America on July 4th, and leaned just close enough to tease. "Oh, Iggy, I so dare." A wink, and he was walking away, hips swaying casually, hands in his pockets, and whistling a tune gaily leaving England a shaking, needing mess.

"The hell you will."

Thus, the fun began.

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