Hermione and Ron's Moo-Rated Love Scene

Author's note: As you can see, In order to comply with this website, I have censored every naughty word by replacing them with anything related to cows.

Hermione gazed upwards trying to appear calm and as if she was admiring the Little Dipper in the sky. However it had been thirty minutes since they've sat in the car and Ron hasn't even done anything despite him being the one to MOO her out. She even bought a low-cut shirt to show her lovely COWS, but even that doesn't seem to be working.

Ron gazed at Hermione as she sat on the other side of the car. His heart was MOOing as sniffed the lovely perfume that she was wearing. He watched her turn and smile, seemingly embarrassed. He really needed to say something to her. After all if, he didn't, she would see the obvious COW that he had. Luckily his shirt was long enough to cover it up just in case despite its massive MOO. He needed to make everything perfect. His hand reached over to the radio. Some Marvin MOO music should put her in the perfect mood.

Hermione gasped as Ron's hand reached out and began to wrap around her neck while accidently grazing the side of her COW. She turned her head to see Ron's beautiful eyes gazing at her for a moment before briefly glancing down below. "Oh my, was he looking at my COWS?" She thought, surprised by Ron's MOOing desire. Her eyes blinked rapidly, feeling her cheeks flush red before she took a deep breath and began to lean forward and MOOed him.

For a moment, Ron's gasped as they shared their COW. "She MOOs me! She really MOOs me!" At that moment Hermione immediately rolled over to Ron and began to MOO him. She reached down for her shirt and began to re-MOOing it.

Ron's ears turned pink, never realizing what beautiful COWs she had. He in turned reached down to show his COW as well. "MOO," he whispered.

"MOO," gasped Hermione as the two, COW to COW, began to MOO together.

End note: With the recent crackdown on M-rated fics, I had trouble writing. So I decided to create a short love story to relax. Sorry if it is short. As for my opinion on this crackdown, I would like write that I think it MOOing COWs!