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Eila opened her eyes slowly, allowing the midday light to help awaken her. She rolled over and saw her insanely gorgeous devil lying next to her, sleeping as soundly as a baby. The angel absorbed the moment, then as quietly as possible she leaned in and kissed his neck in a seductive way. He sighed and shifted, lifting his chin to allow more access for petting. She noticed that the two of them had fallen asleep in their towels, which had been pulled off in their sleep. Seizing the opportunity, the angel maneuvered on top of him straddling and grinding on his length gently. Vergil stirred again and gave a soft moan, his member grew firm and showed it was enjoying the attention. Eila continued her work and felt his hands begin to roam up her thighs, causing her to shiver in delight. It was all so good and perfect. Suddenly the angel felt herself be flipped violently onto her back with a very pissed off devil pinning her down.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Vergil snarled at her, he was groggy but still able to use his strength to best her. The angel stared at him in shock, her world was slightly spinning at the moment. "Answer!" He yelled now, his voice carrying a frightening tone to it.

"I was just waking you…but in a nice way…I'm sorry." Eila turned away from him, her golden hair sliding into her face, making her look irresistible. The devil sighed and rolled onto his back, still angry over what had transpired.

"I remember…it was so long ago but feels like it were yesterday." He breathed and sat up, his white bangs falling into his eyes. "Who are you, and why am I here?"

Eila turned to look at him for a moment, she realized that he had aged again in his memories, but to how old she didn't know.

"I'm your mate, my name is Eila. You died and we reanimated you, now your memories are coming back…slowly but surly." She sighed and turned away from him, clenching her pillow in remorse for the situation. The angel didn't want to have to do this every day, remind him that she was his love, or remind him that he had died. She started to cry softly, not knowing how to handle it anymore. Every time she was close to him, he would just end up being far away again. She hated it.

"My mate has a nice name." Vergil spoke coldly, emotionlessly. He had reached that point in his memories to where he had no warmth left, and it would be a long time for her to relight those lost feelings. "What happens in the future?"

"We fall in love, but you're so busy chasing power that you get yourself captured and killed. I don't think I can…forgive you for that one. Not that I'm perfect in any way…but you left me brokenhearted." Her voice started to crack from her tears, they flowed hot down her doll-like face. She listened and heard him sigh, it sounded pitiful and sad.

"So this is real time, and all that I know as of right now are all memories of the past?"

"Mmhmm." She nodded, feeling her tear stained pillow rub harshly against her face.

"What did I do yesterday?"

"Well…you were a child and I had to take care of you…then we went to sleep and you woke up in the middle of the night screaming. Then suddenly you were a young adult and well…men will be men I guess…" She laughed slightly at that one.

"Men will be men?" His voice was still cold and emotionless.

"In short we had sex." Eila laughed again and felt the bed move, she assumed that her devil was uncomfortable with that fact of what transpired last night.

"I see." The bed moved considerably now and the angel turned over just in time to watch Vergil stand up and walk away; that is until he noticed his clothes weren't there. He groaned and walked back over to the bed to sit down and put his head in his hands.

"Would you mind bringing me some garments? I do not want to be seen in such a state." The devil was calm and proper, but still cold and emotionless. Eila nodded and approached her vanity, pulling out her usual attire for the day. She felt his eyes on her as she clothed herself, and every so often she would look back only to find his icy gaze upon her. The angel giggled to herself as she finished zipping up her leather bodice.

"Like what you see?" She turned back and gave him a smoldering look, her hair still in disarray and falling seductively into her face. Vergil didn't answer but rather he shifted, showing his discomfort. Taking that answer as a yes she pulled on her shorts and stockings then placed her bell choker around her neck.

"That's an interesting item…" The devil commented coolly.

"Funny you should say that, you gave it to me as a gift. It represents that I am your 'pet' or more so your property." She smirked and turned back to him, looking him dead in the eyes and holding her gaze. The staring contest went on for a while until there was a pounding on the door, causing both of the ethereal beings to jump.

"Verge! Eila! Wake up already, it's two o'clock!" It was Dante outside the door, and he sounded irritated again. The angel wasted no time in leaving the room to yell at him, closing the door firmly behind her.

"Damnit Dante, you're not my fucking mom so knock it off!" She screeched at him and he glared at her while tapping his foot. He finally gave up trying to play the paternal role and started to walk off, but was quickly caught by her slender hand. "He need's some clothes…" She spoke quickly and slightly embarrassed. The red devil groaned and motioned for her to follow him into his own room, which she did gladly.

"Here." He handed her a royal blue v-neck t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans and boxer briefs. "Have him wear those, oh…and if he doesn't like them tell him fuckin tough." Dante grinned wide and pushed her out the door and back down the hallway.

