Ok, this is my version if I was Chuck Greene in Dead Rising 2! Enjoy!
Chapter 1

I turned the engine on to my motorcycle. Terror Is Reality was about to begin. I could hear the host rambling on about how it was time for payback and stuff, but I didn't care. "You must not be able to kill zombies, no wonder you lost your wife in Vegas.", said Leon Bell, a competitor I was facing.
My wife's name was Pam, and we were at a concert when zombies jumped out and grabbed her. I tried to save her, but the zombies bit her 5 times, and she was soon a zombie. I grabbed my daughter Katey, but she was also bit, so I had to give her some Zombrex, and quick. I grabbed our stuff and left the place.
I taunted back,"We'll see about that." The game started and I was soon in the lead. "Bet ya won't stay there long, so don't get too comfy", yelled Leon. "Jealous, much?", I quickly replied. Near the end, Leon took a knife out of his pocket and attempted to slice my throat with it. But before he could do that, my bike slammed into his, knocking us both off. I flew through the stadium, not knowing where I was going to land.