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"I see that you're still here."

"Three months now."

"Wow, you never want to leave, do you?"

"I do, this place is cold, dark, and it's just… disturbing…"

"But I'm here; doesn't that make it a little better?"

"No, you're… how do I put this, weird."


"You're nothing but a tall beanstalk! It frightens me, a little…"
"Hey, I hardly get enough to eat around here as it is, and even if I do find something I almost always bring it to you."

"W-well, I appreciate that… but you don't have to… besides, it's insipid and nasty!"

"Do you expect me to bring you a gourmet in this place?"

"N-no, but something not as disgusting… it's just like hospital food…"

"Well, sorry buddy, that's it."

"W-whatever… do you have a coat or something?"

"Oh, the cold finally getting to you, huh?"
"Well, I thought since you were the only person here I shouldn't ask…"

"You must know, an embrace is much warmer than cloth."

"W-what are you doing? Get away!"

"No, you said you were cold, I'm warming you up."

"Eh – eh –"

"Stop it. I know I'm not much, but at least it's something."

"P-please let me go…"

"Never. Do you not like me?"

"I just said you were weird! I never…"

"You never said you hated me? I'm glad, because ever since you first came here my loneliness vanished upon seeing you."


"So I dedicated my life to keeping you alive… in hopes that you would just be my friend… but, I have this strange feeling about you. One that makes me shudder every time I try to think about it."


"I feel that I must hold you, keep you safe, make you happy, and keep you smiling…"

"A-are you saying that you love me?"

"So, that is the feeling? Love…"

"You, don't know what that's like?"

"I do now, understanding how to sum it up in one word. Love… feels funny on the lips when you say it. But if that is the case… then I love you, darling."

"D-don't start with the names…"

"Fine, Luigi, I love you. I feel I'd go mad without you. You've made this place a little less darker. Please, please just –"



"H-help – me – I – I feel – feel – f-faint…"

"Luigi? Luigi! Don't leave me! Luigi!"




"…no. He woke up. Fine. If fate is gonna play me like that, then I'll play unfairly. For my love. Weheheheheheh…"

The hospital room was stiff and cold, intimidating in its white bathed appearance. The only colorful thing in the room was Luigi, whose skin was very pale and his gown only a light blue.

Daisy hated it. She hated this chemically scented room, full of needles and beeping monitors, tubes and oxygen tanks, all doing everything they could to keep said man lying on the bed alive.

But he didn't move. He had an oxygen tube helping him breathe, life support being his older brother's only hope that he would return.

Setting some green and orange dyed flowers on a table, Daisy tried to not hum along with the beeping, which she heard day in and day out. For the past three months, Luigi was stuck in this room without knowing it, head wrapped in clean bandages every morning.

This must've been what a perfect coma was, and probably the longest one in the history of this hospital. Daisy huffed as she remembered the argument Mario had with a doctor about taking his brother off life support.

"No!" Mario spat, "I won't let you! He stays on life support, whether you like it or not! I'm paying at least a thousand a month, aren't I?"

With another sigh, Daisy leaned forward, resuming her never ending stare at Luigi's frowning face, eyes covered by the bandage. She began spending her days here starting at week four he was in his coma, in hopes that her company would awaken him. Every so often she would lean over and kiss his cheeks – the way he loved her to when they were on their private dates in Sarasaland – or even hold his hand and stroke it, fighting back tears that stung at her eyes.

Sometimes, Peach came with her, only able to bear three hours at most before she ran off crying, upset that the secondary hero of the Mushroom Kingdom was like this and making her own boyfriend mad with worry and depression.

She was a weakling, in Daisy's opinion.

Her head soon found its way to the metal bar on the hospital bed, eyes drooping closed from exhaustion from the night before. Lately, her staying until the visiting time stopped was really getting into her sleeping routine, but she felt like she had to be there all the time. No body else would, they'd have to leave because of some strange reason. Daisy didn't know if it was guilt that they had, or if it was just the sight of Luigi looking so pitiful.

Of course, it was basically the fault of some toads in Peach's castle.

