I heard the shrill beeping of my clock so I groaned and shut it off. I was about to fall back asleep when I realized that today is the grand opening of my shop. I got up and headed for the shower. I showered, dried off, and dressed in my uniform. I addressed the envelopes and stamped them, put the correct letters in the envelopes, sealed them, grabbed Raven's name tag, made a quick breakfast and ate, brushed my teeth, and finally; set my new security system. I finally got in my car and headed off to the post office to get my letters sent off. After getting the letters sent; I headed to the shop. I had just pinned my nametag on and gotten out when I saw Raven pulling up. She got out and I gave her the official name tag. After getting everything in place; I tied the ribbon in front and we waited until time.

News reporters began arriving and then it was time to start the opening celebration. People poured in and we had an amazing opening. We sold lots of pets and food. When we finally got a break; it was five minutes to closing. "Okay wow; we've been working all day and I'm incredibly hungry" Raven commented. "So am I. How about you and I grab supper to celebrate our opening" I asked. "Now that's a plan" Raven replied. We agreed on a place to eat, locked the shop and set the security system before driving off. We came to the café and hurried inside and were seated at once. After placing our orders; we sat and decided to just talk and get to know each other.

"Do you have any siblings" Raven asked. "Yes; I actually do. I have a sister named Samantha and a brother named Don" I answered. Raven looked at me in shock and asked "Does your brother work in the 12th precinct of the NYPD with Mac Taylor?" "Yes" I replied. "My sister, Lindsay is a CSI on Mac's team" Raven told me. "What were the chances of that" I asked. "I didn't think it was possible" Raven answered. Now; I knew we would be great friends and I decided to go ahead and make Raven assistant manager.

We finished our dinner, paid, and I told Raven to be in at the same time tomorrow. We left and I got home and got ready for bed after checking the mail which was nothing but trash. I had no idea what lay ahead especially a feeling that every girl simply dreams of. Would I be ready for the moment when it came or would it literally come crashing into my life like a full force storm?

Raven's P.O.V

I already loved my job at 'Paws of Love' and my boss, Jordan was really cool. I couldn't believe that she had actually made me assistant manager. She was also patient and very organized. It turned out that she and I have siblings who know each other and she was certainly becoming my friend. I couldn't wait to continue here but I had no idea love was about to make a huge splash into my life.