The angel stood there for a moment, she wondered what had happened to his old attire. His beautiful blue three tailed coat, his black ribbed vest, tan boots and black cravat; items which made him look sophisticated and elegant. She sighed and put it on the back burner for now; making her way down the hall with her overly casual garments.

"Okay, so these aren't really your style…but at least the shirt is your favorite color!" Eila gave a giddy smile and closed the door behind her, receiving an emotionless look from Vergil. Without saying a word, the angel approached the bed and placed the clothes gently next to the devil. She stared at the blue shirt for a while, her vision starting to blur from tears pooling in her eyes. The items were pulled out of her view before her tears could reach them, splashing on the covers instead. It hurt, having him around but not having the man she remembered so fondly, but she had made a vow to herself to love every version of him and to protect him no matter what. "Vergil…"

The now dressed devil turned to address his mate, still cold and emotionless. Eila looked up at him, her whole world shattering around her yet again. Suddenly her body was moving on her own, her mind was almost absent; she leaped towards him and embraced him so tightly it might have hurt. Everything was flooding around her, every feeling she ever had for the man had surfaced and she cried as if she would never be able to cry again. She couldn't breathe, her heart was racing so fast and her lungs couldn't keep up.

The angel felt her knees weaken and she started to faint, she was falling like a rag doll until strong arms held her upright.

"You love me so much that your whole being is confused…" Vergil spoke clearly now, and carried what seemed to be a pained face.

"Don't leave…promise me you wont ever leave me again…" Eila sobbed, still unable to hold herself up. "I'll kill myself…I'll do it for real this time….I can't live without you I just can't…" Her eyes began to look lifeless, as if she were repressing herself deep inside.

"You're a fool." He blinked at her before lifting her up and laying her back down on the bed. He turned to head towards the door when her arm stretched out and grasped his wrist firmly. The devil turned back to look at his broken angel and tried to form a look of reassurance. "I'll be back in a minute. Please." He removed her hand and headed out the door. He cursed inwardly while hurrying down the stairs, finding his surroundings to be familiar yet unfamiliar. He stopped suddenly for a woman blocked his view.

"Well aren't we in a hurry?" Lady stood in the way and placed her hands on her hips. Vergil almost growled but contained himself, still providing a glare. "Chill out, what do you need? I'll get it for you."

"I need some water, it's for Eila." Vergil huffed out and Lady suddenly gave a look of concern.

"Is she alright?" She relaxed her stance and brushed some of her ebony hair behind her ear.

"She's very emotional, I don't really know how to approach the situation…" The devil ran his hand through his silver locks, finally figuring out that it wasn't in its usual style.

Lady wasted no time in brushing past him and flying up the stairs, Vergil felt he had no choice and followed her back into Eila's room.

"Angel!" The raven haired woman was now at Eila's side, shaking her slightly. The angel turned to look at her friend, soulless and void of anything. "Knock it off! Vergil's right here and he isn't going anywhere!" When Lady didn't receive a good response she slapped her hard across the face. This was a grave mistake for it caused Vergil to violently rip the woman off the bed and throw her against Eila's dresser, shaking the whole house. He growled at her now, showing his malicious nature in warning.

"STOP IT!" The angel screamed jumping off of the bed and shoved herself between them, holding Lady in a protective embrace.

"A…Angel?" The woman blinked with surprise.

"I'm sorry Vergil, it was my fault! Lady was just trying to bring me back to reality! Please don't hurt her!" Eila clung to Lady but looked back at her lover with fresh tears. "I'm just a stupid girl, it's not Lady's fault…If you are angry, please direct it at me…" The angel broke away from Lady and placed her hands on Vergil's shoulders firmly, trying to push him back slightly if she could. She felt him stiffen under her touch, but not in a completely bad way, more in surprise then discomfort. After a minute or two the devil finally relaxed and moved away from the two women.

"I forgive you. However, if she slaps you again I might just kill her. No one is to punish you besides myself." He gave her a cold look, which Eila returned with her classic innocent doe eyes. If it had been the regular old Vergil, he probably would have broken into a half smirk, but this time he kept a straight face.

Lady glared at him but held her tongue, most likely due to the fact that she cared deeply for her best friend and wanted everything to work out smoothly. She finally averted her eyes and let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry too, to both of you. I shouldn't have slapped you, Angel." The raven haired woman's face didn't really match her apology but the two lovers took it well, or at least Eila did. Vergil kept his stone expression and walked lightly out of the room, making absolutely no noise, the angel reached out in attempt to go after him but Lady held her back and shook her head in disappointment. The angel cocked her head to the side and gave a cute look to which caused the raven haired one to shake in rage.

"I don't understand why you like that guy, he treats you like you're his property!" Lady huffed and crossed her arms in a displeased manner. Eila sighed lovingly in response.