If Daisy remembered the story correctly, Luigi and Mario had gone to the blonde's castle for some tea and to discuss another parade to hold for the annual Star Ceremony. Something that Mario said made Luigi angry, causing him to go storming home. However, some toads were fixing a statue of Peach and – surprised by the shouting from the younger Mario brother – caused one of them to lose balance and knock one of the carved hands on the statue off.

Of course, Luigi had to be in the right spot at that time, the hand hitting him in the head too hard to withstand.

Now, here he was.

Daisy sat back up again, sighing as her brain now recognized the beeping and began humming with it. "Damn it." She spat, wishing she had some music to play instead of sitting here through this crap.

Soon, the door to the room opened, "Daisy, you have someone here to keep you company," a nurse poked her head in and smiled at her. "She's finishing up a drink that she brought, so she'll be a moment."

A guest? Daisy gave the nurse a questioning look before the door closed; Maybe Peach grew balls again to come in here.

After a few minutes of silence, the door once again opened. Daisy didn't bother looking from Luigi, keeping her eyes on him and waiting for the second guest to walk over. However, the softest voice she ever heard broke her concentration, "Oh, dear, he looks worse than I thought he would. Poor soul."

"Huh?" the red head sat up, looking over in confusion, "Who're you?"

The woman closed the door behind her, the eye that could be seen from her hair covering her face widened at Daisy, "Oh, when they said the princess was here, I expected Peach."

"As does almost everyone else," Daisy muttered, "I'm guessing you know Luigi through some adventure he had?"

"Why, yes," The woman walked over, "I helped him when he and his brother went into the galaxies to save Peach when Bowser took her to the center of the universe. My name is Rosalina, pleased to meet you." She held her hand out to Daisy, light blue jacket sleeve covering up to her thumb.

Cautiously, Daisy took her hand and shook it, "Huh, I heard about you, but expected your dress to be… well, not pants." She eyed the platinum blonde's outfit.

"Oh, my actual dress is… too much for a hospital visit," Rosalina frowned at Daisy, "I borrowed these from Peach, who is letting me stay with her for a while until I have to leave again," she turned to Luigi, wincing at the sight of the bandage and his frowning face. "It's worse than I thought…"

Daisy nodded, "Yeah, just be thankful they change it everyday," she leaned back in her chair, resuming her watch on the man's face, "Can't believe he's been like this for three months straight. Doesn't even change how his face looks."

"At least he's on life support and his heart is beating," Rosalina muttered in what appeared to be relaxing herself, "I'm glad to know he's not lying here dead."

"I would know if he was," Daisy pointed to the monitor, "I'm listening to that, day in and day out. I also press my fingers to his neck to make sure it's not lying."

Rosalina blinked at the machinery, "Aren't you afraid this stuff would stop working?"

"If it does, there are doctors outside." Daisy reassured.

"How late do you stay?"

"I'm here from visiting opening to close. Just in case he wakes up, I wanna be the first to talk to him," Daisy once again held Luigi's hand, "He's practically my best friend in the whole world…"

Silence finally covered the room, Rosalina pulling up her own chair on the other side of Luigi's bed to sit and mimic Daisy's actions – holding his hand, resting her head on the metal bar, assisting in checking his pulse, until a stomach growling broke the barrier of tranquility made by the beeping.

"Goodness me," Rosalina sat back, blushing in embarrassment, "I'm guessing that biscuit and water wasn't enough this morning. I'm used to star bit meals."

Daisy sighed, "I was hoping that was Luigi's stomach…"

"I know, I know," Rosalina stood up, "I'm going to get something to eat, do you wish to join?

"Well, I dunno… he might wake up…" Daisy eyeballed Luigi, still not responsive, "…but I will admit I'm hungry myself."

"If you want to stay, that's fine. I can go get something from the hospital's cafeteria –"

"No," Daisy jumped up, "You do not want to get something from here. It's bland, tasteless, and makes you feel sick yourself. You want a good place to eat? Feli's, it's awesome and quick."

"Um, okay then, I guess I'll head there…"

"With me, I wouldn't miss out going there for anything! Well, maybe Luigi, but we've got time! Let's go!"