The Purgatory chapter 9

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Lee Kanker was born on June 3rd, 1987 in Landale, a suburb of Peach Creek to Butch McHadden, a former biker and mechanic and Susan Kanker, a stay-at-home mother. Butch and Susan lived together until Lee was 6. Around that time, Butch and Susan began fighting and arguing. Sometimes they were so busy working that they neglected Lee unintentionally. Once when Lee was 6, Susan tripped and fell down a flight of stairs. Wanting to get rid of the aggressive but caring Butch, Susan blamed her injures on him and thus began a cycle that Lee would soon fall into-whether she liked it or not.

Marie was born in Orlando on March 14th, 1992 to Busby " Bubba" Harris, a fifth grade English teacher and Susan. Susan was genuinely in love with Bubba and thought that he was " the one". As Susan didn't work, Bubba's job as a teacher became the source of the family's income. And since Bubba had to feed five mouths plus his own, it wasn't exactly easy. Especially during the recession. Bubba had two other kids, both boys, when he got married to Susan in 1997. Joseph was from Bubba's previous girlfriend. Aiden was Bubba and Susan's second child, born in 1994.

May was born in New York City on April 5th, 1999 to Rodney " Rod" Pishoff, a Navy officer and Susan. Rod had a fling for Susan for seven months before May was born. Rod stayed inactive in the Navy until 2003 when he was sent to Iraq. Due to the fact that Rod's job in the military now required him to travel and move a lot, Susan didn't stay long for him. After Rod returned to Levittown from a long stay in Iraq in 2009, he was met with a empty kitchen and a note on the table. Susan had not only left him but she took May and their three other children with her as well.

The girls' childhoods varied in different ways since they were born and lived in different places.

Lee grew up in Landale with Susan after Butch got sent to jail for a fake domestic assault charge. Lee seemed to be a nice girl as a kid but also misguided. She just wanted to live her life and be herself. Unfortunately, she was also a troublemaker and often got suspended from school.

Marie lived with Bubba until Susan "separated" from Bubba in 2000. She left with Susan for New York City where she, Lee, Joesph, Raine, Lisa, Amy, Aiden and Susan lived with May and May's aunt, Christy. Marie's middle school reports describe her as a difficult kid who could've been a great student if she made an effort. Anti-social and a bully, Marie didn't have many friends. She often went on message boards and chat rooms to talk. Not that it helped...

As for May, her life was relatively normal. She was shy and quiet, so most teachers either ignored her or treated her just like her sisters. May tried to interact with her peers but she couldn't really jump into conversations or make friends with the charisma and wit that her sisters had. May just wanted to have a few friends who cared about her...

In mid-2001, Lee was awarded the Jimmy Logan Scholarship by Peach Creek Junior High and she decided to go to Stuyvesant High School in New York...

Lee thought about it for weeks. She could go to any high school she wanted. Why Stuyvesant? Honestly, she needed a challenge. Peach Creek High seemed great and all but she knew that she could be running that place in a week and she wasn't even a freshman yet. Stuyvesant was going to be a bit more of a challenge plus she needed some new victims. Peach Creek had some variation but like she said, she needed a challenge.

Susan wasn't happy about Lee going back to New York, to say the least.

" Why the hell would you choose to go to Stuyvesant High? Peach Creek High's a good school and it's not far from here."

" Maybe I wanna go back to live with May, Marie, Joesph, Aiden and the others. I miss New York. It may not be my home but I need an academic and social challenge. I won't find it around here."

" Don't give me your little backtalk, Lee. I worked very hard to get this house and now we have to leave it all because of you."

" You were just renting the apartment for a year! All you have to do is just break the lease and we're gone."

You could already see where this is going...

Susan finally gave in, breaking the lease and taking Lee back to New York City for high school. Lee lived in Brooklyn with the others and settled into Stuyvesant High School. She bullied and harassed students while she discreetly harassed teachers. Lee did good in school, getting mostly B's and C's with the occasional A if she worked hard enough.

In early 2005, Susan decided to take Marie and move back to Peach Creek. Of course, the now settled Marie wasn't going to go without a fight.

" What? Why Peach Creek? I'm already settled here in New York. I actually have a small group of friends, a social life and even a boyfriend. And now you want to take me to the place where Lee grew up? In the house she died in at that?"

" Marie, Peach Creek was my home. I enjoyed it and Lee liked it until she went to Stuyvesant. Also, it's been a few years since Lee's been gone. As much as I hate to say it, we have to move on with our lives. Please, just do this for me, Marie."

" Ugh, whatever. But if that place sucks, I'm taking ALL of my stuff and coming back here. Whatever you like it or not."