"I am his property…his woman….his mate…" The angel went into her happy place for a moment before her friend's ranting pulled her out.

"No seriously! It's unhealthy!"

"But he's so wonderful…"

"Are you brainwashed?!"

"I love him…"


Lady gave up and grabbed Eila's hand. "Lets go eat something, take a break from all this madness. I missed you and want to have some girl time." She smiled big, getting a relieved look from the angel.

The two girls had fun making a rather large breakfast. Luckily for Eila, Lady had gone to the store before she came over today and brought REAL food other than just having left-over pizza and beer. They cooked up some eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, and cut up fresh fruit. Lady had even been nice enough to pick up some Danish pastries, which were the angel's favorite. When everything was all set up and ready to eat, Eila yelled throughout the house for everyone to 'come and eat' but was startled by a sudden appearance of a blue devil.

"Uh…Vergil…Hi." She stood there watching him, she felt awkward and shy for once. He stared back at her, not saying a word, only keeping her gaze with his icy blue eyes. The angel felt frightened, like her soul was being taken over by this arctic demon. It was just too much to handle and she looked away in fear. Vergil actually smirked this time and finally walked past her. Eila stood there for a moment, trying to get a grip on what just happened.

"He did it to show dominance, it's quite a popular thing to do in the demon world." The angel jumped, she turned to see Dante standing right behind her giving her a slight smile. "Don't take it too harshly, it's a gesture that is used either on enemies or mates. It's like a staring contest, first one to look away is considered submissive. For a male seeking a female this is actually an endearing quality, however during a confrontation it is good to keep eye contact as sign of a challenge." Eila blinked at him in surprise, completely awestruck at how intelligent he actually sounded. Unfortunately, the red devil found the look insulting and rolled his eyes at her. "I'm not as stupid as you think I am."

"Then why do you act stupid?" Trish was behind him now giving him a cocky smile.

"It's a façade I put on so people underestimate my mad skills!" He laughed almost aggressively; it was a little strange.

"Pfft, whatever your so dumb." The blonde sauntered past the two and headed for the food. Eila tried holding back a giggle but failed, getting a huff from Dante.

"If a submissive woman is attractive to a demon, then why do you date Trish?" The angel gave the red devil a sarcastic smile and he shrugged in response.

"Cause I choose to be like any other horny man. Vergil and I may be twins, but he chose a demonic path, I chose a human one. We're complete opposites so it's only natural that we're interested in different women. I like the chicks that are sexy badasses, and Verge likes the chicks that are cute and easy to overcome." He chuckled now coming to a realization. "In short my brother is a rapist."

The conversation was interrupted by the blue devil clearing his throat. Dante and Eila looked over to see Vergil glaring at them, or rather glaring at Dante.

"You're so touchy, Verge. Don't you understand sarcasm? Or has that not been invented yet?" Dante gave a cocky smile and strutted past the blue devil and towards the food on the kitchen counter. Eila had finally noticed that everyone else had dished up and went to follow suit, avoiding looking Vergil in the eyes as she passed him to get towards her meal.

Everyone had set up camp in the living room, eating away at his or her meals quietly with some idle chatter in between. Vergil never spoke and Eila sat as far away from him as possible, something about him was bothering her, it was like she was in the presence of a wise yet violent wolf that could snap at any moment. The angel ate her fill in silence, when her plate was clean she stood up to go and wash her dish.

"Hey, are you okay?" Lady spoke softly towards the angel then stood up with her own empty plate in hand. Eila shrugged and proceeded into the kitchen, of which the raven woman followed her instantly. "What's wrong with you? You've been an emotional wreck all day, I thought that Vergil coming back was supposed to be a good thing but now I'm having serious doubts."

"I'm fine, it's just tiring having to deal with all of his personality changes. I've only dealt with him for a night and half a day, but I'm already so exhausted. I don't know what to do…" Eila rinsed the plate she was cleaning and put it on a towel to dry. Lady stared at her worriedly. "Mary, I'm fine. Really." That was enough to tell Lady to drop the subject; whenever her real name was used it was usually an extra serious matter. The angel ignored her friend and walked over to the living room to take her seat on the couch next to Trish. Apparently she had walked in on an interesting conversation.

"So, Vergil. How is it you know how to speak English? It just seems strange that you knew the language from the beginning, even though it's not your native tongue." Trish flipped her hair and smirked at the blue devil sitting kitty-corner from Dante. Eila blinked at the question, then questioned herself when English had even become a language. Then another question popped up; 'Where is Vergil actually from?'

Instead of actually answering her question he merely shrugged and left to go clean his plate.

"Dante, where are you guys from? What does Trish mean by 'your native tongue'?" Eila pushed the question on the red devil since her lover didn't seem to want to answer questions today. Dante groaned but smiled at the same time; it was obvious he didn't like admitting how old he actually was.

