Summary: Steve and Tony have been living together for the past year or have a fairly stable relationship, though they are known to fight, a lot. Out on a mission one day they rescue an infant Peter Parker from and inferno. The couple chose to adopt the child because of reasons (no spoilers now). This is their story of how their family got started.

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A soft glow of blue light shone from under the covers, where two bodies could be seen embracing. The smaller of the two, a brunette man with coffee brown eyes could be seen lying awake being held by the larger man with tasseled blonde hair. The brunette was known as Tony Stark, and his partner, the love of his life, was known as Steve Rogers. Slowly Tony turned to face the holographic clock on the right-hand bedside table. It read 9:46 a.m.

Huh, whaddaya know, I'm up early for once, was the thought that ran through Tony's mind.

I should get up and get to work, but I'll be an idiot for leaving this warm bed…

In the end logic trumped feeling and Tony untangled himself from Steve's embrace, careful as to not wake him. He slipped out of the room and walked into the kitchen, full of intent on making his morning pot of coffee.

A familiar aroma filled the air, and the darkness of sleep began to fade away as soft blue eyes appeared from behind heavy eyelids, trying to adjust themselves to the views in the room. A light skinned arm made a stretch to the right side and found nothing but bed sheets.

He's not here? How'd he get up before me? Steve thought as he brushed off the covers and sat up.

Seeing that only he was in the bedroom, he stood and began to follow the smell of coffee back to its source, hoping to find who he was searching for.

Tony sat on the right hand side of the breakfast nook at the end of an overly large and empty kitchen. He sat reading over Stark Industries business notes on the current state of their financial standing, while drinking his third cup of coffee.

Then, two strong arms snuck their way from behind Tony, embracing him as they rested on his chest.

"Do you know how disappointing it is to wake up and not have you be the first thing I see?" Steve whispered to Tony in his ear.

Tony leaned back and responded with his devilish smile "You flatter me. Ya know there's better ways of getting to go back to bed other than flattery."

Releasing Tony he took a seat on the left hand side of him, Steve said "Yeah, I know, but I don't have to use them." He took the billionaire's hand and began to trace patterns on the back of it.

Tony breathed out a heavy sigh "Why do you tempt me like this? You have the absolute best timing in the world. I have a meeting at 2:00 p.m. and I haven't read this report yet." He said as he waved a clear plastic tablet with the notes in front of Steve.

Steve whined "Can't you skip out today? You hate meetings, but you still go and leave me alone." He took a firm hold of the hand he was tracing.

Tony turned to the super soldier with determined eyes, took hold of the man's chin with his thumb and index finger, and kissed him softly on the lips. He released him and said "Yeah I do hate meetings, and I hate leaving you alone, but someone's gotta do it. All the other board members are idiots; they'll lead my company to bankruptcy."

"You always call them idiots," Steve chuckled "I wonder if it's true, or you're just too smart for them."

"I like the way you think Cap." Tony added.

"I'll cut you a deal Stark," Steve proposed with a playful gleam in his eye "I'll make you breakfast and you try to listen to the board. And don't give me that look, if you work with them you'll finish sooner."

Tony had just started to make his "not fair I don't want to/ I want it my way" face which comprised of him pressing his lips together into a tight pout, and glaring at the speaker from the corner of his eye. When caught doing so, he would always roll his eyes in the other direction.

"Fine," Tony caved, "but tonight you're mine, and I get to have my way with you." He said as he turned back to his partner with his signature devilish smile.

Steve slipped out of the breakfast nook and made his way to the fridge where he began to take out his needed supplies: eggs, butter, bacon, etc.

Sitting at the head of the board meeting, Tony was only giving his colleagues half his attention. The other was preoccupied with finishing the new circuitry for his phone. This new circuit would allow for more precise GPS locating and better holographic projections.

He smirked slightly, chuckling at the fact that Steve would never be able to use the newest version of the phone. Hell Steve was still stuck on how to find contacts and using the speed dial on his basic flip phone.

"Is there something amusing about the fluctuation of the arc reactor, which you created, making it believable that it is likely unstable?" inquired a short man in a dark brown suit.

