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Story Epilogues are a Good Way to Apologize to Various People for Making Unauthorized Shout-Outs to Their Works.

- Gintoki spent the night hiding from the Capricorn Pirates at the local IKEA. Tae found him the next day curled up on a bed in the fetal position.

- Shinpachi was forced to pay the Capricorns fifty dollars to cover the damages sustained to the Hyperion. Because of this, everybody assumes that Shinpachi was the one who destroyed the Hyperion's steering wheel.

- Kagura recieved The Hunger Games trilogy as a gift from her father. She became so obsessed with it, she almost married a Gale Hawthrone cosplayer she found while beating up Amanto aliens in the park.

- Tae invented a new Bargain Dash ice cream flavor - Battle Royale With Cheese. It was vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, and cream cheese. The ice cream flavor was a big flop, but it found a cult following among the Yato tribe.

- Kyuubei developed a fear of falling down ditches. She overcame this fear three weeks later when Katsura accidentally pushed her into a ditch while he was running from the cops.

- Otose and Catherine made their own anime, Puella Magi Catherine Magika. In it, the main character (MadoCatherine) becomes a Magical Girl by entering a flying door that leads to Limbo.

- Kondo FINALLY took Tae on a date. They went to see Battle Royale, but Tae ditched him after the scene where her favorite character, Takako Chigusa, dies.

- Katsura took a sudden interest in One Piece. He now wanders Kabukicho in a cosplay of Usopp every Sunday afternoon in order to get funds for the Joi Resistance.

- Elizabeth now writes bad Battle Royale fanfiction in her spare time.

- In order for Gintoki to notice her, Sacchan has started to cosplay as a genderbend of Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games. Needless to say, it failed big-time and Sacchan spent several days in jail for indecent exposure.

- Sakamoto joined Shinpachi's Otsuu-chan fanclub. When's he's not working, drinking, or doing stuff with the Otsuu-chan fanclub, Sakamoto works on his One Piece-inspired pick-up lines.

- Otsuu-chan's new single, Katniss Everdeen Will go Dio Brando on Your Ass, debuted at number one. She even won a Grammy for that song.

- Tojo got a job at Loft. He was fired within five hours, because he spent all of his shift deciding on a fabric for some curtains he was planning to make.

- Tama is now taking cooking classes to make sure that she will never cook poison cooking like Bianchi Gokudera. She hopes to be a better chef than Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates.

- Matsudaira put Hijikata in rehab for his mayonnaise and cigarette addiction. Hijikata hopped the fence of his rehab facility and escaped within the first twenty minutes.

- On his birthday, Okita dressed up in his Bakaiser outfit so he could feel like a pimp. He got several free drinks, several phone numbers from girls, a Ferrari, and a killer hangover the next day.

- When he read The Hunger Games, Kamui fell in love with the character of Enobaria, because she ripped somebody's throat out with her teeth. To bring pride to the Yatos (and because of his love for Enobaria), Kamui dressed in drag and showed up to the Catching Fire auditions in Edo to try out for the role of Enobaria. Kamui's audition was cut short when the casting director discovered that "Kamui-chan" had really fake boobs.

- Pirako begged her father to get her a shotgun so she could beat Tama in a western-styled shoot-out. After much begging and pleading, Jirocho gave in and gave Pirako her gun. However, her gun license was revoked a week later when Pirako accidentally shot Matsudaira in the foot.

- Tsukuyo recently voted against the opening of a Hunger Games-themed brothel in Yoshiwara. Instead, an Inception-themed brothel opened in Yoshiwara.

- One Friday night, Takasugi was bored, so he decided to go to Yoshiwara for kicks. Right after stepping foot into an Inception-themed brothel, a courteasean who called herself "Mal" told Takasugi a famous riddle that began with the words "You're waiting for a train." Takasugi ran screaming like a little schoolgirl, and he never returned to that brothel in Yoshiwara.

- Yamazaki is still the most non-descript character in Gintama that isn't Shinpachi.

- Matsudaira, Hinowa, Ketsuno Ana, and Umibozu get together and LARP every Wednesday night. The name of the live-action roleplay group they're in? "The Spanish Inquisition".

- And, lastly, the Capricorn Pirates had to delay production of the Water Seven Saga of One Piece: Parallel Works until they could repair the steering wheel of the Hyperion.

The End

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