"We were born in a northern part of Italy around two thousand and twenty-ish years ago I think. You begin to lose count after a thousand; and our 'native tongue' as you'd say was Umbrian and Etruscan. However it changed about a hundred years after we were born to Latin, but by that time we had both traveled a lot and learned all sorts of languages. Now it's a little easier since a lot of the languages nowadays are all meshed together and forming new dialects, since we know all the old 'key' languages to these new ones we're pretty much fluent in everything." He nodded to himself in approval.

"If you're from Italy why can't you get a tan?" Lady waltzed in and sat down in Vergil's chair. She laughed a little at her own comment.

"Because in northern Italy at the time it was being invaded by Germanic peoples. Ya know, blonde hair blue eyes? It was in the south that the people were tan due to invasions by people across the Mediterranean. Also a lot of trade was going on down there too due to the sea, Egypt had it good with Rome for a while too. So a lot of factors went in to the change of ethnicity."

"You know so much!" Eila was on the edge of her seat in complete interest, her eyes sparkling with delight. Dante smiled at her in response, obviously feeling a good swell in his ego.

"Hey say something in Sumerian." Trish spoke out in a challenge.

"I don't know Sumerian!"

"HA! You DON'T know every language!" She bellowed and Dante huffed feeling his ego deflate.

"If you wanted someone to speak Sumerian you'd have to ask my father. If you can find him, that is. That's more his time." The red devil rested his head back and sighed in annoyance.

It was a little while of silence before Vergil had walked back into the room. He saw his spot was taken so he moved for the chair next to Eila. She froze while he sat down, not knowing what to do with herself.

"Vergil, smettere di essere strano e parlare con la tua ragazza."

The angel blinked for a moment, then looked over at Dante in shock.

"Did you just speak Italian?" She blinked again, not believing her ears.

"Parlerò con lei quando vedo in forma, e non parlare a me con tale mancanza di rispetto. Idiota." Vergil answered back calmly. Eila almost wanted to die. His delicious voice speaking Italian was insanely gorgeous.

"Eila si spaventa e tu sei uno stronzo!" Dante was yelling now, he stood up and stared Vergil down in warning.

"Tenere le emozioni umane a te stesso. Lei mi fa star male. Lei è la mia donna in modo da rimanere fuori. A meno che non si desidera essere ucciso posso lieto di aiutare in questo." The blue devil spoke darkly, never shifting his eyes.

Eila heard her name amongst the foreign shouting, but still sat there completely dazed.

"WILL YOU GUYS FUCKING KNOCK IT OFF?!" Lady screamed loudly at both of them, getting multiple looks. The room went silent for a while until she regained her sense of calm. "You guys are forbidden from speaking a foreign language ever again. It's really irritating…"

"I enjoyed it, totally sexy." Trish piped in and then winked at Dante.

"You think everything is sexy…" Lady turned to Trish and gave her an annoyed look.

"Well it's on my brain a lot, and hot guys who speak sexy romantic languages…oof…" She gave a little shiver and a smile. "So hot."

Lady groaned and grabbed Eila by the arm. "Lets leave these idiots to kill each other, cause I assume that's what's going to happen." Before the angel could protest she was being dragged out of her seat, and right as she was leaving the room she could have sworn she saw Vergil giving Lady a death glare.

The two had stayed in Eila's room for a few hours, chatting and playing around with their weapons. Apparently Trish had left for a while and said she'd be back later, then Vergil and Dante had disappeared into his room and hadn't come out for a long time. Finally Eila heard footstep coming down the hall and the two devils appeared.

"Hey, me and Verge are going to go out. You know, have a boys night." The two twins were now both standing in the doorway, wearing nicer clothes then usual. Dante was in his classic red coat with a black high collared buttoned vest and fitted black pants, packing heat as always. However, Vergil now had a black trench coat, with a black turtleneck and also fitted black pants. His hair was also styled in its usual slicked back fashion. Eila could feel herself drooling.

"Oh yeah? And what are WE supposed to do?" Lady walked towards Dante and jabbed him with her index finger. "Is it even safe to bring Vergil out with you?! How old is he anyways? Cause he still doesn't seem to understand that it's a free world now." Lady seethed, completely and utterly pissed at Dante.

"He's like in the hundies now, way older than you and Angel. He'll be brought up to speed soon enough." Dante chuckled before continuing. "Why don't you girls just do what you always do? Get drunk and have sex with each other." Dante received an utterly shocked look from Vergil, a look that was slowly starting to seem dangerous.

"He's joking, we drink but we don't have sex." Lady piped over to Vergil before he could blow a gasket. Then she turned back to Dante and punched him in the face. "ARE YOU ASKING TO GET KILLED?! YOU'RE SUCH AN IDIOT!" She screeched before the red devil balanced himself and grinned.

