Hi all! I know that it has been quite some time when since I came back with an update, and I hope that there are still people out there wanting to read this! This is mostly light fluff with a bit of awkwardness, but there will be some serious tones coming soon enough. I apologize in advance for any continuity issues! Please feel free to point them out to me!

Update: A Nice Breakfast Becomes Rather Awkward…

Steve had heard them coming and mentally prepared himself for the laughter that was going to be aimed his way. The only reason he even put on the stupid apron was because he wanted to cheer Tony up. The man almost dying had shaken him to the core, and made him think about what the Avengers really meant to him. Tony's laugh was refreshing, and he smiled over at them, relieved that his teammate was still here with him. His thoughts travelled back to when they first became part of the Avengers Initiative and how they had fought like cat and dog.

Ten minutes later…

"Uh, I think you burned breakfast," Bruce stated as he walked into the kitchen. Steve, pulled from his daydream, looked down at the ruined food and sighed.

"I guess I'll have to start all over again."

"Actually…" Thor replied, looking over at Loki, who rolled his eyes.

"Just this once," he muttered irritably, waving his hand so that a banquet fit for the gods appeared on the table. All of their eyes went wide as they looked over the deliciousness that now awaited them on the table. Even with all their powers, all the ways they were special, magic could still be hard to wrap their minds around. Well, all but Thor, anyways, who had already begun to eat.

"You could at least try to remember your table manners Thor," Loki shot at him, though he knew that it would go in one ear and out the other.

Tony looked around at all the breakfast foods laid out before him. There was french toast, eggs pretty much every way someone could imagine, waffles, pancakes, toast, bacon, and sausage. There was also several different types of juice, milk, and water. He grabbed for the high pulp orange juice, deciding that's what he wanted to drink. Before he could wrap his hand around it though, Bruce had pulled it away from him.

"Uh uh. Too acidic. You need to go with more mild foods while you're recovering. You can have some of the milk though. Just don't overdo it."

Tony pouted, looking around at Loki, who simply raised an eyebrow at him. He let out a breath, shoulders falling much like that of a child who had been denied their favorite toy. Steve tapped Loki and handed him the french toast, eyeing Tony. Loki was easily able to take a hint.

"French toast, Love?"

Tony's pouty demeanor melted away as he took his most favorite breakfast food from his most favorite person in the room. The instant joy on his face had the god feeling thankful. He turned and gave a very subtle nod to Steve, who simply returned it with a smile.

"What… what are you doing?" Loki had turned back to Tony and saw him ripping a piece of the french toast from the rest.

"Eating," the other man replied as he grabbed a cup of syrup that had been specifically set out for him. Tony dipped it in and took a taste, eyes going wide at the incredible flavor that exploded on his tongue.

"I forgot that mortals don't usually eat food meant for gods," Loki said with a small chuckle. "Not our normal diet, of course, but the food of the gods is far more delightful than the dull things you humans tend to eat."

"I would have to agree," replied Bruce, who had grabbed a banana from the bowl of fruit in the middle, and was currently munching on eggs.

"So, now we're bonding over breakfast?" Clint spoke up. He was still extremely uneasy about Loki's presence and was honestly wishing that he would just leave. The happenings with Loki's spear and the mind control had never left him, and he had never been quite the same. It would be far less uncomfortable if Loki left and Tony stayed.

"I know this is hard for you Clint, and this is sort of weird coming even from me, but… try to be nice," Bruce replied, placing a hand on the man's shoulder to try to comfort him. "We all have our demons here, you're no exception. Just try to… at least be open-minded."

"He makes a great point though," Natasha spoke now. "This alien has been our enemy from day one. Why are we suddenly allowing him into Avengers Headquarters where all of our secrets are kept?"

"First off, Widow, I can assure you that any secrets you think you have from me, I'm already aware of. Second, the reason you are essentially harboring a fugitive in the Tower is because it is essential to the health of your friend for me to be present. Third, I will eventually take my leave, with Tony, if he so desires. However, until such a time as I feel he's strong enough, I believe that it's best that he remain here. Additionally, I feel it best that he remain for now with the people who have his best interests in mind. That would be all of you, his friends, and myself of course."

"You caused this mess in the first place," said Clint, now glaring.

"Actually, Dr. Doom caused this mess. I was simply the recipient of a rather broken and fragile Iron Man who was and still is in need of mending. If you feel that it's best for me not to be here, think about what has just happened. You friend nearly died. Yes, that was my fault. I will take the blame for being foolish. That said, it is now time to do what is in Tony's best interest. For the time being, that means that we should all remain in the Tower."

"Look," interrupted Steve, "I have a real easy way to settle this. Tony, do you want Loki to stay here with you?"

"Yes," replied Tony without skipping a beat.

"Then that's what we're going to do. Clint, Natasha, you're going to have to try to get used to it or find other temporary housing for now. What matters most for the moment is Tony's recovery. Let's not bicker over past wrongs while we have a friend in need."

"Easy for you to say. He was never in your head," Clint mumbled into a glass of orange juice.

"If it would put your mind at east, Barton, I can confine myself to Tony's room for the duration of my stay."

"It… it would be appreciated," replied Clint, who suddenly felt like a jerk. Why was it that a villain who had mentally violated him was suddenly able to make him feel guilty?

"Then it's settled," Thor cut in. "Though you should finish breakfast with us Loki."

"Ah, I think I will actually take my breakfast in my room. I have had quite enough hostility for one day. Tony, do you wish to join me or enjoy your meal with your friends?"

"I'm going to eat out here if that's all right," he replied.

"All right," said Loki with a smile. "I will see you when you've finished." He stood and ran a hand through Tony's hair as he walked by.

Without Loki's presence, things at the table suddenly felt a whole lot more awkward than they had before. Tony was silent, not really taking his focus off of what he was eating. He could feel the other Avengers looking at him, but he refused to meet their gazes. He felt that he had no reason to sit there and try to explain himself, even though he knew that was what they were waiting for. Every single one of them was waiting for an explanation about his relationship with Loki, even Thor. Tony felt like he was an animal being put on show for the first time at a zoo. Finally, he had enough.

"On second thought, I think I'll take my food in my room as well, thanks." He didn't even bother to grab a plate, hoping that Loki would be in the mood for just one more magic trick. He hurried to the room as fast as his feet would carry him, which certainly didn't seem quick enough. Finally, he shut the door behind him and let out a deep breath.

"Well, that was a rather quick meal," said Loki, thinking Tony had rushed through his food to get back sooner.

"Try extremely uncomfortable. Things took a turn for the awkward when you left," Tony said, looking at the floor.

"Ah, you'll have to expect that my pet. Many people will not understand this relationship. They'll question why a man like you would keep someone like me around."

"Well, I don't have the mental capacity to deal with it right now. But I could use some breakfast… that is, if… if you don't mind."

"For you, anything," the god replied with a wave of his hand. All sorts of food appeared on a small table before Tony, each plate the perfect portion for the two of them, and suddenly, what happened at breakfast was completely wiped away as they simply enjoyed a meal together.

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