They walked into the classroom and sat down.

"Okay class, we will be beginning our new novel for this quarter. Its (1)Island of the Blue Dolphin.If anyone would volunteer to pass out books. Instantly, Zatanna rose her hand.

"Okay Mrs. Zanna" she said

Zatanna stood up and smiles. "Actually it's Zatanna"

The teacher grabbed a large stack of books and placed them into Zatanna's arms. The books towered Zatanna's eyes.

"The rest of you, please write down your homework."

Zatanna went around the class and placed a book on every person's desk. She approached Dick's desk. Suddenly an idea came to him. He giggled softly slyly stuck his leg out. Zatanna who was unable to see, tripped. The class turned to look at her. She stood up, her face as red as a tomato.

"Are you okay Zanna?" asked

"Zatanna. Ya fine." She said Dick grinned. "I'll help you" He said. He bent down and helped her pick up the books

"I know you did that on purpose" She said scowling

"I can't believe you would think that" He said smirking. He placed about four books in her arms.

"I'm so going to get you back." Zatanna said fiercely

"We'll see." He said. He poked her in the stomach causing her to squeal.

They stood up. Zatanna gently hit him in the head with his book.

"Is that your revenge?" he said mockingly. She finished passing out the blooks and sat down.

The teacher grabbed a stack of papers from her desk

"For homework, you will need to look up and write down the definitions. I will provide time in class" She went around the class and passed out sheets.

"Zatanna" whispered Dick, gently nudging her. She looked over at him. 'What' she mouthed out. He mouthed out 'number' and held up four fingers.

She looked down on her paper.

#4. Nonchalant

She turned to him and suppressed a giggle. The teacher walked to the front of the room and read down the list of words.

"Number four, Nonchalant"

Dick coughed "chalant"

"Excuse me who ever is making noise, please be quiet. As I was saying, number four, nonchalant"

*cough* chalant

Zatanna looked down, trying her best not to burst our laughing. Mrs. Stella snapped her head around and glared at Dick

"If I find out who is making noise, I will keep you in at lunch and you will be required to write I will not disturb English class again 50 times."

The moment she turned around, he stuck his tongue at her childishly.

During the class period, they read the first 2 chapter and answered 15 comprehension questions. The bell rang and Zatanna and Dick walked out together.

"So now there is a 10 minute break" He said

"Whatch you wanna do?" Zatanna asked.

Hi so there is the chapter. I remember reading Island of the Blue Dolphin in like 4th grade and remembered it so well for some reason. Also, do you guys like short Chapter that are to the point or longer chapters that like cover the whole class period in detail. I can do either, I just personally like just to the point. So vote.