"Okay okay, wait until we get back and THEN start having sex. Then we'll join in and it'll be tons of fun." Dante started laughing hysterically and just barely dodged another of Lady's terrific punches, causing him to run down the stairs being chased by the female fury.

Vergil stood there awkwardly, not really knowing what to do with himself. Eila stared at him for a moment, taking in his image. The devil caught this and almost formed a smirk.

"Like what you see?" His mouth forming a slight curve, his eyes holding more life then before; it made the angel's heart race with happiness. She nodded in approval, but didn't speak. This seemed to please him and he smiled a bit more, probably the biggest smile he's had all day. Suddenly the face disappeared when he was struck from behind.

"Verge! Let's go!" Dante grinned wide and began pushing Vergil down the stairs. The blonde giggled at the two and saw them off.

Lady and Eila decided that since the boys got to have a night out, so would they. So they went back upstairs, chatted as they applied makeup and tried on outfits, and were joined a moment later by Trish who had supplied them with hard liquor.

"This will be a fun girl's night, I say we go out and go dancing!" Trish bounced excitedly on Eila's bed, sporting a strapless tight red dress that stopped just below her butt along with thigh high black boots.

"That actually sounds like fun." Lady agreed. She was wearing a pinstripe dress that showed a descent amount of cleavage and ended mid thigh with a slit in the back, wearing her usual combat boots. She rummaged through Eila's dresses and picked out a royal blue lolita styled dress; it had a sweetheart neckline, a corset back, poofy short sleeves, and a poofy skirt that happened to be rather short. "Aw! This is so adorable! Like a little slutty baby-doll!" The raven haired woman laughed and pushed it towards Eila. "Angel, you have to wear this!"

"That is really cute! Plus it screams Vergil…" Trish winked at Eila before taking a long sip of her flavored vodka. Eila looked at the garment and sighed.

"I stopped wearing those things after Verg-."

"Yeah, well, he's back now! Just start up from where you left off. Starting with these adorable clothes." Lady threw the garment aside and started to strip Eila of her current garments. The angel screamed and laughed in protest, slightly tipsy from the drinks forced on her by Trish.

"Just think if Dante and Vergil walked in, they really would think that we had sex on girls nights!" The blonde demoness laughed hysterically and rolled on the bed giddily. The angel fought as Lady forced the blue dress on but was finally forced on the bed as it was being laced up in the back.

"Laaaddyyy! C'mon! I don't want to wear this damn thing! It's too sweet and I'm more edgy then this!" Eila kicked and punched the bed.

"But just think, Vergil will come home tonight and see you in this, he wont be able to resist your cuteness!" Lady laughed as she finally placed the matching stockings, some black maryjane shoes, and a matching choker on the flailing Eila. The raven haired woman stood back and observed her work, following it up with a squeal and a giggle.

"Wait wait wait." Trish hopped off the bed and found the missing component. "She needs this." The blonde demoness clipped a fabric blue rose into Eila's hair. "There! She's all done!" The two friends laughed and cooed over how cute it was. The angel stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She did look extremely cute, plus her makeup was still rather dark so it kept that more seductive appearance. She nodded at herself then to her friends.

"Okay, can we go now?"

The three girls finally left the Devil May Cry and paraded up and down the streets, receiving multiple cat calls. They hopped from bar to bar before finally making it to the dance club that Trish had talked about before. Without a second thought the bouncer had let them in, mumbling compliments to them as they strode past. Eila felt herself get swept away in the harsh electronic music and booming bass.

"This is awesome!" Lady shouted over the music before the three girls moved to the dance floor, dancing together as a group. Suddenly some men came and started dancing with them, which made Eila uneasy but the other two were fine with it. The angel watched as the two girls were enjoying their dances with their new partners thoroughly and suddenly felt someone behind her. She turned around to find a mediocre man attempting to grind; it made her angry fast.

"Please leave me alone!" She shouted over the music to him, but he didn't listen and kept grabbing at her hips. The angel turned to confront him and he pulled her closer. "STOP!" She screamed at him and he gave her a pissed off look, of which she followed up by storming off the dance floor all together. Eila kept moving until she found a door leading outside, which she went through gladly. She found herself with a group of smokers and huddled herself against a wall, putting her head in her hands.

"I wish Vergil was here…" The angel had began to regret going out tonight. Sure it had been a long time, but she felt guilty for not being by Vergil's side constantly until he was fully recovered. She wasn't enjoying herself at all.

"Hey baby, why did you leave so fast? I thought we were getting to know each other." Eila looked up in shock to see that her 'dance partner' had followed her outside. The group of smokers had left and she was all alone with this strange man.

"I am not your baby, and I don't want to dance with you! Piss off!" She shouted at him and he grabbed her firmly by the wrist.

