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AN: This is angsty and sad. But I felt like writing this because I am a fan of Soap. It was funny and great show and I own the DVD collection.

A Moment and a Prayer

Danny paced his body shaking waiting on word from Elaine's kidnappers. He hadn't realized how much he had truly loved her until she was taken from him. He worried about his wife. At one time he would have laughed at the thought of missing her because of how mean and crude she was. Now…now he couldn't imagine life without her. He shuddered in misery swallowing back his whimper. What if they hurt her? What if they raped her? What if, after that brief moment on the phone, they had killed her? What if…? He rubbed his face with his hands he blamed himself for this mess. On one hand if he hadn't been in the criminal business he wouldn't have met Elaine on the other hand Elaine wouldn't be kidnapped and possible hurt.

He picked up Elaine's blouse and ran the material through his hands. Sitting down on the bed he allowed his tears to fall. This was a new blouse of hers that she had only worn a few times before. It still smelled of her lovely perfume and that smell that was just Elaine. He ran the soft material through his fingers and smiled slightly. She had been happy when she went shopping at more affordable stores to buy clothing. The taming of the shrew wound up taming the both of them. She had smiled brightly at finding clothes that they could compromise on. He silently promised himself to work harder to get money for her to buy a few things that she was used to wearing. As long as….as long as she was still his and still…he trailed off trying not to think about it.

They had only been together for such a short time. They've had so little time to get to know and love each other. He didn't want that to end. He wanted to further their relationship and have children. He wanted to build a house for them. He wanted to spend the rest of his life loving, caring, and kissing her. He wasn't the smartest of men but when he was determine about something he followed it through with all of his heart and that was what he wanted to do with Elaine. He wanted everything with her.

He sobbed into his wife's blouse helplessly wishing that this was all just a horrible dream and that when he woke up she would be snuggled up to him in their bed talking softly about their future together. Jessica was right it seemed that both of their family's were cursed. Cursed to have bad things happen to them. Cursed to always have trouble follow them around despite how hard they try to be happy. He ached for his wife. As his sobs slowly stopped he collapsed onto his knees on the floor.

"God" he said softly, "I know I am not the smartest, the most religious, nor do I have the cleanest soul in the world. But I am asking for just this once in my life to just let something good happen to us. Let my wife be safe and come back to me unharmed. Just this once could you please help us? I love this woman with every fiber of my being. I know our marriage wasn't under the best circumstances. But we have grown together and now I want us to grow old together too. Please, Please, Please, Please just….just help me get my wife back." He said keeping his head bowed.

For the rest of the night he stayed curled up on the floor his wife's blouse pressed to his face silently praying for his wife's safety.

Days later he sobbed helplessly as his wife's body was slowly lowered into the ground. He fell boneless to the ground being hugged by his family members who tried to comfort the drowning man. Drowning in his grief, drowning in his sorrow, drowning because the woman he loved was gone.