Susan wanted to take May back to Peach Creek in early 2011, which annoyed May of course. May refused to go to Peach Creek with Susan because she lived in New York her entire life and Susan had no excuses this time.

" Mom, why are we even going to Peach Creek? If I remember, you said just last week that you wanted to never step foot in that place again."

" May, sometimes you have to adjust your mind to someone else's liking in order to get something you want. Anyway, it's time to move on from Lee and Marie's deaths."

" Mom, Marie's funeral was just a couple weeks ago. She would have turned nineteen next month. Just who are you trying to impress and what do you even want from them?"

" That's none of ya damn business, May. It's grown people's business and like I said, we have to move on and adjust to being in new surroundings. You can't except to explore the world even if you're just in one corner of the country."

" You know what? Screw this and screw you. Oh, wait, I forgot. Your so-called friend already did, didn't he? I'll be up in my room."

"You little bitch, you'll pay for that someday."

Background ( continued)

The girls all lived in Peach Creek with Susan but Lee and Marie lived in a different place than May. Lee and Marie lived in a small apartment in downtown Peach Creek. May, however, lived in a trailer with Susan and her siblings just outside Millwood, another suburb of Peach Creek.

Lee ended up getting transferred to Peach Creek High School and became a bully. She wasn't your typical female mean girl. No, Lee was loud, sly, cunning and manipulative which she learned a lot of. She extorted money from the seniors via gambling and still managed to get good grades. Her behavior and attitude, however, left a lot to be desired.

As for Marie, she didn't have many friends at Peach Creek Junior High or in town. She was a loud and aggressive loner who wore tanktops, low-cut jeans and jackets. Marie mostly hung out with the burnouts and the rebels while trying to avoid the jocks and cheerleaders. She paid attention to one nerd in particular. Shy, nervous and smart 13-year-old Justin Kelnera was Marie's favorite target simply because she liked to scare him. However, over time, amusement turned to curiosity then from curiosity to something else...

May was a quiet, shy, outspoken misfit who was an average student. She had good grades but she was antisocial with her peers and often spent her lunchtimes in the bathroom. As antisocial as May was, she was also clever. She may not have had charm or wit but she certainly had cunning. She often played card games with the other girls for money and most of the time, she won. May also had a girlfriend, Amani Sendra.


Lee had died on September 16, 2002 of a stab wound to her chest. One of Lee's victims, 15-year-old Marissa Adessi, had confronted Lee about her bullying and came out to Lee. Lee not only rejected Marissa but ignored her and left her injured in the woods near Peach Creek. Marissa became angry at Lee and took out a switchblade she had stolen from her drunken, abusive father and tackled Lee to the ground. She stabbed Lee in the chest 5 times, striking Lee's heart at least three times. Marissa was charged with the assault and first degree murder of Lee Kanker. After a 3-hour deliberation, Marissa was found not guilty by reason of insanity. She was sentenced to 5 years in a psychiatric hospital. Marissa is now an author with two bestselling autobiographies out in stores.

Marie had been hit by a bus on March 17th, 2006, just three days after her 14th birthday. She was celebrating her birthday with a day out in town with her then-boyfriend, Justin. Justin was wheelchair-bound at the time and Marie struggled to get the wheelchair move. Despite the risk that it posed, Marie decided to jaywalk while moving Justin in his wheelchair. She hadn't noticed the bus coming until it was almost too late. She pushed Justin towards the sidewalk in an effort to save him but ended up getting killed in the process. Marie's death was ruled both a "tragedy" and "accident".

May had committed suicide on May 16th, 2013 which was just two weeks after her girlfriend, Amani Sendra jumped off a building and killed herself. Amani's death was ruled a suicide as she left a note in her room. May felt very depressed after Amani's death and her home life wasn't helping much either. Amani's family was supportive towards May and didn't blame her. However, that didn't lessen May's guilt. May stole one of Susan's guns from an unlocked drawer and shot herself in the mouth in her bedroom. Susan was charged with involuntary manslaughter, child abuse, child neglect, child endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. She was found on all counts and sentenced to a maximum of 13 years of prison. Susan also had the remaining children taken out of her custody.

All three Kankers have their own graves near the front of the cemetery, not far from the Eds and not far from Rolf's grave either.

Lee's reads " Lee Monica Kanker: June 3rd, 1987 to September 16, 2002. Beloved Daughter, Niece and Cousin. You shall be missed."

Marie's reads " Marie Jennifer Kanker: March 14th, 1992 to March 17th, 2006. Beloved Daughter, Sister, Niece and Cousin. We hope you are resting in peace."

May's reads " May Isabel Kanker: April 5th, 1999 to May 16th, 2013. Kind and Caring Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin and Girlfriend. We all miss you."

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