"You little bitch! Why dress that way if you don't wanna fuck?!" He spat at her and she glared, ready to kick her heel in his groin. Suddenly a fist magically punched him in the face, knocking out more then a few of his teeth and causing him to go flying. Eila looked over in surprise to find Vergil standing there looking more then furious. Her prayers had been answered.

"She obviously didn't dress that way for you." He spoke calmly but was as frightening as ever. However in this moment, she wasn't scared of him, only struck in awe.

"Vergil." Eila spoke lovingly to him. "Why are you here? I thought it was 'boys night'." She giggled and the devil finally relaxed.

"We went to a place where women disrobe and dance…It was filled with morons so we left. Then we saw you and the other women go into this establishment so naturally we followed." Vergil kept a straight face but was quite relaxed.

"So you were stalking us…cute." Eila laughed slightly but was cut off when she heard her assailant rise to his feet. The devil grabbed her arm and pulled her gently behind him in a protective way. The gesture was a slight one but it hit her heartstrings.

"Touch her again and I'll kill you." Vergil gave the strange man a challenging look, and without another word the pervert took off running. "No one is allowed to touch you like that. I saw what he did to you while you were dancing, disgusting." He turned to face her with an extremely displeased look. Eila giggled and got a confused look instead.

"That's how people dance nowadays, real close and intimate, but I didn't want to dance with him…he just came up out of nowhere." The angel blinked for a moment, then noticed that Vergil was still holding her hand.

"I'm not surprised why he did it, but it doesn't excuse the fact that he touched you at all." The devil looked in the direction the man fled to, most likely hoping to follow him and actually kill him. Eila decided to disrupt the thought.

"So you said that no one is allowed to touch me in a, well, lets say sexual way. I hope that statement doesn't include you." She squeezed his hand lightly to make him notice that they were still connected. Vergil looked back at her with a serious look, completely unreadable. Eila looked away for a moment, unable to stand his gorgeous gaze. Before she knew what was happening, the devil had gently grasped her chin and turned her eyes back to meet his own. He was pulling her closer to him. Eila felt butterflies in her stomach; she placed her hands on his shoulders and squeezed with delight. They were so close, their lips just a hair's width away.

"Hey! Get a room!" The moment was ruined. Vergil stopped and looked up to glare at whoever had called out to them. It just so happened to be Dante followed by his two leading ladies, who had broken out into hysterical laughter. Eila blushed and looked back at them.

"Hi guys, how long have you been here?" The angel blushed and giggled.

"Long enough to watch Verge scare off that pervert and go off on his 'being respectable' spiel. If I were him, I would have told you how good you looked in that dress and took you to the nearest secluded place to take it off." Dante laughed at his own comment, getting a few giggles out of the girls.

"Forgive me for having class, brother. Unlike you, I don't need to fulfill my carnal urges every second of the day." Vergil actually smirked this time. Eila blushed again not really understanding why. Today she felt so shy around him; a feeling she hadn't felt for a long time. The blue devil noticed her discomfort and put some distance between them, however, he still kept that fox-like smile.

"Whatever, lets just go to the bar. This place blows." Dante cracked a half smile and began leading Lady and Trish down the alleyway, whispering to both of them and getting giggles in return. Before Eila could even think, she had grabbed Vergil by the arm and started to follow the others; only to be pulled back forcefully to his side. She looked up at him to see his eyes burning angrily, he was displeased by her behavior.

"Meow?" She didn't really know why she said it, but it had a positive affect on him. The blue devil said nothing and began to lead her on the road to catching up with Dante and the other girls.

After drinking at the bar for some time, Dante and Trish decided they had some 'business' to take care of and took off for the Devil May Cry; leaving Vergil, Eila, and Lady behind. The bar had already cleared out for the most part with only a few people remaining. Eila hadn't drank this much since she went to visit Vergil's memorial.

"Teach me how to tango!" The angel jumped up to sit on the side of the pool table where Vergil was trying to get a shot. He had been doing rather well for his first time and won quite a bit of cash from other patrons.

"What on earth is that?" Vergil said calmly, not bothering to look at his over intoxicated mate.

"It's a dance, but you probably haven't been around long enough yet to know it." Lady laughed slightly, she had a good buzz going as well.

"Laaadddyyyyy! Fix him! He's broken and I want to play with him!" This time Eila laid all the way down on the pool table, luckily there wasn't really anyone there who cared. With the exception of Vergil, that is.

"Get off." The blue devil was not amused by her behavior.

"But I is a pretty kitty!" She rolled around slightly and meowed, this got a roar of laughter from Lady. Without warning, Vergil picked up his 'cat' and put her back on her feet whilst giving her a glare. "Meeeeoooooow!" The angel grabbed his shoulders and licked his cheek sinfully. The devil tensed and pushed her forcefully against a wall, gripping her shoulders painfully and she cried out getting a few frightened looks from the remaining patrons.

