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"Everyone abandoned me. YOU AS WELL!"

"Malfested are vile and Soul Edge is my enemy!"

"Hate you!"

"I won't run... anymore!"

"It hurts... Aagh!"

"This fight... shall end!"

The wind cried out in pain.

Talim sat upon the cliff of a mountain high above her home for the past ten years and looked upon the currents of the western air.

It was becoming as twisted as it was all of those years ago when she was a child.

But now something worse was happening, the blades of the soul were...embracing...

With each one driving a dagger into the other.

Opening her eyes, the priestess tensed in sorrow as she felt a powerful gust from the painful disturbance blow out to all four corners of the earth...

Was he too late?

Siegfried exhaled as he ran to the gathering of holy and evil energy. Just as seventeen years ago, Soul Calibur and Soul Edge had begun to clash once more.

He deeply regretted sending ZWEI ahead.

Hilde was somewhere in the battle that still waged behind him along with Maxi's group and the rest of Schwarzwind. When he last checked, they were gaining the advantage against Graf Dumas' men...soldiers deceived by Nightmare's newest incarnation.

Finally arriving at it's epicenter, he watched as Patroklos pierced his sister chest with Soul Calibur. The ground shook as the girl stood still and the glow in her eyes ceased.

The battle was over...

But as he came closer, Siegfried's eyes widened in horror when Soul Calibur's crystal blade cracked at several points. A burst of black power burst from the girl's arm and chest and flowed into Soul Calibur as if beaconed.

"Soul Embrace..." Siegfried said as Soul Calibur's light glowed forth to meet the dark energy flowing into it. But rather than ward off the darkness, it welcomed it, enhanced it and joined with it.

"So I did get the wrong one." Siegfried looked to his side, where the girl with the ring-blade known as Tira stood by enjoying the unfolding scene, "All this time...I thought Soul Edge would have chosen the girl. No...I should have known the girl's heart wouldn't have been in it."

"Explain yourself!" A vortex of blue and red power radiated around the clashing siblings as Siegfried felt unease at this turn of events.

"This girl has Soul Edge's taint, she was ripe as a wielder of the sword." Tira stated, drawing Siegfried's attention to where the vortex was dissipating. A shaken girl lied on the ground in front of Patroklos, "But I had to jump through one too many hoops to finally get her ready and even up to now, her heart was never accepting of Soul Edge's power. The only reason she's like this now is because Soul Edge is puppeting her body...but as you know, Soul Edge truly attaches itself to the soul."

"Patroklos..." In the boy's hand was still Soul Calibur, but a thick aura of evil surrounded the sword and flowed into Patroklos, "What have you done!"

"I did nothing." Tira simply answered, "Looks like mommy's curse really did go into both of them. Through his deeds and his thoughts, the taint inside of Patrokolos has grown and now under the power of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur...the true Soul Master is born!"

"Soul Master?" Siegfried watched as the aura retreated to the sword's guard and opened up into a demonic mesh ordained with two angelic wings with a crystalline eye in the center, "No...Soul Calibur is..."

"The inferno spirit of Soul Edge has transferred to Soul Calibur..." Tira stated as Siegfried felt his right arm tremble, "She looks so much more beautiful now..."

"I won't allow this continue any further!" Siegfried drew out Requiem and turned to face the smiling Tira, "Patrokolos! Drop the sword before-" Feeling his arm tremble again, Siegfried swerved under Patroklos' strike and brought his sword's hilt down on the boy's shoulder to send him into the floor.

"Why?" Patroklos asked as he spat blood that burned into the stone floor, "Why should I listen to the words of a man who was Soul Edge's whore?"

"Patroklos..." As the boy stood, Siegfried began to understand the enormity of his mistake, "What have I done?"

"How come no one ever saw it?" Tira asked as she stalked behind Patroklos as if examining the boy in awe and wonder, "See...Patroklos got mommy's taint too, the only difference is that I didn't do nothing to it, so I forgot ever had it for all these years. does explain those murders that he's committed."

