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Kink: Mermaid!Alfredxhuman!Arthur USUK lemon

Rating: M...duh

Sea + Scales + Sex = Perfect Day

Yet another day of surfing, girls, beaches, the cool water, and sun tan lotion. Well, at least the cool water, the beach, and the sun tan lotion part was true. The surfing part, well that was debatable. True, the girls had been on the beach and true, he had tried surfing, but now he had no idea where anyone was. Not to mention he was sinking.

Yes, sinking. Arthur Kirkland was sinking. He'd been overwhelmed by a huge wave then dragged down and out into sea by the strong undertow. Was he scared?

What-thebloody-hell-do-you-thnk-he's-feeling-right-now-you-stupid-brainless-git? Of course, he scared. Scared out of his mind. He couldn't breathe. He could barely see in the moving water. He was cold. His chest ached and he was kissing someone.


Excuse me? He was doing what now?

Startled back into focus, Arthur blinked. Strange hands circling his back? Check. Strange lips moving against his? Check. Scaly tail wrapping around his legs? Check.


It couldn't be.

"You followed me?" Arthur hollered. Or tried to anyway. Instead, the moment he opened his mouth and went to breathe in, water surged in and needless to say, he began gagging and thus drowning.

Then the panic set in.

He wasn't exactly sure how he ended up back on the beach but one glance up gave him the answer. After a brief coughing and gagging spell, Arthur glared at the sparkling blue eyes above him. "Alfred."

The worried expression quickly turned into brilliant smile. "Tag, you're it."

Arthur released a long-suffering sigh. "What are you doing here?"

The sandy blonde haired merman above him cocked his head cutely –annoyingly!- as his tail gave a puppy-ish twitch. "I'm saving you. You were drowning, right?"


Queue Alfred rolling off Arthur and laughing so hard his whole body flopped about like some beach fish. Well, he was half fish so Arthur probably wasn't too far off the mark.

"What so funny?" Arthur demanded, a light blush spreading over his face.

"You just," laughter, "you just," more laughter, "you just totally spoke French." And more laughter.

Arthur blinked as he reviewed his previous statement. Then he paled in horrified realization. He had used a French word. He'd spoken French. French. French! FRENCH!

Which meant… He stared at Alfred, before rolling his eyes in surrender. Damn.

"So, does this mean you have to do whatever I say for a day?" Alfred asked, a bright smile still splitting his face and sea blue eyes sparkling with amusement.

"Well, better you then Francis," Arthur mumbled. After a moment of companionable silence, Arthur blushed and said quietly, "Thank you, by the way. For saving me, I mean."

A quick glance at Alfred showed the huge smile on his lover's face soften. "No worries." Then the smile turned sly. "But seriously, Arthur. If you really wanted to take our game of hide-and-seek to these extremes, a little warning would have been nice. You do realize it took me a full month to track you down. Last I saw you, you were in England still."

"Well, I was not expecting to be transferred so soon. Besides , it's not as if you have a mobile to contact you with. And even if you did, it'd be ruin after you go underwater."

Alfred shrugged. "Well, duh. Everyone knows merpeople don't use cellphones. It's common knowledge we use seashells."

Easy, Arthur. Control yourself. Count to ten. Count to ten. Count to-


Sighing into the gentle kiss, Arthur moved his lips to match Alfred's. When it ended, Arthur paused to relish the lingering sensation of Alfred's lips on his own. Before the feeling left, a cool, wet hand cupped his face, a thumb brushing gently along his cheek bone. Arthur nuzzled into the hand before opening his eyes meet pure sky blue.

"I didn't mean to leave you behind. I thought I'd be back sooner," he was cut off by a breath-taking kiss and a steady pressure gently pushing him back to the sandy beach. Hands slid up his sides drawing a pleasured shiver and from the British youth.

Slowly, the kiss moved down from Arthur's mouth to his chin, to his neck, to his collarbone, to his chest, to his nipples, to his stomach, to his belly button, to his swimsuit beltline. A brief pause to remove Arthur's swim trunks allows the Brit to catch his breath.

A quickly placed hand on Alfred's back stops the potentially perfect –humiliating!- experience. "Stop. Stop. We're in public, Alfred."

Alfred smirked, nuzzled against Arthur's growing clothed bulge. "Are we? I don't remember bringing you back to the beach you were on originally."

Arthur blinked. He opened his eyes wide as he scanned the surrounding beach. Only now did he realize it wasn't actually much of a beach. The beach was further to the left only just visible over a pile of rocks. The two young men were actually in a small grotto with a sandy ground where the water met the earth. In other words, they were conveniently alone.

Alfred chuckled and yanked Arthur's swim trunks off completely baring his lover to the elements. Arthur squawked in both shock and embarrassment, a sound which only increased an octave when the British youth suddenly found himself in the water up to his waist. He met Alfred's eyes in blushing shyness. He felt like a virgin on her wedding night, despite the fact he was anything but. He instinctively wrapped his bare legs around Alfred's scaled waist. The feel of the layered blue scales that made up Alfred's tail rubbing up against Arthur's now throbbing arousal almost sent the Brit over the edge. He was vaguely aware of his eyes closing as his head tilted back and his mouth opened in a breathy moan.