"Vergil! Enough!" Lady walked up next to them and placed her hand lightly on his shoulder. "Please, you can't do this here." She spoke just above of a whisper. How she was so calm in this moment, Eila didn't know, but she assumed it must have been shock or understanding. Vergil backed down and loosened his grip, glaring down the angel in anger and disappointment. Not being able to handle his gaze, Eila busted out of his grasp and waltzed over to Lady.

"It's no fun here, lets go somewhere else." She leaned on her friend and nuzzled into her shoulder, and she could feel a twinge of jealousy from her lover in that moment.

"You want to go home? Cause we can leave right-"

"No waaaaaay, lets go to your place!" Eila hugged Lady tightly and giggled.

"So you're just going to leave Vergil alone is that it?" The raven haired woman frowned.

"Nooooo he's coming….with us…hehe." The angel started laughing now and Lady face palmed herself, then nodded her head to Vergil to say that it was time to go. As if in answer, the blue devil walked over and threw the angel over his shoulder. Eila laughed hysterically now as they went about leaving the establishment.

"How far is your home?" Vergil spoke up now to the woman walking beside him.

"About a mile, but I left my bike at Dante's and we can't all fit on it."

"Laaadddyyyy! I want your baaaabieeeesss!" The angel laughed at herself and enjoyed the ride, until she was given a firm hoist by Vergil. "You siiiirrr, are a big fat meanie! BLUE MEANIE!" He hoisted her again and she whined.

"Angel, you better do what he wants or he might give you a spanking." Lady stifled a laugh and got a quizzical look from the devil.

"I like it…when he does that. Hehe. VERGIL! Hurry up and get us to Lady's houuussse. It's time to get sexyyyy!" Eila tried rolling around on his shoulder but he swung her around until she was bridal style in his arms. He was being extra patient with her tonight.

"Stop." He kept his eyes forward as Lady kept giggling.

"Whip it out." The angel hawed for a seconded then stopped herself, she really wasn't in control.

"What?…." Vergil was dumbfounded, he had no clue what she was talking about.

"Your….peeennniissss." The blonde cackled now finding the word to be extremely funny, however Vergil kept his cool but something was obviously bothering him. Lady giggled a bit harder in the background, unable to not find the situation hysterical. "Lady wants to see it too!"

"I do not!" The raven haired woman squeaked, not meaning to be so high pitched, but the sound alone somewhat gave her away. The devil still kept his stone face.

"Psst! I think he wants us both…ya knoooow?"

Finally they had made it to Lady's apartment complex. The two more sober ones ignored the angel and proceeded up the stairs to her floor.

"Lady! How long has it been since you've slept with a man?" Eila burst out loudly as they finally reached the door to Lady's apartment. Her friend unlocked the door and welcomed them inside trying to ignore the question. It was a small apartment with one bathroom, one bedroom, a kitchenette and a living room. Vergil wasted no time with putting the angel back on her feet. "Awww! No fun!" Eila giggled and embraced the devil, feeling him tense beneath her.

"Angel, calm down and lets go to bed." Lady tapped her foot and waited for the blonde to relax.

"Can Vergil come with us?" Eila pouted.

"No, he can sleep on the couch. Now hurry up!" The raven haired woman quickly grabbed the angel by the arm and dragged her into her room. "Hurry and change."

"I caaaaan't! There's too muuuch…" Eila flopped on the bed and lifted up her arms. Lady groaned and finally helped her out of her blue lolita garb until she was in nothing but her underwear. The angel rolled around on the bed for a bit while her friend began to remove her clothes as well, revealing that she hadn't worn a bra. Eila stared, her skin was pale porcelain and her figure was lithe but curvy. Lady turned around not really thinking much about the fact that she was half nude and adjusted the sheets on her bed, her front in plain sight for the angel to see. Eila noticed how cute and pink her nipples were, quite similar to her own, and she was perky to boot.

"Okay, all set." Lady nodded to herself, proud of her work. As she started towards the other side of the bed Eila reached up and pulled her down onto the bed next to her. "Eila! What are you doing?!" The brunette scolded the angel but stopped when she looked at her adorable pout. The angel climbed on top of her and kissed her softly, getting a surprise when Lady allowed her to slip into her mouth. Their makeout session was so gentle and relaxing that they didn't notice the door open behind them. Eila broke the kiss and went for the brunette's neck getting ready to lick and suck to her hearts content until Lady gasped and pushed the angel away in utter fright and shame.

