The Purgatory

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Chapter 1: Rolf


In the late 1800's and early 1900's, there were many immigrants coming to America from other countries. Now, at the time, there were two different locations used to get these immigrants to America. The historic Ellis Island at the New York Harbor in Jersey City, New Jersey and the also historical Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay.

These immigrants had come to America for a number of reasons. They had family there, they were escaping persecution and war or they did not want to be abused and neglected in their home country. But for the most part, the majority of these immigrants had come to America for the chance to have a better life.

This is the same reason that Rolf's family had come to America. In June 1901, Rolf's family had lived in a small country in Eastern Europe. At the time, this country was beginning to face persecution and as a result, the citizens were also facing debt and abuse. Rolf's father, mother, grandmother and siblings had come to America when Rolf was only 7 in 1904. 6 or 7 years later, Rolf would die in a brutal and horrific event.

Rolf's family had lived on what were then the barren fields of what we call now Peach Creek. Rolf's siblings, as much as they loved him, were occupied with their own work and activities. Rolf had spent much of his time either working on the family farm or going into town to buy food.

In late May 1910, Rolf's father and mother had gone into town to buy food which left Rolf's 3 siblings, his grandmother and Rolf himself on the farm. On May 23rd, 1910, Rolf Van Duren had died. This is his story.

Rolf had sighed as he was trying to do the day's work. Mama and Papa had gone out into town and most likely would not be back until the changing of the sky's color. He had been very young when they left their home country. Rolf could barely even remember their old home. America was his home now.

He was working as he remembered what his mother and father said. They had told him to make sure he did all of his chores before he went to play and to take good care of his siblings. They also told him to watch out for strangers.

Lately, there has been a small depression, particularly in the area where Peach Creek was. A group of local businessman immediately blamed the depression on immigrant residents. The rest of the town or some of it had followed suit. Now, Rolf's curfew was earlier because of the fear of what the townspeople would do.

Rolf was tending to the cattle and sheep when he felt a chill go down his spine. Something was going to happen soon. He had that feeling about it. Soon after, he noticed a man wearing a powder blue suit with a matching top hat. He was wearing gloves and had an evil, sinister grin on his face.

Rolf then heard a cry for help.

"Rolf!" He turned around to see his grandma being held by the man who was holding a knife up to her throat.

"Nana!" Rolf shouted.

He had tried to run to her but he was held back by two men in dark blue suits and hats.

One of the men holding Rolf back shouted "Hey, Johnny, what are we going to do with these immigrants?"

Johnny shouted back "We're going to teach these immigrants a lesson, that's what we're going to do with them!"

Johnny continued "You think you have rights here, you immigrants, huh? Well, you don't and especially not since you came. Coming to our country with your fake, fancy foreign names and families and then taking away jobs that belong to our pureblood American people."

Nana said "Please, if it is money you want, take all of it but don't hurt my gra…"

Johnny shouted "Shut up! You people should know how to be silent when somebody else is speaking! Or did they not teach you that in immigrant school?"

Rolf hated the way this hateful man was talking to them. But it was not just that, it was also what this man- Johnny, the other two men called him- was spewing out.

Yes, his family was an immigrant family. But they were now citizens of the United States of America and if this Johnny man hated it, then he could move somewhere else that didn't have immigrants.

Johnny still had the knife to Nana's neck as he said "This was a nice, quiet, all-American community. And then you foreign scumbags started coming in by the truckload. Since then, the town's economy and livelihood has gone down. All because of you people."

Nana replied "We'll give you anything, just don't hurt any of us. What is it that you want? Money? Jewels?"

Johnny held Nana by the collar of her dress and said "I want all of you scumbags gone. That's what I want."

Nana glared at him and then replied "Young man, I know that you must be frustrated with the way things are now. But taking it out on innocent citizens like us is no way to resolve the…"

Johnny shouted "I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!" before he cut Nana's neck with the knife.

Rolf's eyes widened. This psychopath had just killed his grandmother. And Rolf knew that he might be next. He had to get away from the farm and into the town, somewhere safe where he could find what they called the police.

Rolf shouted "Nana!" while still trying to get out of the grasps of the two men.

Johnny turned around with a grin on his face, the blood now on his face and his suit sleeve.

Johnny said "Oh, don't worry. In fact, you should be joining your grandma very soon."

Rolf didn't know what that meant but he already had the feeling that it wasn't anything good. He waited until the two men were off their guard before he picked up a rake.

He shoved the front part into the stomach of the first man and then used the tip to push the first man into the second one. The result of that was both men had landed on the ground and on top of each other.

Rolf had begun running as far as he could. He knew that he had two options. The first was to run to the woods where he could lose them there. The second was to run to the town and get the tall men with batons.

Johnny looked down at the two men and shouted "You two, go inside the house and take down the rest of those freaks! I'm going after the brave boy!" before he started running after Rolf.

As he ran, he looked behind and saw Johnny who was running faster and faster. He charged at Rolf as if he was a bull. Rolf was then tackled down to the ground.

Johnny smirked. He had finally caught the boy. The brave one that thought he could escape Johnny "The Bull" Toretto. Of course, most of his kind would be cocky and confident but they've never faced the likes of him back in their home country.

Rolf had tried to grab at the ground before he was taken. But the best he was able to claw on to the grass as Johnny began to drag him to the house.

Rolf screamed "NO!"

Rolf woke up in his bed, panting and sweating. He looked at the alarm clock. In glaring red numbers, it said 4:07. It must have been the morning because Rolf saw that, from his bedroom window, it was still dark outside.

Rolf thought "What a strange dream." as he slowly got out of his bed, rubbing his eyes.

Rolf tried to remember just what he ate or did before he went to bed. But he can't actually recall it. In fact, he tried to remember what he did at all yesterday. He couldn't remember that either.

Rolf could barely remember anything before a few days. Rolf sighed and looked around, trying to find something that he could identify. Even if he had identified it by pure luck. But to his horror, he couldn't.

Suddenly, Rolf was overwhelmed with memories of his life and family and working. Some of them seemed real but the majority of them seemed like they were false or implanted into his mind. He shook off the thought and decided to go downstairs and get some early breakfast.

He looked at his alarm clock just before he left the room. It was now 4: 44 am. Rolf had been sitting awake for 34 minutes. Rolf had gone down to his kitchen and saw a newspaper lying on the kitchen table. Rolf opened up the newspaper and looked at it. It was a local newspaper. But the date… it was more than a hundred years ago!

Rolf saw one of the stories on the front page. It was about a young boy of his age who was killed along with his grandmother and 3 siblings on his family's farm. Rolf thought the photograph accompanying the story looked familiar but he just shrugged and put the newspaper back down.


Rolf Van Duren, his grandmother- Lucia Van Duren and his three siblings- Alexander, Vivian and Yuliana had all been killed by Johnny "The Bull" Toretto, a local market worker on May 23rd, 1910. Lucia Van Duren had been killed by having her throat slit. Alexander, Vivian and Yuliana were all murdered by Toretto's accomplices, James and Keith Redman. Rolf had run away from his captors and had almost gotten to the perimeter of the farm when Toretto tackled him and dragged Rolf back to the house, where he was killed.

In Peach Creek Cemetery, Rolf's grave read "Rolf Cesar Van Duren: March 1st, 1897- May 23rd, 1910". Over the next 100 years or less, eight or more graves would follow Rolf's in the cemetery.

So Rolf's the first victim to go! Who will be next? Find out next chapter!

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