"Welcome back." Eila turned to see Vergil standing just yards away from her. The world she was in was green and lush, full of trees and flowers as far as the eye could see. In the break of the forest there was a meadow, cottonwood floated through the air, giving it an ethereal feeling, and her devil was standing right in the middle of it.

"It's hard…seeing you now…. knowing that you're gone." The angel teared up and walked towards him slowly; the train of her black lolita dress dragging on the forest floor. "I miss you…" She finally closed the space and embraced him, breathing in his scent.

"You always do that. Every time I see you now, you hold on as tight as you can and smell the air." He leaned down to kiss her forehead as her tears fell softly on his coat.

"It's so I don't forget. I never want to forget the way you smell, or the feel of you against me, or the way you speak. I don't want to lose you." She nuzzled her face into his chest and sighed. "I don't want to forget you after I wake up."

"Don't wake up then." He lifted her chin and kissed her softly.

"I love you, Vergil." Eila felt like time was short, every time she was with him, he would just slip through her grasp.

"Wake up." The devil smiled.

"I don't want to…"

"I don't care if you don't want to! It's time to get up!" Dante shook the angel out of her dream and she groaned. She sat up in her bed and hazily opened her eyes.

"You're pissing me off, I was having a good dream you bastard." Eila threw a lazy punch and didn't connect with him, she wasn't ready to fight yet today.

"Hey now, you told me to get you up, and that's what I'm doing. You know what today is." The shirtless devil walked over to her bedroom door, preparing to leave to go downstairs. "Hurry and get dressed, despite the fact that I'm ignoring all business ventures today I still want to be home sooner than later." That being said he started down the hall and down the stairs.

"I hate this day." Eila looked around for her clothes. When she found them, she reminisced about this same day seventeen years ago. Yes, it had been seventeen years since Dante came home from Mallet Island, telling her he had fought and defeated Vergil. Her beautiful devil who was once proud and strong had been possessed by that monstrosity named Mundus.

She had been so devastated that she didn't leave Devil May Cry for a long time, in fact she lived inside for almost two years. When the angel had finally decided to become a demon hunter she changed completely. The once lighthearted, little angel was now a leather-clad hellion. Their otherworldly team had barely even aged, she assumed that she would probably live till the end of days, unless killed in battle.

Eila dragged herself out of bed and approached her vanity, digging through her drawers to find her garments. The angel found her old lolita dress and sighed at it, pushing it to the side. She hated the thing now, it constantly reminded her how she should've been stronger and chased after Vergil into the abyss of hell. She believed that if she had been stronger, she could have saved him from his fate. Eila was constantly training now to become powerful, it was always in the front of her mind along with her regrets. The angel pulled out her leather items and placed them out on the surface of her vanity, smiling as she did so.

"Hmph…I remember when you had made a comment to me, about wearing leather and dark make-up. I hope it still turns you on in the afterlife babe." She slipped on a black leather bustier and zipped up the front, followed by black leather booty shorts. She adorned thigh high black boots with a heel and black leather fingerless gloves. Last but not least she put on a sleeveless three tailed black leather trench coat. The angel loved this coat, it reminded her of Vergil's. She had the coat made to her specifications, it looked just like the one her devil wore, only it was sleeveless, black, and the lining was a beautiful royal blue. The clothes fit her like a glove, tight in all the right places.

Eila approached the mirror and brushed out her blonde hair, slicking it back into a high pony to show off her ears; which now sported more than a few piercings and some ear cuffs. She followed up the whole look with black eye shadow and crimson lipstick.

"Oops…almost forgot." She grabbed her black choker off the vanity and placed it on her neck, the bell jingling softly. Eila ran her fingers softly over the silver bell, remembering loving and physical times with her blue devil. "He's not coming back…he's dead Eila…" She sighed and shook away the feeling, then proceeded to look herself up and down in the mirror; giving it a double check. The angel finally approved of her appearance and headed down to meet up with Dante.

"About damn time!" The red devil smirked at her and she rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, do you know how long you take in the shower? A fucking lifetime! You're such a woman when it comes to bathing! So quit bitchin about me taking twenty minutes out of your oh-so-busy schedule." The angel strutted to the front door, only to find Trish and Lady standing outside. "Hi guys."