"What?" The angel looked behind her to see Vergil standing just a few feet away, just watching her as calm and cool as ever. "Oh. Hi Veeergiiill!" She smiled extra big for him and gave a slight giggle. The brunette stood up and went to go put on more clothing, but the devil was not having that. He swiftly took hold of her arm and threw her back on the bed.

"Hey! Don't hurt her! This was my fault!" Eila felt the situation suddenly change to something scary and it caused her to sober up fast. Vergil said nothing except move towards the door to shut it softly; the fact that he was being so quiet was giving the angel shivers.

"You made a mistake Eila. Now Lady will pay for it." His voice was so cold, and his eyes even colder. He moved his gaze to the brunette and closed the space between him and the bed with only a step, violently grabbing and pulling Lady closer to him and bringing her head up to reach his lips. Even though the brunette didn't resist, the angel wasted no time in trying to attack her own lover. He blocked her with his free hand and managed to pin her down by her neck, never breaking the lip lock he had with Lady.

"You're a fucking bastard asshole piece of shit cunt rag!" Eila thought of all the words that pissed him off, she knew that if she made him mad at her she would get the brunt of the abuse.

This time she was dead wrong.

Vergil grabbed at the brunette's underwear and ripped them off, completely destroying them, then broke his kiss to glare at his angel; squeezing her neck as his eyes penetrated her. It wasn't enough to choke her out, but it did give her a bit off a high. Eila felt her eyes start to roll as her heartbeat grew louder and louder in her ears. Suddenly his grip left her and she breathed in as much air as she could get, feeling Lady move next to her and pet her heated and bruised neck.

The devil wasted no time and removed the remaining undergarments from the angel, now both of the women were gloriously nude.

"This will be interesting…" The devil started to strip down until he was wearing only his pants. Then he removed his belt and threw it to the floor. The angel looked up at him now to see him staring back at her, his gaze burning through her, alerting her of his want. He unbuttoned his pants and reached in pulling out his throbbing erection. Eila felt Lady shiver next to her, obviously knowing there was no escape for what was about to happen.

Suddenly he flipped the brunette onto her stomach and adjusted her till she was on her hands and knees on the bed, never breaking eye contact with the angel. Without hesitation he entered Lady, thrusting into her heat so hard Eila thought he might hurt her. However this wasn't the case, the brunette was thoroughly enjoying herself and moaned grasping the bedding. Eila watched her friend, her face distorted with pleasure and her body moved with Vergil's to intensify the act, her moans and whimpers growing erratic and harsh on her voice. He was crashing into her, faster and faster he moved as they both became overwhelmed by the pleasure. He never broke eye contact, as if he were telling the angel that this was her punishment and there was certainly more to come. Lady started to scream now, her orgasm had approached and she grabbed the bedding so hard that her fingers started to tear through the fabric. Vergil smirked now and pulled out, grunting as he came onto the brunette's back. Lady finally collapsed and breathed, trying hard to get back to reality.

Now she was pissed.

Eila finally felt her jealousy overwhelm her and her black wings spread out of her body. She wanted nothing more than to beat the living shit out of the devil. Without warning she lunged, growling ferociously as she punched and scratched at him. Vergil quickly grew angry and began wrestling with her on the floor, but he was sloppy and the angel bested him by biting hard into his neck and drawing a great deal of blood. He moaned in pain and pleasure as she began to drink from him, and felt herself get hot from the whole ordeal. She finally noticed that she was on top of him when she felt his new erection begging for attention beneath her, and then she figured she'd piss him off just a little more. The angel sucked hard and felt his hips buck in wanting, she was in control.

She gently slipped her hand down to grasp him then place him at her entrance where she slid down and enveloped him. Vergil gasped and gripped her hips as she began to ride him, slowly she grinded with him and enjoyed his length.

The devil started to grow anxious and moved to switch positions only to be interrupted by a sudden and hard suck on his neck, he groaned and moved his hands to grip her butt.

"You…wont…control me…" In desperation, he triggered. The tables turned swiftly and he pressed her down on the floor, thrusting into her. Eila winced in pain at the feel of his enormous member then felt him bite harshly into her neck. She screamed in agony as he almost ripped her apart. His demonic, dragon-like face was glaring at her, and he growled like a rabid beast. The pain started to leave her and all she felt was intense pleasure, so much that her cries started to go silent.

"Vergil…Vergil. VERGIL!" She screamed his name over and over, feeling her orgasm wash over her. Her wings spread out in reaction, and his drinking became feverish while her blood started to spill out of his mouth and onto the floor. She came and hard fingers dug into the wood floor, having it splinter beneath her. The angel felt dizzy, she started to pass out when he finally pulled out and came. His trigger vanished and the devil detached himself from his lover's profusely bleeding neck. They eyed each other as they came down, never wavering.

"Okay. You guys need to leave now." Lady glared at both of them.

The two ethereal beings cleaned up and gathered their things without saying a word.

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