Chapter 4
I met some lady who was named Stacey in the security room, where we stay. She gave me a transceiver and a map. She would alert me if there was anything I needed to know. It was a tough decision to just go out and leave, but it was for the best. So I kissed Katey and promised her I would return. Then I left the room. Down the hall, there were some vents. So I pulled the latch open and hopped in. It was hard to breath in there, and it was very dark. There were also a few spiders. But at least it was free of zombies. I crawled until I found another latch. Using all my strength, I busted it off. And then I was out into the real world.
I could see that I was in some room. It had a bunch of machinery in it. Stacey called and said,"I can see you're near a Maintenance Room in Royal Flush Plaza. If you keep going east, you should find a pharmacy called,"Roy's Mart". It should have some Zombrex. Good luck!". So I kept walking up the stairs and out of the room. I walked down some hallway and I was then out in the mall. I could see zombies everywhere. It was horrible. I kept running until I found a baseball bat in some sports store. I picked it up and started wacking zombies in the head. It was almost kind of fun. I eventually found a cool sports car. I tried to get in, but it was locked. That was just my luck. I walked to the left and could see it. Roy's Mart. I busted through the door and I saw a bunch of thugs threatening a lady. She was scared. I took a crowbar and beat them to death. Then it was just me and the lady. She thanked me, and I asked for some Zombrex. "No you can't have any Zombrex. I'm not selling to anyone! I might need this one day!", she said. "Listen I could take you somewhere safe, so you don't have to worry about that. Please, it's for my daughter.", I said. "I don't care. I'm not giving it up.". "Please". "You know what. I'm tired of your begging. Here. You can have it." She held it out to me, and when I went to grab it, she wacked me in the head with a glass cup. So I got up, and started beating her with my crowbar. Apparently, she wasn't friendly. It took a little bit, but eventually, she was dead. I looked around in her white coat, and found the keys to the pharmacy. I opened the door, and found a box of Zombrex. Only one was included. I had already tried to get the Zombrex she had held out earlier, but it had been destroyed in the fight. At least I had some Zombrex now.