"Hi Angel." They both said in unison, waiting for Dante to come out of the shop. This was the same day that Eila changed her name to Angel, she refused to acknowledge anyone unless they called her by that name alone. She believed that Vergil was the only one who could ever call her by her real name, and that it just furthered her change into a stronger person. She refused to be the weak little girl named Eila, instead she would be the strong warrior named Angel. Lady understood this thoroughly, as she did the same thing after being betrayed by her father. Funny thing was, Dante gave them both their new names.

"Hey babes." Dante nodded and the girls both smirked. He stepped out of the doorway and waltzed down the stoop.

"Hey Dante." They said in unison again, the red devil turned and grinned wide at this, winking at them.

"You sound like twins, maybe we should do some extracurricular tests just to make sure?" He grinned devilishly and Lady rolled her eyes, but Trish looked intrigued.

"I thought you were a twin, Dante." Trish smirked and the devil groaned jokingly.

"Even if he was here it would be a no, babe." After Dante had said that, Eila broke out laughing hysterically. She got strange looks out of her fellow hunters.

"I asked Vergil if he had ever done a threesome involving you, and he almost killed me." The angel laughed again and Dante gave her a happily surprised look.

"You asked him that? That's funny, I'd have to be reaaaally drunk for that to happen." The devil smiled.

"Oh I know you'd do it in a heartbeat Dante, it was Vergil who needed convincing." The other two girls laughed with her and Dante just brushed them off with some 'yeah rights' and 'in your dreams'. Eila sighed and watched as the red devil began walking ahead of them down the street, the three girls followed suit and kept joking about 'twincestual love' between the Sparda boys.

"Enough already! If Vergil could come back from the dead he'd kill all of you for being so stupid." The two girls laughed at Dante as he huffed, but Eila lingered behind.

'I wish he would come back, even if it really was to kill me.' She looked up at the sunrise and her heart sank. 'I wish I didn't have to live another day without him.'

They finally came to the rubble of the once tall tower of temen-ni-gru. Shortly after Vergil had fallen into the depths of hell, the tower had started to deteriorate and crumble into dust. Now all that was left was a giant plain of dirt and boulders, the evil that was once there was now gone.

"Here, Angel. I got the one you asked for." Lady gave Eila a beautiful blue rose with a gold ribbon attached to it. The angel took it and walked to the center of the ruins, placing the flower on the ground and kneeling beside it in prayer.

'Hey Vergil, how are you? I miss you. Every year that I come here I beg god to let you come back to me, but now I know that it will never happen. The only time I can see you is in my dreams, I wish I could sleep forever. Just to be with you. Never waking up. It's been a long time, and I don't think I can live anymore. Don't worry, I'm not going to kill myself, but I think I'm going to fight as much as I can and hopefully die in battle. I don't know how long it will take, but when the time comes will you come and get me? Maybe then we can finally be together…forever. In death.'

Eila shed a single tear, and then quickly wiped it away as to not make it known by any of her companions. 'I love you, Vergil. I'll try to join you soon.' Eila stood up and stared at the rose below her, she wanted to die right then and there.

"You done, Angel?" Dante approached her gently and placed his hand on her shoulder. Eila nodded but kept staring longingly at the blue rose. "Let's go then, and try to make this day a little bit better hmm?" He gave her shoulder a quick squeeze and turned back to join Trish and Lady. With another farewell, the angel turned and follow suit; dragging her feet as she walked. Lady stopped her and gave her a hug, this always happened on this day. It was now like a ritual.

"You know he loved you very much, I could tell. He's watching over you now, so do your best." Lady squeezed a bit tighter and Eila returned the embrace.

"You say that every year. You'd think I'd know by now." Eila pecked Lady on the cheek. "But thank you for saying it, for some reason it helps." The two women broke their embrace and nodded at each other. Eila saw Lady as a big sister, in fact, Lady was the one who pulled her unconscious body out of the tower. After that day, they had a sisterly bond and took care of each other; and Eila never held a grudge against Lady for shooting her in the head.

"Okay gals, let's go get some drinks." Trish pulled her sunglasses out of her cleavage and placed them over her eyes.

"A bit early in the day isn't it?" Lady put her hands on her hips in annoyance.

"On a day like this, it's okay to drink." Trish smiled and Dante nodded in agreement with her. Finally Lady gave in and sighed.

"Fine. Angel, are you going to go?" The brunette turned to face the angel and raised a fine eyebrow.

"Oh of course, I can't wait to drown my sorrows in alcohol." Eila grinned wide and strutted towards the street.

"I think we're rubbing off on her." Dante chuckled and Trish smiled.

This day sucks.