He felt Alfred latch onto one of his nipples and suckle. He tensed, groaning at the delicious sensation. One of Alfred's hands carefully unwound Arthur's grasping legs and turned his pale, human lover around. Arthur sighed when his nipple was released and he was turned so his buttocks pressed into Alfred's scaled waist. The water lapped at their chests, tickling them and leaving teasing trails of cool wetness on their skin.

Alfred's long tail slithered seductively around Arthur's legs pulling him ever closer to its owner's body until a single scaled protrusion began rubbing against Arthur's entrance. Instantly, Arthur's breath left him and his heart pounded. His hand reached back entangling themselves in his fishy lover's hair holding him so Alfred's chin rested comfortably on Arthur's shoulder, his nose nuzzling Arthur's neck.

Alfred's tail bent forcing Arthur's entangled legs to do the same. This forced Arthur's cheeks to part baring his entrance to his lover's forming arousal. He vaguely remembered being surprised that such an experience as sex between species was even possible. But now, he could honestly care less that it was possible and instead could only focus on what he had to do to get that scaly cock in him where it rightfully belonged.

A quick twitch of Alfred's hips and his cock was successfully pressed up o Arthur's puckered hole. Arthur's breath hitched as he whispered, his hot breath ghosting over Arthur's ear, "Sorry about this."

Arthur shook his head and pressed back against the welcome intruder. "Just hurry up and do me."

Alfred chuckled, licked Arthur's ear, and did just that. A sharp jerk and he was inside his lover, the ocean water acting as a lubricant of sorts. Arthur cried out at the sudden penetration, the rough surface of the scales adding to the stimulation and pleasure. There was pain, of course there was, but as long as Alfred kept hitting that spot right there then it was definitely bearable.

Arthur's bent knees pressed up against the rocky ledge surrounding the grotto allowing him to add his own contribution to their rhythm. Back and forth they moved, sometimes in sync, sometimes not so much, but oh god it felt so bloody good and if Alfred even considered stopping Arthur would castrate him, strip him of his sexy scales, shave him bald, and…and…and…what was he saying? Oh yeah, he was screaming.

"Harder. Harder, Alfred. Harder," he begged adding his own powerful backwards scoops to match Alfred watery thrusts, the friction just about driving him insane. The pain of the scales rubbing his skin raw was eased by the cool salty water.

No more coherent thoughts other than "faster," "harder," and "Alfred" made it into his pleasure fogged mind or out his swollen lips and hoarse throat. Until he finished, that is. All it took was one extra hard thrust against his already abused prostate and it was all over. His body tensed and contorted in on itself, his fingers pulling harshly on Alfred's hair in an effort to both stay grounded in reality as well as to keep him close. The subsequent clenching of Arthur's muscled walls surrounding Alfred's cock pushed Alfred over the edge as well.

Sated, tangled, covered in salty sea spray and sweat, out of breath, and loving every second of it, the two lovers relaxed in each other's arms laughing. Arthur let his head loll limply against Alfred's shoulder tilting his head so they could share a single, delicate, chaste kiss.

Arthur sighed. "I should go. The people, they," kiss, "probably –mmh," another kiss, "saw me go under," another kiss. "They'll be looking for me." He sighed weakly, completely content with doing the exact opposite of what he said and just floating here comfortably in his lover's arms, safe, sated, and secure. But he didn't want the lifeguards to swim over here looking for him thinking he'd drowned and catching him like this. It was bad –amazing!- enough he knew Alfred was a mythological sea creature that no one really believed in anymore, but unlike his other fantastical friends, Alfred could be seen by the average human.

Awkward situation is awkward, Arthur thought chuckling as he borrowed the colloquial phrase from Alfred's uniquely American vocabulary.

Alfred groaned in protest and deliberately thrust into Arthur one last time drawing a sharp inhale and moan from his lover as he carefully pulled out, whispering, "Well then, later tonight. I'll meet you in the diner. I hear they have a nice view of the ocean if you sit outside on the dock. Later."

And with one last sensual caress of Arthur's still hypersensitive body, Alfred untwined his tail from Arthur's legs and slipped under the water. When the Brit finally managed to control his racing heart and fluttering breath, he pealed open his forest green eyes gulped down a deep breath of air. He wearily managed to grab his swim trunks which were lying on a nearby sand covered rock, slipped them back on, and began trying to swim back to the beach.

A lifeguard met him half way and escorted him the rest of the way. His body ached, but what he wouldn't give to have it ache more. He cast a longing glance back at the open sea before making his way back to his car after reassuring the lifeguard he was fine from his ordeal –better then fine!- and drove home. He'd have to be ready if he planned on getting laid on land tonight. He smirked, oh how he loved hide-and-seek.

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