"Don't listen to her!" Siegfried yelled to the nodding Patroklos, "You were deceived and tricked by Graf Dumas-"

"Shut up!" Patroklos barked in a voice that was normal, yet filled with hatred and malice, "I'm tired of all of you telling me what to do!"

"This unholy aura..." Siegfried, former wielder of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, he knew all too well that Patroklos' fall began long before this day, "So I was mistaken about were never meant to be Soul Calibur's wielder and now...all hope is lost..."

"You're that saying that while Soul Calibur is in my hand!" Patroklos held out the blade and Siegfried cringed to see the eye of Soul Edge upon the holy sword, "Now I will purge this world of all evil and malfested and usher in an era more beautiful than any that has ever been seen!"

"Yet another sin that I have to atone for...father..." Siegfried steeled himself for what he would have to do, he was the one who brought Patroklos here, now he would see the consequence of his action through to it's bitter end. "Then I will do what I must."

"Go ahead and try!" Tira shouted while seeming to swoon in Patroklos' presence, "But no mortal can possibly stand against the combined power of the two swords."

"And why should you exempt from my power malfested whore?" Patroklos instantly had the blade of the Soul Embrace leveled on Tira's neck, "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you..."

"Go ahead..." The sight was sickening to Siegfried, Tira was enjoying the prospect of being killed by this new abomination born of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, "If I die...I'll be one with your power forever...master..."

"You wish to serve me?" Patroklos' eyes gave a malicious gleam, "So you will fight for me in the name of your redemption?"

"Yes..." Tira answered with open arms, "I was mislead Patroklos...I thought that the little girl would give me what I wanted...but now I see so much more in you...Purify me with your power and I will do anything that you say..."

"Very well." Patroklos pulled the sword's blade away from Tira's neck, leaving a light cut that slowly leaked of blood, "What of you Siegfried? I can redeem you of your sins as the Azure Knight..."

"How did you know about me?"

"The sword told me." Patroklos replied as Siegfried felt the ghosts and sins of his past call out to him, "It still remembers you...and it hates you for abandoning it...for destroying it all those years ago...even though you would've never been who you are now with it."

"But it doesn't matter now..." Tira massaged her hands over Patroklos' shoulders in a sick display of admiration when something caught her interest, "What about her?"

"Her?" Patroklos glanced over to the shivering girl who sat in shock with her arms hugging her bare chest. Her left arm, once grotesque and spiked, was now noticably pale and strained compared to the other arm, "What about her? She'll die like all un-repentent malfested."

"You..." He had now heard everything, Siegfried was now convinced that any shred of goodness and heroism had been consumed by this atrocious soul embrace, "You conceited wretched traitor! Have you forgotten what you came here to do? You were supposed to save your sister and destroy soul edge! Not cast her aside to be killed...Not join to soul edge's power!"

"STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!" Patroklos roared, causing a nearby ruined wall to collapse into the chasm as Siegfried's arm reacted in dull pain once more, "All people are malfested by evil...and I will purge this world of those who will not repent! Starting with this girl!"

"NO!" Siegfried leapt forth with his sword drawn, but Patroklos was simply that much closer to the child. Patroklos slashed his sword across Pyrrha's face as the girl cried out in pain and sorrow. He grabbed her neck and licked the blood from the cut that ran from her check down across her chin and neck as Siegfried attacked.

It was a move made by the inexperienced, while he focused on Patroklos, Tira attacked with her ring blade and slashed out his right leg, forcing Siegfried to fall to the knee of his injured leg in order to support the weight of his sword and block a potentially lethal attack from Tira.

"Sorry..." Tira mockingly apologized, "But the white knight isn't saving a pretty maiden today!"

"Tira..." Pyrrha pleaded as Patroklos tightened his grip on his sister's neck, "I said that you'd never leave me..."

"You said that you'd never leave me!" Tira repeated to mock the girl with Siegfried unable to stand under the pressure of his wound and Tira's blade, "What a weak little doll and I actually thought you'd be worthy of Soul Edge...then again, you were the best candidate around...until you found your precious brother and he made you useless to me."

