Takes place after the episode Misplaced

The team got home from their mission about 2 hours ago. Super boy sulked on the couch while Artemis and Megan left to see their mom/uncle. Wally was about to head out when he saw Robin sitting on the couch. His elbows were on his knees and he buried his face in his hands. Wally sat down next to Robin

"You miss them don't you?" He said. Wally wrapped his arms around Robin.

"Ya, I do," he said quietly. Wally shifted his body to that Robin's head laid on Wally's neck. When Wally noticed the tears beginning to fall from Rob's face, he gently removed his glasses and wiped the tears away. They stood like that for a few minutes until Robin stood up and grabbed his glasses off the table .

"I'm going to talk to Zatanna."

"Are you sure you wan-"

"Yes, I'm positive. I'm the only one who knows how she feels. If anyone is gonna help her feel the aster, it's me." Robin walked down the hall to Zatanna's room. He pressed his ear against the door and heard the sad cries from Zatanna.. He hesitated before knocking. He was thinking over what to say when his train of thought was interrupted by a loud cry. Without thinking, robin opened the door to see Zatanna curled up in ball with a blanket around her, crying. He slowly walked over to her and put his arms around her body. He laid his head on her's and whispered,

"Shhh, it's okay. I'm here"

Zatanna looked up to see Robin gently wiping the tears away from her eyes. She continued to cry. He took the blanket from her and wrapped his jacket around her. Then softly began so sing a Romany lullaby. Zatanna's crying decreased to a mere whimper with occasionally sniffling that robin found very cute.

"its okay," he said, "I know how you feel"

Zatanna looked up at Rob with confusion.

"When I was 8, my parents fell to their deaths in a trapeze act."

"I'm sorry," zee managed say.

"Its okay. The important thing was," he rose her chin up "I was surrounded by people who cared about me. Just like I care about you."

Zatanna wrapped her arms around Robin's neck as he stoked her hair whispering words of comfort to the crying girl. Zatanna's eyes soon ran out of tears and began to cloud with sleep.

"Sleep" whispered Robin

She fell asleep, her arms around his neck. Robin tried to stand up, but Zatanna's grip was firm as she make a high pitched whimpering noise. Rob kissed her forehead and fell asleep. The next morning he woke up to see Zee still asleep.

"She looks so adorable when she sleeps" he thought to himself

He brought his hand to her cheek and rubbed small circles with his finger. She let out a small giggle and turned her head. Robin tickled her other cheek and smiled as Zee let out a slightly louder giggle. He trailed his fingers to her neck and tickled the smooth skin. Zatanna started laughing and flashed her eyes open. She broke a smile when she saw robin, but as the memories of yesterday and her father flooded her mind, she instantly grew sad. Robin noticed these changes on her face.

"Since I told you the story of my family, I guess I should reveal my identity." He took off his glasses to reveal his clear blue eyes.

"My name is Richard Grayson. Ward to Bruce Wayne or Batman. But you can call me Dick."

Zatanna sadly giggled.

"I'm glad I get to meet the real Robin, but I wish I could have under better circumstances."

"Do you have any plans for transferring school?"

"No, I don't know what I'm going to do without my dad." Said Zatanna

"Well, I think I can get Bruce to get you into Gotham Academy," said Robin winking.

"I would be honored"

"If you will excuse me, I have to go see Batman, I mean Bruce."

Robin gave her one last warm hug and left the room. Zatanna was definitely beginning to feel the aster.

Author's note- so what did you all think? This is my first fanfict ever. I know the first chapter is very fluffy, but next chapter will have Zatanna at gotham academy, a very jealous Barbara Gordon, and the asterous Dick Grayson. BTW, about the introduction page I posted, and some people were complaining nicely that it was the wrong place to put it, I was mostly trying to figure out how to upload stories. PLEASE REVIEW! I love taking time to read reviews and can respond to any in my next chapter upload. But KEEP THE COMMENTS APROPRIATE. Also PLEASE take the poll on my profile. Thanks!