Part 1: The Gift

Tony Stark whined slightly at the feeling of the leather ripping his flesh. Now one might say that it was Tony Stark, that he did not whine, and at one point, that statement had been very true. He was a billionaire and the proud owner of Stark Industries, as well as the Invincible Iron Man. Well, once invincible… He had been happy and proud, and yes, even a little arrogant. But now… now he was reduced to the pathetic shadow of the man he had once been, the one who whined while he was whipped.

He remembered the day that it had all happened like it was yesterday. He had been fighting alongside his fellow Avengers, just like any other normal super villain butt kicking. Things had been going well, as always… And then, the next thing he knew, he had blacked out. When he awoke, he was in Dr. Doom's castle. The others had thought that Tony had gone back to the mansion. They hadn't realized he had been trapped under a bunch of rubble. And whether or not they were looking for him, he knew there was little to no chance that he would be found… at least for a while.

He had been here a month now. Tony didn't think that it would take a month for Viktor to break his spirit. Hell, to be honest, the narcissistic CEO hadn't even thought that it was possible. Then, he had shown Tony what the Iron Man's actions had caused. Tony had tried to fight Von Doom singlehandedly, which had landed him in the pile of rubble… Oh yeah. That was why he blacked out… And because he hadn't been able to help, a large amount of civilians had been killed, the majority being children.

That was all it took to break the invincible Iron Man. Since that day, he hadn't spoken a word. All that came from him were the whines when he was being whipped. It was the most sound he would ever allow himself to make. Tony told himself that he deserved every one of the lashings. Their blood was on his hands, and for that, he could never forgive himself. Viktor's mouth right next to his ear made him shiver. "I should probably get you prepped. After all, you're going to be a gift for one of my greatest allies." It was best to keep Loki happy, and what would make him happier than to have Tony Stark in his possession. The broken man was put in shackles that connected from his wrists to his neck and led out of the cell. He was hosed off and then brought to the guestroom to wait, dreading more and more the inevitable appearance of the person he was being given to. Viktor hadn't told him, but an ally to the psychotic scientist was never a good thing. Tony had a feeling he was in for a lot of torture in the near future.

Loki had been in a foul mood for the past few weeks now. He had faced The Avengers once more, and had lost. It wasn't the loss that was bothering him though, so much as the fact that directly after that, they had the audacity to say that he wasn't much of a threat. More specifically, Tony Stark had said it, and it made him want to bring Iron Man to his knees, bathed in the blood of innocents. He had retreated, most speculated, simply to lick his wounds. However, the truth was, he was slowly implementing a foolproof plan that would ensure his vengeance against the irritating mortal.

He hadn't wanted to be bothered until he could be certain that the plan would work, so when Victor had sent him a message about a gift for him, he had been rather snippy with his fellow villain. The good doctor had noticed right away, and had promised that he was disturbing Loki for good reason. That had intrigued the God of Mischief just enough to bring him here, to Victor's home, where supposedly the man had a surprise for him. Loki wasn't a fan of surprises really, but his curiosity piqued, he decided that he would at least see what Victor had in store for him.

Loki teleported in a few minutes early. It was never like him to be late, which Victor knew. He looked around the virtually empty room before letting out an irritated sigh. He didn't have time to play silly games at the moment. The god had more important things to attend to. He sat down on a small, puffy couch and a glass of wine appeared in his hand as he waited. He would give Victor five minutes. If the doctor wasn't on time, then he would take his leave. It wasn't his fault that punctuality seemed lost on mortals. However, he was pleased to be pulled from his thoughts by a familiar voice.

"Loki! Perfect timing, as always." Loki grinned.

"Flattery, Victor, will get you nowhere with me. I would prefer not to waste my entire day, so tell me, what is the surprise?"

Victor had an expression of mock hurt before he grinned. "The surprise is something I know you'll love," he said with a small grin. "And I hope that you'll be a little more appreciative when I reveal it to you."

"All the more reason not to waste my time," Loki replied, his grin now fading, and Victor knew that he was in a bad mood.

"All right." He exited the room for just a moment before coming back in the door, dragging behind him Tony Stark, shirtless and chained. Loki's eyes went wide for a moment before his lips curled up in a grin. His eyes sparkled with delight as he made his way over to the object of his recent frustration.

"Oh my! Victor, Anthony Stark!" He looked up at him with the expression of a child receiving a Christmas present. Victor grinned.

"A broken, mute Tony Stark," he replied with a laugh. Loki just nodded, his eyes wide and his smile genuine as he looked the man up and down. Victor pushed Tony forward, and he landed on his knees, eyes downcast, which made Loki laugh.

"My dear Stark, look what you have been reduced to. This is how mortals were meant to be." He looked back at Viktor happily. "Thank you, Victor. This is the perfect gift indeed." He heard a small chuckle from the doctor, but he was so engrossed in thoughts of the things he was going to do to Tony that he barely noticed. "I will take my leave with my new toy. Thank you very, very much." With that, Loki and Tony disappeared, leaving Victor to his plotting.