"Patroklos..." Pyrrha begged amidst tears and pain, "Please...i thought...that we were family..."

"If we are, I don't care." Patroklos smiled a menacing smile as he brought the Soul Embrace's pale-blue blade and touched it's point above the girl's navel, "You are malfested...and you must die-" The boy was cut off when a stroke of metal passed through his arm and forced him to release Pyrrha. The boy retaliated and clashed the Soul Embrace against the metal blade of a samurai's katana.

"Who are..." Pyrrha began to ask as the newcomer clashed his sword with Patroklos' "You saved me...Thank you..."

"Save your words, I didn't plan on it." The samurai, a warrior of many battlefields, dismissively stated as he pushed back the wounded and surprised Patroklos, "I came here for a challenge that I've been denied for more than twenty years...where is the sword of salvation?"

"You're looking at it, un-pure one..." Patroklos answered as a red aura flowed out of his rapidly healing injury, "And who dares to challenge the ordained Lord of Holy Redemption and Judgement?"

"Heishiro Mitsurugi." The veteran warrior answered, his katana unwavering in the face of the pulsing blade of the Soul Embrace, "Do not forget this name, it will be the last one that you ever hear."

Author's Notes:

This is basically my response to the single player mode of Soul Calibur V. One thing you should never do is shove a character into the player's face, show that character do horrible things from the moment that he's introduced to us and expect us to accept that he's the hero of the story!

Furthermore, the story mode just left way too much unanswered, here's a list that I found from the Wikia website:

Did Pyrrha effectively kill Z.W.E.I. in Episode 18?

In Episode 12, Z.W.E.I. destroyed Patroklos' shield. If he were to come back in the new installment, would Patroklos be using a sword and shield or a iai sword?

Why didn't Graf Dumas give any information about the malfested with the a ring blade since he nows her?How did Raphael become Graf Dumas?

How come Soul Edge doesn't shapeshift to suit its new host's style?How did Xiba become the new owner of the Kali-Yuga?

When she was supposed to have an important role in Story mode, why did Viola on appear only three times?

Did Night Terror manage to break free from Astral Chaos after Pyrrha opened several cracks in Episode 18?

How come Natsu begins to use Taki's Mekki-Maru in Episode 15?

Where are Taki and Amy?

How did Cassandra happen to be stuck in another dimension?

Why didn't Hilde appear in Episode 18 as she was supposed to fight alongside Z.W.E.I. and Siegfried?

Will Pyrrha remain malfested or will she get her normal arm back in a possible next game?

And here are a few of my own:

Where was Siegfried during the fight between Pyrrha and Patrokolos?

Did Siegfried forget to warn Patrokolos about Soul Calibur's knight templar tendencies?

Why is no one questioning Siegfried's assertion that Patrokolos is Soul Calibur's chosen wielder, even though the kid has apparently murdered innocent people without remorse or hesistation?

Didn't Soul Calibur 2 and 3 mention that both of Sophitia's children were cursed by Soul Edge's power?

Did Tira just leave Pyrrha by herself after she became Soul Edge's chosen wielder? Even though a group of warriors with more experience than her, who have been fighting against soul edge for more than 20 years, are currently storming the castle? Not to mention that Soul Edge was just defeated by a relative newcomer?

Where the hell are Aeon Calcos, Algol, Cervantes, Dampierre, Hilde, Kilik, Mitsurugi, Raphael, Yoshimitsu, Rock, Zasalamel, Seong Mina, or Talim during this situation?

What the hell does Z.W.E.I. even mean?

This fic is picking up from Chapter 16 in the story mode and will be going down a different road. One that will attempt to amend many if not all of these issues, as you saw from this first chapter. I don't hate the story mode because it's different, it's just rushed, poorly thought out and we're forced to follow and play as a horrible character...a character whose supposed to be the hero!

Sorry...I just hate it when a story tells us that we're supposed to like a character and then the story fails to give us any reason to like them...not to mention giving us plenty of reasons to hate them! and enjoy...Peace.