"No actually it's not, though I did warn you that, that should be expected. But you wanna know what is amusing? The fact that you and-"Tony was cut off.

Pepper burst into the room with a S.H.I.E.L.D agent trailing behind her. "Looks like you get a break today; there's been an assault on a lab in New Jersey." Pepper explained to Tony.

"Follow us Mr. Stark we'll brief you on the way." the agent informed Tony.

Tony stated with a smug look on his face "As much as I enjoy being here, duty calls." With that the billionaire was out of the meeting room, and rushing down the hall.

It's an inferno; there is no other word to describe it. It's a scene from hell: the laboratory is engulfed in flames, people are running out lab-coats aflame, blood curdling screams, glass shattering, and smoke, endless amounts of smoke.

The Avengers: Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Iron Man, stood by the scene absorbing any and all details present.

"My God, what is this?" Captain America asked as he took in the anarchy.

"It's a lab raid that's what. And a search and destroy too." answered Black Widow, stoic as always.

"Banner, how are those scans coming along?" Hawkeye requested over the radio channel.

"Nothing major, I'm picking up traces of radiation, but the source seems to be the lower levels. The Iron Man armor should be able to repel this type of radiation, see if you can work with that" Banner informed the team.

Bruce Banner had been forced to stay back since no one wanted an "enormous green rage monster" tearing apart the building killing any survivors.

Hawkeye and Black Widow were the first to enter the premises. They stormed the front door, clearing any and all obstacles to clear a path for the escaping scientists. Captain America entered through a fourth story window using a nearby building for leverage. He began his search and rescue by clearing a path to the stairwell in the hall he had entered. Iron Man entered through the front door as well, but he proceeded to an elevator shaft and traveled down to the lower levels.

"How does it look down there Stark?" Banner questioned over the radio channel.

"Not good. I think I'm starting to swet a little, and this suit is heat resistant!" Iron Man remarked back.

"Tony, what do you see?" the Banner asked again, more sternly this time

"Okay, okay, serious this time. It's easier if I just send you video feed, but this doesn't look good." was Iron Man's response.

The video was a horrific sight. Pitch black smoke everywhere, smoldering heat, charred corpses scattered everywhere, and sounds of glassware shattering. Iron Man began to walk around a corner and the hallway walls were reduced to ash in the places where he placed a guantlet.

Iron Man proceeded down the hall checking all the rooms along the way, using his scanners to pick up on the slightest hint of life. Then everything began to shake.

"Guys, what's going on up there?" there was an edge of panic in Iron Man's voice as he asked this.

"Tony the building is collapsing get out of there now!" Captain America ordered over radio channel.

"Don't have to tell me twice" Iron Man answered back as he turned around to escape.

He stopped dead in his tracks; the scanners had picked up a sound, a cry to be exact.

"Shit!" Iron Man cursed as he turned back around and searched for the source of the sound.

"Tony talk to us, what happened? Why aren't you out yet?" Black Widow spoke into her radio.

"Guys the scanners picked up something, I'm gonna check it out. It'll take less than a minute" he amswered her back.

"Stark you don't have minute." Hawkeye informed him "That building is going down right now. And that armor can't protect you from the weight of a 15 story building and several basement levels."

"The fucking hell?" Iron spoke into his radio

"Tony what is it? What happened?" the Captain asked worriedly.

"You're not gonna believe this; there's a baby down here. And it's still alive." responed Iron Man.

"A what?" the Avengers all asked at the same time.

True enough, shielded by the body of an elderly woman, there squirmed an infant no more than 3 months old. The infant cried out due to the discomfort of the heat and unwlecomed weight of the woman's body.

There was another shake, and an unnerving groan of the supports bending and breaking. Without a second though, Iron grabbed the infant and took off for the elevator shaft.

On the outside all that could be seen was the last of the windows breaking and the top floor giving out. Then all the others started coming down like a house of cards. There were loud noises of cinder block, gravel, wood, and other such things being crushed. Dust, smoke amd debris filled the late afternoon sky, blocking the last of the Sun's rays.

Silence. The only thing that followed was silence. For what felt like hours no one moved or said a word. Captain America was the first to break the silence "Where's Tony?" Those words echoed until they faded out of existence.

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