"You said it'd fix it. You said." Mario cast a shadow over the trembling toad doctor, "And what do I hear just a few hours ago? My little brother screaming bloody murder as if there was someone terrorizing him."

"L-look, Mr. Mario, please give us a moment!" The doctor stood up, "We've barely had any time to finish reviewing –"

"Does this face look like it cares? I want my brother cured, asap." Mario crossed his arms, "You're lucky I have a reputation to keep up or else you would've been thrown out that window a long time ago."

The toad doctor whimpered and held up a folder, "H-here, this is a folder of possible ways to help Luigi –"

Mario snatched the folder from the doctor's hand and marched towards the door, "I knew I should've taken on medicine myself." He muttered through his teeth.

"A mental therapist?" Rosalina cocked her head at the paper, "Really?"

"That might be my only option, I'll be damned if I let Luigi go into surgery again." Mario crumpled up a piece of paper describing how the use of natural medicine could help his brother, "Nor will I let him start taking medicine."

"You may have to resort to that, Mario," Peach rested a hand gently on the plumber's shoulder, "All of these other treatment ideas are dangerous or new."

"A therapist isn't," Mario brushed the princess's hand away, "I want the best therapist that there is, be it they're expensive or on the other side of the world, I want the best therapist."

"Because we obviously all have enough money to help you with that." Daisy rolled her eyes as she tightened her hands on her drink cup, "Don't you think it'd be cheaper just to find a therapist here?"

"No." Mario threw the rutted piece of paper at the princess, "I don't care if it costs my house, I want Luigi to quit seeing things."

"Yes, yes, we are aware of that, but spending too much now could put you two in a big hole later on." Rosalina watched as the paper hit Daisy square in the face, said red head sighing in frustration.

"Can we go see him now?" Daisy asked, "I want to go comfort him."

Mario glanced across the hall, where the door to Luigi's room was still open, "No, he's not even in there. They must still be 'testing' him."

Daisy groaned, "Why, of all people, must this have happened to Luigi?"

"You must be crazy, Luigi. You see, if it weren't for me you would've been in that abyss for three months and dead by now."

"I don't care, I don't want you near me, go away!"

"How can you not remember me? Right before you woke up I was admitting my feelings to you."

"I don't remember you; I don't remember you at all!"

"Hmmph." Waluigi approached the bed that Luigi sat on, frowning as he pressed himself against the wall, "Funny. You were all over me not too long ago."

Luigi hugged his legs to his chest, "Why don't you leave me alone?! How do you keep on getting in here anyway?!"

"My love for you, of course." Waluigi's smile grew on his face, "That's my answer."

"Well, I don't feel the same towards you, and you're making me look like I'm going insane! Go away! Be gone!" Luigi shouted, "You heard me! Out!"

"Why don't you want me here with you?" Waluigi asked, voice sounding hurt.

"Because I have no idea who you are, you must have me confused with someone else!"

"I'm not confused; I know that it's supposed to be you and me." Waluigi growled, "How can I confuse your blue irises with any other? How could I mistake your light pink lips for someone else's?"

"You can because you are!" Luigi threw the pillow at Waluigi, losing his only "weapon" as it landed on the floor behind the slimmer male.

"Luigi, Luigi, Luigi… my, you've become feistier since the last time we've been together," Waluigi reached out to Luigi, "Maybe one little kiss will help you remember?"

Luigi clawed after Waluigi's hand, "Keep your hands to yourself! Someone! Someone! Get this man away from me!"

"I think you've been locked up in this room for a while, Luigi. No matter, maybe I can finally get some alone time with you…"

"No! No!"

"Mister Luigi, please hang on!" The door to the room jiggled furiously, "We can't – seem to get this – door – open!"

Waluigi sneered, "Really? They're sad, very sad."

Luigi shot from his spot on the bed to the door, grabbing the handle and pounding against the thick wood, "Hurry up! Hurry up! He's going to kill me!"

"Now, Luigi," Waluigi's voice calmly rang into his left ear, "If I loved you, why would I kill you?"

Bony arms latched around Luigi's torso, the taller's power forcing the other to be dragged back to the middle of the room, fingers digging into the skin hard enough to where bruises should have been made. Luigi's petrified scream blended with Waluigi's uncontrollable laughter, both landing on their backs onto the cold tile as the door to the room was close to being shaken off its hinges.

"When will you remember me, why don't you remember me, why don't you love me back?!" Waluigi asked, tightening his grip on Luigi's body like an anaconda suffocating its victim.

Luigi's screech was loud enough to deafen. The doctors that finally got the door open had to cover their ears as they entered the room, trying their best to calm the man lying in the middle of the room, clawing at his body as if he was being held down by someone else.

Peach glared at the clock that hung on the wall, sighing as the ticks began to give her a headache, "How long has he been gone?"

"They took him out of his room at two," Mario replied, "Three hours. They can't possibly be having problems with him still, can they?"

"Did you not hear all that screaming a few minutes ago?" Rosalina pointed down the hall that led to the examination and x-ray rooms, "I think they scared him by leaving him alone in one of the rooms."

"What's the point of those stupid rooms anyway? Why can't they just examine him in his room?" Mario questioned.

"Because this hospital is dumb, no offense Peach." Daisy lowered the magazine she had been flipping through, "The only thing that they keep in those rooms are heart monitors and oxygen thingys. The other rooms have the other stuff that they need."

"You can tell she's been here a lot." Rosalina muttered, craning her neck to try to get a better look down the hall.

Mario slammed his hands on the arms of his seat before standing up, "I'm sick of waiting. Nurse!" He called to a passing toad, "Where the hell is my brother?"

The tired nurse sighed, "I'm so sorry that you're spending your time here, Mario, but you may have to leave Luigi here overnight. We left him alone in one of the examination rooms so we could get the MRI ready for him, and the next thing we hear is him screaming bloody murder. Worse, we couldn't even get the door open quick enough – I'm guessing a janitor came by and locked it or something."

Mario scowled, "So?! Was he hurt?!"

"He said he thought he had bruises on him, and that some guy had left them there when he'd been grabbed. Although I couldn't find them, and there was no one else in the room when we entered or left him there." The nurse rubbed her eyes, "Please, just relax and give us –"

"No, I'm not relaxing until I talk to him." Mario's fists shook by his sides.

"Mario, they need time," Peach rushed over, gently grabbing Mario's shoulders and pulling him back to his seat, "Not everything can be done when you snap your fingers at it."

"Maybe he's grouchy because he's hungry," Rosalina smiled, "We can run and get a bite for you guys, Daisy and I."

Daisy grunted as she continued to read through her magazine.

"I think its best we all go and come back together," Peach patted Mario's arm, "Maybe the walk will help us clear our minds, no?"

Mario huffed, "Fine." He stood up again, "But this better not take more than thirty minutes."

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